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Sports are big business.

The financial impact is not only realized in the United States of America but globally as well.

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It is estimated that the total revenues generated by sports, which includes ticket sales, selling of merchandise, advertisement, etc. equals $620 billion annually.

That is a touchdown, home run, or goal in anybody’s estimation.



Aside from the money, sports in its purest sense is a dynamic globally embraced by masses of people, cultures, countries, etc.

For example, the Olympics are meant not only to showcase the prowess of a country’s athletes but to provide a forum when nations compete against a nation not on a battlefield of war but a competitive battlefield of sports.

Yes, sporting events can be aggressive, but they can also demonstrate unity, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Sports can bring people together.


Lessons from Ice Hockey

It seems to me that no other sporting event epitomizes sportsmanship and honoring one’s opponent as does the game of ice hockey.

The grand prize in the National Hockey League is being awarded the Stanley Cup.

Through several games and series, the ultimate game between the winners of the two conferences meets and does battle.

The winner claims Lord Stanley’s cup after four games have been won.

Following the final game, the team players and coaches line up and shake each other’s hands as they move slowly to the opposite ends of the ice rink.

This display of professional courtesy, sportsmanship, and honoring each other’s sporting ability is on full display.


What is Dream11?

Dream 11 is a skillfully played game where competing players form a team comprised of real players.

These dream teams have to be formed within a budget of 100 credits. The winner is determined by which team scores the most points.

The points are determined by how well your selected players perform during the game

The sports that can be played in this format include baseball, basketball, NFL, hockey, cricket, etc.

The website, Dream11, actually hosts the games and the player can click on a match that they want to play.

A maximum of 11 contests can be joined and the greater participation of the player increases their chances of being successful.

Credits are what it takes to select a player. Obviously, the bigger the star in the sport, the more credits will be needed.

Extra points are given if your selected captain and assistant captain have a big game.

If the captain scores he gets two times the points and if the vice-captain scores they get one and one-half times the points.

Players can participate in practice contests or cash contests. To participate in a cash contest requires an entry fee.


11 Best Sites & Sources to Get Valid Dream11 Coupon Codes

Playing Dream11 with Dream Coupons…


1. TalkCharge

TalkCharge is a coupon website that provides Dream11 coupons.

At the top of the page highlighting Dream11, there are four tabs. The first tab indicates how many total offers are available.

The next tab is the number of coupons followed by the number of offers and then followed by one entitled a new user.

If one clicks on the offers they are given many choices. In this instance, two of the offers are sports-specific including cricket and football.

The other two are for one free new user offer. When you click the activate deal tab you get a deal activated screen.

This will take you to the Dream11 website. In this case, a $100 cash bonus is provided. The other offer was to play fantasy Kabaddi with the possibility of winning cash.

Underneath the deal activated tab is the visit retailer and that takes you to the Dream11.com website.

Click here to check out TalkCharge


2. GrabOn

By clicking Grabon the Internet user is taken to the Dream11 specific coupon page on this website.

On the left side of the webpage is a short description of what Dream11 is. Additionally, this page allows for the individual to use a filter mechanism to refine their search.

The middle of the webpage has a heading in which there is a listing for all of the coupons or offers that are available.

Side-by-side with this total tab are two other tabs labeled coupons and offers.

By clicking on the get the deal tab, the individual is directed to the Dream11 website.

When the transaction is accomplished, the coupon is activated at that point giving the customer the selected discount.

Click here to check out GrabOn

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3. Indianonlineseller

This particular website, Indianonlineseller, is a comprehensive business website.

Its homepage has headings that are entitled MarketWatch, In the News, Opinion, Reviews, Interviews, Insights, and coupons.

By clicking on the coupon header the individual is directed to several stores that are classified as top stores.

Also, the individual has the opportunity to use the search bar and place in their particular company or retailer that they are looking to get coupons from.

Dream11 is listed as one of the top companies.

Click here to check out Indianonlineseller


4. Dealspotr

In addition to offering Dream11 coupons, Dealspotr provides a comprehensive description of this gaming website and also includes two other websites that are similar in product offerings.

It further explains that in particular Dream11 rarely issues promotional discount codes.

Also, it explains to the consumer that Dream11 is a popular site in which discount codes and promotions are sought after.

They inform the individual looking for promo codes and coupons that they may be able to find one every 300 days.

These comments provide very valuable insight for an individual wishing to find Dream11 coupons.

By clicking on the show me the promo button underneath the coupon, the individual is taken to a pop-up screen that allows for the copying of the code to their clipboard.

Underneath this screen is another green button in which they are directed to the Dream11.com website.

Click here to check out Dealspotr


Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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5. Desidime

Desidime offers individuals searching for Dream11 coupons to review five deals offered on this particular webpage.

One of the coupons regards a sports match pitting India against England.

If the individual wants to take advantage of this offer they would mouse click on the green button which says get an offer. They are then taken to the Dream11 webpage.

Additionally, a pop-up page reflects that the deal was activated consequently all the individual needs to do is check out to apply the deal to their purchase.

Other promo codes and discounts were offered to an individual if they chose to invite a friend to join Dream11.

If the friend agrees the suggesting friend would earn an additional number of points.

Click here to check out Desidime


6. Use My Coupon

Two coupons or deals are offered on Usemycoupon. One of the coupons offers a 50% discount to register with Dream11.

When the individual clicks the button a pop-up screen indicates that the coupon code has been activated.

The customer is then directed to the Dream11 webpage where they can proceed to the checkout page.

The coupon code can be pasted into the promo code box before the transaction being made.

As the individual scrolls down to the bottom of the page, they learn about Dream11 coupons and more about this fantasy online sports competition.

Interestingly, they detail the dynamics of how dream 11 functions which seem to be very helpful.

Also listed on the bottom of the coupon page are questions that may be anticipated by individuals regarding Dream11 and how it is played.

Click here to check out Use My Coupon

Check out the following for more codes:


7. Happy Sale

Accessing HappySale will take you to the homepage with a listing of a variety of companies that may or may not be familiar to the searcher.

At the top of the web page is a search bar in which the individual can type in Dream11 and be directed to coupons that are available through this website.

In addition to the 11 coupons or promo codes that were offered are a variety of other similar coupons associated with the world of sports.

Scrolling further down the page you are educated as to the sport of cricket and the opportunity to use Dream11 coupons to make the game even more enjoyable.

If wishing to take advantage of one of the coupons the shopper just simply accesses the blue button entitled activate the offer and they are directed to another page that indicates that the offer has been activated.

Underneath that is a link that when clicked takes the individual to the Dream11 webpage where they can take advantage of the offer and the code is automatically applied to the product purchased.

Click here to check out HappySale


Dream11 Coupon Codes


8. AskMeOffers

By clicking on, AskMeOffers, the individual is taken to the Dream11 coupon page.

What is interesting about this page is that the searcher for coupons is given a detailed description of what Dream11 is all about.

In addition, it talks about the game of cricket and how popular this sport is in India.

The site also continues to talk about the game of European football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and the NFL, etc.

Click here to check out AskMeOffers


9. Couponzguru

Couponzguru, at this time, offers three coupons as it relates to discount codes for Dream11.

The codes are defined as to what they entail and allow the researcher to click a link that gives them an even more involved description.

If the individual is interested in getting the code they click the blue button icon label entitled to get this deal and they are then directed to the Dream11.com website.

Here they take advantage of the offer and the discount code is applied for the product that they are planning on purchasing.

Click here to check out Couponzguru


10. CouponPlusDeals

This website, Couponsplusdeals, is fairly straightforward and takes the individual to the coupons that are offered towards discounts of Dream11 products.

Additionally, by scrolling down, the individual is informed through a frequently asked question process about Dream11 coupons.

Some of those questions include how much one can save, how often does Dream11 release new coupons, what is the best discount coupon that one can use how to submit the codes to obtain the discounts, etc.?

Click here to check out Couponsplusdeals


11. Zoutons

Accessing Zoutons will take the individual looking Dream11 coupons to the home page.

To continue the search the magnifying glass should be clicked which will reveal a search bar. By inserting Dream11, the website directs the individual to available coupons.

In this instance, one coupon is returned that offer 50% off. It does not indicate what product is being reduced by 50%.

Upon click the red tab a separate page appears stating that the deal as been activate.

It then appears that the individual wishing to take full advantage of the deal clicks the green button directing the customer to the Dream11 website to make the final purchase.

The deal is applied once the checkout process proceeds.

Click here to check out Zoutons


Love for Sports

We love our sports.

We love to play sports, watch sports, and take seriously being the armchair quarterback on Monday following the big game.

Additionally, we love to participate in technology-driven virtual sports events such as playing on our game consoles and competing against each other or virtually by forming a team and competing.

Dream11 is such a forum that can be utilized to help satisfy our thirst for sports.

Additionally, when you combine the use of promo codes it becomes even more enticing for the individual to compete for prizes.


Dream11 Coupon Codes FAQs


How Frequently Does Dream11 Release New Coupon Codes?

There is no set timetable for Dream11 in regards to releasing coupon codes.

They continuously add and release these coupons throughout the year


How Can I Find the Latest Discount Coupons for Dream11?

The individuals searching for discount coupons for Dream11 can search online by using a search engine and using keywords such as discount coupons for Dream 11.


Can I Use More Than One Coupon at a Time?

When a customer checks out there is only one promo code box that is associated with the items being purchased.

Therefore, the assumption is that only one promo can be used at a time.



There are a lot of great combinations. Some of those combinations are baseball and hotdogs, football and tailgating, cricket and a sticky wicket, etc.

Added to the list of great combinations are Dream11 and discount coupons. Imagine the cheers from the stands in-play sports for prizes at a discount.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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