Do you Really Have to Establish Trust In Your Emails To Convert Prospects?



The broad consensus of online marketing Guru’s is that you need to establish trust with your prospects before you attempt to sell them anything. I need only to look at my inbox to see that this isn’t necessarily true.  Why?  Because the same Guru’s that aspire to this philosophy don’t actually practice what they preach. In most cases as soon as you sign up for their incentives you’re bombarded with email offers none of which have any value.

The truth of the matter is they actually believe the product their trying to sell you is valuable to your success. Albeit, most of the offers are just Clickbank products with high gravity, which simply means the products are converting well, they don’t actually provide value to anyone but the seller.

So why then are the Guru’s constantly reinforcing the VALUE myth when the majority of them don’t provide any. It’s simple, they don’t want you to know the truth! The truth is it’s a numbers game. Since most emails are immediately scanned and deleted by the recipients the majority of your emails are never read. The Guru’s figured this out long ago and came up with a stellar solution. The solution was to send out many emails everyday all with different subject lines and through the saturation of your inbox you will eventually open one.

Does it work? Yes.

It provides little value but it has increased many marketers income by ten fold. Sure they receive complaints and some folks even unsubscribe, but this method has actually turned many prospects into buyers. Of course not all marketers use these methods of over saturation. Those who are trying to become an authority in their niche do actually provide value and a lot of it, but those who are entirely into marketing for profit don’t really know what value is.

So if your goal is simply to make money and not to establish yourself as an authority then forget what the Guru’s say, after all their philosophy seems to be “Do what I say, Not what I do”. Don’t believe it? Open your email account and check to see how many value emails they’ve sent you.

What do you think about this?

Do you agree?

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  1. Hi Gordie,

    To convert prospects in emails, trust is needed. This should be embedded in content, the style, the tone, the words and the sentences.
    The ability of the prospect to “see” the value provided in the email motivates him/her to follow the call-to-action.

    You are right about what many gurus are up to. Its so unfortunate that many who don’t care to research often fall victim of the so called “gurus”.

  2. Trust is difficult to establish yet fragile to hold! So, when it comes to trust, we are reminded of pure value!

    A prospect can trust only a proposition that promises value but its not all in all cases that we get to see this “value”.

    With email marketing, following the call-to-action comes after the rate of conviction is higher that the perceived doubt.

    However, we must not trust all propositions. That element of doubt must be still be there so we don’t get to lose all – our time, effort, money, and of course, our feelings!

  3. Hi Gordie,

    This is a good question that leaves one pondering whether to keep trusting all emails or not. I have been hit once or twice by ‘dubious gurus’ in the past. So, I am careful with any offer I open in my inbox.

    While some offers are genuine, we cannot deny the fact that most of the saturation we see in the mail box are for the interest of the seller.

    So, its always good to ask : “what is it for me in any offer?”

    Thanks for this question. The discussion readily calls us to caution!

  4. Hi Gordie,

    The gurus are around us and unfortunately we seem to be gullible with all they have been saying. I guess its time to ignore what they say and take them for what they do.

    Making money online genuinely is not feasible without established authority. If the gurus cannot help us establish authority then its time we stop trusting them.

    Of course, doing this will help in increasing conversion!

  5. Establishing trust is essential for selling and buying. However, if the trust is betrayed then suspicions will arise.

    For the reason, the so called ‘gurus’ who don’t practice what they preach should be careful in saturating the inbox of prospects.

    If I suspect that a suppose seller has betrayed someone else by hook or crook, it would be red flag for me.

    My only concern would be that I waste my time deleting the mails!

    • The Guru game is entirely different from the way most marketers play.

      All gurus who make millions of dollars are playing a numbers game and using influence marketing techniques. Their automated prospecting machines rake in prospects and segment them into categories and then saturate them with offers according to the level of trust their psychological influencers have instilled.

      Email marketing, which is the bread winner for all Gurus, is just a matter of getting people into funnels not developing trust. The development of trust comes from the incentive or tripwire. Or as I like to call it “The what’s in it for you”.
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  6. Hello Gordie,

    You just pointed out one of the undeniable truths about Internet marketing. There are lots of ‘fakes’ when it comes to value propositions.

    Yes, most gurus are just playing the numbers game instead of the value game. Its time to look beyond the saturation of posts that fill up our inbox and deal with every offer on its REAL merit.

    Trust is key in buying decision and it needs to be clear in emails to provide conversion!

  7. Hi Gordie,

    I agree with you on the points you have made. They are logical and factual. I have had my fair share of trusting the wrong mails that gurus provided.

    Ideally, trust must be established to convert prospects but in reality not all emails should be trusted.

    We must only choose a product that offers the best of value!

  8. Hi Gordie,

    This question is food for thought for the email marketer! Trust should be built for business success. When prospects “trust” an email, the tendency to buy is there.

    In many cases, on first time bases, the trust that is betrayed by deception is difficult to re-establish.

    “Gurus” are supposed to be trusted but when they exhibit any element of betrayal then its a warning sign!

    Yes, it is important to establish trust in emails to convert prospects!
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  9. Hello Gordie,

    I believe what you said here, this is very true.

    The so-called gurus are sending out many emails everyday all with different subject lines and it’s working for them. That’s why they keep doing it.

    It seems they don’t care anymore whether we unsubscribe or not. They simply build more subscribers to make up for those who unsubscribe.

    I still think it’s good to establish trust by giving value while also selling. Why not do both, even if the gurus are not?

    • Some IM’ers like Neil Patel give away the entire store of value and only offer you solutions when you want them. However the product Guru’s who just sold you the product that should “change your life” always has 5 more upsells that will totally “change your life”. Always do your due diligence before purchasing, especially with the new subscription based membership products that will change your life monthly, LOL.
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  10. Hey Gordie,

    Yes there are two type of successful marketers.

    One, is the marketer that focus on building relationships and builds a following. This is the audience that trusts them no matter what product they promote.

    Then there’s the other types that focus on just getting sales. No trust is built, and they only focus on what funnel gets them the most sales despite the fact that the products they promote may be valuable or not.

    I still believe that it’s best to establish some level of trust which results in building a nice following. I’ve seen this in network marketing quite a bit when one leader goes from one opportunity to the next. They carry their team with them.
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  11. Hey Gordie

    I’m rolling with you because I have signed up with gurus about 6:00 am and got in from work about 5pm and had 3 emails from the guru I signed up
    I believe some of them try to wear down your resistance as far as their emails. Even though I have seen some gurus speak to me on twitter and they did to at least seem to care.

    But I would say it’s first best to get some level of trust before Bombarding your readers with a constant stream of emails.

    Thanks for sharing.
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  12. Yup, I think I agree with you on this…. There are a lot of people sending emails everyday, and what I do is basically just put them into a folder to read later…. Some provide value, but a lot of it is a pitch, and of course maybe with a story attached to it…but that’s copywriting.

    I, myself, have an email list, but I provide value in my newsletter, as well as updates when I do a new blog. I don’t pitch often in my emails, but maybe I should make an offer more often, maybe that would boost some sales?
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  13. Gordie, the answer to the question depends so much on how well you would like to convert. There are a few people who will fall for anything.

    There are a few people, like me, who almost never buy.

    Most people will buy, but only after careful nurturing. How much nurturing depends on the person. But if you start off selling, you’ll lose so many people that you could sell to.

    That’s just human nature.
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    • Well to be honest most of us fall for the dime sales if only to re-purpose the material.

      We are a consumerist society, we absolutely love too buy stuff. I won’t lie, if the right email lands in my inbox at the right time with the right price, they have a customer.

      Now as far as careful nurturing you must mean the 25 follow up messages you receive when you don’t buy as opposed to the 15 affiliate offers you get when you do.

      Most of the emails I receive from the Guru’s are chocked full of vale, for them. But the only one’s that don’t get unsubscribed are those that do provide value 10 to 1 and they are few.

      What I learned was it’s a game of giving, the more you give, the more you get in return. The secret formula is to give until it hurts and then give some more.

  14. When you asked ‘see how many value emails they’ve sent you’, it really got me thinking about this. Yes, lots of the gurus recommend us to share values in our emails. However, I don’t remember reading much value emails. It really depend on which marketer we follow I guess.

    I also believe that we need to build trust to convert prospects. I always remembered the first sales I got from building a relationship with my subscriber. I got a subscriber reply to one of my broadcast email, after exchange a few emails, the subscriber bought the product I recommended right away.

    I realize how important it is to gain trust. And making that first sale is really satisfying, because of the feeling of being trusted by someone.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. There are some marketers that I receive emails from and I know that they will on most ocasions contain useful or even excellent content, so when those same guys make an offer I do give it attention, so in thag respect trust is important.

    However, I know of myself that I also receive emails from marketers that I know are almost always promotions of som ekind or another, but I open them as they are a kind of way for me to discover what’s the current promotions, trends, etc. And sometimes I actually buy from their links.

    So my take on it is that you just need to be straight forward and if you’re promoting, do it in a congenial way…works on me!

    • Sorry for the delayed response Mark somehow your comment slipped past my radar. I agree with you on all aspects of your comment, some of those I follow are 80% real value providers and others provide no value at all rather than to let me know the latest hot product being sold. But as you mention, either way I lear something, so value is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Sorry for the delayed response Mark somehow your comment slipped past my radar. I agree with you on all aspects of your comment, some of those I follow are 80% real value providers and others provide no value at all rather than to let me know the latest hot product being sold. But as you mention, either way I learn something, so value is in the eye of the beholder.

  16. Hi Gordie,

    This article was a real eye opener for me. It does seem like a lot of the gurus just bombard you with promotional emails until you purchase.

    Very rarely is there any value.

    However, as little guys we can’t afford to gain a bad reputation. So I think adding value is the way to go.

    I like Marie’s idea @marieyovcheva about just sending emails to new blog posts and then do some selling by recommending related products in the blog post.

    Of course provide some value for the reader though in the blog post.

    This seems a little less in your face and you are still building a relationship by providing good content in the blog posts.

    Have a good weekend Gordie!

    Take care,


    • Well there’s no doubt that adding value creates an element of trust and it’s also the proper way to increase your brand. There are however many marketers, new and old that have proven that by merely putting their ads in front of you 3 times a day, they can produce a steady income. All I can say about this method is if it works for you, keep working it, especially if you have no problem getting new subscribers. The key indicator is how many unsubscribes you get versus conversions.