If you want to know if you can get paid to foster dogs, this article will really help.

It answers this question and reveals how getting paid to dogs work and the very best companies that really pay.


Do You Really Get Paid to Foster Dogs?

Yes, you can get paid to foster dogs!

Fostering is not only done with humans. Like humans, people can also put up animals for foster care, including dogs. The process comes with many advantages.

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For instance, it can be a fantastic way to save a pet’s life.

Also, it allows the foster parent to serve the community while earning some money too.

The foster parent also gets to learn some things that you need to take care of dogs first hand.

If you wish to make money from fostering dogs, keep reading. In this article, we will show just how you can make money from fostering dogs.

Also, we have a list of the best companies that will pay you for dog fostering. Keep reading to see more.


Why People Get Paid for Dog Foster Care

Generally speaking, here are some reasons why dogs may be kept under foster care:

  • Rescue groups can put dogs under foster care to learn more about the dog and how it behaves in a home setting.
  • The closest animal shelter to the owner is crowded. In such situations, placing a dog in foster care allows the shelter to save more dogs.
  • Also, if the animal shelter faces unforeseen problems like natural disasters, the animals in the shelter will have to be taken to foster homes.
  • A dog owner can let their timid dog go for foster care, so the dog has a safe space to be free and come out of its shell.
  • Young and energetic dogs that need to learn basic manners might also benefit from foster care before adoption.
  • A dog owner can also release their dog for foster care to allow the dog to recover safely from injuries. This is even more common after surgical operations.
  • A sick dog or an elderly dog that needs tender loving care can also be a candidate for fostering.

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How Much Do You Get Paid To Foster A Dog?

We all agree that maintaining a dog is not an easy task. To keep dogs healthy, one needs to give them good food, healthy snacks.

At the same time, you will need to provide them with beddings, toys, and many other necessities.

More so, dogs can be very destructive at times. So, you will need to have some money to repair the damages the dog might cost you.

All these costs can be overbearing for a dog that is not your own.

Besides the monetary cost, dog fostering requires a lot of commitment. This is why in most cases, dog fosters get paid for what they do.

It is the reason why dog fostering differs from adoption.

However, we must mention that the act of dog fostering itself is a volunteer role.

Therefore, being paid will largely depend on the foster organization in question.

In most cases, dog foster keepers make up to 70 to 75 dollars weekly.

Depending on the organization, you could be looking at 300 dollars to 400 dollars a month.

Even if the organization does not pay you, they will usually pay for the food and other needed supplies for the dog.

Dog fostering might not be a get-rich-quick scheme. But then, it can come in handy for you as a fun side job, especially if you love animals.


How You Can Get Paid for Dog Fostering


1. Dog fostering through an animal shelter

The first and most common way to get paid while fostering dogs is to apply to a foster organization.

Animal shelters usually receive a considerable amount of donations in medicine, animal food, and even cash.

It is with this cash that these organizations take care of their animals and also pay dog fosters.

To get started, first, you need to visit an animal shelter close to you. When you are there, you will make inquiries about their fostering services.

They will show you the animals they have, and you will have to select the one you want. The shelter organization will then request that you fill some forms.

After that, they might need to see your home to be sure that you can take care of the dog.

If the breed you want is unavailable at the shelter home, they might refer you to notable organizations that rescue such breeds.

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2. Dog fostering through an animal rescue organization

Some notable organizations specialize in the rescue of specific dog breeds. Some of them also double as adoption platforms that help senior dogs or dogs with special needs.

Many of these organizations require foster parents for their dogs from time to time, and they will pay you to help as well.

Like with animal shelters, you will have to find the dog you want first.

After you have found the dog of your choice, you will need to fill some forms.

In those forms, you will need to answer questions that will tell the organization how well you can take care of the dog.

The kind of questions usually differs by the organization and sometimes depend on the dog breed you need.

Generally speaking, the following are some requirements the organization might ask of you:

  • A conducive, safe and healthy environment for the dog. Some breeds might require that you have fencing around your property.
  • Comfortable transportation to and from the facility.
  • The transportation arrangement should also cover all veterinary appointments of the dog.
  • You might also have to provide details about how you intend to give the dog your time. This is important as this is the period when the dog will learn to bond with humans and other pets.
  • You will also have to explain how you intend to provide exercise for the animal and positive stimulation to help the dog develop.


3. ​Private Foster arrangements

Another great way to get paid while fostering dogs is to get private arrangements.

Instead of looking for organizations, look for people who need people to take care of their dogs.

While fostering is common with shelters and rescue organizations, private individuals also require foster homes for their dogs.

For instance, someone going on a trip for a while will need someone to take care of their dog while they are away.

Also, families with newborn babies might not have the time to take care of their human child and the dog.

People who suddenly have tight schedules that take so much time might also fall into this category.

People like these are always ready to give out their dogs to willing individuals for temporary care.

The idea is to find people like this, connect with them and offer assistance with their dogs.

The exciting part is, these people are usually willing to pay handsomely.

If you meet a good person, you might even get more money from this method than any other methods listed here.


Do You Get Paid to Foster Dogs


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4. Work with a shelter organization

Another way to get paid while fostering is to work with the animal care organization.

This method is for those who might not have the required facility to foster the dogs.

Instead of bringing the dogs to your home, you can go to the animal shelter and care for them.

The beauty of working with an animal shelter is that it does not require any special education.

Since you are not the vet, you need primary education and a passion for taking care of animals.

Although most dog shelters and rescue organizations work with volunteers, there are a few out there that will offer you decent payment for your services.

The only problem you might have is the difficulty that comes with finding an organization that pays.

Some shelter homes might require that you work for a while, and then they give you rewards after a while.

But then, to work in an animal shelter, you must be drug-free, ready to work with people, and you must be dedicated.


5. Get Paid through indirect fostering

Another exciting way to get paid is through fostering is via indirect fostering.

Many dogs fostering organizations out there have unique referral programs.

With these unique referral programs, you can earn while your friends and family do the job of fostering on your behalf.

So far, your friend agrees to foster the animal for the agreed period you both get paid.

This is also a good idea for people who do not have the facility to foster dogs independently.

It gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing that you are taking a step to save the life of a dog.


5 Best Companies to Get Paid to Foster Dogs


1. Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue

Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue is a non-governmental organization that specializes in saving dogs from just when they should be euthanized.

The organization then gives out these dogs to willing volunteers that get paid for taking care of the dogs.

If you take a dog from Ace of Hearts, you get 50 dollars a week if the dog is not aggressive.

If you foster an aggressive dog, you get 70 dollars per week.

The beauty of the program is that you do not have to pay for anything, including vet appointments.

The organization pays for everything, including transportation.


2. FosterFurKids

FosterFurKids is an excellent platform where you show interest in fostering dogs.

The website does not deal with fostering, but they help you connect with organizations.

To use the service, you will need to set up a profile with the details of the animal you wish to foster.

You will get an email whenever anyone needs your foster services. Usually, fostering using FosterFurKids will get you between 70 and 75 dollars per month.

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3. Brandywine Valley SPCA

Brandywine Valley SPCA is an animal shelter in Pennsylvania that does not allow euthanizing animals.

To help control the number of animals, they allow foster care of their dogs.

Although they will not pay you directly, the organization pays for all the supplies you need to take care of the animal.


4. Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

This is an animal welfare shelter based in Alexandria, Virginia.

Although they offer shelter and adoption services, you can work there as a caregiver to the animals.

In a way, you are offering foster care to the animals, and you will be getting paid as well.

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5. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

The ASPCA offers paid dog foster care to dog fosters.

Under the scheme, you will get paid for all expenses incurred while taking care of the dog.

You can also get paid while working with this non-governmental organization.


FAQs about Fostering a Dog for Money 


What Are Your Responsibilities as a Dog Foster Parent?

As a dog foster parent, your main job is to provide a safe and conducive loving home for your foster dog.

That means you will offer the dog food, affection, and exercise.

In addition to that, you might have to offer the dog any of the following:

  • Obedience training programs
  • Transportation to adoption centers and potential helping adopters determine if the dogs are a good match.
  • Regular reports on dog’s performance, behavior, and personality.


When You Foster a Dog Who Pays Vet Bills?

You do not have to worry about vet bills when fostering dogs. That responsibility belongs to the animal shelter or the rescue group that gave you the animal.

Depending on the agreement between you and the organization, the arrangement might also cover your transportation to and from the vet.

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Where Should Your Foster Dog Sleep?

Your foster dog should sleep in a place where it feels safe and comfortable.

This can be a crate for new babies, a dog bed, or a pile of blankets for older dogs.

In most cases, the shelter home will give you all the information you need regarding how to take care of your foster dog.



Now that you have an idea on how to make money from fostering dogs, it’s up to you how much you want to make.

Although the scheme will not get you a million dollars overnight, it will add some dollars to your pocket.

However, whatever you do, always remember that not all organizations out there are who they claim to be.

Therefore, make sure that you work with reputable organizations only.

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