Do You Do Old School Networking On Today’s Social Networking Platforms?



Do you do social networking the old school way, even on today’s social networking platforms?

Some people are stronger in networking in one social network versus others . I find that I do better networking on Facebook than Twitter.

Name a strong area that you find easy to network in and share what you do to network in that social network platform.

I’ll go first…


I first post a comment in a group related to my biz opts that is challenging like, be honest you need help growing your online business. And I place it above an interesting video like a video of Bruce Lee. People will either make a comment or like it.

Then I post another comment a day later but if I have time I sometimes try to start a conversation up with the person who just made a comment or just clicked the like icon.

I have connected with so many people this way day after day that I forget my count. I just became friends with two people earlier today doing this but I used a picture this time.

So, once again…

Do you do social networking the old school way, even on today’s social networking platforms?

Some people are stronger in networking in one social network versus others . I find that I do better networking on Facebook than Twitter.

Name a strong area that you find easy to network in and share what you do to network in that social network platform.

Let’s hear your views on the comment section below.




  1. Hey EltonCarr,
    Its pretty an interesting question. Personally, I prefer using LinkedIn to connect than Facebook and Twitter. This platform gives me leverage of sharing contents like a “blogger” and connecting with “target” followers. LinkedIn is more business-like and the social groups are better concentrated.

    The strategy I employ include linking with the specific group, leaving comments where on topics that catch my fancy, connecting with influencers in the group and doing live engagement when necessary!
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  2. I don’t understand the difference between old school networking and the new type of networking.

    According to me, everyone possesses networking skills. We all network in a different way.

    Professional bloggers have got lot of experience and that’s why they often turn out better than others. Their posts may get more shares and retweets than you may expect.

    I am always trying to change the strategy when it comes to social media marketing. We can’t do marketing in the same way again and again.
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    • Hey Mohit,

      Thanks for responding! Just the fact that you responded is encouraging to me πŸ™‚ Old School is exactly what you said which is doing the same thing that may still work or not; And not taking the time to learn current trends to network.

      I come from the days where business networking was done primarily through a lot of meetings, where you pass out business cards in order to network. And people in my circle had a hard time transitioning to networking in social network platforms.

      I ran into an old video on Youtube, meaning published in 2011 sometime and it taught you to put Facebook Icons on your posting then refer them back to your website. Those day are gone. People want pictures, or better yet video that refer them back to your website. I’m finding this trend hitting Twitter but more pictures and less video.

      Learning how to move traffic of people to your website is key in this game. And each social network respond differently. Being that I am new to marketing online, I’m still trying to figure it out.

      How do you drive people to your website?

      Enjoy your weekend,


  3. Hey Elton,

    I usually start off by connecting with people on their blogs and then I go to sites like facebook, Twitter and Google+ and go from there. I find it easier for me to do this since I’m the worst networker when it comes to old skool networking LOL.

    I also have been able to network in groups which is a lot easier than offline. You actually find people of the same people so it makes building a relationship with them much easier.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking question! I’m curious to see if everyone use old skool techniques to connect with others on social media.
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    • Thanks Sherman,

      This is a gold nugget tip. Starting with there blog to connect with them on a social network platform.

      My take away, just to be clear is to make a comment then recommend connecting on Facebook, or some other social network platform.

      I just watch a video that basically said if you make a Youtube video ended with recommending to subscribe but also invite them to connect with you on Facebook or another social network platform with the rule of thumb of keeping it to one.

      I’m going to do this with very every posting I make from now on. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook at πŸ™‚

      If this isn’t permitted on just let me know at I won’t do again.



  4. Facebook and Linkedin for me. Twitter is kinda hard to manage (I guess). Just like you, I do the same on Facebook to grow my network. It’s taking me time, but time is one of the investments you have to make if you want to make your campaign of goal become successful.

    Some bloggers use Twitter or other social media platform successfuly. They are triumphant there because they are more into it than the social media tools that others are using. Well, it’s just a matter of where you focus and what you use.
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    • Hey Metz,

      Thanks for jumping into the discussion. As people we generally lean to doing things that we experience success in and most of my networking success comes from interacting with people on Facebook. It’s been 4 months or more since I started going into Facebook groups and trying to network with people, but these pass few months have been the best, since I have been placing videos with comments above them in groups, which is looking like the first blog post that I will submit to I just have to find the time to do it.

      Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!


  5. Good post. I agree that some people are stronger in networking in one social network versus others and that tells a bit about the kind of people they are. Those who use Twitter more seem to be those who have less to say and Twitter is best for that, with its character limit. But more often those who use Facebook have more to say and share, as Facebook has no limit and allows posting as many words, pictures, videos, as one wants. I still prefer networking on Facebook than Twitter because of this very reason of no limitation.

  6. Hi Elton,

    I agree with you that there are social networks where we can exercise our strongest marketing or promotional skills.

    However, for me, LinkedIn is my best option because it is geared towards providing me communication opportunity with like-minded professionals. The networking is more direct to target audience.

    • Hello Black,

      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I have to admit that
      Linkedin is great place to network but personally I have not spent that much time understanding how to network in LinkedIn. Since reading your comment, it is definitely something I need to get going. Thanks again, and enjoy your weekend!

  7. Hi Eltoncarr,

    Old school social media marketing of just sharing ideas and comments on every social network platform doesn’t pay well.

    In today’s social networking best practices, the business must be proactive in the steps taken.

    It must adapt to the real needs of its target audience to achieve the needed success. Where ever the audience of a business converge more should be the social media platform to stick with!

    • Hello Celine,

      Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. If I am understanding you correctly, interacting with your target audience in the right social media platform definitely increases your conversion rate.

      Thanks again and enjoy your weekend! πŸ™‚

    • Hello Hannah,

      Thanks for sharing and that’s great!
      I got lost in LinkedIn, but I really just need to spend some time on it. Facebook, Instagram and then Twitter are my strong points.

      I prefer to send people through my marketing funnel, if I am going to pitch someone. Most of the time I’m sharing and if they ask then great.

      Thanks for taking the time to post a response.

      Enjoy your day,

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