This article looks at some of the best delivery jobs, especially those that pay very well.
What’s even best is that some of these jobs can be done by just about anyone.

There are several reasons why being a delivery driver is a cool job to have. The main reason is because you get to spend a lot of your time driving around.

You may not make 200 dollars in one day, but there are many other perks.

If you like to drive and the freedom it offers you, then you’re a perfect fit for these types of jobs.

Also, the pay can be pretty good assuming you get the right type of delivery job.

Working in this arena versus working in a conventional work setting offers more versatility, not dealing with coworkers, and just generally less stress.

It is also different from jobs where you would work from home, such as work at home packing jobs, work at home nursing jobs, and work at home online medical transcription jobs.

Instead of being stuck in the house, you have the freedom of the open road.

Understand that these delivery jobs are very conventional in terms of what’s required.

Most of the jobs are not facilitated through the use of an app like Uber.

You can do conventional delivery with Uber Eats, but that’s not what we are talking about.

If you do decide to work with Uber though, make sure you know the Uber driver requirements.

Many are delivery jobs where you’d likely be working for a large company and would not be an independent contractor. This isn’t always the case, but most of the time it will be.

delivery jobs

In any case take a look at the 20 delivery jobs mentioned below and see if any of them appeal to you:


1. FedEx Delivery

Working for FedEx is very rewarding if you can keep up with the demanding schedule you‘ll be given.

It’s not like online tutoring jobs, where you can create your own schedule.

When you work for this company as a delivery driver, one thing you never need to worry about is being out of work. The pay is very good and the benefits are second to none.

You drive a company vehicle, wear a company uniform, and simply delivery packages to certain areas.

You’ll likely have a specific region you serve.

Click here to check out FedEx.


2. DHL Delivery Jobs

DHL is similar to FedEx, but they aren’t as widely used as the former.

However, working for them carries similar benefits. The pay is above average and the work hours are very desirable.

DHL doesn’t have as many operations as FedEx though, so you might find that opportunities to work for them are more limited.

It might depend on where in the country you are.

This is unlike SMS sending jobs, that can be done from anywhere.


3. UPS Delivery Jobs

UPS trucks can be seen all over the place. And as you can see, these delivery drivers work very hard.

Uniforms are worn and company vehicles are taken good care of.

You have to maintain a clean driving record to work for them and you must keep a good track record in terms of deliveries being problem free.

Just like these online jobs that pay thousands per month, if you can be a delivery driver for them, then you can earn a salary that’s very respectable.


4. Amazon Delivery Driver

Sites like Amazon has distribution centers all over the country and they’re so successful that more are always being built.

Well, someone has to deliver the products to people.

Those who use services such as Amazon Prime get the benefit of the super-fast shipping offered in this regard, and it’s the type of customers you’d be delivering to if you work as a delivery driver for them.


5. Delivery for Pizza hut or Little Caesar’s

Now here’s the thing. We know that being a delivery driver for either of these chains isn’t trendy.

Just like online data entry jobs, they aren’t anything to brag about but they will pay the bills.

We know that the association is that working for either of these companies is a dead end. Don’t think that way.

The advent of smartphones combined with apps to make the pizza ordering process more convenient means there’s so much opportunity here.

As long as you have a car that works, a good driving record, and are properly insured, then the money you can make by means of tips combined with the base salary can be pretty good.

You may not make 1000 dollars fast, but you will make enough to help with rent or other pressing financial issues.

Don’t rule out these options.


6. Jimmy John’s Driver

Jimmy John’s is a very popular Subway chain and it’s seen as being maybe a step above places such as Subway or Cousin’s.

Jimmy John’s makes it easy to be a delivery driver for them. You just need to have a good car, insurance, and a good driving record.

It’s not like one of those services where you have to answer questions and earn money.

No special knowledge or knowledge of the sandwiches they make are required.

Your only job would be to deliver the sandwiches and confirm the order before handing it over.

Any issues with the food would be directed back to the restaurant. Just like front desk jobs, they are nice work if you can get it.


7. Local Newspapers

We know that the newspaper business is a dying business, but there’s a particular crowd that still enjoys reading newspapers and therefore there are still opportunities to work as a delivery driver for them.

Check with the big newspaper operations in your area to see if they are hiring.

The pay isn’t as good as working for places like FedEx or UPS, but its good compared to the minimal hours you’ll be working most of the time.

Plus, you may be able to get free newspapers.  Just like you can get these free makeup samples, free baby samples and free food.

Sunday will be your biggest day in terms of hours, making this one good way to earn on weekends.


8. Delivering groceries

These are the types of delivery jobs that will likely make use of an app in most cases.

If you don’t know, yes, it’s possible and here’s how to get paid as a personal grocery shopper to deliver groceries.

Your job might sometimes be harder only because you have to make sure you protect the groceries you’d be delivering.

Not all grocery store chains offer this service, but the ones who do have a lot of customers that make use of the convenience.

Just make sure if you get into this type of work, you understand whether or not you’re going to be an independent contractor or working directly for a company.

Other jobs where you can be and independent contractor or your own boss include becoming a content creator and a greeting cards writer.


9. Delivering Alcohol to Liquor Stores

You’d likely be working for distribution centers that focus solely on carrying the specific brand of liquor you’d be delivering or one that houses several major brands.

In these cases, your job is to drive to certain stores, some might be liquor stores specifically, while others might just sell it as a part of their overall selection.

These types of jobs pay very well, but you have to have a spotless criminal history and good driving record.

The benefits are also pretty good, along with the retirement options.

If you have a criminal history, you might want to work online from home and get paid.


10. Delivering Sodas

If you’re delivering sodas such as Pepsi products or Coke products, then you likely will be working for one of these companies.

There’s no shortage of places that need these products almost on a daily basis, so you’d never have to worry about being out of work.

Places such as Pepsi and Coca Cola always need hard working drivers who are willing to commit and work hard to be consistent with the delivery of their products to customers.

Getting a job working with one of them isn’t easy though, but the overall work is simple.

Other simple work includes making money posting ads, doing paid online surveys, doing typing jobs online, and even cat sitting.


11. Delivering Little Debbie Snack Cakes

This is another one where you’d be working for the company. Understand that the previous jobs we’ve discussed don’t entail you working as an independent contractor.

You’d be employed directly through the companies that supply the products being delivered.

The distribution center you worked with would just be where you picked up the goods.

Little Debbie is still one of the premier snack cakes out there and countless operations carry them.

The pay is good, but once again you’ll find that getting a job working for them can be tough.

It is also hard to find jobs that require travel, but if you find one, you know you will enjoy it!


12. Picking Up Money From Various Businesses

We know this might not qualify as being a delivery driver, because you aren’t delivering money to businesses.

However, picking it up means you’ll have to drop it off somewhere so it still entails delivering.

Trust us when we tell you that if you work for one of the companies that pick up money such as Brink’s, then you’ll need to qualify on several levels.

These drivers carry firearms to protect against those looking for free money.

Of course you must have spotless criminal record to do this job.

The work is easy though and the pay is very good.

If you’re willing to go through the rigors of applying then consider giving it a shot.

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13. Delivering for Various Large National Retailers

You might deliver trucks full of different products and goods for stores such as Walmart, Target, Dollar General, Family Dollar and Pick N Save.

You don’t deliver any one type of product, you show up with a truck full of different products needed by certain locations, so they are able to keep their shelves well stocked with what’s selling.

These jobs give heavy hours and offer virtually every benefit and retirement feature you can think of.

Anyone can do these who knows how to drive a truck or is willing to be trained on how to do it.

If you know how to drive a truck you might want to learn how to earn money driving a truck and trailer.


Delivery Jobs


14. Delivering Medical Supplies to Doctor Offices

Doctors always have medical supplies they need and so do hospitals.

We mention this type of job in order to emphasis just how little actual skill it takes to deliver something.

We don’t say this in a bad way, but to emphasis how anyone who is willing to work can do these jobs.

Delivering things such as blood samples, wheelchairs, different testing equipment and the like doesn’t require you to have special knowledge of what’s being delivered.

However, working in this area will require you to pass a background check, on top of other things.

These jobs often pay well and have benefits such as holiday pay.


15. Delivering for Floral Shops

Yes, people still do order flowers and would you believe they order them on days other than Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Talking about Mother’s Day, here are over multiple stay at home Mothers’ jobs.

You would want to work with one of the places where they make use of the large delivery services such as 1-800-flowers.

If you don’t mind the smell of flowers and you’re someone who knows how to be pleasant towards customers, then working as a flower delivery driver is something that might work for you.

We’re sure if you look hard enough, there are options for this type of work in your area or close to it.

If you learn how to become a mystery shopper, you also can find this type of work in your area.


16. Delivering for Bakeries

Ever see someone pull up in order to deliver a large cake in one of those big pink boxes? Well these are delivery drivers for bakeries.

Not every bakery offers delivery services, but those that do understand just how important it is to cater to customers.

There’s likely no shortage of bakeries around you and we’re sure that with enough diligence you’ll be able to find one that needs a good driver.

The work is simple and the pay isn’t bad. It isn’t high, but it isn’t bad either.

If you’re looking for good pay, you should consider these factory jobs and night jobs that pay pretty well.


17. Delivering for Food Service Apps

This is the type of work that’s going to require you to use an app or be signed on with one.

These are services such as Grub hub and Door Dash.

When you work with one of these companies you’re an independent contractor, but there’s no shortage of work.

The pay can be good, but it’s going to depend on just how hard you’re willing to work.

Some people do very well with these types of jobs, but it does require volume transactions to make real money.

You can make money with other apps too.  For instance there are cashback apps, money making apps and investment apps.


19. Delivering Water

Have you ever seen one of those trucks that have the 5 gallon tubs of water inside of it?

delivery driver


These are people who deliver not just those 5 gallon tubs, but other water products as well.

These are some of the best types of delivery jobs to have, but you do have to be strong. They are not as easy as what some in this post do to make money.

So, while anyone can do them, they have to be able to handle 5 gallon jugs of water.

And even in this case, you make use of certain equipment in order to make lugging the water around easier.

You also might need some strength if you were going to do some of these dog walking jobs.


19. Delivering Prescription Medications

There are some people who for whatever reason aren’t able to pick up their prescription medications. So they have them delivered to them.

There are specific types of delivery drivers who take care of these types of orders.

Seeing as how you’d be working with something very sensitive, you’d have to have a good record, driving history, and show that you can be trusted.

Again, if you don’t have a good record, you might want to try something online like software testing jobs.

20. Delivering Finished Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Some laundry facilities offer services where they’ll pick-up and deliver finished laundry to customers.

And dry cleaning services offer the same thing, however some of them will focus only on the delivery of the finished clothes and not picking them up.

Plus, some don’t offer either service.

In any case, if you can find some of the places that do delivery, then you might be able to work for them as a driver.

Now in terms of pay, it might not be as good in terms of salary.

You can make this up in tips though depending on the location you’re in.

Not all jobs will allow you to get tips.  For instance, closed captioning jobs and food taster jobs probably will not earn tips.


delivery jobs