If you are looking for the latest Drop Invite Codes, you will find this article really helpful.

It reveals the very best ways and sources you can use, to find valid codes that really work to get you great deals.


Why look for Drop Invite Codes?

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In this article, we will be looking at a very reliable source to earn money through our mobile voice-Earn with Drop, and as we progress, we’ll be learning all about Drop Invite Code and How and Where to Get Valid Codes.


What Is Drop Invite Code All About?

Before we proceed, let’s take a moment to know what Drop is all about.

Drop us a free reward app that pays users for shopping in-store and online at their favorite stores and for new and amazing offers.

Over 3 million users like Drop have been earning gift cards to shop.

To make things more interesting, many exciting promotions encourage users to engage the app more often.

While some users earn money from sending out their invite codes to others for referral, others enjoy gifts and discounts, and if you’re lucky enough, you get to enjoy both.

There are various coupon codes available for Drop on the internet, and there are many ways to get our hands on them.

Most of these codes are usually discount and promo codes that allow users to shop more and pay less. This way, users tend to get the most of the app and enjoy an overall user experience on the app.

If you shop online regularly, you’ll agree that most stores use invite and promo codes occasionally, but what goes without saying is that some of these codes we find are usually expired, hence, not useful for our purpose.

The case is quite different with earning with Drop because Drop invite code and promo codes are constantly updated.

The expiration dates are pretty long, and are 100% valid all through their validity period.


10 Ways to Get Latest Drop Invite Code and Promo Codes

A good tip for enjoying the best of using discount codes is to select the deals with the largest discount; these codes can be found on the internet, but we’ve saved you the stress of going through the search.

Below is a list of the latest Drop promotions and discount codes available for users today.

Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Earn $5 off when you download the app and link your card
  2. Earn 1000 points with first purchase using the app
  3. Earn $5 when you sign up for the Drop App
  4. Get $10 off your next order when you join
  5. Get 10% off your first order over $100
  6. Earn a $5 reward towards your First Gift Card
  7. Get a free set of Skylight Keycaps Ctrl/Alt
  8. Summer sale: save up to 80% off Accessories sale
  9. Get free shipping on all orders
  10. Get 10% off Drop Mt3 Jukebox Keycap set



1. Earn $5 off when you download the app and link your card

Download the Drop mobile app on your mobile device, link your card details to your account and earn points plus $5 off on your purchases.

The code to activate this deal is GZGK4. Copy this code, log on to Drop website, and paste in the coupon field before checking out.


2. Earn 1000 points with first purchase using the app

Once you are through with downloading the app and linking your card details, use this code: 0OCOM to earn up to 1000 points on your first purchase with the app.

Go on and do it now. You can thank me later.


3. Earn $5 when you sign up for the Drop App

It doesn’t get more interesting than this, does it?

When you sign up for the drop app, you get rewarded with a $5 credit to your account for you to use at any time of your convenience.

Log on to the Drop website and paste the code x536y in the coupon field to activate this offer.

Hurry up on this one before it expires.


4. Get $10 off your next order when you Join

This deal is available for you on your next order when you sign to join the Drop family.

No code tip is needed for this one.

Proceed to the site, sign up, place your orders, and activate this exciting deal today.


5. Get 10% off your first order over $100

This deal cuts you 10% off your first order over $100, quite an exciting deal, this one.

The code to avail of this deal is FIRSTONE.

All you have to do is copy this code and paste it on the coupon field just before checking out and proceeding to payment, and the cut will automatically reflect as your final bill.


6. Earn a $5 reward towards your First Gift Card

Here’s another sweet deal for you; get your first Gift Card today and earn a $5 reward, simple as that.

Use the code d1v6 to avail of this deal.


7. Get a free set of Skylight Keycaps Ctrl/Alt 

A good number of people have already jumped on this.

Join them by using the code FREECAPS to earn yourself a free set of skylight keycaps. Don’t snooze on this one.

Hurry up and get you this deal, now!


8. Summer sale: save up to 80% off Accessories Sale 

The summer sale deal saves you an 80% discount on accessories purchases.

No code is needed to activate this offer; the discount will automatically reflect in your cart before you proceed to make payment.


9. Get free shipping on all Orders

Enjoy free shipping on your purchase today. No code is required for this one, too.

Activate this offer by logging on to the Drop website and start shopping.


Drop Invite Codes


10. Get 10% off Drop Mt3 Jukebox Keycap Set

Save 10% of the original price of the Drop Mt3 Jukebox Keycap set by using code 100FFMT3. This one is still new.

Take advantage of this quick information and save some money today!

Check out the following for more coupon or promo codes:


7 Ways to Earn Drop Points and Rewards?

Now that we have seen some of the hottest promo codes and invite codes available at the moment, it’s time to dive into the details of the Drop app works and, most importantly, how to earn Drop points and rewards.

The app works in the following simple steps:


1. Download and sign up 

At this age, we don’t need to stress out the details of downloading applications from Apple or the Google Play Store.

Once you download Drop from the application store of your device, signing up is easy. Just launch the app and select your banking institution to connect your credit or debit card.

You must fill out your correct banking information as Drop uses this to track your shipping habits to properly reward you with points.

Note that Drop does will never share any of your banking information to any third-party source- your banking information is protected from all forms of cyber threats.

At the moment, Drop works with the following major banks:

  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • CIBC
  • Citi
  • RBC
  • Scotiabank
  • Simple
  • Tangerine
  • TD Bank
  • Walmart Rewards
  • Wells Fargo

If your bank is not on the list, no qualms, you can also do a little internet search for local banks.

As long you’ve got your credit and debit card, you’re set.


2. Shop Online with Drop for Special Deals

There’s been a change to how you make money with Drop, and I’ll be giving reasons for the change.

Drop has removed the Power Offer from the app, which used to be the passive earning option Drop uses to let you earn cashback automatically for shopping at your five favorite stores because many users don’t shop anymore at the original five stores they picked.

Rather than using Power Offers, Drop members can now participate in (un)Limited Drops to get more points.

On the Drop app, an orange lightning bolt launches Today’s Deal; this tab lets you know how many points you’ll earn when you shop with a merchant linked with your card for a special offer.

Make sure you activate an offer before you start shopping. These (un)Limited Drops are customized to suit your brand preferences.

It’s necessary to enable Drop notifications on your device to keep you up to date with the latest information and opportunities available.

Below is a list of companies that you can find cashback deals:

  • Adidas
  • Chapters
  • Disney+
  • DoorDash
  • Indigo
  • Nike
  • Postmates
  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Walmart


3. Shop for Other Drop Deals

Another way to earn huge points aside from using (un)Limited Drops is by shopping through their app or shopping in-store at a merchant you selected through the app.

Drop app regularly updates lists of partnered brands where you can shop and earn points.

So, it’s probably worth it to spend a minute or two checking out the app for offers before you decide to buy.

You take advantage of this and sign up for various reward programs or credit cards. You could earn over $80 – $100 IN Drop points.


4. Refer Friends to Drop

A good and faster way to earn rewards is to refer friends to Drop.

When you invite friends with your referral code, both parties get 5,000 bonus points, worth $5, as long as the person you refer earns at least 1,000 points by shopping with Drop.

Note that you can only earn up to 10 referral bonuses.


5. Play New Mobile Games on Drop

This is a new feature that has been added to Drop; under this tab, you’ll find a list of games to download and play in exchange for earning Drop points.

Some of the categories of games include the following:

  • Cards
  • Simulators
  • Strategy games
  • Survival games


6. Answer Surveys on Drop

This is another feature that lets you earn Drop points. The surveys are questions that evaluate the progress of the brands.

Each of the questions in the questionnaire has different points, so you’re at liberty to choose the questions that are worth your time.


7. Drop App rewards

There are a number of rewards available for users at the Drop store. Some of the popular rewards include gift cards to some of the following brands:

  • Aerie
  • Amazon
  • American Eagle
  • Best Buy
  • Boston Pizza
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Gap
  • Groupon
  • com
  • iTunes
  • Lulu Lemon
  • Old Navy
  • Sephora
  • Starbucks
  • Uber Eats

And many more!


Drop FAQs


Is Drop Legit?

Drop is a legit app that pays and rewards users, and there are a lot of positive reviews and posts by satisfied users to back this up.


Is Drop safe?

According to Drop’s privacy policy and security documents, the company claims that user information is securely encrypted and employs industry-leading security.

Drops using the Transport layer Security (TLS) protects your information by preventing it from being intercepted, ensuring that it is only transmitted to Drop’s servers.


Do Drop Points Expire?

Drop points do not have an expiry date, which is one thing users enjoy about the app.

You can use this to your advantage by earning points at your pace and redeem your Drop points at a time of your convenience.



At this point, we’ve learned a few things about drop invite codes, promo codes, and where and how to get valid codes.

Drop is an excellent way to earn points and rewards to win you and your friends a nice treat.

Simply install Drop App, get it set up, and follow the steps listed above to maximize your chances of earning through the app.

Drop will not make you a millionaire, but it is surely a great way to earn a few extra bucks.

If you’re comfortable sharing some of your data, I think the Drop app is worth it.

Take your time to shop through the Drop app or select a merchant before shopping in-store, and make sure you check the app frequently to get the best deals.

This could save you a lot and score up to as much as $50 of free rewards every year without having to do too much work.