Copywriting 101: The Principles of Irresistible Content


“I can’t write.”

It’s the resignation declaration of the self-defeated. It’s also a fat slice of baloney.

You won’t write? You don’t want to write? I’m willing to buy these statements. But “can’t?” Sorry friend, you can.
You’ve been writing your whole life. You write now. You write emails, greeting cards, shopping lists, meeting notes, etc. In your school years, you wrote every day. When you graduated you wrote a resume.

But now, a blank screen transforms you into an anxious, insecure mess.


  1. This is such a helpful article to those having a hard time in making quality contents!

    Believing that you have the ability to write is really important, and of course the heart to do it should also be there. And I absolutely agree with you, writing is only hard if you make it hard. It’s really about confidence. Don’t complicate your writing, I believe that simplicity with a punch of creativity will get far.

    I really like your post, Barry! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Another boost for those who think they can’t. Non native English speakers write in English. And lots of them are in the blogging business. So native English speakers can write. 🙂

    So many things learned. Again. 🙂 For example, I agree that editing is best done after you’re done writing everything. And also about striving for clarity. But the best thing I’ve learned in this post though is this:

    “A large part of the fright factor comes from worrying about addressing a large audience.”

  3. I believe that for you to create a mouth-watering content, if you have the passion and willingness to do it are great keys to help you out.

    Hmm but yes, some has a fear about it so that is the reason why some aren’t that irresistible. So “It’s time to face the fear.” and in addition to that, for you to face your fear, open your eyes! Yes, wide open I must say.

  4. This is an excellent article. Held my interest all the way through Barry.
    Thanks for creatively getting back to the basics of writing;

    asking all writers to do what you love, keep it simple, talk to your reader and have fun! I’m sending it off to others to inspire them and will print it out for myself to learn from…

    even as a template for future articles because it is so well organized and stylish. I’m just discovering you and grateful for the find.
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