Do We Really Know What Providing Value Means?


The subject of Providing Value always comes up in conversations about blogging but do we really provide value or do we just re-hash and recycle the same old articles and products.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m guilty of the latter.

I’ve thrown other marketers products and, even free plugins, at my customers and called it providing value. Well that was until I realized that I really didn’t know what real value was.

So what is real value?

Real value is when you provide your own experiences and knowledge to the Subject.


These are examples of providing real value:


Neil Patel

Notice how Neil Patel  does it on the front page of his blog. He’s sharing his personal journey to 100,000 monthly visitors and right below it he has a button for lessons on traffic building.




Willie Crawford

Check out Willie Crawford, mentor to the Gurus, and how he does it on his Google Fan Page. He offers insight on products he’s personally used and provides an offer for a free personal 30 min consultation.



Frank Kern

The Legendary marketer, Frank Kern, does it on his You Tube Channel.  He shows you case studies and personal copywriting techniques that he has used to earn millions.




What type of value are they all providing?

Answer:  Their own personal experience and knowledge in direct response to their customers needs. .


After seeing how it was really done, I had to admit that my idea of providing value could be trumped by anyone with the ability to do a Google search.

I was promoting other people’s experience and knowledge and calling that providing value to my subscribers.

The value that drives your subscribers to sign up and continue to follow you, is the value of your own personal experiences. It could be an ebook, video or article, but they want your personal experience not someone else’s….

They want to know how you installed the plugin you just wrote about in the article?

So give them what they want.  Link to a YouTube video or article where you show them how too install the plugin.

In other words, provide your own value not somebody else’s value.

I was connecting my business to other peoples values, not mine or my subscribers. When I looked at my blog from a critical eye I realized it wasn’t providing value to my subscribers. I was adding a bunch of links and material that lead to someone else’s value.

Make the material your own by giving your personal review or link curated articles to your own articles that add value to the subject. The people came to your blog for your brand not someone else’s so make sure that you put that brand message on everything you do.

What’s the big lesson I learned from this?

I learned that you gain subscribers and loyal fans from the value you provide as a host, and the true value you provide is your experience and knowledge.

What do you believe providing value means?



  1. When you are a well that never runs dry, people will never cease to come repeatedly to get water.

    Your personal experience is a good way to add value and keep visitors coming back, asides personal experience, when you always have something new and relevant to surprise them with, they will keep returning knowing fully well that you always have value to add. Like a fountain of knowledge that never runs dry, and that is why most times it is advisable for bloggers to stick to subjects they are quiet knowledgable and passionate about so that it will not be difficult to churn out value for your audience. is a perfect example for those of us who find out time irrespective of our schedule to visit daily, if there was no new thing to learn, the domain name would probably have been forgotten.

    Great post!
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  2. Hi Gordie,

    Providing real value is very important for online success. Value could be subjective to the target audience.

    It is the perceived benefit that the target audience will enjoy after choosing and using a product/service.

    For ‘value providers’ like Internet marketers, infusing personal experiences and knowledge in the offer can bring about faster conviction and acceptance of the product.

    So, personal experiences and knowledge help to facilitate quicker decision making!

  3. Hey Gordie,

    Indeed, the online marketers you have used as examples in this post have provided real via their personal experiences and knowledge in direct responses to the needs of their customers.

    I guess, for newbies and marketers that have not been getting good results in their marketing, it would be wise to follow in the steps of these marketers, if real value is to be provided.

    Real value should benefit the target audience at any point in time!

    • I just had a consult with one of those guys yesterday, and he reiterated the benefits real value brings. His point to me was, what could you possibly give your client or customer that would be more valuable than your time and knowledge?

      Value like that provides more buying customers than any list you could build or buy simply by providing real value that can create referrals or sharing. It’s amazing how providing real personal experience and guidance can create a viral firestorm of sharing.

      And like he pointed out, once that information is shared it’s out there forever and constantly recruiting new clients. So it”s wise to make that How to video or ebook explaining your step by step process to buying media, because it works.

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  4. Hey Gordie,

    Your experience is similar to those of other marketers. Provision of value is often misconstrued in what is offered and the way it is offered.

    However, if the target audience cannot benefit from the ‘perceived value’ offered, then it is not ‘real’.

    Real value exemplifies solution from the provider!

    • Correct Amit, I’m trying to steer the conversation to the individual and personal value you bring to your subscribers. My point about value is the factor of creating value for your brand, the brand the customer trust enough to subscribe with.

      Your experience may be similar to others but it’s unique to you. Your customers want your unique perspective on a subject, article,video, software or whatever your niche is.

      There are plenty of bloggers similar to Seth Godin and some have made more of an impact, but none have been as great at creating value that’s shared by their audience.

      Every book and article he’s written is about his own journey,and created the value he brings to his customers. As you can see he still keeps it personal
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  5. Hi Gordie Chase,

    I think the real value in internet marketing world is your deep experience on a specific subject niche. You’re not selling a product or a website or an eBook. You’re selling a solution or an experience that the customer cannot get from anyone except you

    Thanks so much

  6. Hi Gordie,

    Providing value is relative. What ‘ real value’ means for one customer may not be the same for another.

    However, it is also important to understand that personal experience and knowledge can offer value to just anybody.

    Therefore, the marketer must see to it that these are in place when offering a product or service.

    With the examples of how popular Internet marketers provides real value with the things they do, it becomes clear how anyone can offer real value.

    • Thanks for your comment James.

      I provided these examples because these are examples that they put in place to provide real value to their audience. These examples have the combined experiences of over 50 years of online marketing.

      Like one of these marketers personally told me, “Personal experience is how you establish your brand, if not you’re just like everyone else on the internet with a blog or website”.

      The common mistake a lot of us make is building someone else’s brand instead of building our own audience. What all 3 of these popular marketers knew was the fact that, once you build your own personal audience your products and services practically sell themselves.

      According to them the most valuable commodity you can offer your customer is your time and experience.
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  7. Hi Gordie,

    It is interesting that you have provided these detailed analysis of what providing real value could possibly mean. I agree with your submission that personal experience and knowledge are factors that determine true value.

    Hence, every marketer that goes through this post must be ready to start including personal experience and knowledge to authenticate the worth of their offer!

  8. Hi Gordie,

    If you ask me before now, I would say that providing value means providing prospects or customers with the clear cut benefits they would enjoy from the use of a product or service.

    After reading this piece, I have come to realize that ‘value’ can be extended.

    If personal experiences and additional knowledge are included then the worth or value of a given item would increase!

  9. Hey Gordie,

    It is important to provide prospects experiences that would make them respond to the call to action. Whether this experience is personal or from others persons, it would be valuable for the audience who has not used it before.

    My point is that even promoting experiences and knowledge of others can still be real value to the target audience as long as they address the pain points!

  10. I agree with you to an extent Winford but promoting the experience of others promotes their brand not yours. Your own experiences and knowledge would actually get them to respond to your call to action faster than using someone else’s ebook or article. In my opinion the products and advice of others should be used as additives to your personal message or as bonuses that complement your product or service. Your core value should promote your brand and the solutions you provide to your audience. Why should your audience trust you if your solution is someone else’s? In their eyes that’s just you procuring a solution to sell a product. So my point is, even when you use someone else’s experience and knowledge, personalize it with your own opinion or experience.
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  11. Hi Gordie,

    What I have learned from this post is that ‘real value’ will mean providing personal experience and extra knowledge to the target audience. These are important for effective decision making.

    Providing real value should be a priority for very marketer. The audience rewards real value!

    For increased lead generation and conversion, there should always be increased value proposition.

    The examples you have used are very relevant. Thanks for this post!

  12. Hello Gordie,

    This is one of the most helpful opinions I’ve come across anywhere on the Internet.

    Providing value in simple terms refers to sharing your personal experiences, teaching what you know, and ‘cracking the code’ for others.

    That’s why bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and a host of other change makers are masters when it comes to providing value.

    It’s the reason why they produce unique content, detailed blog posts, and rare insights.

    Thanks for clearing the air.
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    • Thanks for your comment Hafiz, but I assure you most of the major marketers didn’t arrive at that conclusion because they were masters, it took a lot of trial an error to find out what their audiences wanted.

      What they learned from each other an hundreds of case studies is exactly what you stated. “sharing your personal experiences, teaching what you know, and ‘cracking the code’ for others.” was the best way to provide the value that the customer wanted.

      I’m following Neil on his journey to 100,000 subscribers and believe it or not he’s learned a lot from this case study that he didn’t know before. The journey is as exciting for him as it is for his audience, and sharing that journey not only promotes audience participation

      Its also a great way to increase his brand. Interacting personally with your audience is the golden key to cracking the code.
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  13. Hello Gordie:
    Great post! It’s insightful and informative,and like most of your post Gordie it’s a very fun but genuine read. I have always liked the terminology providing value it almost sounded like the other guy was Santa Claus. But I would say it’s your personal experiences putting your own flavor in the mix maybe in better terms personalizing things. Thanks for sharing this post I definitely got alot of food for thought from it.
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    • Thanks, for your comment Dennis, before I wrote this article I felt the same as you did. I only questions my own attempt at providing value after I asked one of my mentors to look over my website. His reply was “Where’s your value all I see is everyone else’s”.

      He informed me that his customers keep coming back because of his USP and the value he personally adds to it. But like you said consistency is the key, keep your message and value propositions in line with your brand.

      Thanks again for joining the convo Dennis.
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  14. Good question, Gordie!

    As a freelance writer, I impart my knowledge as much as possible based on my experiences on my blog. I believe that this is my way of delivering value to my readers — instead of committing the same mistakes I did when starting out, I want myself to be the living proof that it is possible to become successful as a freelance writer by learning from the experiences that I have dealt with through the years.

    That said, and to answer your question, providing value is not simply about developing content for the sake of SEO or even engagement on a superficial level. It’s about sharing ideas and thoughts that matter to your target audience so you can effectively carry out the value you are trying to communicate and learn from you.
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  15. Hey Gordie,

    Well, never thought of it like this… and you make a valid point.

    But what do you do when you’re just starting out with no experience/knowledge/results? I was taught to “provide value” from what you learned, even if you haven’t had results/experience yet, but then when you do get the results/experience then add that in.
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    • I’m glad you asked that question, It’s the exact question I asked one of my mentors not long ago. If you’re just starting out, believe it or not, you already know more than many of your subscribers, teach what you do know.

      On the subjects that require additional learning use Google take notes and respond with the knowledge you just acquired. His point was, No marketer knows everything and to even attempt to learn everything is the wrong direction to head in.

      You should concentrate on one area of expertise in the beginning, so pick one. If not you’ll wind up like me, a professional IM learner with too much knowledge and not enough action.

      Be an expert in that one thing and any questions you can’t answer will only increase your knowledge in that area. So you can provide value in your expertise simply by using Google and writing an article about that area you just learned. More knowledge for you, more value for your subscriber.

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  16. Hi Gordie,

    I get the point you made in this post and I agree with the need to provide personal experience and knowledge with your followers.

    But I also think providing value doesn’t have to always be ones personal experience and knowledge.

    I think we can start providing value by sharing other experts experience and knowledge until ours kick in. Or even better we can share our little personal experience and knowledge along with that of other experts.

    In the academic and scientific world for example, lecturers would never accept a research paper if you didn’t include what other more experienced authors or researchers had to say about the topic in question, called Literature Review.

    There’s a reason for that, won’t you say?

    Also, when you said:

    “I had to admit that my idea of providing value could be trumped by anyone with the ability to do a Google search”

    If someone can’t be bothered or don’t know how to do proper Google search and they learned something from your article or video, that’s value, even what you shared wasn’t your personal experience.

    But because you took the time to put together the information in a way to help others, you have provided them with value.

    Also, with the examples you gave, not every article, video or information released by them were based on personal experience and knowledge.

    I once read that even Neil Patel for example uses a team of writers for many of the articles he publishes. That’s why he has new articles published on his blogs and all over the place, despite many other things he does.

    So, while it might be better sharing personal experience and knowledge, it’s not wrong to also share others’ personal experience and knowledge.

    Thanks for an interesting discussion.

  17. Hi Gordie,

    Shout out because I’m a huge Neil Patel fan.

    Anyways, it can be hard to define value, but you definitely know it when you experience it.

    I guess the best way to define it for me is when you get valuable information you think “Man, why am I not doing that!?”

    It makes you feel a little foolish for not following that advice.

    Or if you are doing what they say, then you feel good about yourself. Almost like you were back in school and you got an A on a test.

    And you want to get out right away and follow the advice shared with you

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  18. Hey Gordie,

    Now this is why I like going to other blogs.

    I’m writing a new blog post and this helps me to refocus on providing true value to my readers and customers.

    You are absolutely right. I’ve actually had a little boost in traffic whenever I give my own examples with images provided.

    I also believe that value can be easily executed by your readers as soon as they leave your blog. We live in a microwave society and our readers can’t execute tips that can be easily done in a short time, then that’s an indicator to make it into a video course or ebook.

    But even still, it’s best to prepare your course and ebook with daily tips that can be easily executed.

    The main goal as far as value and to build return traffic. If this is consistently done, then you’re definitely doing something right!
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  19. Hi Geordie

    Totally agree with your original post, that having your own spin on things is the value being offered. I have particularly noticed that peope like IM journeys whether its so many subscribers in 30 days or so much monthly earnings; it can be anything. And the blogs/threads that are reguarly updated get a lot of views.

    And the greta thing about journeys is that even the newest newbie can do one and get a lot of people following them.

    Many thanks

    • Thanks for your comment Mark, I actually got this advice from a few of the veteran marketers I included in this article. The true value that you provide is yourself. People follow you because they like what you have to offer personally, and following you on your journey creates an element of trust and develops a personal bond. Your followers can also help you to overcome some obstacles by providing feedback and giving insight into how effective your strategies are. There is no down side to letting your audience join your journey.

  20. Hi Gordie,

    I believe adding value is providing something that someone can not get anywhere else.

    It could be your unique perspective in an article for instance. It could be ebooks or videos like you suggested.

    When someone comes to your blog, you want to provide something that they can only get from you.

    Have a good week…


  21. He Gordie,

    The success of these people is amazing. It’d be foolish to not pick up any advice they have to offer. Because what they’ve done can be followed through as well. It just takes work and a little ambition as well.

    I always love hearing these stories of others making it really big. Providing real value goes a long way. Building up a loyal following can reach you places you never thought you could go. You help them, they help you. Win-win.