Do You Use Facebook Re-targeting Pixels To Increase Your Conversions?


Facebook ad pixels allow you to make targeted offers to individuals that have visited your website, landing page or advertisement. For a Blooger using Facebook ad pixels could increase your conversions by over 100%. It can also increase your sales if set it up properly by creating ads for your blog post and retargeting the visitors to your lead magnet.


Send ads to your best post to attract leads.

Link ads to your best post to attract leads for your funnel,

Ryan Dies, founder of Digital Marketing says:  “Soon all display advertising will be retargeted advertising and the pixel will become even more valuable than the click itself. As larger advertisers continue to buy up ad inventory (and create their own retargeting audiences) those that fail to ‘pixel’ their site visitors won’t be able to afford to advertise.”  While I don’t believe pixel’s will replace traditional advertising, there is a lot of evidence and case studies that show using pixels can increase your converions significantly.

facebook pixels equal profit

There are two types of conversion pixels that have proven effective for Internet marketers. They are conversion pixels and website custom audience pixels.

1. Conversion Pixels – are a snippet of code provided by Facebook that can be placed on a specific web page. When someone visits that page, the pixel is activated and counts it as a conversion. So basically you could use conversion pixels to track when certain things occur like sales or opt-ins.

2. Website custom audiences – are for retargeting. This pixel creates custom audiences of people who visit your website and it does it in amazing fashion.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, you need to start thinking about how you interact with your customers. A big audience, high traffic volume, and even a huge marketing budget, aren’t necessary to implement a Facebook pixel startegy. So if you’re not using re-marketing pixels to increase your conversions you need to ask yourself, why?


  1. Hi Gordie,

    It is revealing of this post to explain how the Facebook re-targeting pixels works. To be honest, this is my first time of learning of it. Its good to know this can help increase conversion for webmasters. What more do we need?

    That said, I think it is still early to conclude if this strategy is highly effective for engagement and conversion!

    • Frankly I’m surprised that many people weren’t already using Facebook pixels. I’ve included a pixel on my Thank You page for anyone who downloads my free ebooks.

      Remember the customer seldom converts on the first encounter so the pixel is always there to remind them. I like to hit them with at least 3 free offers for three different funnels and then go for the low price OTO (One time Offer) using a countdown plugin.

      I’m sorry I didn’t go all out and explain how to implement pixels but if you check out my reply to Sunday, I’ve included some valuable links.

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  2. Hi Gordie,

    Re-targeting customers is an important productive strategy for conversion. With Facebook pixels, it seems that this concept of advertising would be embraced by many.

    I agree with you that this will not replace the traditional ads, but it sure has added insights to how social promotion could be used to integrate with natural blogs.

  3. Re-targeting the audience is an important form advertising. Having a code make the process from Facebook to blogs is innovative. Personally, this is my first time of learning of Facebook re-targeting pixels.

    I think it is worth trying out! However, increasing conversion with it is so very critical. Only time will tell if this really has any significant impact on marketing success!

  4. Hello Gordie,

    It is important to ensure that your conversions are met with the right strategies when it comes to a working strategy.

    With the Facebook re-targeting pixels, increasing conversions is absolutely important.

    Its engagement features is definitely important for better improvement. Thanks for sharing about this system, it could work for newbie or the expert marketer.

  5. Hey Gordie,

    This is true… I just did an ad on Facebook, and apparently I’m kinda bad at it! LOL My mentor had a look at my ad, made me redo everything (2nd time is better, but still needs some improving) , and now he’s telling me about pixels and re-targeting.

    I think it’s just something I’ll have to learn because at the moment I believe I’m kinda lost in the Facebook paid ads world (or just paid ads in general)!
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  6. Hey Gordie,

    I find this statement interesting after going through this post: “A big audience, high traffic volume, and even a huge marketing budget, aren’t necessary to implement a Facebook pixel strategy”.

    So, there is actually no excuse for individuals with limited budget when it comes to utilizing the Facebook re-targeting pixels to increase conversion?

    • Well as you know we always have an excuse to avoid doing something, anything. If we don’t want to understand we just say it’s to difficult or it won’t work. Most people hear that Facebooks ads are expensive and don’t convert well, but when you stop to think, if that were the case then why are Facebook ads still popular? You can test anything with a low budget and in fact that’s how people should be testing. Why would I spend 100 to 5000 dollars without knowing if my ad will work in the first place.
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  7. The main feature of the Facebook ad pixel in targeting visitors for engagement and conversion is appealing.

    It means that social media marketers applying the Facebook platform for online success must leverage on this re-marketing tool to increase their conversion.

    I don’t use it but I will test it in one of my online blogs!

    • I would learn more about the platform before trying it, there are a few subtle procedures that can make a world of difference if improperly done.

      At the very least you should check out the two link’s I put in my first comment they should help tremendously.

      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Hello Gordie,

    This is a great post, and very helpful. Looking through the comments I am glad you wrote this piece because not enough people know about pixels and how they can help their conversions.

    I have the pixel on my blog tracking visitors and creating a custom audience, but that is about all I have done with it.

    One of my friends has more than doubled her conversions with Facebook’s pixel. She has created numerous videos that prospects will see on Facebook depending on what page they landed on her blog, or if they hit the landing page, or shopping cart, but left.

    I find it very magical how we as marketers can virtually stalk a customer with our message.

    It’s just like Amazon, but accessible to the smallest business owner.
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    • Thanks for commenting and sharing Mason, I was amazed by the responses I received because I honestly thought everyone knew of this flawless tracking machine. Everyone thought it was for product ads but few actually realized it was a blog conversion power house with laser targeting. I included links so everyone could create acceptable Facebook ads instead of approaching it blind, I hope they use them to take their blogs to the next level. Thanks again for adding to the conversation.
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  9. Hi Gordie,

    Thanks for the tips. I did some advertising on Facebook in the past but did not incorporate a retargeting pixel.

    Do you know if maybe you are boosting a post, can you use the retargeting pixel to attract previous visitors to your website to view a new post?

    It is something that came to mind when reading this.

    Either way if I use Facebook adversting again I will be sure to test out the retargeting pixel.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Take care,