Content Marketing: 5 Reasons it Should be Your first Strategy for Increasing Conversions




There are many things that you can do to increase your conversion rates. Many of them are extremely useful and have a place in any long term marketing plan that you develop. However, if you want to see your conversion rates rise quickly, the first and most important step you need to take is to create and employ a content marketing strategy. It is arguably, the most effective and easy to employ strategy for increasing conversions that there is.

Here are 5 reasons why this is the case.


1. You Will Identify Your Brand and Your Ideal Customer Persona

Whether you take the time before launching a content marketing campaign to do some research   on your customer base, or you simply wait to see which content is a ‘hit’ and which content is not, you will get an education on who your target customer is.

Ultimately, if you pay close attention, this will result in an understanding of your ideal customer persona. Not only will you be able to use this information to make your content marketing more effective, you can also use this information to strengthen all of your marketing and branding efforts.


2. You can Launch a Respectable Inbound Marketing Program for Little to No Cost

If you rely on your own talents to write, otherwise create, or curate content, you can begin a content marketing campaign without incurring significant cost. However, in order to do this successfully, you must have a strong grasp of what your target audience is going to find interesting, entertaining, or informational. If you have a decent following already, you might also consider crowdsourcing some of your content marketing efforts.

By using this method, you will benefit from having additional content to share with your audience, you will motivate your base to share and engage others on your behalf. Crowdsourcing some of your content also increases brand loyalty and makes your audience feel as if they are adding value to your community.


3. Adding Content to Your Blog or Website Boosts Search Engine Rankings

When you begin using content marketing, two things happen. The first is that you begin   creating new links on your website or blog. The second is that you begin earning shares of those links on social media. The better your content is, and the more content you create results in even more shares and the development of even more links. This results in an increased number of website visits and backlinks.

All of this is seen by Google’s search engine spiders and by other search engine algorithms, and as a result your rankings increase significantly. There are other ways to make this happen, but none of these methods are as cost effective or organic as     creating and sharing content.


4. You can Use Content to Increase Engagement and Trust

When you create or curate content that interests, informs, or entertains your customers, you create engagement and you increase trust. Engagement is what happens when your audience is motivated to share or respond to the content that you provide.

This includes responding directly with comments or sharing content back to you, and the discussion that your audience has among themselves. When you become known as a source of great content, you also increase the level of trustworthiness that your audience associates with your brand.


5. Content is a great way to Increase Your Social Media Presence

All too often, business owners set up social media accounts and then fail to use those accounts to attract or engage their customer base. They either create the account, send out a few inaugural posts and then allow the account to go mostly dormant, or they create the account and use it for   nothing more than direct marketing. Neither of these things results in increased numbers of   followers, conversation, or shares.

This is unfortunate, because all that is needed to increase shares, and boost engagement is to create and curate content that you then share on your social media sites. The increased social media presence that results from this is certain to increase the number of visitors to your e-commerce site, and that is going to result in higher conversion rates.



  1. Hello Julie,

    I agree with the points you made in this post.

    You are right about the importance of content marketing in getting a stronger grasp of what your target audience will find interesting, entertaining or informational.

    I also agree that content marketing improves social media reach and search engine rankings as Google likes you and your content more when others like you and your content more.

    Thanks for writing this.

  2. Interesting points, but this seems all too easy. For creating contents one needs to have expertise or familiarity with the topic. Although sites like crowd sourcing could help but it will all depend upon the writers.

    Social media thrives on content and utilities….churning fresh relevant content is the answer.

    By targeting audience interested in the topic the trust comes natural and regular publication results in engagement and hence increased traffic. The most attractive platform for fresh content creation is provided by blogs that are topic relevant.

    Thanks for the article.

  3. Hey Julie,
    Content marketing done rightly will give credence to valuable branding, excellent promotion, and effective engagement. I agree with you on all the five reasons shared here.

    Nevertheless, it must be stated that for one to achieve increased conversions with content strategy, there is need for the marketer to create consistent value with every content strategy shared!
    Sunday William recently posted… Marketplace Helps You Make Money Selling Your Products and ServicesMy Profile

  4. Hey Julie,

    I like the fact that you pointed out the content helps to increase engagement and trust. This is the key if you want to grow your business and to establish authority in your niche.

    With that said, this will be the starting point of your campaigns. Wherever your loyal fan base is as far as your content, you can guarantee that they will be the ones that will be helping you share your content which eventually leads to business growth.

    Thanks for sharing Julie! Have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…5 Simple Tips For A Daily Social Media Promotion PlanMy Profile

  5. Spot on!

    It is expected to be the most commercially important digital marketing strategy. Additionally, it is getting harder and more important.

    Content marketing is done correctly, you can build /identify your brand, buyer persona, launch a respectable inbound Marketing Program for little to no cost, boost your SEO, increase trust, engagement and social appearances.

    You can always create a productive online business while using this marketing strategy. Relevant, high quality and fresh content is a must!
    Metz recently posted…Which is Best Social Networking Sites For Marketing BlogMy Profile

  6. Hello Julie,

    It’s all about the content! the content! the content…It doesn’t really work but you get the idea. 🙂 (If not, It’s all about the bass)

    I agree that content is important I also would add that figuring out how people communicate with each other in each social network is important. And then encouraging them to share your content in that way will also help increase your network.

    Savvy Sexy Social on youtube suggest then you just got to ask and then it’s a numbers game. ie; If you enjoyed this content do me a favor and share it on facebook. or tweet it. Rule of thumb is to pick one social network for suggestion. I think there is more to it but you get the gist.

    I still haven’t figured out what moves people on Twitter. But I definitely figured out what moves people on Facebook. I have been averaging well above 70% interaction on Facebook these days.

    Great read! Easy and clear points! I look forward to reading some of your other post.

    Enjoy your day, EltonCarr

  7. The place of inbound marketing will not be complete without a sound content strategy. Therefore, this is my greatest takeaway from this post “Crowdsourcing some of your content also increases brand loyalty and makes your audience feel as if they are adding value to your community.” Brand loyalty is generated from improved content value!

  8. There are lots of things to do with content. Ultimately, these things will lead to increasing conversion.

    It is important that the content marketer take time out t research and commit to doing what is necessary. This will lead to achieving the needed results.

    Content, in whatever form it comes, should be created and promoted to increase engagement. It is in engagement that the needed result is achieved!

  9. Without proper content engagement, it would be difficult achieve success with conversion.

    Every content marketer must put in the best effort to ensure that they make the most of content.

    From discovery of the right niche and keywords to the promotion of the content in SEO, socials, and influencers, content marketing becomes the best bet for all who want to increase conversion.

  10. Hi Julie,

    Increasing conversion for a blog is possible if one takes time to change things that would really affect the traffic and conversion.

    With changes in content marketing it becomes really possible to achieve the conversion needed.

    If one take steps to increase value for the site or blog visitor then it becomes easier to achieve conversion. with a good content marketing strategy, value is added.

  11. Hi Julie,

    Content marketing that is done WELL will help increase conversion. At least, this is practicable. I have seen it work with many people most of the times.

    A good content strategy readily employs tactics that tend towards identifying what the audience wants and providing him/her with value.

    Increasing conversion begins with increasing value, and it is so easy to it with content marketing!

  12. A good content strategy would bring about positive change for real conversion. Every Internet marketer must adopt a strategy that is geared towards creating content is engaging. It is only on the value of engagement that we would explore the value of true conversion!

  13. The importance of content marketing to conversion cannot be denied. Once the content is consistent, useful and valuable, there would always be increased conversions.

    The best content marketers are those that explores good content for increased conversion. Branding, credibility, authority, and quality should be the hallmark of good content marketing.

    I agree with you on these 5 reasons Julie!

  14. Hi Julie,

    Using content marketing to build engagement and trust is the basis for increasing conversion. This is so because when people trust what you offer through engagement, they are more likely to respond to your call-to-action!