Do You Observe The Law Of Reciprocity For Social Media Success?


Social media success cannot be reached without the Law of Reciprocity. This law implies what you do to other blogs would be done to you. It correlates with the universal laws of sowing and reaping or of the law of Karma. Also, it forms a part of other laws associated with social media. You must be willing to reciprocate in kind what you receive from others.

If your social media marketing results have been under par then its time you reconsider your effort in apply the law of reciprocity.

A lot of us are already observing this law. However, the following are simple revelations about the law of reciprocity for social media success.

Why the law of reciprocity in social media marketing?

It is important to observe the law of reciprocity in social media because it will facilitate your success. The ‘social’ aspect of social media networking must never be forgotten. What you do for others – especially fellow bloggers or marketers, would be equally done for you. This law has power to:

Expand your online networking and connection

Improve your engagement and conversion

Drive more traffic to your business

Strengthen your brand authority, etc.

The benefits of the law of reciprocity are clear. Your success expectations with social media marketing should be centered on this law.

How to practically apply the law of reciprocity in social media

It is no rocket science applying the law of reciprocity in social media. What you need do is develop a strategic social media plan with all the major social media platforms that your audience visits. You then take the initiative to engage invaluably with other social marketers, bloggers and their audiences. A short list of what you can do include:

Hit the share, like, follow, tweet, endorse, mention and recommend buttons always on the social media posts of others.

Retweet links, comments and posts on Twitter.

Acknowledge mentions from other bloggers or influencers

Share valuable blog posts or links from sources you find useful and interesting to your social audience

Share the posts of others on Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn etc.

Leave valuable comments after reading posts on social media

Mention posts, tweets, links, and comments of bloggers and influencers to your followers.

Leave comments on the blogs of others

Always respond to comments and give answers to questions asked.

Endorse and recommend people you know on LinkedIn

Share useful images and photos of others in Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

Recommend YouTube videos and leave comments after your views.

The above list can be expanded. The point is that what you make happen for others would happen for you. If you positively engage and network with others, you should expect same in return. This is the Law of Reciprocity in action.

There is no place this law applies better than with social media marketing.

So, if you want to boost your social media marketing and by extension your online marketing success, then you must be observant to the law of reciprocity.


To make the law of reciprocity work well for you in social media, you must follow these advises:

Be the initiator of the engagement

Be genuinely interested in what others are saying and doing.

Be generous with your interactions and give more than you get.

The law of reciprocity works well for social media success. Its time you consider observing it.

What is your take on the law of reciprocity in social media?

Are you observing it?