Do you love Disney?

Well, now you can work for them, from the comfort of your home.

If you don’t live near a ship or a theme park to work at, this is pretty much your best way to do so.

Here is some great work from home jobs from Disney, and also some tips on how to get into Disney work from home jobs without too much trouble.

This article also contains some of the companies you can apply to get some of these jobs.

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Is It Really Work From Home?

It depends ultimately.

If you are near a Disney store; you may need to come in for training.

If it’s directly with the park, you may have to go in for training, but otherwise, it’s pretty simple.

Also, just because it’s work from home doesn’t mean it’s totally comfy since you’re going to be handling customer complaints, which can get messy considering the Disney brand.

But, if you love Disney and would love to work for them but would not like to relocate it, you definitely want to check these out.


15 Best Ways & Tips to Get Disney Work From Home Jobs

Here are 15 tips on how to get work from home jobs with Disney and what the best ways to do it are.


1. Consider Guest Services

Guest services, especially at Disney, are incredibly important.

This position is usually just working from home as a services rep, making sure that the products from the Disney store get to their customers.

If you’re good at handling customers and you like to work with the management of Disney products and take their orders and fulfilling them, you can try this.

In general, they hire in Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Illinois, Nevada, British Columbia, Mississippi, and Florida as well.


2. Social Media Rep

You pretty much work on making sure that their social media looks great and flashy.

You will be working with their team to make sure that everything’s pretty on all of their social media channels.

If you have experience in social media marketing and would like to showcase the fun of Disney and the magic that’s there, this is one way to do it.

It can be challenging, though, since there is little room for mistakes with this.


3. Careers Rep

If you want to get more people to work for Disney, this is a fun job, and it’s similar to social media, but this time, you want to show the amazing work environment and the careers that are there.

You also can sometimes handle the other social media channels too and may have to answer different questions as well if necessary.

The requirements for this are simple: a bachelor’s in communication, journalism, PR, or English, and at least three years experience in careers reps is needed.

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4. Check the Careers Board Often

One thing about remote jobs with Disney is that they have a LOT.

So, you don’t have to worry about missing out.

Usually, they involve:

  • Customer support
  • Operations support
  • Business support
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Social media

And a lot more.

They have a whole section for “remote” and “work from home” jobs.

They do have a lot of cool jobs, and you can check them on the Disney board.


5. Tech Support Jobs

Don’t think this is just Disney the parks.

You also can get a job for their animation studios too.

For example, they may need new engineers and tech support, and this work from home job involves making sure that everything’s running smoothly at the studios.

The caveat is that it might not be in an area that you’re in.

For example, it may be in British Columbia or Vancouver or across the Us.

But if you want to look to see if you can work for animation for Disney, you can do so by going here to look.


6. Reservations Counter

If you’re interested in helping people book their magical vacations, consider maybe working from home in the reservations area.

These are for people who want to book these Disney vacations, and you can help set them up, get everything all situated, all while being passionate about this as well.

You can check out the reservations jobs and see if you’re okay with working in these kinds of o environments.



7. Call Center jobs

If you’re willing to work in a call center, you can do this remotely.

They hire directly on their board, and you can help customers with their questions about Disney, the parks, or their products.

This is different from the Disney store order fulfillment because this involves all Disney properties, and you do work to help others get exactly what they need.

You definitely will get some great opportunities with this, and while it is entry-level, it is a possible opportunity to get a job.

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8. Adventures by Disney

What is Adventures by Disney?

It’s basically a tour guide and travel guide for people interested in helping others have the Disney experience.

Pretty much, you’re a virtual travel guide, and from the comfort of your own home, you can help plan trips and adventures with these jobs.

It’s pretty cool and may be something to consider.

Interested? You can check out adventures by Disney jobs to see if it’s good for you.


9. Check Third Party Sites

If you’re interested in working for Disney but you can’t seem to find anything on the job board, don’t despair because you can check on third party sites.

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Flexjobs is probably the best place since they have a whole category just for Disney, along with freelance, parttime, telecommunicating, even seasonal if you’re interested.

You can get hired directly from here for a variety of different positions and opportunities to try and choose.

Check out flexjobs to learn more.


10. Be a Vacation Planner!

Want to be a Disney vacation planner?

There are a lot of opportunities to work with them.

Pretty much, you’re a Disney travel agent, and usually, you book vacations under an International Air Transport association number.

From there, you get a percentage of the vacation package.

It does require a small fee to start up, but this is a great way to plan vacations for people.

You can join these teams and do all of this fun vacation planning directly from your home.

Of course, you definitely should do your research, but if you want to start, Magical Travel is definitely a good option.


11. Disney Writing

Yes, you can write for Disney.

If you want to work for a company to write different articles and get paid, there are some great work from home freelance writing jobs.

You can get paid to write about whatever, and usually, they have some great opportunities for you to help their team.

There are some affiliated with Disney, and you can contribute while still technically working for Disney.

Cambrick Yard is one of them, and they also tackle a bunch of other cool topics too.


12. Data Engineering

If you’re a fan of learning about data and making sure that the proper data is there, then consider possibly working for Disney in some of their different data engineering positions.

These can require internships, or it might be an internship before you fully take over the position, and normally these start in the spring and fall for training and such.

But, if you want to work from home and actually contribute to working at the park, this is a great way to do so, and you can check the Disney job board for more information.


13. Consider Internship Jobs

Internship jobs, speaking of, are probably your best way to get a long-term position with Disney, no matter if it’s online or offline.

They do internships, where they offer training, and you also can network with cast members and others.

Internships are seasonal to start, but you can from there get hired past that, and it can actually provide graduate and undergraduate positions that you can enjoy.

It’s flexible, offers on-the-job training, and it opens the doors for many to get other jobs at Disney too.

You can check out internships here.


14. Cruise Line Work From Home

Yes, there is cruise line work from home jobs.

Similar to the Disney Adventures mentioned earlier, this is basically a work from home position where you’re a digital nomad, offering great insight into the cruises and such.

With this as well, you also can work as a travel agent too, where you help people get the perfect vacations.

Just check for any remote or work from home customer service or reservations jobs for the cruise lines specifically in order to begin.

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15. Mouse World Travels 

Finally, consider working for mouse world travels.

These are Disney vacation planners and travel agents who are authorized directly by Disney.

They hire Disney experts as well, and of course, you get paid for this too.

Mouse world travel does offer plenty of positions that are both remote and in-person, and you can work to offer amazing travel packages for people to go to Disney.

They do have a blog as well, and if possible, you could work for them as a contributor.

It can’t hurt to apply to their pages and see what they have to offer.

This is a great one if you want to help others get the perfect vacation, and if you’re an expert on both parks, Mouse world Travels is probably one of the best companies to start with.


Disney Work at Home Jobs FAQs


Why Should I Work for Disney?

If you’re a fan of Disney products and would like to bring the magic to families each and every day, this is a great opportunity to do so.

They have tons of jobs, both remote and in-house, so it’s not like you’ll be running out of leads.

Plus, it can be fun, and the pay is decent for starting off.

They also do offer plenty of flexible positions, whether it’s work-from-home, remote, telecommuting, seasonal, or even in-person.


How Much Can I Get Paid Working for Disney?

This depends on the type of job.

For those who are starting out in customer service positions, the pay will be entry-level, just like most service jobs.

If you have engineering, software, data, or other technical skills, you could get started in a higher pay bracket, which is good for many.

Overall, the pay does vary since if you’re working on their blogs or social media, there is a chance of making more money.


What Are the Requirements to Work for Disney?

In general, their requirements are pretty straightforward.

Minimally, you need a high school diploma, good internet, excellent skills in communication, good detail spotting, work together well, and have proficiency with computers.

If you are bilingual, that’s always a huge plus for the company, especially in Spanish.

For the more technical jobs, they may require a few more options, but they do offer healthcare for people that work for them, discounts to the park, and even sneak previews of new reveals directly from the company themselves.

Plus, if your dream is to ever work for Disney, they have so many different ways to do so that these opportunities will inevitably be something that you can enjoy, and there are plenty of benefits to be had with this as well.


What Will Increase My Chances of Working for Disney?

If you have good customer service skills and know how to handle people, then you’ll probably get hired.

These can be extensive, almost grueling for some, especially in certain fields and during certain times of the year.

If you can work well under pressure, have great organization skills, and want to bring the magic to others, then, by all means, you should definitely consider working for Disney.



If you’ve ever wanted to work for Disney, they now offer great work from home jobs.

Working from home is the future, and if you can’t physically be near a park or work for the parks, this is your next best option to work for the mouse!

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