Looking for the best computer jobs that pay very well? This is definitely the right article to read.

It tells you all about the different computer jobs you can do, including many that pay very well – as well as $40+ per hour and $150,000+ pear year!

It also tells you about some of the computer related jobs that can be done from home.

And that’s the beauty with jobs that involve computer – there are now high paying online jobs that can be done from home, thanks to the Internet.

With the Internet you can stay at home (or even any location) you want and still do your work.

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The computer jobs included in this article can also make you a lot of money, if you find and apply for the right ones.

Some need particular professional education and skill set while others don’t.

And some can even be done by just about anyone, even those who think they may not have what it takes or feel they are not educated enough.


What Are Computer Jobs

First, even though you obviously already know, let’s just amuse ourselves with the definition of a computer, shall we? 🙂

A computer is an electronic device used for processing information and performing calculations.

Of course these days there are lots of devices that are known as computerized devices, not just the traditional computers.

Computerized devices can be used to do a lot of jobs in a purely business setting or at home.

The use of a computer to complete a job enhances productivity. With or without the Internet connection, the computer remains a handy tool for anyone.

Computer jobs are therefore jobs that involve working with any type of computer device, usually on a higher capacity for the sake of enhancing productivity, than just for the fun of it.

If you love anything that involves computers and want to explore more ways of turning your love into a job, you should find one or more jobs here interesting.


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25 Best Computer Jobs (Including Many That Can Be Done From Home)

Here are 25 of the best computer jobs around that pay very well. These include those that can be done from home.


1. Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer Hardware Engineers ensure that hardware components and processors are researched, designed and developed for use.

They test the developed components, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers.

Updates are often carried out on the computer equipment so they can work with the latest software.

Computer hardware engineering jobs are usually carried out in a manufacturing setting or in the laboratories of companies that build and test computers and similar devices.

This job is one of the best computer jobs around. With technological advancement, more people are expected to use new computers.

How much you can get paid:

Computer hardware engineers earn around $55 per hour and more than $176,000 per year. That’s a lot of money and perfect for those engineering nerds looking to know how to make a lot of money fast, doing the work they love.


2. Database Administrator

computer jobs Database Administrator

Database Administrators use computer software to create, store and organize data.

They identify and administer databases of finances, customer names, payroll lists, customer shipping record etc.

They ensure that data are backed up and restored to prevent their loss.

Database Administrators can work in places with large databases such as insurance companies, educational institutions and so on.

They can also work in companies that provide computer design services. Some do general purpose database management while others are specialized.

How much you can get paid:

Database administrators earn very well. They are paid around $40 per hour.


3. Computer Support Specialist

Computer Support Specialists provide technical support for customers, clients, and companies that use computers.

They provide minor repairs to software, hardware, and other equipment. In summary, they provide help and advice computer users.

They analyze, troubleshoot and evaluate computer network problems for users.

They usually need others doing software testing jobs to help them identify bugs.

How much you can get paid:

The average computer support specialist earns around $25 per hour.

The annual pay for Computer Support Specialist in May 2017 was around $62,340.


4. Systems software developer

computer jobs Systems software developer

Systems software developers design and develop applications that keep computers to run properly.

These applications help control most of the consumer electronics like cars, cell phones, and consumer electronics, and so on.

They come handy at helping to create flowcharts that will enable programmers to write computer codes.

Software developer can among the best online jobs for those with interest and passion around software.

How much you can get paid:

The median pay for systems software developers was $50 per hour.

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5. Computer Repair Technician

Computer Repair Technicians are responsible for the repairs and maintenance of computers. They take care of the malfunctioning of the computer hardware or software.

These technicians can also work factory jobs building and assembling personal computers and servers.

Computer repair technicians can work in storefront shops, corporate information technology departments, government offices, and hospitals, etc.

How much you can get paid:

As one of the best computer jobs around, computer repair technicians earn around $46,843 per year.


6. Computer Systems Administrator

Computer Systems Administrators help organizations or individuals that use computers to solve any technical problem they encounter with their network.

They help organize, install and support an organizations network and communication system.

In summary, this job ensures that the network system of the user is properly evaluated and optimized since the administrators help to design and analyze the network architecture of the network models.

They also help in resolving issues where there is a report of an existing problem.

Computer Systems Administrator jobs are among the best computers jobs you can do.

You would be employed by local businesses, manufacturing companies, institutions, or government establishments.

How much you can get paid:

You should know that computer systems administrators can earn around $40 per hour.

By the way, look out for work from home packing jobs that promise the world, as most are scams!


7. Radiologist

computer jobs Radiologists

Radiologists are doctors that specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases and injury through the use of imaging techniques or devices.

These may include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), fusion imaging, ultrasound, Computed Tomography (CT) and X-Ray.

These equipment utilize computer technology and they are mostly used in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

How much you can get paid:

Radiologist jobs are among the best computer jobs for healthcare professionals. A radiologist can earn up to $100 per hour depending on the training, location, and equipment used.

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8. Videographers

computer jobs Videographers

Videographers film private or public events like birthdays, weddings, conferences, seminars, and so on. They use computers to edit, print and share the content for clients.

They apply lots of creativity and manipulate video or image editing software.

They can even work night jobs working at home, in the motion picture and video industries, as well as in radio and television broadcasting.

How much you can get paid:

Videographers can earn around $28 per hour.


9. Medical Billing Specialist

Medical Billing Specialists are responsible for creating and processing orders, bills, and invoices in healthcare organizations.

Those doing work from home nursing jobs can do this job as it involves processing bills for patients and following up with late payments.

In addition, they submit medical claims to insurance companies and payers such as Medicare and Medicaid.

These specialists utilize computers to effectively carry out their duties. They employ special software and utilize Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

How much you can get paid:

Medical Billing Specialists work in hospitals and healthcare facilities and can earn around $20 per hour.

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10. Medical Coder

computer jobs Medical Coders

Medical Coders are health information technicians that organize and manage health information data by ensuring that the quality, security, and accessibility of the information is maintained.

They can also be referred to as medical records and health information technicians.

They classify and assign appropriate medical codes to diagnoses and procedures for patient treatments, billings, statistics, and insurance purposes.

They are also similar to work from home online medical transcription jobs.

In Medical Coding, electronic devices like computers are used to effectively accomplish operations. Thus, it is one of the best computer jobs you can apply for.

How much you can get paid:

The job is carried out mostly in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The average pay for a medical coder is $20 per hour.

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11. Video Game Designer

Video Game Designers design the content and rules of video games. They have artistic and technical skills that enable them to write the games successfully.

Video game designers can be tasked to draft a proposal of the concept that comes to their heads. Then they develop the gameplay requirements, deadlines, budgets, characters, and layout.

They use computer programs and illustrations to create animations and graphics of the games.

Video Game Designers are among the best online jobs for students, especially those who like to work with entertainment artists, visual effects professionals, movie makers, and other gameplay designers.

These individuals can work from home. They can also work in the movie industry, the advertising industry, and with computer software developers.

How much you can get paid:

The average pay for Video Game Designers is $35 per hour, which can get you a lot of free Xbox gift cards, if that’s your thing.

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12. Multimedia Artist and Animator

computer jobs Multimedia Artist and Animator

Multimedia artists and animators use computer programs to create animation and visual effects for television, movies, real money earning games, and other forms of media.

They also develop storyboards that map out key scenes in animations.

Many people who are passionate about animations even see this as one of the best hobbies that earn money for them.

Multimedia artists and animators can work independently at home or they can work with software developers, advertisers, and motion picture and video industries.

How much you can get paid:

The hourly earnings for this computer job is $35.

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13. Virtual customer service representative

Virtual customer service representatives work from remote locations on behalf of companies.

A bit similar to front desk jobs, workers attend to customers that call the company and resolve issues which customers or callers might be facing with the products or services.

The issues they help resolve for callers, sometimes via online chat, include those related to billing & subscription, technical support, and general product or service information.

You can work from home or from a specified location put in place by the company. The use of a computer and a telephone is required for this job.

How much you can get paid:

Virtual customer service representatives can earn around $15 per hour.

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14. Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks

Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks produce and keep financial records for individuals and businesses.

They do more than just advice on the best online shopping appsinvestment apps or money saving apps to help their clients with their finances.

They particularly use bookkeeping software, databases and spreadsheets from computers to record financial transactions, update statements, and check financial records.

They work for both the private and public business sectors. Some clerks can be employed to work from home or from a virtual location.

How much you can get paid:

Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks can earn around $20 per hour. It is one of the best computer jobs around.

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15. Social Media Evaluator

computer jobs Social Media Evaluator

Social Media Evaluators create, manage and update social media files for clients. They use computers and mobile devices to access social media feeds and updates for clients.

The goal of employing most social media evaluators is to ensure that the required exposures across the preferred social media channels are achieved.

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How much you can get paid:

Social media can evaluators earn between $10 and $14 per hour. Those who have active social media accounts on their own with lots of followers can even get paid to post on Instagram.


16. Website Designer

Website Designers develop and create websites. They write codes using relevant programming languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby or XML, etc.

They also utilize software applications to design the website’s layout and integrate graphics, audio, and video inside the websites’ layouts.

This is one of the computer jobs for 16 year olds, especially those who love playing around with website designing programs.

Website designers can also update and maintain websites for clients. They can work from anywhere including any business office and from the home.

How much you can get paid:

On the average, website designers earn around $33 per hour.


17. Writers

Writers create written content for websites, blogs, and various media that include books, advertisements, magazines, and books.

They also develop written content for movies and television scripts.

They can use computers to complete assignments. They can work as copywriters, biographers, content writers, bloggers, and Novelists, etc.

The job is one of the best computer jobs for those who desire to earn from home or from anywhere.

Even turning writing into a business can be one of the best small business ideas for females who want to work from home.

How much you can get paid:

The median pay for most writers is about $30 per hour.

By the way, you can always use some of the best writing apps and best blogging apps out there to help make your job as a writer a lot easier, even when on the move.

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18. Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers are artists or communication designers that use computer software packages to create and design visual elements.

This is one of the easiest self employment ideas for anyone who loves designing and want to work as their own boss.

It can be really easy using computer software packages to design visual elements, especially if you have the flare for it.

These elements include images, logos, banners, brochures, book covers, and advertising prints, etc.

These experts also present the best design concepts to clients. They work with both texts and images.

They select the best font, color, headings, and layouts for a project. A mixture of art and science come into play when it comes to graphic designs.

Unlike those doing childcare jobs, Graphic designers don’t have to deal with children and can work from a formal office as well as from their homes.

How much you can get paid:

The median hourly pay for graphic designers is $23 per hour.


19. Travel Agents

computer jobs travel

Travel Agents plan, advice, sell and arrange travel and vacation trips for customers.

They sell transportation or aviation tickets, book lodgings and accommodations, make entertainment arrangements for travelers and guests.

They also advise clients on the best destinations for their planned business or leisure trips.

The advice may also be about the plan trip itineraries, the local weather conditions, customs, and attractions of chosen destinations.

This is definitely one of the jobs that require travel. And who doesn’t love traveling, right?

Travel Agents use computers to make reservations for hotels, rental cars, and tours for guests or clients.

How much you can get paid:

Travel agents can work from home or from an office of travel agencies. They can earn around $20 per hour.

By the way, as you can see from the below picture, the right travel agents help travelers visit amazingly beautiful places.

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computer jobs travel agents


20. Search-engine Optimization Specialist

Search-engine Optimization Specialists or SEO specialists analyze websites and implement the necessary changes that would ensure that they are optimized for search engines.

They employ techniques that ensure links are properly placed, keywords are used, and tags are in order.

Thus, technical, on-page and off-page optimization techniques are employed for success.

A good SEO ensures that the website enjoys good exposure and conversion.

In fact, many people looking for how to really make money online usually start by learning SEO to help them create profitable websites.

SEO specialists work with the computer, so it is a computer related job. You can be an SEO specialist and work from your home, or you can be hired permanently by firms.

How much you can get paid:

According to Payscale.com, the median salary for SEO specialists is around $45, 216 per year.

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21. Editors

Editors are professionals who read content and correct errors on it before and even after publishing. They plan, review and revise content for publication.

The kind of errors that editors detect and correct in writings include grammar errors, spelling errors, and punctuation errors.

Editors can also make corrections on images, videos, blogs, and websites.

Editing can be one of the best jobs for introverts as they don’t necessarily have to deal with people on a daily basis.

Editors spend most of the time dealing with documents.

Computers make it easier for editors to complete their work. They can work from the home, in the office, or anywhere across different industries.

How much you can get paid:

Editors can earn around $28 per hour.


22. Data Entry clerk

Data Entry clerks use their computers to enter a variety of important data for clients. These data may be names, numbers, alphabets, or images.

In most cases, the typical online data entry jobs will require the individual to enter data into the document, spreadsheet or database of a company or client.

There are different types of data entry jobs to choose from. They can be done online and from a remote location.  Nevertheless, it is one of those computer jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.

How much you can get paid:

As one of the good computer jobs around, most data entry clerks earn $16 per hour.

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23. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists listen to audio files and type out what they hear in text format.

There are categories of transcription jobs which include: general transcription, medical transcription, and legal transcription.

While general transcription doesn’t require education or work experience to start, medical and legal transcriptions require experience and some level of education.

Transcriptionists job utilize speech recognition technology. Computers can be used to type and convert audio messages into texts.

Talking about messages into texts, these are different from SMS sending work from home jobs of course.

A transcriptionist can work with transcription service companies, healthcare facilities, hospitals, physician’s offices, law chambers, courts, and so on.

Others are self-employed and can complete their tasks from the comfort of their home.

How much you can get paid:

The median pay for transcriptionists is around $20 per audio hour.


24. Translators

computer jobs Translators

Translators use computers and related tools to convert written materials from one language into another.

The translated copies must maintain the idea, facts, style and structure of the original language.

Translators must be fluent with both the original language and the translated language.

Even though you usually see translators with headphones and other such tools, they don’t get paid to listen to music, that’s for sure.

Instead these are are computerized tools that help translators to accomplish their work efficiently and consistently. These are called the Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools.

Translators can work with educational institutions, government agencies, translation companies, and so on.

How much you can get paid:

The median pay for translators is around $22 per hour. Wages depend on the language, specialty, skill, experience, education, and certification of the translator, as well as on the type of employer.


25. Online Tutor  

Online Tutors are teachers who use computers to teach learners. The Internet is used to communicate and share instructions.

In fact, Online Tutoring jobs have become the trend for many people who are experts in one academic subject or the other and want to use the Internet to teach that to others.

Since the Internet is involved, this is a computer job that can be done anywhere. Thus, most tutors would be self-employed and stay at home to teach and make money.

Online tutors can work with schools, online tutor websites, even as they are self-employed.

How much you can get paid:

Most online tutors can earn between $18 and $25 per hour.

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The above are 25 of the best Computer Jobs around. As you have seen from this article, some of them can even be done from the comfort of your home.

And as you have seen, many pay very well, with some paying as much as $40+ per hour and $150,000+ pear year.


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