Yes, dog boarding is a thing and you can really make good money doing it, especially if you love dogs.

This article explains how making money with dog boarding works and the very best companies and programs to sign up with, to start getting paid.


Love for Dogs + Dog Boarding = Money!

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Are you are one of those people who love to take care of dogs?

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Have you ever thought of making money with this passion?

If not, then I advocate you to start thinking towards that!

Dog boarding is now a popular way of providing care for dogs. This way allows you to shelter and care for dogs in a kennel when their owners are away.

There are websites that run programs that benefit you, the dogs, and the dog owners.

These platforms would help you get really paid for dog boarding.

That said, this article highlights what dog boarding means and the very best programs and companies that can help you really get paid as a dog boarding provider.


What Is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding means the sheltering of dogs in an outbuilding known as a kennel.

It is one of the fastest growing “pet services” segments of the pet industry.

Dog boarding also means the housing and caring of dogs temporarily in a specific caring environment until the owner comes for them.

If you shelter a dog and provide care in a dog kennel in your home or another place then you are rendering a dog boarding service.

Dog boarding often takes place outside the home of the dog.

This is different from when a dog boarding takes place in-home.

If a dog is boarded in-home, then it is referred to as “dog sitting”.


Why Dog Boarding?

Dog owners may not always travel with their dogs and there could be many reasons for this depending on the individual.

For instance, some people that work in jobs that require travel may not be allowed to travel with their dogs because of workplace or management policy.

Normally, a dog owner who cannot travel with his or her dog on a journey should make provisions for the best care of the dog he or she returns from the travel.

In this case, it would be a good decision to put the dog in the care of a boarding kennel.

In this facility, the dog would be looked after temporarily until the owner returns.

If you must know, the job of caring for a dog in a boarding kennel is similar but a bit different from childcare jobs.

The latter involves caring for human babies or kids temporarily until their parents or guardians come for them.

Some of the reasons dog owners choose dog boarding for their pets include:

  • They want a reliable and trusted hand to care for the needs of their dogs when they are away.
  • They want peace of mind knowing that their dog is safe and healthy in a boarding kennel.
  • They are traveling to a place where dogs are not allowed or restricted
  • They are going on vacation, family reunion, holiday or business trip, and as such, cannot travel with the dog.
  • They want to ensure that the dog is not lonely when they are away. Similarly they can create a means of constant communication with the facility.
  • They don’t have a house sitter who is trusted to feed and care for the dog in their absence, etc.

The list of reasons goes on and on. The reason for choosing a dog boarding facility is relative and the decision is personal to the dog owner.

However, whatever is the reason, the interest of the dog remains paramount than any other factor when it comes to choosing a boarding facility.


Make Money With Dog Boarding From Your Home

You can make money with dog boarding from your home if you have a place where dogs can be sheltered and cared for temporarily.

By the way, if you are a woman that loves to take care of dogs in the home then running a dog boarding service  should be seen as a stay-at-home-mom job.

So, a dog boarding service is an opportunity for you to start making thousands of dollars caring for dogs.

This is how it will work.

Your friends or neighbors may leave the care of their dogs to you whenever they go for  a short trip.

Anytime they are back, you could be paid or rewarded for helping them keep or see to the welfare of their pets.

This could also be a fun way to make money on weekends especially if dog owners are too busy for their dogs or if they are are going to be away on the weekend.

If you are very good at what you do, then you be getting recommendations from the satisfied dog owner friends or neighbors.

New dog owners would begin to patronize you.

The more dogs you care for, the more money you will receive.

Most people and households are actually making money this way and you should too!


Things to Consider When Dog Boarding at Your Home

If your home is used as a boarding kennel then you must take into considerations the following:

  • You must adhere to local laws and regulations about setting up kennels in your home.
  • You must comply with all cleanliness and health measures to ensure that the dogs under your care don’t get sick nor injured.
  • You must put security measures in place to prevent theft, vandalism and fire outbreak.
  • You should ensure that the dogs kept under your custody have enough ventilation.
  • You must be specific with the dog owners about the feeding, grooming, walking or training that would be given to the dog when the owners are away.
  • Talking about dog walking, you can make up to $2000 + weekly in some dog walking jobs.
  • You must get an update about the vaccination status of the pet before accommodating it.
  • Boarding kennels are required to get proofs of vaccines given to a dog before it is accommodated. These may include vaccines for distemper, Parvovirus, Bordetella, and Rabies.
  • You must ensure that those who work with you to take care of the dogs are skillful and have the experience of working with dogs.
  • You must put emergency measures in place in case a veterinary is needed to attend to the dog.
  • You must find out from the owner the most suitable food for the dog. If there is a need to bring the dog’s food from the home, then you must not switch to another food nor diet.
  • You must clean the food and water bowl of the dog always.
  • You can charge for dog boarding based on what is obtainable where you live. On average, you can charge $25-$30 per night.
  • Factors that can influence how much you charge include the nights spent by the dogs, the number of rooms, the feeding, the training, the grooming, and other services rendered.

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How to Make Money With Dog Boarding as a Real Business

Do you know that dog boarding is one of those hobbies that make money for most people?

Yes, if you love taking care of pets, then you can turn your dog boarding  passion into a real business and start making money.

You can actually start by drawing up a good plan for the business.

Yes, a dog boarding business should be well-planned before it is set up.

Here are some important things you need to consider before setting up the business:


1. Acquire Skill and Experience to Board Dogs

You must acquire the knowledge and experience of how to take care of dogs before you start the business.

Take advantage of industry-specific training and education programs like those offered by the International Boarding and Pet Services Association.


2. Comply With the Legal Requirement of Setting Up Boarding Kennel in Your Area

Obtain a license through your state or county to operate the kennel.

States provide specific guidelines on setting up and running a kennel. So, you must check your state for the legal requirements needed to operate a boarding kennel.

This important of complying with the legal requirements of setting up a dog boarding business cannot be over-emphasized.

Dog boarding requirements should remind you of those important Uber vehicle requirements or Uber driver requirements that must be met before driving passengers around.


Dog Boarding

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3. Work Out the Financial Cost of Setting Up the Boarding Kennel

The cost implication of setting up a boarding kennel business must be put into consideration since you are going to invest and spend money.

The buildings, the supplies, the utilities, insurance, and running expenses etc. are some of the important cost centers to work out for the success of the business.


4. Hire the Right Employees

Choose a staff that has passion, skill, and knowledge to manage dogs. Both adult and teenagers can be hired to train and walk dogs in the kennel.

Dog training is one of the best jobs for introverts with anxiety, and dog walking is one of the best jobs for16-year-olds.


6 Best Dog Boarding Companies That Really Pay

The following are websites with programs that can help you make good money promoting your home-based dog boarding business.

These are online marketplaces where dog owners seeking dog boarding services are connected to providers.

Of course, these are different from work online from home and get paid websites or programs that people register with to make money from the comfort of their homes using the power of the Internet.

You can check on these sites and enroll in the programs they have put in place for dog boarding.

These websites or programs include:


1. DogVacay

DogVacay is a platform which allows dog owners in the U.S. and Canada to leave their dogs in the homes of others.

You can sign up with this platform and get connected with dog owners that would pay you some fees to board their dogs in your home.

This platform ensures you earn easy cash by rendering daily or weekly dog boarding services especially if you love taking care of dogs.

DogVacay has more than 20,000 dog sitters and dog boarders that operate in more than 3,000 cities of the U.S. and Canada.

If you are a host of DogVacay you can set your own price and charge up to $30 a day. The more pets you host, the more money for you!

However, the price you set would be dependent on what other operators in the industry charge in the city or state you are operating from.

You can check out the DogVacay’s website to sign up as a host. Provide a detailed profile of yourself and state your experience with animals.

A background check is conducted to verify your identity, reference, interviews, and training.

This background check may require you fill questionnaires like some  online paid surveys where members get paid to fill in questionnaires and share their personal information and opinion on topics, concepts and products.

DogVacay provides 24/7 customer support and also insurance coverage to hosts. Pet insurance is $25,000 in medical coverage and $250 deductible.

It also applies a rating system which helps hosts become accountable.

Click here to check out DogVacay’s program.


Make Money Dog Boarding


2. is a popular platform or program for animal lovers. It advertizes itself as the “nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers”.

It operates in more than 9,000 cities across the United States. It has over 25,000 pet sitters including dog boarders hosted on its platform.

This platform can help you make money by boarding dogs and other animals for others.

Yes, can actually help you make money fast especially if you can be trusted by many dog owners in your city or location.

It connects dog owners with people that can house their pets when they are away.

You are allowed to set your own fee on Just like, you can also charge $30 to host a dog per day. The more dogs you own, the more money you will get. offers pet insurance for free. It also provides 24/7 customer support and emergency support for pets.

This program provides you with the tools and marketing materials that will help you become successful with dog boarding.

You can register with if you are interested in boarding dogs or other pets. The company will ask you to provide your detailed profile and personal information.

A background check is a basic requirement for new members. A team of specialists will approve your application if it meets the requirement.

Click here check out


3. Tailster

Tailster is a community of trusted dog walkers, boarders, and sitters.

It is UK-based and has been around for a while.

It connects dog owners with those providing care. You can start making money by boarding dogs for owners who are away on a short or long trip.

Tailster provides a platform where you can set up and grow your own pet care business for free.

It connects you with dog owners who would pay you to look after their dogs.

Tailster accepts online payments and it matches you with potential customers.

It also provides 24/7 customer support and free insurance.

It gives you free access to the Tailster carer app which is used for tracking dog walks, getting real time photo updates and more.

Note though that you don’t  make money directly with this app like those money making apps which can pay you for doing anything.

You can set up your Tailster profile to complete the application.

Approval is made within 48 hours of completing the application.

You can set or quote your own price and take home 80% of your earnings while Tailster keeps 20%.

Click here to check out Tailster.


Apart from the above programs, you can also check out other websites like:

4. Fetch! Pet Care



They provide you with the opportunity to make money by boarding dog for the parents or owners.

Some of these programs have paid or premium features that allows you to pay some money and enjoy additional benefits and offers of the program.

You can also advertise your dog boarding service through Yellow Pages and sites like Craigslist to find clients in your local area.



The above are details on how to make money with dog boarding and programs that really pay.

The different ways of making money with dog boarding include:

  • Taking care of your friends’ or neighbors’ dogs and getting rewarded financially
  • Running a dog boarding business to care for dogs in your home.
  • Taking advantage of pet care programs or kennel boarding programs that match pet care providers with dog owners that want boarding services for their pets.

Dog boarding makes good money for the experienced and skillful host. Your experience and the quality of your service you provide would stand out for you.


make money with dog boarding

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