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I bet you’ve already heard of wolves approaching you in sheep’s clothing, right? Well, have you ever heard of the inverse – a sheep in a wolf’s clothing? In the world of start-ups and stiff online competition, that’s what happened to me.

Letting My Ego Get In The Way of Progress

I’m not an all-trusting guy. In fact, some people even thought I was a cynic. No way would you think that I would trust the advice of no one else but one of my competitors.

Sure, my sites were getting some traffic but just like everyone else, they needed a boost or else I bust. I heard about LinkedIn Pulse, but I didn’t really consider it significant.

Checking out LinkedIn and LinkedIn Pulse? Well, I have been putting it off for the longest time simply because it was referred to me by a competitor. It took some time (about a month or two) before I swallowed my pride and checked it out.

Now We Are Good Friends

As it turns out, that competitor (now we’re good friends by the way) was just trying to be friendly. And as much as I would hate it, I think this is also the perfect place for me to admit that he was right and I was wrong.

Long story short, I tried LinkedIn Pulse Channels and it became an effective tool in boosting traffic to my sites. That of course eventually translated to better sales (but that’s another story).

LinkedIn Pulse Networks

Knowing how to get featured on any of the pulse channels is the mother lode of tips on SEO for beginners. You get your Pulse publishing right then you definitely have bragging rights. That’s how tough it is to get featured, and I’m not kidding.

So, How Do You Get Featured on Pulse?

Well, before we answer that question, we should first determine how many posts are competing to get published on the Pulse app. According to their latest 2016 stats, they have a couple of new members joining each second – well that is if you take the average of 433 million LinkedIn total number of users.

That of course generates 106 million unique visits on a monthly basis. Now, how many posts are generated each week? 130,000 long posts get submitted each day. With thousands of posts competing for space and to get featured, you need to know what you’re doing.

Note that there are around 1,500 publishers and 500 Influencers in LinkedIn Pulse. Finally there are more than a million post publishers all in all in the network.

To see more stats click here.

Here’s an infographic to help you create a mental picture of the current situation as well as the huge potential you can get out of getting featured in Pulse:

LinkedIn Starts

Photo credit:

Come to think about it, the situation in LinkedIn is very much similar to a huge (and I do mean humongous) and extremely popular magazine company. Needless to say, there a lot more people who want their posts published on Pulse than there are editors, which is why your stuff should get noticed.

How to Catch the Attention of Pulse Editors

Remember that only a selected few get published in one of the channels every day. From here on then, we will get expert advice from people who also got featured in Pulse.

Top Tip #1 – Quality and Valuable Content is Still King

You can stop checking your app for Pulse news now, and read this piece of advice first. Remember that in the world of publishing, the quality and value you provide in your content is still at the top spot if you want to get noticed.

To quote online publishing guru, Jeff Bullas, he says:

Importance of quality content: I touched on this briefly before but the better and more valuable your content the greater impact you’ll make on your existing and new followers.

Read more of what he has to say on that and other related info here.

Okay, so let’s put that into perspective. Let’s say you’re one of the start-ups that were included here and you need to provide services that will help the campaigns of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

What sort of content should you publish? To completely add value to your content you should publish information that answers real questions that are asked by real people, which means you really need to research public sentiment on these two presidential candidates.

Plagiarized content is a bane in online publishing; that should be considered as a natural law. Other than that, and also equally related to that, spun and copycat content won’t get you anywhere.

So, whenever real questions about this year’s elections come up (well it applies to all sorts of questions on whatever topic, really), you should provide real answers from a unique and genuine perspective.

Top Tip #2 – Sometimes You’re Just a Tweet and a Hashtag Away

Aside from providing quality content (make sure that your grammar is impeccable), there is another ingredient to help you get published in Pulse – hashtags and tweets. To increase the chances of your published content of getting noticed by the right people, you should tweet your content to @LinkedInPulse to alert their editors.

You should also checkout the editorial calendar released by LinkedIn and find out what theme they will be having each month. Once you have that, then you should use the appropriate hashtags.

Top Tip #3 – Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

You only have about a couple of minutes to make an impression during any interview, which is why you should be armed with your elevator pitch every single time.

The same is true for getting featured in LinkedIn Pulse – your article’s title serves as your proverbial elevator pitch. Create a catchy title that sums up what you have said in your article.

And don’t forget, include that catchy title when you tweet LinkedIn editors (see tip #2).

Here’s another group interview to help you see how experts pitch in their advice:

Group Interview

For a complete list of expert advice, click here.

What Published LinkedIn Pulse Folks Have to Say

Tiffany Sun ( said that she got published on Pulse and was able to garner over a thousand views and additional followers said that writing on a topic that is out of the norm helped her get noticed. She also says that her current subscribers, small as it may have been at the time, also helped get the word out.

Edwin Vlems, blogger and inbound marketing adviser, says that his Pulse featured article dealt with a subject that was relevant to a certain market or niche. Again, the focus should be on creating content that is valuable to a real audience. Link to Vlems’ article (note: it’s in Dutch!).

Finally, Andrea Torti used the Editorial Calendar. He got featured and reaped the benefits.

It took a while before I figured things out. But thanks to a former competitor, I can now use my posts on the network and get featured in one of the LinkedIn Pulse Channels. It’s not easy, but focus on what you can control and work things out from there.


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