Do you know all there is to know about Dosh, to help you save money and earn cashback with it?

If not, then you should definitely read this review to the end.

This is a very helpful review of Dosh. You will find interesting details about this platform, especially when it comes to saving money and getting cash back when you shop.

The information shared here can also help you make a better decision on the use of this platform.


What is Dosh?

Dosh is one of the best platforms and apps that help you save money by getting cashback when you shop.

With this awesome app, you earn and save money when you shop, dine, travel, or book hotel reservations.

Dosh is created to positively impact people’s lives. It partners with merchants and hotels in your area to offer you money back on the very same spending you already do every day.

Some of the top retailers like Amazon which Dosh partners with include Sam’s Club, Sephora, Sheraton, Avis, Forever 21, Macy’s, Wendy’s, Brookstone, Barnes & Noble, Bark Box, Warby Parker, and more.

Besides, Dosh is integrated with the networks of American Express, Visa, and Mastercard to assess transactions, and match them with available offers and coupons at its partner businesses.

Since Dosh was launched, it has become one of the best cashback and savings apps. It has remained one of the fastest-growing cashback offer platforms that automatically puts money into the wallets of shoppers, diners, or hotel guests.

According to the site, Dosh “connects leading brands and retailers directly to consumers, driving customers in-store and online to purchase more often, spend more, and socially share the brands they engage with, creating new customer acquisition.

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Which Countries is Dosh available for?

Dosh is available in the United States and a few other countries.

It is based in Texas but serves users from different parts of the world. You can use the app irrespective of the country you are.

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How Does it Works

To use Dosh, here are some interesting steps you have to take.

As a reward app, when you shop and dine at the places you visit regularly, you enjoy cashback with the use of Dosh.

A summary of how Dosh works is highlighted below:

  • Download Dosh from the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Install it on your phone and start using it.
  • Create a free account without having to pay any money.
  • Connect your everyday card(s) to Dosh and get automatic cash backs from brands.
  • Use the app to shop from the brand your love.
  • When you swipe the card you have connected with Dosh, you will have Dosh deposit cash back into your wallet automatically.

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13 Reasons Why You Should Use Dosh

There are many reasons to use Dosh. Some of these include:

  1. Dosh is one of the best free money making and earning apps out there. You can download it for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

2. Dosh gives you cashback when your linked credit or debit cards are used to make purchases. When you pay with the linked card, you automatically receive cashback.

3. Dosh allows you to shop and get cashback at thousands of hotels, stores, and restaurants. You can choose from top brands like Home Depot, Grubhub, Old Navy, Uber, Wendy’s, Walgreens, Sephora, Forever 21, Gap, Walmart, Asos, PizzaHut, Instacart, Dunkin, GNC, Proactiv, Disney, World Market, and so on.

4. With Dosh, you can book a hotel globally. When you pay your linked card, you can get up to 40% cashback in your Dosh wallet.

5. Dosh allows you to get cashback from your mobile. Since it is an app, you can easily earn from anywhere and at any time. Simply open the Dosh app, find your favorite brands, tap shop from the app to launch the brand website, or app. Do your shopping and get your cashback.

6. Dosh allows you to use your reward whenever and however you want. You can easily transfer your cashback to your bank accounts, PayPal, or Venmo. Or, if you wish, you can also donate your earnings to your favorite charity, as a way to give back.

7. Dosh is one of the reward sites like Inboxdollars that allows you to get real cash and not points. You earn cashback automatically. This is a feature that does not apply to many apps.

8. No points, no coupon clipping, no receipts scanning, and no remembering of restaurant discount codes.

9. Dosh is committed to consumer privacy. Your data is not revealed nor sold to a third party.

10. Dosh offers you different ways to earn cashback. These include getting rewarded for eating out at partner restaurants, going to partner gyms and health centers, booking hotel accommodation around the world, shopping for different items, or shopping at your favorite online and in-store retailers.

11. Dosh also allows you to refer to friends and family and get rewarded. Yes, you get paid for each friend who signs up with your referral code. This is another way to earn easy cash back into your pocket.

12. Dosh allows you to easily choose from over 600,000 hotels globally. You can also book rooms at competitive rates and get up to 40% cashback on your stay.

13. Dosh uses use bank-level security (256-bit encryption) to ensure your information is safe and secure. They use Multi-Factor and Two-Factor Authentication to prevent unauthorized access, so your wallet is safe.

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Is Dosh legit?

Yes, Dosh is a legit app. It has many users and has been good ratings.

Many of the top retail brands as well as credit card companies partner with this brand. Dos is legal and it is not a scam.

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As you can see from reading the above review of Dosh, it’s a must use app.

It’s easily one of the best apps out there for getting amazing cashback and savings when you shop. Once your credit or debit card is connected with Dosh, you can use it to shop, dine, or book your hotel… and get rewarded each time.

You receive automatic savings and cashback the moment you swipe your card to make payments offline and even online.

Dosh has so many advantages that would endear you to it. Take advantage of the platform and start saving money while you shop, eat out, book for hotels.