Valorant video games have surprised the gaming world with their huge success within less than two years of release.

The 5vs5 character-based, free-to-play shooting game can be likened to a cross between the CS Go and Overwatch games.

If you’re reading this, we presume you know all about the game already, and you’re looking for ways to get paid from the time dedicated to playing it.

Look no further, as we bring you the possible ways to earn money from Valorant and companies that can help you get paid.


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Categories of People That Can Pay You to Play Valorant

The gaming world is full of different individuals — the bookies, gamblers, addicts, rookies, tech-gurus, reviewers, etc.

All these people make up the category of those that can pay you to play Valorant.

From individuals looking to have fun watching you play to those that stake an amount on your gameplay, the ones willing to learn from you, and critics of the game, various sets of people can part ways with their money to get their needs fulfilled.

In the paragraph below, we look into ways to get these sets of people to pay you to play Valorant and how you can earn from the game yourself.


How to Get Paid to Play Valorant

You can devise various ways to make money from video games, including Valorant.

These methods yield varying returns and require varying levels of dedication.

Herein, we bring you the 10 best ways you can explore to get paid to play the free-to-play shooter game


1. Stream Gameplay

Live streaming your gameplay is a go-to way to earn from video games like Valorant.

The new game has caught the attention of various game lovers, and you’d be surprised with the size of its fanbase.

You can leverage platforms like Twitch to tap into this large fan base and build an audience willing to pay to see you play the game live

. The size of your audience determines how much your earning can be.

Also, your proficiency in playing the game, how entertaining and engaging your live stream is, and how much you promote your twitch channel also affect your earnings from live streaming.


2. Become A Coach

Being a video game coach isn’t a new hustle, and with various tournaments being put in place for Valorant, you can earn by training a group of players against tournaments.

You get to earn periodic remuneration from the team as a coach and claim to be part of any competition winnings the team realizes.

To be a coach for Valorant, you need to display an excellent understanding of the game and proficiency in playing most of its advanced levels.

The ability to also teach/pass knowledge to others is also essential.


3. Be An Online Tutor

While this is like coaching, it differs because you don’t have a team as an online tutor. You either train an individual or a group of individuals.

Online tutoring usually involves you creating an explanatory video about the game, ensuring that you touch every gray area your students might find difficult.

Online tutoring lets you play the game for demonstration and learning purposes while getting paid.


4. Investing

Valorant is a new game under the Riot’s franchise, with family rising prospects and widespread acceptance. Investing in the video game might be your way of earning from it.

While this isn’t financial advice, it’s a feasible way of making money from Valorant to consider, provided you’re aware of the possible risks involved.


5. Betting

Either as a bookie or a gambler, placing a bet is another surefire way of getting paid to play Valorant.

Your betting returns heavily depend on the bookie odds and how much money you’re willing to risk upon the game.

With Valorant’s fast acceptance and growth in the gaming world, one can expect its odds to get better with time.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to state that betting comes with a considerable level of risk, and you might lose money.

Hence, it’s advisable to opt for other methods that don’t require you to part with your money to earn from the game.


6. Enter A Competition

Most Video games have local and international tournaments.

You can leverage any of these to get paid to play Valorant.

Being a part of the winning team leaves you entitled to a share of the competition prize, usually in thousands of dollars.

It’s one of the most lucrative means of getting paid to play Valorant, and it requires high proficiency, dedication of time, and constant practice.


7. Sell In-Game Items

You can only accumulate in-game items and currency when you play the game.

These items help you ease gameplay and give you some advantages over others.

This is why they’re usually in high demand.

You can sell in-game items on external eCommerce gaming platforms and earn real money.

The better you are at playing, the more in-game items you can amass.


8. Build Characters/Advance A level For Someone

You might have heard of freelance game players without knowing what they do.

Well, they play games on people’s behalf, helping them build characters or advance from a difficult level.

It’s a lucrative method you can also explore if you have the expertise.

Freelance platforms like Fiverr are a good place to start.

You can take a cue from existing gig sellers offering the same service on the platform to set your rates and optimize your profile for easy feasibility.


9. Build Accounts and Sell

You can always build a Riots account, play the Valorant game to a considerable level, and sell.

Most people just looking to play the game usually don’t want to take the rookie crown.

Hence, they seek an already built account to start playing the game, giving them some advantages over rookies like them.


10. Sell Merchandise

You can craft Valorant in-game characters to customize a book, mug, towel, pen, and other types of merches.

Ensuring that designs and printings are aesthetically appealing to the game fans is essential.

You can sell these Merchandise on top eCommerce websites like Amazon.



10 Best Companies That Can Help You Get Paid To Play Valorant

You can leverage different categories of companies to get paid to play Valorant.

Your options range from freelance websites to in-game items trading sites, coaching platforms, streaming platforms, amongst others.

Check out the 10 best companies that can help you get paid to play Valorant here:


1. Dlive is a popular streaming platform with a large audience.

You can get paid to play Valorant by utilizing this platform to Livestream your games.

While building a large fanbase for your channel requires utmost consistency and promotions, you can make it through this platform with dedication. Find out more about joining the streaming platform here.

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2. eSports

When it comes to organizing tournaments for video games, eSports doesn’t take a back seat.

The premium game franchise is known to fund the most video game competitions and events, and you can always leverage them to join the numerous Valorant tournaments available.

Click here to check out eSports


3. Twitch

Inarguably, is the largest and most popular Livestream platform for gameplay.

Numerous gamers leverage this platform to earn from playing games. Check out the requirements to sign-up for Twitch and get started.

Also See: How to Get Paid and Earn Money on Twitch.


4. Fiverr

There’s no service you won’t find on Fiverr, and playing Valorant on someone’s behalf isn’t an exception.

You can sell this service on the popular freelance site and get buyers interested in your gig.

Check out similar gigs on the platform. You can also use the platform to sell your service as a coach for the video game.


5. YouTube

If you choose to be a video creator for everything relating to Valorant, then YouTube is the best platform to leverage.

You can create tutorials,  Reviews, and even Gameplay plans for your audience.

Your consistency and the quality of your content can help you hasten monetization through ads, subscription, affiliate marketing, etc.

Also See: How to Get Paid with Youtube Sponsorship.


6. G2G

The G2g platform is regarded as the world-leading digital marketplace.

The e-commerce site is a safe and secured place to trade Valorant in-game items, including the gaming account itself.

The platform offers a secure escrow service and ensures optimum protection against potential scammers.

Click here to check out G2g


7. PlayerAuctions

This platform is one of the most reliable to sell your Valorant accounts.

PlayerAuctions make it easier for buyers and sellers to meet, and transactions are safe and fast on this platform.

Beyond the sale of gaming accounts, you can also trade in-game items and currency for real cash on the site.

Find out more about selling your Valorant account on the platform here.

Click here to check out PlayerAuctions


8. Boosting Factory

If you’re looking to get paid to play Valorant as a coach, Boosting Factory is one of the platforms you can leverage.

The coaching site has professionals that can help gamers unlock their Valorant potentials and take them to the next height, and you can become one of those professionals if you have what it takes.

You can sign-up on Boosting factory to get started.

Click here to check out Boosting Factory


9. Gamersensei

This coaching platform has always been a top choice for in-depth and productive coaching on eSports video games and preparation of tournaments.

Gamersensi has professional coaches of all games and skill levels, and you can always join their reputable lineup.

Click here to check out Gamersensei


10. Amazon

Marketing your Valorant Merchandise is much easier and profitable with Amazon.

Sellers are trading Valorant Merchandise on the website already. You can join the top seller’s list by putting in the required work.

Click here to check out Amazon


Tips to Be a Better Valorant Player

The majority of the ways you can explore to get paid to play Valorant requires you to have a certain level of proficiency in the game.

Hence, you need to keep improving your skill to enhance your chances of earning from the game.

Here are proven tips you can apply to get better


1. Constantly Playing the Game

Practice makes perfect, they say.

Dedicating more time to play the game will see your proficiency increase gradually within a short period.


2. Streaming Gameplay From Top Players

Can help you learn new tricks and gain further insights into playing the game.

You get to pick up one or two things if you’re observant and not carried away with the entertainment.


3. Join Related Communities

Gaming communities drop free tips on tricks to advance from a difficult level, amass more in-game items, etc.

Joining these communities can also improve your gameplay.


4. Watch Tutorial Videos

This is like learning from top players to learn and not entertainment.

Tutorial videos help you learn new tricks, and you get better each time you implement what you’ve learned immediately.


5. Teach Those That You’re Better Than

The best way to gauge your knowledge and improve it is by teaching others.

Having a protégé will help you get better each time you teach them what you know about the game.


6. Participate in Any Available Local Competitions

Constant learning and practicing without real tests won’t add much to your development.

However, being involved in various competitions helps you determine your strength and gives room to get better.

Check out the following for more information on playing games and getting paid:


Get Paid to Play Valorant FAQs


Can I Earn From Playing Valorant?


We’ve highlighted different ways to get paid to play Valorant in this article and ways to improve your gameplay skill.


How Rich Can a Professional Valorant Player Be?

You can earn thousands of dollars as a professional Valorant player.

The salary of most professional teams is $25,000.

Also, Ardis Svarenieks, the richest professional Valorant player, has won $19,903.77 from tournaments.

Players earn from salary and sponsorship deals from top brands.


What’s the Total Valorant Tournament Payout to Date?

About 190+ Valorant tournaments took place in 2020, with $931,293.88 paid out in prize money. This indicates how lucrative it is to earn from Valorant leveraging tournaments.



Making money from playing video games has ceased to be a myth for a long time.

If you feel professional players have dominated earlier video games, Valorant is the best option to leverage to earn from playing video games.

This article highlighted ways and companies will help you achieve this seamlessly.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE