You can earn money with Vimeo, if you know what needs to be known.

This article contains up to 25 really easy ways and tips for making money with Vimeo.



There are many proven techniques and ways that individuals can obtain knowledge and learn.

Some of those ways include reading a book, learning from others by watching them, trial and error, etc.

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More than likely everyone has their preference on how they wish to learn new things and implement them in their lives.

Another important way to learn and perhaps can be argued that it is the most powerful is through video presentations.

Through a video presentation, you engage the mind through pictures which have a tendency to be more effective and powerful through visualization.

With the advent of the internet, the availability of learning through video productions has become even more widespread.

One such video platform is Vimeo.

Lights, cameras, and actions as we look at ways that Vimeo can be monetized.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Earning Money with Vimeo


1. Know all about Vimeo

In 2004 an online platform was developed by a number of professional filmmakers.

Their intent was to have a site available to individuals who had created videos and wanted to share those videos with others.

Today there are over 80 million individuals who are utilizing this site to post their artistic creations and have the ability to share those videos with others and make money in the process.

The website’s name is Vimeo.


2. YouTube vs Vimeo

The major competition or competitor of Vimeo is YouTube.

Although both platforms are designed to allow for the creation and posting of videos there are some significant differences between the two.

The major difference is that Vimeo can be classified as more artistic.

Vimeo is also more focused in that with YouTube there are a variety of videos that are posted that run the gamut as far as subjects, what is being filmed, etc.

Vimeo is more focused and captures visual content that is more creative in nature and more planned out or designed.


3. Tip Jar

One of the more recent features that have been added to Vimeo to help you earn money is what is known as a “tip jar.”

Similar to those jars that you see in various service retailers, the virtual tip jar is available for individuals who wish to show their appreciation to the creators of content on this site.

Through the tip jar, an opportunity to accept small cash payments as a tip and appreciation of their work and effort is afforded.


4. On-Demand

A feature for those who have subscribed to Vimeo Pro is Vimeo On Demand.

This feature restricts individuals from viewing your video unless they pay in order to view the video that you have created.

Any payments made to view your videos are split between you and Vimeo with you receiving 90% of the revenue after transaction costs have been taken out.


5. Affiliate

Vimeo allows for affiliate links to be placed on your site or your other platforms that reflect your presence on the internet.

If an individual, through a designated code, clicks on that link and makes a purchase, that affiliate marketing partner will pay you a commission based on that sale.


6. Fame

Vimeo understands the value of videos going viral and how these videos can make an individual an overnight sensation.

Taking a page from other sites and developing its own strategies to attract more producers of video content and compete with other sites Vimeo has created a business atmosphere that is conducive to creating notoriety.


7. Video on Demand

Vimeo does not run ads on its site.

Therefore, to maximize your own personal revenue stream on this site video on demand could be an opportunity.

The fee or charge assessed to view videos should be a combination of the right amount coupled with your subscriber base.


8. Free Videos

A tip to showcase your production of videos and your video contents can include a sampling of the videos that are available at no charge.

This would be similar to giving out free samples of food in order to get individuals to purchase a larger meal.


9. Marketing

As with any other product for sale, it is important to have a marketing strategy in place so that customers can be gained and for you to earn more income.

The marketing of Vimeo can be done both inside the platform as well as outside.

Marketing to others outside of the Vimeo platform can be accomplished through:

  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Word of mouth
  • Etc.


10. Pricing

Vimeo allows the content creator to set their own prices.

The lowest price that can be assessed is $0.99.

Although what seems to be a modest price, you can market your video to potential buyers to take advantage of the limited special offer.

Rather than charging a significant amount of money for a video, you can earn income through the quantity or the number of videos sold.


11. Payment Through Vimeo

A way that you can get paid and doesn’t involve your videos is when you are paid a commission when it is determined that someone signs up for a video membership due to the affiliate link placed on your site.


12. Third-Party

An additional way of gaining support is through third-party services.

One such third-party provider that can be utilized to gain you revenue is

Through this site, people can make contributions to help support you, your work, and appreciation for the content that you provide.


13. Vimeo Free

The basic package for individuals to be involved with and utilize Vimeo is Vimeo Free.

Being a basic package you can register for an account and the features offered include 500 MB of storage for your videos.

This package is designed for individuals just gaining their Vimeo experience and who are not too focused or intense about content creation.

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14. Vimeo Plus

The next tier of being involved in Vimeo is the Vimeo Plus program.

This is subscription or membership-based and is roughly, at this writing, $7 a month.

With this membership, you receive 5 GB of storage per week and the bandwidth that is available to you is unlimited through the Vimeo player.

There are other options or features available to the individual who utilizes this membership plan.


15. Vimeo Pro

The most involved package is entitled Vimeo Pro and is designed for individuals who could be defined as professionals.

This membership package is $20 a month and provides resources to help in the production of your videos.

One of those resources is that you have access to a library of high-quality pictures that can be inserted into your videos.

Also with this package, you get 20 GB of storage per week and there are no limitations on your bandwidth.

Other membership benefits for this package are included.


16. Sell Videos

For those members who have taken advantage of upgrading their accounts, there is the opportunity to monetize the os that you have created.

The selling of videos allows you as the content creator to offer your creations for sale and is part of Vimeo’s On-Demand feature.


17. Create Title

Once you have upgraded your Vimeo account you can begin to sell your videos.

The first step in this process would be to create a video-on-demand title.

You will need to decide whether you are going to be selling a single film or if there will be multiple films representing a series.

To learn more about creating your title you will need to log on to your account at


18. Customize

As part of the process, you will also need to customize your title.

The customization of your video would include the addition of a title, description, and other information so that your viewers have an idea of what the video contains.


19. Marketing

Vimeo is clear that it provides all of the necessary tools and platforms for you to make your video available.

However, marketing and getting the word out about your video is your challenge.


20. Rent

An opportunity to earn revenue is to rent your videos for a time period of your choosing.

The rental can be anywhere from one day to a full year.

During this agreed-upon time frame, the individuals who rent your video can stream it but they do not have the ability to download the video.


21. Buy

Your video placed on the platform is available for buyers to watch as long as the title is available.

You can also offer the sale of your video to interested buyers.

Those that purchase your videos have the option of downloading the title to their technology devices.

The option for you as the producer of the videos is to utilize the option of “buy all” on your Video On Demand page which provides access to all of your videos.


22. Subscription

Another option that viewers have to observe and view video content is through a subscription process.

The viewer that takes advantage of the subscription option will have complete and open streaming access to your current videos as well as any possible bonus features.

The subscriber pays an ongoing monthly fee for this benefit.


23. Tutorials

To assist you with your video productions, there are a number of lessons and visual “how to” productions to assist you in maximizing your video production experience.


24. Video Stats

A feature that Vimeo provides to its subscribers is the opportunity to keep track of viewers who have accessed the videos.

The statistics provided indicate to the producer of the videos how many plays the videos are getting, how many times, and any comments that are made.

This is beneficial to the creator of these videos to see what is resonating with the audience as well as taking into consideration any comments that are made for improvement or to be encouraged by what is being said.


25. Getting Paid

Vimeo will contact you every time a sale is made.

Your payment will be 90% after the sale has been completed minus any transaction fees required by Vimeo.

Payment is made through PayPal and is accomplished on a monthly basis.


Personal Story

I am not much of a handyman and my experience with fixing items around the home generally makes the small issue that I was experiencing become even worse.

A case in point was when I tried to fix a small drip underneath the bathroom sink.

My thought process was it can’t be too difficult and besides, I would save money rather than calling out a plumber.

Well, true to form, the situation became worse which eventually created a bit of a “Noah’s Ark” situation and drove me to a video presentation platform to find out how to not only fix the original problem but mitigate the situation that had gotten worse.

All that to say is that I am greatly appreciative that the video that was presented helped me with my situation and restored normalcy once again in our household in which I had created chaos.


Making Money on Vimeo FAQs


Does Vimeo Offer Any Tools to Help in the Creation of a Video?

Yes, Vimeo offers Vimeo Create which helps the individual with their video editing. The tool offers the editing process as well as templates.


Who Owns Vimeo and What is the Worth of Vimeo?

Vimeo has a worth of $2.75 billion and is owned by IAC an American media holding company.


You Can Do It

You have a creative nature and realize the importance of creating video content to convey your creativity and a variety of messages that you wish to share with others.

You can combine your talent, knowledge, and technical skills together by creating instructional, entertaining, or inspirational videos and posting them on the Vimeo platform.

As an added incentive, in appreciation of your hard work and focus, you can also earn money through this process.



It can be argued that the best way to learn is through visualization.

One platform that offers this learning experience to producers of video content is Vimeo.

In addition to providing an opportunity for an individual to showcase their video and editing skills, the platform also provides a service to others by teaching about a variety of subjects that can be helpful.

Also, the platform can be monetized for the individual producing the video in appreciation for their hard work and effort.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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