Yes, there are indeed companies that buy patents and you can be one of those making money selling to such companies.

This article lists some of the best companies as well as how most of them work, how much some of them pay, etc.


Do Companies Really Buy Patents and Pay?

Yes, companies really do!

If you have patented inventions that you want to sell, then you would want to check the best companies out there.

Luckily, there are many companies where people with brilliant ideas, inventions, and patents can make money from their intellectual properties.

It becomes necessary to choose the best among the lot.

Keep reading to find the best companies that buy patents and why each rocks.

Most of them are online marketplaces used by researchers and successful entrepreneurs to sell their intellectual property.


13 Best Companies that Buy Patents and Why Each Rocks


1. IAM Market

IAM Market is a marketplace to buy and sell patents. This company was launched in 2015 and has been offering both free and paid patents.

It brings together people who see the commercial value of intellectual property and technology, and who want to do business together.

So, you can sell or buy a patent on this site.

Buyers can access patents for free why sellers pay some fees.

IAM Market is unique in that:

It helps top vendors and brokers to promote their intellectual properties.

It features 22 top vendors and leading IP sellers on this site.

These include top Fortune 500 companies like Google, AT&T, Sony, Philip, Intel, IBM, NEC, Harman, Rambus, and Soitec.

Apart from the above vendor, IAM Market allows everyone to sell or license their intellectual property.

This marketplace is a paid service for the seller and a free for the buyer

The process of listing and promoting your patent on this site is made simple

Sellers can profile their licensing, sales operations, and technology transfer programs.

Click here to check out IAM Market as one of the best places that can buy your patent or intellectual property.

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2. IP Marketplace

IP Marketplace is another reputable resource for people who want to buy and sell patents.

It has existed since 2007 while a new and modernized version of the site was launched in 2017.

Buyers and sellers of IP rights can contact each other on this site.

The website is managed by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

It is one of the best places to check out if you want to sell your intellectual property.

Why this marketplace rocks include:

  • Buyers and sellers of IP rights can access this site free of charge.
  • The site offers clear listings of different types of intellectual property rights including patents, designs, and trademarks.
  • This site provides a tool that users can employ to know the value of their patents, trademarks, and design rights.
  • IP Marketplace facilitates the initial contact between buyers and sellers of IP rights. However, negotiations take place offline, just as the sale isn’t concluded at IP Marketplace.

Click here to check out IP Marketplace.

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3. IP Trader

IP Trader is a full-service intellectual property monetization and commercialization firm.

It is a member of the International Trademark Association and a founding member of the International Monetization and Commercialization Forum.

Headquartered in New York, IP Trader has offices in Washington, Arizona, and in most major cities in China.

If you have a patent to sell, then IP Trader is one of the best places that buy patents and other intellectual property.

This company assists corporations, law firms, universities, governments, and investors in the monetization and commercialization of Intellectual Property.

The reasons why IP Trader rocks include:

  • It offers many IP services that help you boost the value of your patent and other types of Intellectual property so that your revenue stream is boosted.
  • It helps clients buy, sell, and commercialize their patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property through its many IP brokerages. The list of brokerages you can leverage includes IP Acquisition, IP Valuation, IP Licensing, IP for Sale, and Patent Claim Mapping.

Click here to check out IPTrader.


Best Companies That Buy Patents


4. is a company that was launched in 2012.

It specializes in helping start-up companies with inventions make money.

According to the site: is an IP commercialization company that builds successful startup companies by collaborating with inventors, universities and research institutes to identify high-potential inventions at an early stage and provide the commercial direction, fundraising expertise, and management talent necessary to build outstanding companies.

You can check out this company if you are interested in buying, selling, or licensing IP. rocks for the following reasons:

  • You can list your patents after registering free of charge.
  • You are charged a matching fee upon completion of a successful transaction. The fee is 12% for for-profit companies and 4% for nonprofits.
  • This company has a membership plan which can be accessed for $200. If you upgrade to this membership plan, you can unlock many features that include the revelation of patent numbers.

Click here to check out

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5. Idea Buyer

Idea Buyer is one of the best companies where you can buy or sell patents.

This is a business development company that works with entrepreneurs to turn their idea into a product or technology-based business.

This company was founded in 2007, and since then it has helped many companies sell or buy patents.

This is one of the best places to buy patents as you plan to turn your ideas into fruition.

The site reveals that:

The Idea Buyer online marketplace allows you to create a listing for your idea.

You provide a well-written description of your idea, patent, copyright, or trademark and promote it.

When someone wants to buy or license your idea, they will contact you directly through the website.

Some of the top reasons to choose Idea Buyer to include that:

  • The platforms allow inventors to list their patents with free registration.
  • Buyers also enjoy free registration on this platform.
  • There are paid plans which allow patent owners to enjoy features to turn their ideas into fruition.
  • Most of the products that have gone through this platform are currently being sold in top stores like Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Target, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Reed’s, and Tractor Supply Co.
  • Idea Buyer provides you with services that would assist you in fully developing your product for retail distribution.
  • Idea Buyer does not “buy your ideas”, but they can provide you with the resources to find a “buyer” for your “idea”

Click here to check out Idea Buyer.

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6. IdeaConnection

IdeaConnection is another company or marketplace you can check out to buy patents.

Buyers can register for free to find the patent they want.

Sellers will pay to list their inventions for patent rights.

For a fee of $49.95, sellers can list their patent for up to two years and are marketed with a link to their website and notification to subscribers.

So, it easily comes as a marketplace for buyers who easily browse the patents they want and contact the seller.

The following are top reasons why this platform rocks:

  • You can sign up as a crowd seller and earn commissions selling patents and inventions to your network of connections.
  • Yes, as a crowdseller with Idea Connection, your network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances can be a great source of potential income for you.
  • IdeaConnection is considered as an “expert solver network comprised of a virtual workforce of 20,000+ experts, thought leaders, scientists and innovators across 180+ countries.”

Click here to check out IdeaConnection.

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7. is another genuine and popular marketplace to list patents for sale. You can use this platform to find buyers for your patent.

Indirectly, this is a company that buys patents.

Why this site rocks include:

  • It lists different types of patented inventions for sale or license.
  • You can list your patents for free.
  • will help you to get in touch with potential buyers so you keep full control of the negotiations.
  • Registered buyers can contact you directly through the site.
  • Listing your patented inventions on this site is easy as you can only take a couple of minutes to complete it.

Click here to check out


8. PatentMall

PatentMall is another well known and reputable marketplace for creative inventors, research institutions, companies, manufacturers & entrepreneurs to connect.

It should be considered as one of the best companies that buy patents.

If you have patented inventions, then you can sign up with PatentMall to sell them.

Why this company rocks include:

  • The registration is free and easy. You simply need to create a profile and upload your tech.
  • This company helps members to sell patents, inventions, and ideas, etc.
  • PatentMall partners with many research institutes in Malaysia.

Click here to check out PatentMall.

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Other companies you can also check out include

9. RPX

10. Transactions IP  

11. Tynax Patent Library





As this article has shown, there are indeed companies that buy patents and you can be one of those making money selling to such companies.

This article also listed the best companies as well as how most of them work, how much some of them pay, etc.