Quick Guide: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing


Lean How to became a successful Affiliate Marketer in 2014

What is Affiliate Marketing
How to Start Affiliate Marketing
How to Promote Affiliate Products
Why Affiliate Marketing is best Money Making Program for 2014
How to become Successful Affiliate Marketer

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  1. This is a good share, no doubts, but the title is misleading. This is is nowhere near a “COMPLETE” guide to affiliate marketing. If anything, it’s a just a “quick” guide to affiliate marketing. No one would read it and get everything they need to know to take action.

    That said, we have edited the title to the more appropriate “Quick” guide to affiliate marketing.

    Please avoid sharing articles with titles like this that promise a lot but fail to deliver in the content of the article.

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  2. A good guide, especially for many out there who are still learning the ropes of how to make money online. Affiliate marketing is a viable option that should never be ignored.

    I must add that for anyone to become successful with affiliate marketing, he/she should strive to meet the need of the customer.

    In this wise, choosing a product that solves problem for the intended audience should form part of the important research and steps to make!
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  3. Affiliate marketing is quick to start, and you might even get your first sales in just few days. But the reason why many still fail in affiliate business is because they don’t create daily agenda for their affiliate marketing.

    First is to create a daily agenda, second is to consistently doing it everyday without fail. Spending 30 minutes to an hour every day contributing (not spamming) to the forum is a good start to drive traffic to your affiliate link. Some forum doesn’t allow you to directly use your affiliate link in your signature, you might need to mask it with a domain, or use a squeeze page before direct people to your affiliate link.

    There is more about affiliate marketing, but if you want your life to be easier, you need to learn how to leverage what other people has already done. Don’t reinvent the wheel, someone has build the stairs, you just need to move forward step-by-step, that’s all.

  4. Hello S. Mondal !

    Hope you are good ? I love your tutorial, it is truly a guide, I learnt more than you expected, I have always wanted to try affiliate marketing to see how it would yield me few bucks but my biggest challenge was how to start..

    Thank you for your article because I was able to pick certain vital information from it !!! Am hoping to read how to do on page and on page seo as you promised to deliver !!

    DOK Simon
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  5. Hi Suprabhat,

    This is informative post regarding affiliate marketing……..Good work……..!!!

    Affiliate marketing is great a way to earn money through your website. Many website owners starts affiliate marketing but failed to earn money because they don’t aware which affiliate ads beneficial for their website niche as well as failed to promote these ads.

    For instance your website niche is technology related and you promote medical products ads then you not only fail to sell these products but also loose your website’s traffic too.

    Your article helpful for those (particularly newbies) who desired to start affiliate marketing on their website. Thanks for sharing this information with kingged community…….!!!
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  6. Hey Suprabhat,

    At one time I was doing both network marketing and affiliate marketing.

    Guess what?

    I had much more success with affiliate marketing than I did with network marketing. I guess I had more of a gift with affiliate marketing, plus it was much more fun for me.

    This is definitely a great guide. It’s not about just putting out an ad or a blog post. You have to be smart about it. You want to be on the same page as the target audience that would have the most interest in what you’re marketing. Once you gather the stats of who your audience is and where they hang out, then all you have to do is promote to them. Reviews are definitely great and beneficial for them, but more important, building the email list and building a relationship with them is key!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week!
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  7. Affiliate Marketing, a way to earn quick money at home. I also recommend affiliate marketing instead of Google adsense.
    I don’t have much knowledge how to earn quick from affiliate marketing but after reading this article I earn lots of information. Hope this strategy of affiliate marketing works for me to earn alot from it.

    Thanks for sharing this article on Kingged.com. Now I’m going to follow these steps of success.

    Mustafa Gaziani
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  8. Affiliate marketing is good way to make money online if one know the ropes well, it could be said to be easy for those who have mastered the process or hard for begginers but one things is sure it sure does yield well if done well…

    This guide should set one who is new up on affiliate marketing, I have been doing it and I must say it’s been awesome but step by step movement is required as it’s not a quick money venture….

    Good products that meets the users needs should be promoted, it should also have good and honest reviews as otherwise would hurt in the long run….

    Good share no doubt, thanks for sharing it…
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  9. Hi Suprabhat, First of all I would like to say thanks for sharing such a valuable topic with us. Affiliate Marketing is the way to monetize your blog. A Blogger can manage to earn a huge amount of money by using it. But they should have patience if they want to get profit. If you have it then no one can stop .

    Here you explained it in details and it will help me to know more about it. Not only me, but those who are the beginners in blogging, they will also get benefit from your article.

    Thanks again Suprabhat.

  10. Hello Suprabhat,

    As we know, making online money with affiliate marketing is a great way as a choice. There are a lot of reason for us to choose this way. Some of them are listed on your post already.

    By following steps you mentioned above, i believe people will get success in doing affiliate marketing.

    As i think, choosing product niche and pick the perfect Keyword to rank is a good thing to start. Because, by choosing the good choice it will determine your good traffic. Then, good traffic will determine a good sales.

    Thank you for sharing this great guide for us. This is a good post to learn.

  11. Suprabhat
    You are encouraging newbies with your this article.i realy appreciate that.you told us that in begining we loose hopes when the goal did not achieve .but with determination with continous effort one can be succeeded so on the whole i like the way you write your article.

  12. Hey Bro,

    The guide you shared related to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing is just like the complete story of Affiliate Marketing and any users can very easily understand what is Affiliate Marketing? and what need to do for make money with it?

    Although, i have read once this article but today again read out very carefully. The ways you shared to Promote Affiliate Program is really awesome and seems profitable. In this article the section of “Why to Choose Affiliate Marketing” impressed me most.

    Thanks Brother for this helpful article. Keep writing such a great article.
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  13. Hello Suprabhat my friend on Facebook.
    First of all I would like to say thanks for sharing such a useful post on how to make money with Affiliate Marketing. This is very helpful for newbies who want to earn money with Affiliate programs for first time, i also a newbie too and i want to know the a lot of way to earn money online.

    Thank so much man for sharing the valuable article.
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  14. Hi,

    Nice article here. Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn more money than any ad networks. There is always failure waiting for us before any success.

    Marketing products related to the niche is very essential, as you said, one might as well lose some audience too.

    For affiliate marketing, there is one thing I need to say for every blogger, they need to start it out. Once started, they will keep unfolding it’s features.
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  15. Hello Suprabhat,
    My Earning from blog relies only on Google Adsense and infolinks. I have never monetize my blog with Affiliate links. only due to lack of knowledge.
    Finally after reading your guide on Affiliate marketing, I am confident that I can also ern money via Affiliate links.

    My blog is Technology blog, so I am become affiliate associate in flipkart and amazon.
    I think they are good to start. if you have some more program please pass those to me so that I can kick start my affiliate journey.

  16. I agree about your comments on ShareASale – I absolutely love ShareASale!!!

    One of the main problems I have with Clickbank is that if you are not making money for a certain period of time, they start docking your account with “maintenance fees”. I went from $30 in my account to nothing because of this. With ShareASale, I had $1.50 in my account for SEVERAL MONTHS, and it remained there until I was able to come up with a better marketing plan to get enough commissions to hit the $100 threshold.

    Clickbank is still a good affiliate network, but if you are going to do business with them, you need to have a strong traffic strategy in place BEFORE you start marketing their products.
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