If you want to know the very best companies that hire home workers, this article has all you need.

It reveals the best companies that hire those who can work from home and how you can get started working with them.


Why Look for Companies that Hire Remote Home Workers?

Let us talk about your occupation and your daily routine at your workplace.

The first question to ask as it relates to your employment is how much do you like your truck or car that transports you to your workplace?

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Did you know that the average time of the one-way commute to go to work in America for the employee is 26.1 minutes?

Let us get out our trusty calculators and do the math. That would be 26.1×2 for the daily roundtrip commute of an individual to get to their workplace.

Then multiplying that number, 52.2, by the number of workdays in the week, 5, your calculator would then reflect the total of 261.

This number represents the number of minutes that you spend in your car in one week commuting to and from work.

Let us go further by multiplying 261 times the number of weeks in the year.

Consequently, 50×261, 2 weeks off for vacation, equals 13,050 minutes for the year.

So, the average yearly commute for an individual to travel to their workplace twice a day equals 13,050 minutes or is the equivalent of 217 1/2 hours or 9 days spent in your vehicle.

So, once more – the question is how much do you enjoy your job to spend this long stuck in your car?


Time and Money

Perhaps you are saying that nine days spent on the road to get to work and back is no big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Let us reflect on several other variables in this process of commuting in the light of finances.

The current reimbursement as set by the IRS is 57.5 cents per mile. This amount is the standard rate paid to an individual when they use their car for work-related purposes.

It is the fair amount paid to reimburse the individual for gas consumed, wear and tear on the tires of the vehicle that is being used, maintenance, etc.

Again referring to our calculator if you were to be paid 57.5 cents per mile that you drive on your daily commute this would amount to $30.01.

For the year that would be $7,503.75.

Are you being reimbursed this amount or is this an out-of-pocket expense?

Furthermore, if you were to take the 9 days that you spend in your car on your yearly commute and broke that down into your hourly wage, then we are talking about real money.

In other words, most likely, you are not being paid to commute to work nor are you being paid for the time that you spend in your car traveling to your place of employment and then home again.

So the answer?

What if we were able to secure a good-paying job that didn’t require any commute. The new employment position would allow us to work from home.

Therefore, let us look at some of the best companies that hire home workers.


21 Best Companies that Hire Home Workers

The following represents a list of companies that offer remote employment opportunities.


1. Lionsbridge

Lionsbridge Technology is a company based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

The company operates in 26 countries around the world. Its primary service to its customers is by providing translation and localization services.

Remote employment with this company is based on the individual’s skill set, where they live, and the languages that are known.



TTEC, formerly known as Teletext, is a worldwide company that employs over 50,000 individuals.

The listed positions that one can work remotely include customer service representatives, licensing manager, and tech support.

Working from home with TTEC, the employee, through the phone, will be able to chat with customers and be a social media representative.

Yes, this is one of those companies that pay you to chat with customers online.


3. LiveOps

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, this company is a cloud call center business.

To its credit, LiveOps was one of the first major businesses to offer its employees a work-at-home virtual employment opportunity.

A LiveOps employee works as an independent agent and makes and takes phone calls from customers who are clients of LiveOps.


4. Working Solutions

Created in 1996 and located in Dallas Texas, Working Solutions partners with independent contractors to perform the needed duties of the work required.

Available jobs for these work-at-home individuals include being customer service representatives, sales consultants in the educational field, and helping customers with their tax software.


5. Kelly Services

Headquartered in Troy Michigan, Kelly Services offers both traditional employment opportunities to their clients and workforce.

Remote working opportunities are also available dependent on the customer company needs as matched to the skills of the employee client.

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6. Williams-Sonoma

As part of the retail industry, Williams-Sonoma is headquartered in San Francisco California.

Working remotely offers the selected individual the opportunity to be a customer service agent.


7. TranscribeMe

Transcribe me is just as the name of the company implies.

It is an IT service located in California and recruits individuals to work remotely who have the skills of being a financial analyst, copywriter, and transcriptionist.

No transcription software is required and provides a unique opportunity for level-entry individuals to hone their skills while still receiving compensation.

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8. Sutherland Global Services

Sutherland Global Services is a company that specializes in customer service.

The individuals that they employ remotely provide tech support, customer service, and support, being a client representative and provide communications with others through chatting options on the website.

The employment position is contingent upon the skills and interests of the applicant.

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9. Robert Half International

This company specializes in matching potential employees with their customer companies.

As a specialized staffing service company, they offer remote jobs such as a Java developer, customer service representative, and help clients in their tax preparation.

Of course, the remote possibility is dependent upon the client’s company.

Robert Half International is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

Below are more tips on some gigs that can can be done from home:

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10. Transcom

Remote employment opportunities affiliated with Transcom, headquartered in Stockholm Sweden, include being an advisor with technical support, an operations manager, and helping to coordinate human resources.

This company specializes in promoting outsourcing for their business clients.

The company primarily operates in Europe, South and North America, Africa, and Asia.


11. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is part of the healthcare industry.

Located in the city of Minneapolis Minnesota, remote jobs for interested individuals could include being an analyst of data, an incident manager, and a clinical administrative coordinator.


12. Cactus Communications

This particular company is headquartered overseas in India and more specifically the city of Mumbai.

They are categorized as a communications industry and a remote job that could potentially be filled by an individual is the role of editor.

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13. Citrix

Citrix is synonymous with the manufacturing of software.

Their 2 locations include Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Santa Clara, California.

Remote jobs that possibly are available to workers include being a technical account manager, executive assistant, and networking sales specialist.


Best Companies that Hire Home Workers


14. Education First

Education first is of course classified as a business within the education industry.

Their primary remote opportunities include the hiring of teachers who are proficient in the English language as well as the possibility of employing an international language teacher.

They are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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15. Randstad

This is a staffing company located in Atlanta Georgia.

Being a staffing company they look for individuals who can fill various positions within their client companies.

Some of those remote positions that are possibly afforded to an individual include onboarding specialist, development and testing of software, and a coordinator within an HR department.


16. K12

As one might suspect K 12 is an educational company that is headquartered in Herndon Virginia.

Being in the indicated education industry, remote opportunities of employment include being a high school counselor, a teacher, and a literacy coach.


17. Supporting Strategies

Supporting strategies is defined by the industry as being operational support and providing bookkeeping services.

Consequently, the remote jobs available to potential employees include that of being a bookkeeper or accountant.

This company is located in Beverly Massachusetts.


18. Aerotek

Aerotech is a company that provides staffing to its clients.

Examples of possible remote employment opportunities include being a call-center representative, analyst of finances, or graphic designer.

This staffing company is located in Hanover, Maryland.


19. KForce

Located in Tampa, Florida, KForce is also a staffing company that provides employees for its clients.

The possibility of remote jobs through this staffing company includes a wide range of employment opportunities including a developer of Windows, a collection specialist as it relates to consumer affairs, and an agent working within their home that serves as their call center.

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20. Belay

Belay offers to its customers virtual administrative assistants.

Remote-focused employment opportunities within this business include a strategist working within the social media platforms, a graphic designer, and a virtual executive assistant.


21. Upwork

Theoretically, not defined as a business in the true definition of the word, Upwork is an Internet platform in which customers can post various job opportunities and Upwork’s team of freelancers can apply accordingly to positions that fit their skill set.

Many of the large percentages of the jobs that are offered and taken through Upwork can be accomplished remotely.

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Personal Story

The reality of either commuting or operating a vehicle as it relates to one’s work was vividly made clear to me when I took a job that required that I do traveling in a region.

Our current vehicle was not mechanically sound so we invested in a new vehicle knowing that the company was going to be paying mileage.

This mileage that was paid covered the monthly payments for our new vehicle.

Following the taking of this position, I was transferred to a new position and only required a short round trip commute of half an hour.

The terms of the new contract that was offered did not include any reimbursement of any mileage. Consequently, this was going to significantly impact our financial budget.

Through some negotiation with the employer, I was able to negotiate a higher salary based on the fact that we had purchased this vehicle anticipating that our mileage would be covered.

The reimbursement of our mileage would cover our monthly car payment.

The action on my part was nothing special or significant but just shared with you the reader to underscore the cost of using private transportation to get to and from our job.

It can be a significant amount of money and can greatly impact our financial budget.


You Can Do It

The employment landscape is consistently and continually evolving. Many factors contribute to this shifting.

Some of those factors could include the recent pandemic that the world went through, the increase of technology, and the ability for individuals to effectively and efficiently work from home.

It would seem then that the average American worker is in the office chair and can choose to go several directions in gaining employment and earning a good salary.

The 2 major choices in working for another would be a typical 9 to 5 job and commuting to the workplace and then back home.

The other, and more freeing employment option, is to work remotely from home.

In either case, opportunity, as always, abounds in America.

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Do you wish to stop making your car your home away from home?

Also, another significant advantage to not commuting daily is the cost associated with utilizing your vehicle and the time that you expend on the road.

Therefore, it may be prudent for the employee to reconsider their job, crunch all the numbers and perhaps decide that it is time to steer away from the road.

Maybe a change from the commuter lane to the computer lane is indicated.

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