Yes, you can easily make money as a content creator and content marketer.

This article shows you exactly how.

It also shows you how to do a lot for free and still succeed as a content creator and marketer.

First things first…


When we were younger, they meant kitchen tools you pour a liquid into.

Today funnels also relate to your ability to make money.

How to make money fast online, especially as a content marketer, is easy since you rely on a powerful weapon you already have in your arsenal, the power of the written word.

In order to sell to your readers all you have to do is write for them.

Note: I didn’t say “Write to them.” No one likes to be talked at.

Writing for an audience and writing to them have different purposes. The first implies a caring, a warmth, a genuine concern.

In order to be a content marketer and generate income from your readers, you need to show you care about them.

Content creators and marketers sell by writing for people.

As a content marketer, you need to rely on funnels to market to your readers.

This post will teach you a 4-step funnel.

The action plan will transform you from a copywriter to a content marketer, and, in the process, transform your website visitors from readers to buyers.

Bring on the content marketing funnel!


Who or What Is A Content Creator

Simply put – a content creator is someone who creates relevant content for a targeted audience.

Who Or What Is A Content Creator

The content can be for either print media (books, newspapers, magazines, etc) or digital media (software, digital video, digital images, digital audio, , electronic books, video games, websites, social media, etc).

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy which focuses on creating relevant content and then distributing that content to attract, keep, and market to a targeted audience.

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As a content marketer, your task is to plan, create, and distribute the content with the goal of attracting and keeping your target reader and then turning those readers into customers.

Are you ready to become a content marketer?


The 4-Step Content Creation and Marketing Funnel:


Step 1. Plan and produce quality content

Content marketing requires a great deal of planning.

Before you can put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard,) you need to strategize.

Earlier, I defined content marketing as producing “relevant content.”

“Relevant to whom?” you might wonder.

Since content marketing is an attempt to generate your target reader’s interest in your content, you need to know who your target reader is.

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How to Discover the Persona of Your Target Reader

This part of the funnel requires you to play detective and draw conclusions about your target customer based on your evidence.

men content creator

Who are you writing for? Do you already have a picture of that person in mind?

On the other hand, perhaps you’re already happy with the demographics of your readership and you want to grow your population of those readers even further.


How can you find the demographics of your audience?

Simple! Google Analytics contains all that information for you. Analytics is a free tool.

Go to Audience/Overview

content creator analytics

At Google Analytics, you’ll find all sorts of helpful metrics.


How can these metrics help you?

The important metrics unlock a key to understanding your reader.

For example, As you can see from this screenshot of my Google Analytics although most of my readers come from the United States, I have a large number coming from India.

That knowledge can help me market to my readers in all sorts of ways.

The key to understanding your reader is your ability to help them.

If you produce helpful content for your reader, you should be able to market to them using this content marketing funnel.

content creator google analytics

This screenshot from Google Analytics shows the ages of the people who came to my blog ( in the last month.

Be sure to change the default range from one week to one month to get a more accurate representation of your demographics.

Knowing I have a wide variety of ages coming to my website can help me make important marketing decisions.

How to figure out what all these ages need?

What does everyone need? People need solutions that will save them time, money, and be quick and easy.

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Let’s see if we can narrow our brainstorming process.

Let’s look at a glance at my metrics from Google Analytics:

content creator google analytics

Looking at my best-performing pages, try to analyze what problems my readers are interested in solving.

Yes, being a content marketer often involves playing psychologist as well as a detective.

To be a content marketer, you must be a strategist, detective, psychologist, copywriter, promoter, and salesperson.

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Let’s draw conclusions about my audience based on my best-performing content as appears in the screenshot.  

Look at Numbers 2 and 4: People are interested in social media tips.

Look at Numbers 5 and 10: People are interested in how to use video online.

Look at Numbers 7 and 8: People are interested in how to generate search traffic.

Look at Number 3: Do you remember I said people like things easy?

Some of the words in my best-performing headlines will help you plan and create content to successfully market to your readers.

Look again at my headlines in the screenshot:

Trigger words in Headlines:

1 Not applicable

2 “Great” People want to be “great.”

3 “Now” People are busy, so they want things “Now.” Your readers know they’ll get immediate gratification when you use this word.

4 “Need” People go to websites to get their needs met. They’ll buy your products for the same reason.

5 “Better” People want to know how to improve their skills or their lives.

6 “New” Everyone wants the latest.

7 Not applicable

8 “Free” You can’t beat the price! It will cost them nothing to try your product.

9 “Boost,” “Best,” “Free.”

10 “Best,” “Now”

To recap:

Step 1 of the content marketing funnel entails you plan and produce relevant content.

The meaning of “relevant” is clear: content which will solve your readers’ needs. These are also called “pain points.”

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Step 2: Promote the Content

Remember your content is a vehicle to get people to your website.

Promote the Content as a content creator

Generating traffic to your site is easy if you don’t cut corners.

Promote everywhere. This is win-win for you.

If you promote and you generate website traffic, great. You are ahead.

If you promote and you don’t generate website traffic, no problem!

I will tell you why. When you promote at sites around the internet, you’re leaving your website’s link. This boosts your SEO which increases your chances of getting visibility at Google and other search engines.

Don’t be afraid to ask for social shares in the Call to Action at the end of your articles.

Influencer outreach may also serve you well at this stage.

Find influencers on Twitter in your niche. Follow them and retweet their work. Many will follow you back on Twitter. It’s the culture of Twitter to follow people in your niche.

When you share your content on Twitter include the words “Please retweet.” Many of your followers including the influencers will share your content with their followers.

Influencers have many followers.

This influencer outreach technique could result in a tremendous growth of your email list.

While you’re sharing your content on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, remember to use relevant hashtags so people interested in your content can find you. Here is a list of 245 hashtags relevant to all niches.

Follow these strategies and your brand grows, your traffic generation grows. Do you know what else grows? Your credibility. If an influencer is sharing your work, you must have quality content.

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Step 3: Use Lead Magnets

Now that you’re generating waves of traffic, it’s time to keep your website visitors from leaving you.

The goal here is to make money not have people come and go like your site is a revolving door.

You could use any incentive of value you think your visitors will like.

When people are offered a freebie they would gladly pay money for, they are happy to offer their email address in order to get the freebie.

There is no “wrong” optin.

Some examples of effective lead magnets could include an ebook with tips, a discount coupon, an extended discount shopping period, cheat sheets, printables, or exclusive content.

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How to Deliver the Lead Magnet to Your New Subscriber

Tools exist to deliver your lead magnet to your subscriber.

blogging tools for content creator

My email service Aweber delivers my optin, a 137 free blogging tools list, for me, and my previous email vendor, MailChimp, did that before Aweber.

Many people use tools like Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels or LeadPages to deliver the optin to their new subscribers.

I use the Rapidology plugin to deliver other lead magnets relevant to my readers’ interests.

The plugin allows me up to 5 optins.

People reading my social media posts are offered a free social media ebook in exchange for their email address for example.

In addition, people reading my technology posts are offered my free blogging tools list.

Also, readers of my SEO posts are offered 13 free SEO tools.

You get the idea.

When it comes to turning visitors into subscribers, there are 5 techniques to get new subscribers that never fail.

Often, before delivering the optin, the new subscription triggers a “Welcome” message. Yours should. You are trying to create a feeling of warmth.

Make sure your lead capture form asks for the subscriber’s name.

People love to receive emails that start with “Dear” and their name.”


Let’s Recap:

During Step 1 you analyzed who your target audience is, you analyzed your audience’s needs, and you created quality content that met those needs.

During Step 2 you promoted your high-quality content everywhere. You connected with influencers and boosted your credibility. You asked for social shares on your website and on Twitter.

During Step 3 you welcomed your new visitors by presenting them with optins that will help them solve a problem or meet a need. You used tools to give them their optin.


Step 4: Market to Your Readers

Okay. This is what you’ve been waiting for: How to create one or more online jobs for yourself and make money by content marketing.

This is easier than it sounds.

Strategy 1: Market on your blog: If you want people to buy your product or service, simply ask them. This is called a “Call to Action.” Tell your subscribers to take action.

Strategy 2: Have a testimonial page on your site. You could even offer testimonials in your sidebar so as soon as people come to your website, they see it.

Strategy 3: Market on social media: User-generated content is currently popular in marketing. Many brands ask readers to take pictures of themselves using the product and then post them on social media with the brand’s identifying hashtag.

content creator instagram hashtag

For example, the new online designer service Stitch Fix does this. The girl in the photo is wearing the brand’s clothing and indicates that using StitchFix’s hashtag.

Why would your subscribers and social media followers buy from you?

  • Your readers trust you. During the steps of the funnel, you built up trust and credibility with your subscribers.
  • You will use the trigger words mentioned earlier in this article. Tell people why they should buy from you: They need items that are (pick one: easy, discounted, exclusive, low-cost). Tell people when they should buy from you: (pick one: act now, act fast, going fast, these won’t last, limited time,) and so forth.

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Wrapping Up the 4 Stages of the Content Marketing Funnel

Most content marketers employ a 3-step marketing funnel:

Create the content, capture the emails, and then make the money.

These strategies utilize the 4th step, after creating the content, do widespread promotion. Then continue with Steps 2 and 3.

The 4 steps of the content marketing funnel presented in this post– Produce, promote, list-build, and market– are easy, and depending on the tools you use, free.


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