This article shows you the very best crafts you can sell at Farmers market to make very good money.

It also shows you some techniques you can use to get the best results when selling crafts at Farmers markets, no matter where you are currently located.

So yes, you can buy and sell other items at a farmer’s market. The farm produces are not the only items sold on this market.

Handicrafts made from wood, paper, cloth, and other materials are also sold here.

This article gives you insight into the items sold at the farmer’s market. Keep reading to find out the very best crafts to sell to make really good money.

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What is a farmer’s market?

For the uninformed, a farmer’s market is an open-air marketplace for farm produce.

People go to this market to buy seasonal and non-seasons fresh agricultural produce.


9 Types of Items that sell at the farmer’s market

Apart from fresh vegetables, fruits, and seeds, non-farm produce is also sold at the farmer’s market.

The types of items you will find in this market include:

1. Farm Produce

These are seasonal fruits and vegetables that are edible.

They are the natural farm produces that also include tomatoes, pineapple, mangoes, watermelon, onions, carrots, and spinach, cucumber, melon, groundnut, and so on.

Whatever veggies and fruits you can think of and depending on the location of the farmers market, you can sell them at the farmers market.


2. Animal foods

If you are into animal farming and production, you can still sell the products at the farm market.

Animal farming includes rearing of farm animals like cattle,  poultry, fish farming, bee production, etc.

At the farmer’s market, you can bring in fresh milk, meat, eggs, fish, honey, and other products from animals to sell.

Also, some hunters sell bison, venison, and other wild games at farmers’ markets.

If you are into animal production, you can definitely sell meats and jerky in dried, cured, or marinated forms.


3. Baked foods

At the farmer’s markets, you will also find a variety of baked products or goods.

These include cakes, cookies, pies, scones, spring rolls, and so on.

If you are interested in making good money from selling baked goods, then you should consider baked goods that would meet the health needs of customers who are vegan and non-vegan.


4. Seedlings, plants & flowers, and other gardening products

You will also find seedlings, plants, and flowers that could be used by farmers and gardeners.

For people who love to spruce up their homes with indoor and outdoor plants, they can find plants and seeds grow.

Varieties of seeds, herbs, plants, and some trees meant for landscaping, decoration, or gifts, can also be accessed from the Farmer’s market.

So, if you have a large stall in the farmers market you can sell garden products that include starter supplies.

Apart from seedlings, landscape and houseplants, and cut flowers, you can also sell starting trays, vegetable cages, baskets, seed potatoes, bulbs, stakes,  and so on.

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5. Honey

Beekeepers sell their delicious honey extracted from bees at the farmer’s market.

Honey is always in high demand for its health benefits and nutritional value.

Most people will buy natural high-quality honey for use as a natural sweetener or medicinal purposes.

So, if you are a beekeeper then you can always sell your honey at the farmer’s market.


6. Soap & Skincare Products

You can find a variety of homemade soap and skincare products sold at the farmer’s market.

These products are made with natural ingredients devoid of preservative chemicals.

So, if you can make soaps, lotions, and deodorants you can offer them for sale at the farmers market.

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7. Beverages

Natural fruit juices are the perfect beverage to sell at the farmer’s market.

Having a lemonade stand at this market is an idea you can exploit to make money.

You can also sell your unique homemade craft beer at this market.


8. Prepared foods

You can sell prepared foods made from natural products and grains at the farmer’s market.

One idea you should consider is using a food truck to make money by using it to bring and sell foods to this market.

Most people would love to have their meals here and driving out to restaurants may be stressful to them.

Just make sure that what you offer is natural, tasty, and delicious.


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Crafts To Sell at Farmers Market


9. Art & Craft

You can sell varieties of arts and crafts at the farmer’s market.

This is especially those that can be used by farmers and households.

Various types of handmade crafts are available for sale.

They are crafted with materials like wood, cloth, metals, clay, and others.

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Why sell other items at the farmer’s market?

It may interest you to know that a lot of farmers or people sell other items apart from farm produce for different reasons.

Yes, you may want to know why the above-described items are sold at a market specifically meant for farm produce.

The common reasons are not far-fetched, they include:

Off-season sales

Farm produces are not year-round. They are seasonal.

So, during the off-season, farmers can decide to sell other items at the market.

Of course, most of the items are related to what people expect to see at these markets.

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To make profits from the things you produce or collect

Some people are farmers but they are also talented in the making of other products.

For instance, some may have talent in wood making and would craft furniture to sell.

Or, some people may know how to sew clothes and would produce some clothes to sell at this market.

Also, some others could know about the production of drinks, then selling the product at the farmers market will bring about increased profit.

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To sell things your family is well known for

Some families are well known for specific trade and craft.

They sell their services or products at the farmer’s market to keep the family name going.


For business purposes

Most people sell other things at the farmer’s market to take advantage of a profitable business idea.

They buy and sell things they consider trending at the market to make a profit.

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Selling Crafts at Farmers Market

Crafts or handicrafts are items produced by the hand. The crafter will put in his or her creativity to make the item unique.

The best crafts serve a useful purpose to the customers.

At the farmers market, crafts are among the other items that are popularly sold instead of farm produce.

However, they have popular demand since farmers and customers use them for various purposes.

These handicrafts can come in handy as a container for seed, plants, foods, etc, they can come as decorative materials, and they can serve tools and equipment, and they can serve clothes, etc.

Crafts are made with a variety of materials according to the purpose for which they are made.

The common materials for art and crafts include clothing, paper, wood, metals, clay, and paint.

The most important asset when it comes to crafts is your creativity.

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Best Crafts To Sell at Farmers Market

Below are some of the best crafts that sell at the farmers market:


These are the garment of cloth, leather or plastic that is tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing.

Farmers and non-farmers buy them at the farmer’s market.

Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments are items used to beautify or decorate a place.

Some are handmade and sold at the farmer’s market.

Crocheted Items

These are needlework done by interlocking looped stitches with a hooked needle.

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Doll Clothes

These are handmade clothes for babies.

Embroidered Items

These are items decorated with threads and needlework.

Other items include hand-painted t-shirts, hand-carved spoons & honey dippers, hand-painted nativities, and homemade toys.

You will also find potholders, pottery, quilts, and woodcarvings.

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This article showed some of the best crafts that are sold at the farmer’s market.

If you are considering buying any handicraft at the farmer’s market, there are lots of options you can explore, as explained in this article.

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