If you are looking for some of the best companies hiring seasonal workers, this is a must-read article.

It explains a bit about seasonal work and lists some of the best companies that really hire people looking for such jobs.

For the uninformed, seasonal jobs are those jobs that are available during seasons or holidays and pay really well.

These are jobs that workers do during periods like Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine, Thanksgiving and so on.

Seasonal jobs are good for those who need extra money during the holidays.

Since the companies hiring has their hands full then it makes perfect sense to work with them and get a slice of the pie.

Many companies hire workers to do seasonal jobs. Some of these companies are the best to work with. Yes, they pay well and offer better incentives to their workers.

Of course, you can check out these companies if you are interested in getting employed as a seasonal worker.

As a seasonal worker, you should expect to work odd hours, work late nights, work during weekends, and possibly multiple shifts per day, especially with some job positions.

That said, here are some of the best companies that hire seasonal workers.


1. Best Buy

Best Buy is a big retailer of various items. People buy their electronics, groceries, home appliances, tools, etc. from the Best Buy store.

Best Buy often hire workers during holiday seasons. You can apply for a job from this company and make good money.

If you are hired by Best Buy, you may take up various responsibilities that include working as a customer experience specialist, merchandising specialists, overnight inventor, warehouse clerical aide, and more.

Vacancies for various jobs can be opened in any of their stores across the United States.

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2. UPS

UPS is a popular American courier company. It provides jobs in various careers.

This company offers seasonal jobs for warehouse workers – package handlers, tractor-trailer drivers, visual merchandiser, seasonal security specialist, seasonal hourly warehouse operator, seasonal credit card processor, driver helper, and so on.

UPS seasonal workers can be hired in different countries.

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3. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is an American multinational supermarket chain. Its headquarters is in Austin, Texas.

This company sells products that are free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

They hire workers who can partake in seasonal jobs.

These jobs include seasonal cashier, customer service personnel, Seasonal Part-Time Seafood Team Member, inventory staff, Prepared foods team member, Deli Team Members, stocking staff, grocery clerk, in-store shopper, and so on.

These job openings are available in the different cities or locations of the company.

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4. Old Navy

Old Navy is a clothing company. It is one of the best providers of clothing out there. With this company, you can take advantage of the best designer wears.

This company offers seasonal jobs.

If you are looking for a seasonal job that pays well, then you should consider working for Old Navy.

Yes, this company is one of the best you can work for.

Some of the out available jobs that you can apply for include Seasonal Retail Sales Associate, Seasonal Stock Associate, and brand associate.


5. The Home Depot

The Home Depot is an American hardware company. It is a retailer of various kinds of home improvement products. These include supply tools, construction products, and services.

The Home Depot offers seasonal jobs for individuals who may be interested to work at any of their stores.

The seasonal jobs you may find during these holidays may center on retail careers, merchandising career, supply chain careers, and so on.

Specific job openings for the seasons include Lot Associate, Asset Protection Specialist, Customer services/sales, store support, merchandising, cashier, driver/delivery staff, Freight Associates (Operations), and so on.

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6. FedEx

FedEx is an American based courier company. This company is notable for delivering parcels and packages all over the world.

During the holiday seasons, the quantity of work for this company soar.

It becomes pertinent to hire employees who will help meet the target and give satisfaction to customers.

You can apply to this company and get hired for a seasonal job.

Some of the most notable seasonal jobs you can get hired for include packagers, drivers, inventory managers, customer service representatives, warehouse associates, materials handlers, general labor, and so on.

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7. Walmart

Walmart is a popular American multinational retail corporation. It operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores.

Every year, Walmart hires thousands of workers across its retail stores and departments for seasonal jobs.

You can be hired for any seasonal job you are qualified for.

These jobs include seasonal warehouse associate positions that are made available at various Walmart Fulfillment centers.

These and other jobs are made available to take care of the holiday demand needs of Walmart.

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8. Amazon

Amazon is another great company when it comes to hiring seasonal workers. This is the largest eCommerce company around. It sells a variety of items online.

Amazon is an American multinational technology company. Its headquarters is in Seattle, Washington.

This company focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, Books, hardware, software and lots more.

With the holidays fast approaching, Amazon hires people to its various departments.

Recently, this company offered to hire more than 100,000 seasonal staff for the holidays.

Some of the job openings available with Amazon include Warehouse Associate, Warehouse operator, customer services, shopper drivers, package sorters, etc.

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9. Target

Target is the very popular Multinational Corporation. It is a retail corporation. It is the 8th-largest retailer in the United States.

This company offers various job opportunities to qualified and interested individuals. You can work with this company and get paid.

Take advantage of the offers made available by this company. On the website, Target states that “…By joining our seasonal team, you’ll help make the holidays happen for guests within your community.

Some of the seasonal jobs you can always take advantage of include as you work in this company include cashier, cart attendant, general merchandise, seasonal security specialist, and so on.

Check out Target hiring more than 140,000 employees for its holiday work

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