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    One difficulty of social media marketing is finding content that relates to your consumers, your brand, and actually drives the right traffic and engagement from your social channels. B2B companies face the […]

    • Hey Dhariana,
      You are right about these effective B2B inspired social media content ideas. They have worked for B2B and have worked for many B2Cs.

      Hence, if an online company desires to increase content creations that will impact on the targeted audience then these ideas would make good sense.

      However, to make any of these ideas work, it would be important to first understand the audience and present the content in a highly value form.

      Whether you are B2B or B2C, the audience will reward quality and valuable content that addresses their pain points!

    • Good post. I agree these ideas can ideas can help with social media content ideas.

      Writing papers and ebooks has been there from time and works if done okay. It can also be used to build a list and provide value to others.

      Infographics are also getting more popular. Webinars too.

      Using case-studies as you explained it is however new to me.

      Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hey Dharian,
      I guess B2B companies can now leverage on these points to effectively engage social media to connect with their audiences!

      Your explanations are cool and I like you adding the number 5 point – “customer appreciation contest/campaign”

    • Hi Dharian,
      I completely agree with the idea of creating and publishing white papers and ebooks to boost engagement.

      This has succeeded with B2Cs and its a timeless strategy that B2Bs can still succeed with.

      Nevertheless, there is need to ensure that quality of the content is rightly delivered so that social media engagements can be impactful and fun.

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