Yes, you can earn money playing games online and even on your phone. And there are real money earning games that pay.

This article shows you exactly how it all works.

It answers many of the questions you probably have about how to make money online from just playing games.

It also shows you how you can get started very easily, no matter what your current game skills are.

Yes, you don’t even have to be an expert gamer, to be able to get paid playing games.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

It is really one of the hobbies that make money, whether you are an expert or not.

And most importantly, this article also shows you 17 of the best sites or apps that really pay you for playing games.

Gone are the days of just playing games just for the fun of it.

Now you can still play for the fun of it and get paid doing exactly what you love!

It’s a really great time to be born now, thanks to technology, especially the combination of the Internet and mobile technology.


How To Get Extra $5 to $50 Daily (Apart from Getting Paid To Play Games)

First things first, apart from getting paid to play games, below are some of the really genuine programs that can pay you $5 to $50+ every single day just for sharing your thoughts and opinions:

It’s recommended that you join ALL of the below sites that you are resident in and you must CONFIRM the emails you receive after signing up, to increase your chances of getting paid more. They are all 100% FREE TO JOIN, so don’t worry about paying anything.

  • SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie.
  • LifePoints (only UK, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark, Finland, Italy residents allowed). Join their 5,000,000 happy members worldwide who get real rewards. You get bonus 10 LifePoints FREE to join and confirm your email address! Click to join LifePoints.
  • SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They've paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie.


If you are not located in the countries allowed, you can't join and the links won't even open up for you. But you can join's special program HERE to receive email updates of more programs that allow more countries.

You don’t even have to play games to get paid. They pay everyday people  like you this much money for just sharing your thoughts and opinions about things around you or products you use.

And it doesn’t even matter whether you are right or wrong – you still get paid for participating.


Can You Really Make Money Playing Games Online?

Yes, you can make money fast by playing games online or on your mobile phone, and this article shows you all you need to know.

Gone are the days of playing games just for the fun of it. Now you can get the best of both worlds, if you want to.

There are now websites and apps that allow you to register to play games, complete some tasks and earn cash rewards in the process.

Many of these even allow you to get paid directly to your Paypal account, allowing you to make money with Paypal.

All these are possible regardless of the type of phone you have. Even if your device’s operating system is android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry, etc.

This comprehensive article contains all the details revealing exactly how to make money playing games on your mobile phones and 17 apps or websites that really pay.


How To Earn Money Playing Games Online on Your Phone (The Steps)

  • To earn money online playing games, the first thing you need to do is open an account with a gaming website or app. There are many such sites and apps listed in this article. You should also have an account with one of the popular payment platforms, to be able to receive your payments when due.
  • In most cases, you will have to download and install the games’ apps. You also have to ensure that all procedures of registration are complied with. Some of the gaming websites or apps have different rules and regulations. Adhering to them is very important, so please don’t skip reading them before registering.
  • Whether you are iPhone user or an Android user, there are specific instructions for downloading and installing the game files on your mobile phones according to the demands of the operating system. Again, make sure you read these before you get started.
  • Registration for most online games is usually with/or after confirmation your email address. Of course you should use a real email address, especially one that you check regularly. It will be used to confirm your registration and probably follow up with you on other important details later on.
  • To earn money from playing games with most of these apps, you have to earn points or coins from your plays. For many of them, these rewards can later be translated into cash and paid out to you straight to your payment platform. And yes, many of them will pay directly to your Paypal account.
  • No, you don’t usually have to pay to join the genuine websites and/or apps. They are usually completely free to join and start earning points or even cash with. All those listed in this article are completely free to join, so you can get started with them.

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How To Get Paid To Play Games Online (The Requirements)

Thankfully when it comes to requirements for getting started with this, it doesn’t involve you having to spend a lot of money buying Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or any other expensive gaming console before you can start playing video games or general games and getting paid.

Talking about Xbox, do you know you can get Xbox gift cards for free? You absolutely can.

You only need either your computer and Internet connection or just your mobile phone or other mobile device connected to the Internet.

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The programs that pay only need you to either log in to their websites or apps, to play and start getting paid playing games.

And of course, it’s necessary to be able to play well, with many of these games, to get the best results.

If you are a complete novice or someone who hates playing games, it’s going to be hard to make a lot of money from this.

So, the more experienced and proficient you are in playing any of the games, the more you can earn.

And the more you love playing games, especially just for the fun of it, the more you can earn. You get to spend time doing what you love, and get paid, on top of that!

Other ways of doing things you love and getting paid:


17 Real Money Earning Games Websites and Apps That Pay You To Play Games

There are many apps out there that can help you make money playing games on your mobile.

Below are 17 of the best real money earning games websites and apps:


1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular sites for earning cash back on shopping, paid online surveys, and completion of certain tasks.

They also pay you for playing games on your phone, thanks to their partnership with GSN games.

You play games and earn Swag Bucks (SB) points when completing certain tasks.

You can then redeem the points you have earned or trade them for gift cards and even get your cash paid out to you directly to your Paypal account.

You can also get your cash to use on your Target, Amazon, etc shopping.

See our detailed Swagbucks review for all the reasons why they can be trusted.

The Swagbucks app is awesome would readily help earn easy SBs. A daily add up of these points would eventually amount to large earnings.

Swagbucks also pays you just for other activities, beyond just playing games. They even pay you for watching different videos on Youtube.

Of course they also pay when you perform other activities like taking surveys, surfing the web and -believe it or not- just for shopping online.

You can click here to sign up to Swagbucks to get started.


2Inbox Dollars

Inboxdollars has an app that helps you make money doing what you love – playing games on your phone.

It works in 3 easy steps.

One, you have to use the app to search through free games that you can play.

Two, you practice playing those games at no cost.

Three, you earn cash back rewards by joining the games provided – GSN (Game Show Network) games.

You can earn from Casino Games and can earn 18% cash back on the token packs and boosters you have purchased while playing.

Or, you can earn from Tournament games where you will earn 0.5%-2% cash back on every dollar you spend entering the cash tournament.

Click Here To Check Out Inbox Dollars

If you are one of those who might be desperate and might need 10 dollars quickly, this can bring you that much needed 10 dollars.

Want another easy way of making money? Get Paid For Pictures That You Take!


earn money playing games on smartphone


3. Earning Station

This is another high quality site that really pays you for doing lots of things online, including playing games.

Specifically they pay you for:

  • Playing games online or on your phone
  • Watching fun and other videos online
  • Shopping online on Groupon
  • Taking surveys

You can get your rewards paid out in Amazon, Visa, or even directly through PayPal.

And what’s MOST AMAZING with Earning Station is that you can get $10 in 10 minutes when you join and complete their $10 page. Very simple and straight-forward.

Click here to join Earning Station today and get your first $10 in 10 minutes!

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4. Tap Cash Rewards

This an app that can reward you just for downloading and running games on your mobile device.

All you need do is install this app on your device, download the latest and hottest games with it, and complete offers by running the downloaded games to earn credits.

You can redeem your credits for free gift cards or even get your cash paid put straight to your Paypal account.

It can even be like getting passive residual income if you would normally play games on your own just for fun. You play what you love and you earn something from your efforts, passively.

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5. Qriket

Qriket is one of the apps that can pay you just for using it to play games.

With this you can get paid for playing or spinning wheel game.

You play to win money as you spin a wheel provided by this platform.

The wheel spin comes with colors – blue or yellow – which you can choose from.

When you spin a wheel you win money from 5 cents up to $10. You can also get more free spins if you run out of free spins.

If you watch some ads with this app you will get more spins.

As you accumulate up to $25 in your account, you can then cash out via PayPal.

Qriket also offers you with the opportunity to real-time cash prizes of up to $100.

More spin codes can also be earned if you follow and share details about Qriket creators on social media.

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6. CashPirate

CashPirate is an app you can install and utilize to earn money from playing games. You earn points for each game or activity you complete with this app.

The other activities include interacting with ads, downloading and trying out other apps and games, watching short videos and completing quick surveys.

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The points or “coins” you earn by playing games with CashPirate can be converted for PayPal cash. You can cash out when you reach a minimum of 2500 coins or $2.50.

This implies that for every 1000 coins you earn, you will receive $1. More so, you will need at least 5000 coins to cashout $5 in Bitcoin.

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7. Space Bitcoins

Space Bitcoins is another app that allows you to make money playing games on your mobile.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

In this game your goal is to destroy asteroids. After completing the mission you are given, you can then claim your Bitcoin and post to your Bitcoin wallet instantly.

This app is developed by XAPO and you are able to claim three times every 30 minutes and double your rewards if you’d like.

All payments are also made instantly to Xapo.

Click Here To Check Out Space Bitcoins

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8. Bitcoin Wonder

This is yet another app that can help you make money playing games online on your phone.

After installing this app on your device you start playing and earning by simple spinning the wonder machine.

You can set it to any mode of your choice like disco mode, frenzy mode, turbo mode, etc.

This game is more of a “luck” game and your earnings can be doubled without using any of the modes.

You can of course claim the exact Bitcoins won during a spin.

If you are looking for the shortest way to earn Bitcoins by simply playing games online, this is the app to start with.

Click Here To Check Out Bitcoin Wonder

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9Bitcoin Hunter

This app is available in Android and it is an easy game that allows you hunt for Bitcoins. You can make moves towards the treasure to claim available Bitcoins.

As you obviously know by now, bitcoins is a goldmine that’s still making people money. You can stake your claim too if done right.

The challenge of this game is that you need to avoid landmines set to deter your treasure hunt.

Once you made your claims then you send them to your Bitcoin wallet from where you are then convert your Bitcoins into your local currency.

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10. PCHgames

PCHgames is a website that offers members with the opportunity to earn money from playing games, without even doing jobs online.

With this platform, you will receive instant token games and win games which will allow you to win cash prizes of up to $1000.

Bonus tokens of around 2500 will be offered to you if you play at least one game per day for one week.

The tokens you receive from this website can be exchanged for gift cards, daily sweepstakes entries where you can win $1000 and merchandize.

Click Here To Check Out PCHgames

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11. CashDazzle

CashDazzle is a popular rewards website where you will get rewarded for playing games. You can play the branded Wheel of Cash game and earn tokens & spins.

The tokens & spins can be earned from playing free games.

The tokens can then be used to play games that will earn you cash prizes.

If you play more games on CashDazzle, you will stand a chance to earn more tokens and increase your chance to win more cash prizes.

The “Spin the Wheel” game on the main page of this website offers you the chance to win the current jackpot where the overall winner will go home with some serious cash.

On daily basis, CashDazzle pays $1000 in cash prizes to winners.

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12. Exodus 3000

Exodus 3000 is game as well as site where you can make money.

You can play this game and accumulate virtual currency or Mars Dollars which can cashout for real currency.

You can accumulate Mars Dollars or MD in three ways: by mining volcanoes, attacking other gamers, and by searching ruins.

The premise of the game is based on survival which you must embrace in future time of 1000 years from now when the earth has been destroyed by a catastrophic event.

You will need to survive and get sustained by accumulating Mars Dollars and minerals from your home base.

The minimum Mars Dollars you will need to cash out is 300,000 MD which is equal to $20. Since 2006, Exodus 3000 has paid out more than $65,000 in cash to members.

Click Here To Check Out Exodus 3000

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13. BingoZone

BingoZone is a website where you can play your favorite Bingo game for free and get paid.

Bingo is a game in which numbered balls are drawn at random and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards.

You can sign up and play different types of Bingo games for free. As you play with other players, the winning prize starts at $1 and this will keep increasing until the overall winner is declared.

Click Here To Check Out BingoZone

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14. Second Life

Second Life is a website where you can earn real cash by playing the game of creating a fictional business.

You can set up and run variety of virtual business in the form of buying and selling at a retail stores, selling and renting real estates, creating experiences such as educational institutions, nightclubs, amusements parks etc.

You will earn virtual dollar called “Linden Dollars” when you play this game and run your “business” successful.

Just like Survey Junkie, the Linden Dollars you earn can be exchanged for real cash. You can also earn money by becoming a salesperson for others.

Click Here To Check Out Second Life

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15. LaLaLoot

LaLaLoot is another website you can join for free and make money playing games.

You can take advantage of their free virtual slot machines and get paid cash prizes. If you play other casual games you also get paid cash prizes.

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With LaLaLoot, you earn tokens for playing games and you also earn tokens for being a new members, participating in surveys, and completing other tasks associated with the sponsors and advertisers of LaLaLoot.

For the first five days you join LaLaLoot, you will earn tokens which can still be used to win some cash.

This website works like CashDazzle where you can use the tokens earned to quality for games that will help you win cash prizes.

You can cash out via check or VISA gift card if you earnings has reached $20. On daily basis, LaLaLoot pays out $1000s in cash prizes.

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More Survey and Reward Sites To Consider for Making Money Doing Fun Things:


16. Pogo

Pogo is another website that helps you play games and get rewarded with cash.

There are two ways to earn money if you enjoy computer jobs of playing games with this website:

  1. You will earn tokens by playing some free games. The earned tokens can then be traded with a chance to participate in the drawings that will help you earn up to $1,000.

2. You can also play any game and get the chance to win a Jackpot of up to 4,999 instantly.

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Pogo offers members the opportunity to play Jackpot games and get the chance to win at least $500 in a day.

You can get a reward of $50 drawings three times in a day.

Click Here To Check Out Pogo

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17. Penalty Hero

This a game that football lovers can play to have fun and make money with their mobile phones.

earn money playing games while in bed

After installing this app on your phone you are expected to score a goal and get reward with Bitcoins.

You can then claim your Satoshis or Bitcoins from your wallet.

It’s available in Android operating system.

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Refer Friends and Make Money Playing Games With Your Phone

Apart from earning from just playing games, you can take advantage of the referral programs put in place by most of these gaming sites.

With these referring programs, you can earn points and even direct cash rewards if you refer your friends to the games you are playing.

They usually give you a special referring link to use and you get credited for any friends you that join through you.

They play and earn and you also earn just from referring them.

How good is that, right?

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As you can see from this article, it’s indeed not only possible to make money playing games online on your phone, there are some real sites or apps that really help you get paid.

You won’t make $1,000 quickly from such games but the money you make can add up eventually.

Gone are the days of wasting your time, energy and resources just playing games without getting anything back.

Now you can play games, have fun from the process and also get rewarded with cash for your efforts.

Thanks to the sites and apps mentioned in this article, many are relishing the idea of earning from the games they play while they still get cash rewards for doing what they love doing.

And as already explained, you don’t even need to buy expensive gaming console to play these games.

You only need an Internet connection on your computer, laptop or even your smartphone!


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How To Make Money Playing Games Online on Your Phone and Sites or Apps That Really Pay

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE