Don’t Be – Just Another Blogger



I want to be painfully honest with you for a moment.   I assure you I’m going to be up front and in your face. It’s going to get ugly and unexpected.


I assure you this is NOT something you will enjoy.

So here it is.

You’ve been struggling to drive traffic to your Blog for months now.  You’ve tried everything and nothing seems to drive focused readers to your site.

It’s not because you haven’t:

  • Found the right traffic strategy
  • Have a really crappy domain name
  • Google has put a curse upon you so that you remain unknown forever


It’s because you are not Blogging – Smart.


If you ever want site visitors reading / engaging with you, this had better change.

Okay, okay you certainly could be part of a minority who are getting tons of traffic, making tons of money and who are truly awesome. In that case consider yourself excused for reading this Blog post.

Oh! BTW, I’ll be coming across to worship at your alter in a flash.

For all the rest:

  • Who have learned the best writing tips
  • Who have listened to all the very best – Pep Talk – podcasts
  • Who believe they really ought to be the next Blogging superstar . . . BUT . . .


Here’s the one thing no one has been talking about.


Popular bloggers are smarter than you are

No, it’s not IQ I’m talking about. Definitely not.

What I’m talking about is – when you have a conversation with someone and they walk away thinking – Wow! this guy (or gal) is amazing.

Every popular Blogger I’ve spoken to for more than 10 minutes has had that effect on me.  I’ve always come away with a point of view I just did not have before.

Well okay you might think, Hey!, they’re not necessarily smart. They just speak well, but I believe that’s just not it at all.  I think their easy, engaging, articulation is just one piece of a much larger set of characteristics.

This has been my experiences (do share yours in the comments please):

Popular Bloggers:

  • Know pretty much everything there is to know in their vertical. If they don’t know something, you can take a bet it’s already on their to-do, read up list
  • They take complex ideas and transliterate these into simple language concepts everyone can understand
  • At least some of what they say is truly original. You’ve never heard it anywhere before. Ever.
  • Even if you have no interest whatsoever in their topic, they quite spookily, find a way to captivate and engage you without boring you to death
  • You find yourself thinking about something they wrote or said weeks (or more) later


Popular Bloggers are:

  • Constantly publishing awesome content
  • Building relationships with the right people
  • Employing the right traffic strategies seemingly effortlessly


Popular Bloggers are really wicked smart people who deserve all the attention they’re getting. They are truly special people.

Now, on the flipside

There’s everyone else who is some combination of ignorant, obtuse, unoriginal, boring, or just forgettable.

You read their Blog posts, and come away thinking boy! I really wasted my time here.

So, it’s time to ask yourself the question…

  • Which group do you belong to?


OR – (even more importantly)

  • Which group do you want to belong to?.


About building a popular blog – The plain truth

It’s not only about what you publish. It’s also about who you are.

If you’re smart, it’s relatively easy.

  • You publish an idea that’s both brilliant and useful
  • It blows people’s minds
  • Everyone starts talking about your Blog post content
  • Like a gazillion people link to your blog post
  • Influencers line up to become your friends and help you out because… well… your content is really so worth it



What If you’re not smart?

Then none of the above happens. You can do everything all the blogging authorities tell you to do, AND you can do it absolutely correctly, yet you will still fail – that’s guaranteed.

So, does that mean you’re doomed?  Not necessarily.

Here’s why – Being a popular Blogger:

Isn’t about genetics
Isn’t about inborn talent
Isn’t about fate

It’s definitely about deciding who you want to be and then making yourself into that person.

You just have to decide you want it, and then take the necessary steps to get there.


#1 – Replace your friends

Hey, I wasn’t kidding when I said this was going to be painful.

The absolute truth is that if you want to grow you almost always have to replace your friends.  You most certainly do not have to push them away BUT you must stop spending as much time with them as you are doing now.


Well, basically it’s because YOU are the average value of the five people you spend the most time with.

Okay, okay there’s no scientific evidence to support this theory, but pretty much every successful Blogger will tell you it’s true, if you specifically ask.

Want to become a better writer?

Find a few writers a better than you are, wherever.  Become friends with them. Exchange work, give each other feedback. Find ways to hang out and do absolutely nothing related to writing with them as well.

Go to a movie, meet at a coffee shop, whatever. Talk to them. If they’re online, message them every day or two, share a YouTube video, rant about the stupidity of politicians, or just ask about their day.

At first, talking to them might be painful, maybe it will make you feel a little stupid. Eventually though, you’ll get smarter, just by hanging around with them.

You won’t be able to help it.

That’s what the right friends do. They help YOU grow.


#2 – Become a know-it-all

Well, popular bloggers are sort of like that.

Ah well, they don’t know everything, but conversations with them could easily go from the latest trends in social media, to the pope visiting the US and chatting up Obama, to how to cook the perfect Hungarian goulash.

All in a few minutes, AND they’re not bullshitting.

They really know a lot about all of those subjects (and tons more).

Here’s why – They’re constantly learning.

Amongst popular bloggers, this is perfectly normal.

Everyone has different routines, but each and every popular blogger I know spends at least three or four hours a day consuming new information. It’s not an idiosyncrasy, it’s required.

In today’s world, going to school, learning a few things, and then coasting through life without reading another book is – a death wish. You’ll be obsolete in a few years.

If you’re a blogger, with that attitude, you’ll be obsolete in a few weeks.

The opposite is also true.

If you spend more time learning than anyone else, before you know it, everyone thinks you’re a genius.

Not only can you quote from the work of other important people, but you connect the dots between totally unrelated subjects, creating new ideas nobody has even considered before.

It’s not because you were born with a high IQ.
It’s simply because you know so much.

The point?

Spend at least two hours a day learning something new. I don’t care how or when you do it. Just make sure you do.


#3 – Do less

How many hours per day do you spend thinking? For most people, it’s tops two or three hours a day.

My next question is perhaps a ton more relevant to this topic. Of those two / three hours spent thinking, how much time is spent thinking about your writing?

Most people think about their family, friends, what they are going to have for dinner, their job, their upcoming vacation, BUT they don’t think about what they’re going to write until they open their word processor.  Big mistake.

The popular Blogger spends 10X times thinking and 1X times doing. Translated, this means that popular Bloggers spend 10 hours thinking / planning / flowing their Blog post and 1 hour getting this down pat in their favourite word processor.

If an experienced  and popular Blogger has spent 2 hours writing a post, I’m pretty sure they have spent at least 20 hours doing research, collating content, verifying facts, and more before settling down to write the Blog post.

When their readers read their finished Blog post they think the creator is a genius, but the truth is, the vast majority of the stuff that was written was worthless or downright stupid and edited out.

The reader fortunately never sees any of this.

They only get to read the top 10% of what was crafted, audited, edited, then re-edited until what you read, almost always leads to multiple Ah! Ha! moments.

This is exactly how popular Bloggers get their content to be widely read and re-read.  This is how their content can (and often does) go viral. This is what makes them popular Bloggers read and shared by tons of people.

Now, if you are thinking – I’m not doing this full time. I have a job, kids, a social life, a life, whatever, I’m just too busy.

You’re right.  You are too busy AND that’s the problem.

To become a popular, widely read and appreciated Blogger you need time to think. Not just a few minutes here and there but for a couple of hours at least depending on how complex the topic you’ve chosen to write about really is.

In reality, this means – Doing Less.

You’re simply going to have to cut some things out of your life to give yourself time to create awesome Blog posts that have the potential to go viral.

Maybe you can:

  • Reducing the time you spend in front of the TV
  • Maybe it’s scaling back your hours at work
  • Maybe it’s spending less time with your friends


Regardless, you have to cut something.

Otherwise, you’ll never have time to think. Then you’ll be just another Blogger, regurgitating what everyone else is saying, boringly.


The bottom line

Successful blogging, carving a niche for yourself, being recognized as a blogger with authority in your chosen niche, is not only about SEO or social networking or the quality of your subheads.

It’s also about you.

Perhaps the person you are right now, i.e. your environment, your habits, your schedule whatever are sucking all the promise right out of you. This is what can prevent you being a popular blogger.

If you want to succeed, YOU have to change. Surround yourself with smart people, bury yourself in books, and cut out all the crap that’s distracting you from – Blogging greatness.

You may not feel it happen, but this will change who you are. Drastically.
You’ll still be you, but you’ll be a better version of you.
You’ll be able to measure this in the way your site visitors engage with your Blog posts.

Where your Blog posts used to get a half-hearted response from your site visitors, you’ll start getting dozens of adoring / engaging comments.

Where popular bloggers used to ignore you, you’ll find them linking to your posts without even asking.

Where you used to only see small, incremental, inbound traffic gains, your inbound traffic will explode, going from 100 visitors a day to 500 to 1,000, within a matter of months.

Not because you’re using some new traffic technique.
Not because you got to know some powerful influencer.
Not because you got lucky.

It’ll happen because you’re worthy.

Slowly and painfully, in a measured way, you’ve have transformed into someone worth reading.

Are you ready to be that person?
Are you going to be – just another blogger?



The choice is yours.


Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.




  1. Hi Ivan,

    Yes, I feel the same way. Popular bloggers know what their stuff and know what they are talking about. I think it’s because they read more and learn every day.

    I agree with you. We have to learn new things every day. We have to be better than yesterday. I also realized that the popular blogger and popular people always make time to read a book every day. It was a productive habit, indeed!

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring post with us, Ivan.
    Keep up the hard work!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Everything You Need to Successfully Manage a Virtual TeamMy Profile

  2. Hi Nanda,

    Thank you for being the first to comment on my post.

    Yes, I always set aside at least 2 / 3 hours every day, five days a week talking to people who are better than me, listening and learning from them.

    I read, although not as much as I’d like to.

    I spend about 30 mins watching a few chosen YouTube videos.

    This is what I learned from the popular Bloggers around me.

    I do my very best to emulate them.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…6 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2015My Profile

  3. Hi Ivan,
    Thanks for being frank with this article. Lots of hard truths about being a standout blogger were shared. The commitment we make with regards to planning and the vigor with which we pursue blogging goals should be consistently and steadfastly carried out!

    Yes, successful blogging begins with change in what we do, where we stand, who we associate with, and how we do what we do.

    For sure, this is a key point “If you want to succeed, YOU have to change. Surround yourself with smart people, bury yourself in books, and cut out all the crap that’s distracting you from – Blogging greatness.”
    Sunday William recently posted…TrueTwit Review: How to Harm Your Twitter MarketingMy Profile

  4. Hey Ivan,

    This post speaks huge volume and each point you made here hit all of the nails LOL.

    I can definitely see how you have changed and grew as a blogger seeing that you are now focusing on the more important things that makes a great blogger.

    It is definitely about you and how you attract success to you. By following each of these points you make yourself a success magnet.

    Not to get beside myself, I can say that I practice these constantly. But I have slacked off a bit within the last couple of weeks as far as publishing new content. But during that time I’ve been making some changes here and there taking out the “kinks” out of my blog.

    Thanks Ivan for the valuable post! I hope you’re having a great day!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…9 Ways To Not Waste Your Time BloggingMy Profile

    • Hey Sherman,

      Great to hear from. I’m turning cartwheels reading your opening sentence. Thanks heaps.

      Oh! yes, I most certainly spent a number of barren and disappointing years as a Blogger, but I learned from my mistakes and kept at it. Today I really am a happy Blogger.

      Simply loved this.
      It is definitely about you and how you attract success to you. By following each of these points you make yourself a success magnet.

      I completely agree with you on this.

      Glad you enjoyed the post Sherman. Truthfully, I’m learning quite a bit reading your Blog posts.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Build your brandMy Profile

  5. Hi Ivan,

    You did a pretty job in those two images in this post, I commend your efforts in picking these images…..they summarise almost everything said in the post.

    A picture they say, speaks a thousand word.

    All you said are right, becoming a popular blogger as I have come to know and agree with even base my own findings is not in how great your SEO skills are, or the amount of “epic” content you publish regularly.

    It takes more than that, we need to know how to connect the needed dots together that leads to becoming who we dream of. Working smart, not hard.

    And think better creative, reach out to those that truly matters, people who can help us in achieving our dream and like you said, if this will make us change friends – so be it.

    Thanks Ivan, nice reading your stuff this morning from West Africa.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…Why I Hate Monthly Income Report Post By Bloggers And Why You Too ShouldMy Profile

    • Hey Shamudeen,

      I must confess that it was @Arjay (The Kingged Moderator) who replaced the first picture in this Blog post with an infinitely better one.

      Yup, a picture does speak louder than a 1000 words, the one @Arjay inserted certainly does.

      My image was definitely lame compared to what he used. Hey! @Arjay Here’s a shout out to you – Thanks heaps.

      I totally agree with you it’s not a Bloggers SEO skills that makes him an authority (popular) Blogger but it’s the high quality, value add, content that a Blogger must deliver readers consistently.

      Working smarter not harder is a great cliché, BUT one needs to know exactly how to do this or else it just stays a cliché.

      WOW! West Africa. It’s awesome to know I can sit in Mumbai, India and touch someone in West Africa.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Shamsudeen. Appreciate this.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…6 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2015My Profile

      • Hello Ivan,

        Thanks for all the praises but I can’t take all the credit. We usually have 3 to 5 or more in house staff members every day, doing lots of the work here on, without showing their faces. That’s why there’s always zero spam posts or comments here. Lots of us always at work keeping the quality going here.

        Even this image was selected by Kingsley himself @admin for me to change.

        I am one of those showing his face and taking the glory (and the insults too, for the occasional banning or scolding of troublesome members) but certainly not the only one doing the work 🙂

        Thanks again for the praises.
        Arjay [Moderator] recently posted…What’s the Best Blog Community? Why WinsMy Profile

        • Hey Arjay,

          Thanks for coming back to me.

          Wow! what you’ve said is really terrific. Its very rare that I’ve encountered this sort of sharing in my life.

          I’m happy that I got a peek into the workforce at Kingged.

          I’m humbled that Kingsley took the trouble to find the image you inserted in my post.

          This is what keeps me coming back to Kingged regularly.

          Where are you from? What does Arjay stand for? It seems to be representative of your initials.

          Kudos to your efforts.

          All the very best to you always.
          Ivan Bayross recently posted…To Increase Your Mailing List Offer Irresistible IncentivesMy Profile

  6. Hi Ivan

    I can’t call it a post; its a guiding beacon for those who have been struggling hard doing every thing proper but yet to make it in the field of blogging.

    Millions of blogs are already there and one add-on will not do anything noticeable unless the starter himself becomes noticeable with the tips and tricks you mentioned in this post.

    I still remember when I started blogging most of my offline friends call my decision one of the worsts of my life and many of them termed me a mad person who is trying to serve the foreigner who already know a lot and even can teach me instead.

    The day I got the first fat cheque most of them were just looking here and there to avoid embarrassment and still many of them believe I do any spammy kind of thing on internet that is why earn that much even without moving anywhere.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post of high value

    Have a nice rest of the week.
    Mi Muba recently posted…12 types of blog comments and which one is the best for youMy Profile

    • Hi Mi Muba,

      Thanks for your really kind words Mi ( BTW they made me blush a wee bit in my old age ) :-)).

      Glad to know you are laughing all the way to your bank. Congratulations. Good on you.

      Your hard work has paid off and all the sceptics (I’ve met tons of those myself) are embarrassed.

      Just one word for that Mi – Awesome.

      Now if only I can get even a thin (anaemic even) cheque from anyone . . . .
      Just kidding . . . .

      Have a great weekend ahead Mi. Lovely to read you comment here. Thanks heaps for dropping by.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Endless Online Income Opportunities?My Profile

  7. Hello Ivan,

    I really enjoyed this post, I think you asked really important questions that should help anyone, not only bloggers.

    I’m new to this whole world of blogging and making money online. Please help with answering this question I have.

    How does a new blogger compete or even make any mark in this already crowded world where even those who have been in for a while are failing?

    Thank you.
    James Lucas recently posted…Is Making Money Online Real?My Profile

    • Hi James,

      Glad the post added some value to you.

      To be completely truthful, making money on-line is not a cake walk.

      Its definitely not impossible, but requires dedication, a lot of hard work with a few mistakes thrown in driving learning.

      Now let me try and answer the question you’ve raised.

      1) Yes the Blogging world is crowded
      2) Yes there are Bloggers who have been around for quite a while
      Do have not yet been able to generate any kind of measurable income

      These statistics are true of any business online or brick and mortar.

      You have to do your very best to deliver – Unique value add – content on your Blog site in every one of your Blog posts.

      The language used to craft your Blog posts must match the needs of the audience reading the post.

      Every Blog post should have some images added so that there is some visual stimulation (other than plain text) for readers.

      Finally, you MUST market each Blog post like mad on as many social media streams you participate in.

      Additionally, you MUST post excerpts of your Blog posts every time on multiple (carefully selected) Blog directories.

      Honestly, I believe that – Marketing – your Blog post, after publishing it is perhaps a TON more important than creating and publishing the Blog post itself.

      You simply must have a carefully thought through, documented Blog post marketing strategy whose effectiveness you must monitor using Google Analytics.

      I hope this has been of help James.

      If you need any more help on – How – do reach out be glad to help if I can.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Even Sceptic’s Can Get Targeted Traffic from Google+My Profile

  8. Hi Ivan,

    What a wonderful post on “Don’t just Be A Better Blogger”. I spend mucho time on that topic. The research alone takes up so much time to put my posts together. Plus I do SEO and keyword research which takes even more time.

    It is true to hang out with the influencers to learn from them what we need to do and establish ourselves online. We do all the things necessary to create awesome blog posts that work for everyone. It’s not easy but we accomplish what we need to do to be successful.

    We have a plan of action which we follow with our hearts and mindset in place, achieving the goals we set for ourselves. We each have certain goals we follow in order to succeed and we do what we need to do.

    I love this community and I am spreading the word to all my blogging friends on a daily basis.

    Since I retired, I have more time to spend on being the very best blogger I can be and am grateful for that.

    Thank you for sharing, Ivan and you have a beautiful night and week ahead!

    Linda Schrier recently posted…Top 10 Content Marketing StrategiesMy Profile

    • Hi Linda,

      Oh Yes! I do know just how long it takes to research and create real value add content Linda, BUT you must admit it’s so rewarding to hear what others say about the content whether they agree or have a different POV.

      Its great fun and it does wonders for my soul :-))

      Yup, you said it. Without goals I think I am like a ship without a rudder. Simply letting the currents and wind take me – wherever. I don’t think that’s a great journey, Do You?

      It’s goals that determine a direction, its success and failure that determines what efforts are working and what must be tweaked.

      Hey, I’ve retired as well. Been two+years since.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Linda, always a pleasure to hear from you.

      I’m sure you have an awesome, event filled week ahead.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Even Sceptic’s Can Get Targeted Traffic from Google+My Profile

  9. Hi Ivan,

    What a terrific post!

    One big difference between the popular bloggers and the others is that they read more, learn more, connect more and also work smarter by doing less.

    I agree by hanging around better writers and bloggers we will soon become better. I’ve not been consistent enough because I work and it takes a lot of my time. But after reading this post I asked myself if I want to be a regular or a popular blogger and the answer was to be a popular blogger. So I’ll plan my time more by doing less and working smart.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post I enjoyed reading every bit of it.

    Have a great day!
    Kore Duke recently posted…4 Ways to Thwart Comment Spam Once and For AllMy Profile

    • Hi Kore,

      Nice of you to drop by.

      The opening sentence in your comment, is sums up a popular Blogger perfectly.

      A lot of Bloggers work, (I do). Perhaps you can check out running a Google Hangout with a few select friends twice / thrice a week.

      You could be comfortably home after work, sipping on your favourite tipple, (mine is a Gin and Tonic with ice – positively Yum) and be chatting with your group of inspirational people. Skype is another alternative.

      If you need help is setting either a Google hangout or Skype group chat, I’d be happy to help.

      Happy that you want to be a – Popular Blogger – rather than a regular Blogger. That’s great.

      Thanks for leaving a comment Kore, really appreciate this.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…How To Be A Blogger People Pay Attention ToMy Profile

  10. Hello Ivan,

    This a very important article, should make any blogger think a bit more about what they are doing.

    I really like the 2 images you used, they tell the picture pretty accurately. Good choice of images.

    You’re right, there are just too many so-called bloggers that unless you do things differently, and better, you will just be another blogger. This article shows how to be more than just another blogger.

    One question, do you think money can separate one from other bloggers? If one has more money to put in promoting posts and affiliate products? Will that help a lot in your opinion or it doesn’t matter?

    • Hello Gary,

      About the images, the one right at the top of the article was changed by Arjay the Kingged moderator. I’m pretty grateful to him for the trouble he took. By comparison my picture was a but lame his was the perfect fit.

      I’m glad that the post worked for you Gary. Each of us Bloggers should shine, and we can. Just need to think a tad differently.

      Now to answer your question: Yes AND No.

      Money is always a great enabler for any business whether Internet driven or brick and mortar.

      That said if the products and/or services being – Sold – turn out to be of little value to your audience then throwing money on advertising does not make sense. You will lose the money invested in Marketing and your income will tank.

      On the other hand if you’ve got a brilliant product(s) or Service(s) then spending some money (let’s say 15% of the income generated) is a standard way of – Boosting – sales. It works.

      Hope this helps.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Unleash a Surge of Email SubscribersMy Profile

  11. Booyah! Now that’s what am talking ’bout. You hit the nail right in the head with this one.

    Telling it as it is in this, something many of us don’t want to do, or too afraid to.

    Problem is that most will still read this and do nothing, because they will keep telling themselves the lie that this doesn’t apply to them, when it does so very well apply to them.

    Bravo for a kick-ass post!

  12. Hi Ivan
    Wow, Great title that grab my attention right away.

    Personally I was afraid to respond to this blog post barely 10 months into blogging but because one of my strongest skills is to be able to push forward even when life seem bleak.

    You challenge me to move forward and look for ways to take my blogging serious.

    In the end like you say number 1 “replace your friends “ & number 3 “do less” is my favorite it’s easy to want to become a popular blogger but doing the work is certainly painful but necessary.
    Patrice M Foster recently posted…How to Handle Negative Social Media CommentsMy Profile

  13. Hi Patrice,

    Wow! Thanks. Grateful for your opening line.

    I’m happy that my Post challenged you to move forward Patrice. In all truth no one has ever said that to me before. I’m chuffed and very humbled.

    Yes, please do take your Blogging seriously, whatever your niche, I’m sure you will make a difference somewhere to someone and that is honey for the soul.

    Getting to recognized as a popular / authority Blogger does require hard work BUT the rewards can take away your breath.

    Have a great week ahead Patrice. Do drop by again and leave your comments.

    If there is anything I do to help do reach out.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Do You Know How To Measure Social Media ROI Confidently?My Profile

  14. Hey Ivan,

    I remember reading this the first time and leaving the tab open to respond to in more details when time permits. I am closing the “too many” tabs I have open now but couldn’t get myself to close this without responding, 🙂

    For starters, you were definitely painfully honest but isn’t that what we all really need (not want)? We don’t want to hear the truth, even though we “need” the truth, however painful 🙂 So, thanks for being painfully honest. Hopefully most who read this will take the recommended actions to become better bloggers.

    Unfortunately most bloggers don’t want to hear the truth. It’s no wonder that you see so many bloggers giving up even before they have spent any reasonable time blogging.

    If nothing else, I have seen so many blogs come and go since starting over 3 years ago. To tell you how serious the problem is – we never thought of encouraging more unique or syndicated posts until we noticed lots and lots of posts shared in the beginning linking back to dead blogs just some months after.

    Blogs that were started with so much enthusiasm, getting abandoned just months down the road. Most bloggers are not ready to put in the time and do the work necessary to succeed with their blogs. They try, halfheartedly, for a while, and give up when they don’t see great results in weeks or few months.

    Of course it’s not only bloggers who are guilty of this. Even other Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, etc, are equally guilty of doing less thank they should and giving up way too early.

    But one more point to add is – most newbie bloggers start blogging with all kinds of crazy expectations. I won’t blame them too much to give up so quickly because they were probably taught they would make tons of money quickly with blogging without doing too much work.

    So, blogging, like any other endeavor, requires doing MORE than average. It even requires doing more than “good”. To become an awesome blogger, one has to be and do awesome things which other average bloggers won’t do. That’s the painful truth, as you rightly said.

    Thankfully you have provided very powerful tips that can help average bloggers become awesome bloggers! The question at this point is – will they listen to you, and take the recommended actions? That’s a whole discussion for another day, 😀


    admin recently posted…[NEW] Get $10,000+ In’s MONTHLY Blogging ContestMy Profile

    • Hi Kingsley,

      I’m really chuffed reading your comment. It’s kind of like the school principal saying, Hey nice job.

      I know the time constraints of entrepreneurs and therefore when I read your comments anywhere, I always appreciate the effort that took.

      Yes, I know exactly what you are saying in your comment Kingsley.

      I speak at a few Blogging meetups in Mumbai regularly. I’ve noticed, like you have, then number of Blogs started with great enthusiasm and then let to perish because enthusiasm alone cannot sustain a Blog forever, discipline, planning, (achievable) goals and more does.

      Unattainable expectations are another trigger that causes Blogs to be abandoned. No one I know has earned USD 1000/- after 6 months of Blogging.

      When I notice passion driving a Blog, I really do all I can to keep that alive. I’ve spent hours coding / tweaking code and more for Bloggers for free, because their content was terrific but they needed help in the tech underlay.

      Today, years later these are the successful Bloggers who invite me to speak at their meetups, and quite honestly I’d forgotten that I’d done anything at all for them.

      Its such an ego boost, I’ve got to meditate a few hours after that to come back down to earth . . . . Just kidding.

      Thanks so much for commenting on my Post Kingsley. Really appreciate this. Have a brilliant week ahead, full of all things terrific.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Gain A Site Visitor Trust And Business FollowsMy Profile

  15. Awesome and on-point Ivan.

    Love your reply to Kingsley as well. I can truly see what kind of guy you are.

    I dont speak too often but I’ve encountered some new bloggers and helped those that really put their action where their mouth is and seeing them succeed now, it is an amazing feeling.

    Anyway, I know I’m still just another blogger at this point and still working my way up, especially since I missed 3 whole months worth of content creation on my blog due to commitments.

    I’ll keep at it. Thanks for the awesome wisdom my friend
    Dennis Seymour recently posted…Here’s How Social Media Affects Your SEOMy Profile

  16. Hey Ivan,

    I love that post.

    I absolutely agree. Instead of focusing having success, one should rather focus on helping others and interacting with them. By doing so, you will find out what are their biggest pain and fears and, hopefully being able to help them. Once the problem solved, people will remember, be thankful and become one of your followers.

    Great post.
    Remy recently posted…What is Branding?My Profile

    • Hi Remy,

      Thank you for stopping by. Really nice of you to do so.

      Helping / interacting with others should be a priority it makes the world a nicer place to live in.

      Its a terrific way to get to understand the wants and needs of other Bloggers / programmers and be able to reach out to them with help if possible.

      You’re absolutely right Remy, I too have found people always seem to remember kindness. So pay back many pay forward.

      Either ways helping any which way you can is a great trait.

      Have a terrific day Remy.

      It was great to read a comment from you . Thanks so much.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Understanding User Intent The Way Search Engines DoMy Profile

  17. Hey Ivan,
    Yes, it is not right we be just another blogger. There is real need to stand out and make our mark in the blogosphere.

    Becoming a popular blogger is a function of building up oneself in the way that attract others easily.

    A lot of sacrifices is inevitable when it comes to blogging.

    A good assessment of what we are now and who we are is key to helping becoming the best blogger out there!
    Sarah John recently posted… SUPER Promotion Helps You Reach MILLIONS on 100+ Blogs & 1,000+ Big SitesMy Profile

  18. Good post, Ivan. There are too many bloggers who think they are making an impact when the fact is that no one even knows they exist. I love the tips you provided here to help any blogger become more than just another blogger. We don’t need just any other blogger.

    I am not a traditional blogger but can apply some of the tips you provided here, such as replacing my friends. For sure, associating with right minded friends, particularly those who have succeeded or who know more than you, will help you become better at what you do. Great post, no doubt.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your kind words Kevin.

      Yup, we certainly do not want to just another Blogger. What a waste of time and talent that would be.

      I think deep down inside every Blogger on this planet wants to be recognized an authority Blogger. Develop a great set of faithful followers and somehow create a living income stream from Blogging.

      Fortunately its not just luck that achieves such a status, but a carefully orchestrated and well executed game plan.

      Glad my content added some value to you Kevin. Appreciate you dropping by and leaving your comments.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Understanding User Intent The Way Search Engines DoMy Profile

  19. Hello Ivan,

    I like this post a lot. It’s inspiring!

    Standing out as a blogger will put anyone among the top bloggers who are making the necessary impact and making the big bucks, but it’s always easier said than done.

    I still think there’s a lot more to it all than just trying to be more than another blogger.

    Maybe who we are and how hard or smart we can do things, play a much bigger part in blogging, as in other human endeavors.

    Don’t you agree?

    • Hi Amit,

      Yes, becoming an authority Blogger and driving a reasonable income via the Net is always easier said than done. More so today when driving an income via the Internet has become really challenging.

      I agree completely Amit.

      It’s really how much heart you put into your Blog posts, how much you care to add value to your target audience and so on that determines how popular you will be.

      Honestly, I do not find that ‘Hard Work’. I enjoy it. I win some and I lose some, but the winning % is always high enough to keep me hooked.

      The day I find it ‘Hard’, its ever so likely I’ll try my hand at something else entirely.

      When I’m having a ton of fun doing something, I’ve never really seem it as work. It took me a good 55+ years to figure that out though :-).

      Today, at 65, I write because I enjoy the process.

      Have a terrific weekend Amit.

      It’s raining really heavily in Mumbai Amit, typically my kind of weather, where are you from? Would love to know
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…7 Simple Editing Rules That Will Transform Your Blog PostsMy Profile

  20. Hello,

    I think your post has just the type of inspiring-real advice new bloggers need to have when just beginning.

    Your whole post is enjoyable and offers myself and others well needed wisdom on what type of blogger someone could be vs what kind he/she may be in reality.

  21. Hello Ivan
    Yes popular bloggers,influencers know their stuff they read more and learn everyday.

    I definitely agree with you Ivan we have to learn everyday and give that extra effort.

    I am trying to learn from them and anyone else who is more
    knowledgeable than I am but I am especially emulating the influencers.
    Thanks for the valuable tips and post and keep sharing.
    darrellantonio recently posted…16 Stats to Help Reboot Strategy for the rest of the year.My Profile

  22. Hi Darrell,

    Thanks for your kind words Darrell.

    Yup, all authority Bloggers today, did not just get to that place.

    They worked at it. Read, studied, tried, made mistakes and finally prospered.

    You are following a tried and tested path to success, Darrell.

    If there is any way that I can help, just reach out.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Have a great day ahead.


    Ivan Bayross
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Do YOU Want To Be An Unforgettable Blogger?My Profile

  23. Hi Ivan,

    A blogger who wants to succeed more should step up his game. This is important for blogging success. Being a better or best blogger doesn’t happen by chance.

    I completely agree with your take here: Successful blogging, carving a niche for yourself, being recognized as a blogger with authority in your chosen niche, is not only about SEO or social networking or the quality of your subheads.

    It’s also about you.

  24. Hi Ivan,

    There could be no more inspiring post to newbies than this. The details are clear and well researched. To become the best blogger,it is important that we embrace the SMARTNESS of top bloggers.

    We must DO ALL IT TAKES to rise up to the occasion. Blogging to make money online is not easy but learning and commitment to do THINGS NECESSARY, we would surely get THERE.

    Thanks for sharing this piece!

  25. Indeed, we must not be just another blogger. We need to be smarter with our strategies like popular bloggers do.

    A better blogger should have self reflection in habit, association and the things done. Taking steps that involves changing what we do now for the better is very crucial if we must begin to get results like popular bloggers.

    Thanks Ivan for this post!

  26. Hey Ivan,

    Its great you have posted this piece. It is very motivating. Its not enough just being a blogger, but it is important we become a best blogger.

    It is possible to be the best we can because many people are doing well becoming the best.
    The action plans you have listed in this post are in order. Therefore, it would take real commitment and sacrifice to be more than just another blogger.

  27. Hi Ivan, thank you so much for sharing. You show us how to become a popular blogger, but while I’m reading your post, it also make me feel like you are showing us how to become a better person in life.

    When you say we have to change to success, spend more time with smart people and books. It’s really inspiring.

    Thanks! I’ve learned a lot.