If you want to know the best credit repair software, you will find this article very helpful.

It reveals the very best credit repair software as well as exactly why each of them is great for helping you repair your credit.

Sometimes it seems that life is a series of tests.

When we were going to school there were pop quizzes, midterm exams, and final tests to gauge our understanding of the material that was taught to us.

The tests were designed to assess our understanding and retention of the subject that was being taught.

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Then we made our way into the workforce and again we were confronted with tests or evaluations of our performance.

These evaluations were generally in the form of annual reviews where we were assessed on a number of factors regarding our work at the workplace.

Often, these ratings were assigned a numeric value or some sort of letter denoting how we were functioning in the workforce, whether we were part of the team, our attitude, etc.

Even in the military, those who served are well acquainted with an evaluation system that was usually numerically assigned.

For example in the states Navy, if you’re a sterling crewmember you were giving the rating of 4.0. This rating was derived from your appearance, your understanding of your rating, keeping out of trouble, etc.


Importance of Good Credit

Readings or how we score in life can be important.

For example in the workplace, if you have a good evaluation it may equate to a merit pay raise.

In the military, if you stayed out of trouble, it was a positive aspect of being considered for promotion.

Another importing rating system, in our personal financial world, is our credit report.

A credit report is based on a number of variables such as how much debt we carry, how many inquiries have been made on our credit report, any delinquencies in payment, number of years of established credit, etc.

All of these variables combined together to comprise our credit report and ultimately provide our FICO score.

Subsequently, a good credit report equates to a number of positives to the individual.

First of all, they may be able to take advantage of better interest rates because of having a good credit history.

Also, a good credit report indicates to existing and potential creditors that you are a good credit risk and therefore eligible for additional credit.

Examples of being extended credit by a creditor based on one’s credit report could include refinancing on an existing mortgage, interest rate on a new home purchase, purchasing a new or used vehicle at a low-interest rate, etc.

Ratings or evaluations are important and have their place. However, it is important to note that readings or evaluations or being assigned a numeric value does not determine who we are.

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Personal Credit Repair Story

Perhaps you can relate to a personal credit history story in that I had made some unwise choices and these poor decisions significantly impacted my credit score.

Consequently, when I really needed money or a loan at a decent interest rate I was unable to secure any credit or the advancing of money due to my poor credit history.

Fortunately, through a steady repayment of my debt and honoring myself and my financial resources, I was slowly but gradually able to dig myself out of the hole that I had dug.

I also engaged a debt management company to help negotiate with my creditors.

Often, we allow our pride to interfere. However, I swallowed my financial pride and five years later I was debt-free and felt good about myself in that I paid my debt and learned about budgeting in the process.

The humorous aspect to it of all is that when you need money you can’t get it but when you don’t need money it becomes available.

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5 Best Credit Repair Software

My credit repair story occurred twenty-plus years ago. Fortunately, credit repair resources, associated tools, and techniques have increased.

Today, at our fingertips, due to legislation our credit reports and credit scores are now made available to us without having to pay or go through a tedious process.

Additionally, because of the advancements in our technology, credit repair software has become very instrumental for those wishing to take great strides in repairing this important aspect of our personal finances.

Consequently, a look at the top five credit repair software programs might be of value.


1. The Credit Coach

The credit coach repair software is dynamic programs in that it personalizes the individual’s desire to not only improve their credit score but to help reprogram one’s thinking as it relates to their personal finances.

The software is like having your own personalized credit coach on call and as close as to where the downloaded software is.

The concept of this software is to guide you through a step-by-step process in personalizing a plan of action to manage your finances and consequently improve your credit score.

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It is a powerful personal financial solution that offers not only a tutor or coach but helps to educate and train the eager student.

The software also provides great encouragement monitoring the great strides that the individual makes which helps to stimulate the individual and keep them on track.

Another added feature of this powerful credit repair software is that it helps to formulate actual correspondence to submit to creditors based on the individual’s credit history and their particular financial requirements.

The credit coach software is designed for the financially upside-down individual to help resolve late payments, outdated information, remove collections, and other negative credit report items.

Added to the mix of service is helpful in resolving any identity theft issues problems with the ChexSystems and child support.

The cost range of this particular software annually ranges anywhere from $299 for one person or roughly $450 for two people.

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2. Credit Aid

Often, companies make outlandish claims to the consumer to entice the consumer to purchase their product.

Like anything else when these “sounding too good to be true” assertions are made it is “buyer beware.” Often, if it sounds too good to be true it is.

However, the potential buyer can readily investigate these claims by going online and reading about customer satisfaction from those customers who have purchased the product.

It would be a pleasant surprise if the item matched its promise based on several satisfied customers.

This brings us to credit repair software known as Credit Aid.

Their credit repair promise is that they can increase the credit score of an individual by as much as 250 points.

This is quite a remarkable expectation and of course, needs to be researched to the potential customer’s satisfaction.

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This software affirms to the potential customer that this is a perfectly legal way of repairing one’s credit.

Specifically, the software is set up so that any disputes, as possibly reflected on one’s credit report, can be argued and possibly corrected. If this occurs then one’s credit score may be increased.

This software also allows for the individual to question any reflected bankruptcies recorded on the credit report, payments that were indicated as late, and any other negative blemishes on one’s credit report.

Added features built into the software include the options of ordering credit reports at no charge, templates of legal dispute letters, creditor negotiation facets, a financial diary, along with other components.

A financial diary can be a powerful tool to record one’s progress, capture their attitude towards finances, and reflect a debt-free journey to continue with their empowerment.

Finally, in regards to their claim of significantly increasing one’s credit score, the software comes with a money-back guarantee.

Therefore, if the individual is not satisfied with their purchase or it does not increase their credit score satisfactorily, the customer can ask for a refund.

The one-time cost for this software, at this writing, ranges between $179 a month to $599 per month.


Best Credit Repair Software


3. The Personal Credit Builder

Most credit repair software programs offer the same basic components for an individual to improve their credit score.

The personal credit builder software program is no different as it relates to offering standardized form letters, attainment of credit reports, helping to dispute negative marks on one’s credit report, etc.

However, this software program that has been in business for 22 years takes the credit repair process a few steps further.

This particular software helps the customer to address those collection agencies that call in hopes to recoup the outstanding debt.

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The software program offers resources to curb these sorts of activities.

Also, an added feature that seems to distinguish itself from the rest of the credit repair software programs is that it addresses the attaining of adding good credit to one’s report.

It also provides financial tools to help the individual to be more educated about credit and manage their future personal financial decisions.

Currently, the one-time purchase of the software is offered to the consumer at $400.

However, on occasion, the software is offered at a reduced price and it would be beneficial to the potential customer to be on the lookout for price reductions.

The personal credit builder promotes the customer’s ability to see results inasmuch as 30 days.

Also, they boldly state that the individual utilizing the software can see a boost in their credit score of up to 100 points.

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4. TurnScor

The old phrase of “you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all” does not apply to TurnScor credit repair software.

In addition, to having the standard features of providing dispute templates to question the accuracy of the credit report, TurnScor steps up the learning process.

It offers to the customer three options in familiarizing themselves with the software’s use.

Those three options include learning the program through an e-book, actual hands-on learning, or viewing a video.

The other added unique dimension to this credit repair software is an educational component. The package offers financial tools to the individual.

These tools are designed to aid the individual and help them better manage their credit and gain further insight into their finances.

The combination heightens the individual’s financial awareness which in turn promotes ongoing financial health.

Consequently, the goal is to engage a continual education process to continually increase the customer’s credit score.

The cost for the TurnScor credit repair software is a flat and one-time yearly fee of close to $495.00.

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5. DIY Credit Repair

Perhaps your credit report requires repair. A repaired and accurate credit report may translate into an increased credit score.

Take a breath, calm yourself and remember that you are more than a credit report or a credit score.

Your value as an individual does not equate to a number.

If your credit needs repair consider doing it yourself through a credit repair software program.

The return on your investment may be an increased credit score which may help in obtaining lower interest rates on future opportunities of good debt.

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We live in a financial world where buying on credit is a common occurrence.

It would seem that our mailboxes and our e-mail inboxes are bombarded with offers of credit cards and easily obtainable loans.

Credit is a good thing if managed wisely.

This means as much as possible take advantage of low-interest rates, balance transfers, and pay off outstanding balances to minimize interest paid.

However, life happens and sometimes our credit cards get out of hand and take on a life of their own.

Perhaps, there are missed payments due to events beyond our control or maybe we didn’t open that account reflected on our credit report. This has resulted in a low credit score.

Credit reports are sometimes inaccurate.

Therefore repair of that report is indicated by removing inaccurate information or correcting errors.

On the receiving end of such reports, we endeavor to correct those mistakes but there is so much “red tape” that can tie up the process and adds to our frustration.

We can hire a professional to act on our behalf. However, this can be an added and unneeded expense.

There is another option to repair one’s credit report. That option is to do it yourself by utilizing credit repair software.

By taking the credit report by the horns and possibly using self-help credit repair software you will accomplish five things.

You will control the situation, you will repair your credit, increase your score, better educate yourself regarding your finances and you will feel incredibly wonderful.

Cut that red tape and eliminate the red from your finances.

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