If you want to know how to become a Commercial model and make money, this article will prove very helpful.

It reveals the different ways you can become a Commercial model, the different ways you can make money and most importantly, some of the best modeling agencies that can help Commercial models get paid.

In fact, some of the modeling companies included in this article pay models from $40,000,  $70,000 to as much as $200,000 annually!

Some of these modeling companies have worked with big models like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Savannah Ivarsson, Rafael Xavier, Aly Rae, Tyra Banks, etc.

Also, many of the Commercial models working with these modeling companies have been featured in international shows around the world.

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What is Commercial Modeling and Who is a Commercial Model?

Commercial modeling is as the name implies – models who model commercially!

Of course all models do some form of commercial modeling but those who are referred to as “commercial models” specifically model to help in selling products and services to the general public.

Instead of those models who model for fashion companies, commercial model specifically model for products/services and appear in billboards, magazines, newspapers and other commercials.


Why Should You Become a Commercial Model?

Commercial modeling is an exciting source of income for people who are doing it right. Making money as a commercial model is easy if you know how.

You also need to know the companies that will help you make it and earn money as a commercial model. This article presents this information and even more.


Why Get Paid as a Commercial Model?

You will get paid as a commercial model because:

  • You do your job well.
  • The company or brand you are modeling for is getting value.
  • The agency you work with will want to secure your payment.


How to Become a Commercial Model and Make Money


1. Seek Work on Your Own

You can work as an independent model and get paid for it. Being on your own may be demanding and require you to put in a lot of effort.

However, it is not impossible. You need to project a powerful and impressive image of yourself to land a job on your own as a model.

You would need a photographer willing to work with you. It’s necessary because you are new to the industry but have big dreams.

Take powerful and impressive headshots to make a bold statement about yourself. These pictures will establish you as a model and are worth the pay.

It would help if you also had a social media presence. You can create social media accounts across different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


2. Sign With an Agent

One way to make money from commercial modeling is to sign up with an agency. You can search online to locate an agency that works with the commercial industry.

Browse the internet and lookout for a good agency. Look for agencies with impressive reputations and records of success. Look out for companies with records of working with commercial industries.

When you have decided on the agency to work with, contact them. Some agencies prefer to be reached via emails, while some like letters.

You can reach some agencies via phone calls. Whatever the medium is, reach the agency and apply.

Most agencies have application forms that you are required to fill. When you fill the form, ensure to supply accurate information and avoid errors.

The application might require that you upload your photos according to specific requirements.

Ensure that you follow the required size and other specifications. Upload quality photos and avoid amateur ones.


3. Mingle With Models and Attend Modeling Events

As a model, some of the jobs you will get will come from associating with other models and attending events. When you attend events, mingle with other models performing and network.

You may also network with agency representatives and the big names in the industry and introduce yourself appropriately.

If the conversation is extensive, you may lead people to your website, and social media handles if they are not aware of it already.

In meetings like this, always drop a pitch of your career. You may want to practice in advance and have the lines perfect.


4. Collaborate With Other Commercial Models

Collaborating with other models starting like you is a great way to land a modeling job.

Although you are just starting, there is a chance that another model might have a connection for you.

If a model in your circle knows someone who needs models for a project, you can be contacted and get paid.

It is always advisable to keep a circle of friends in your chosen aspect of modeling. They may have a connection that you do not have.


5. Respond to Commercial Modeling Casting Calls

Always pick up casting opportunities. If you are starting, it is advisable to respond to casting calls. As time goes on, you may not need to attend an audition for every project.

You may get called for projects you didn’t even go for casting. As your fame grows, you may have strong preferences and choose which casting call to attend.

Other modeling careers you can check out to be successful:


10 Best Paying Modeling Agencies that Pay Commercial Models


1. Bella Agency

Bella Agency is an online modeling agency that is at the reach of anyone at any time, even if you are starting in the commercial modeling industry.

The company was founded in 2004 and has since made tremendous progress.

The company has diversified its focus and caters to Youth, Influencers, and Lifestyle.

This company is known to be all-inclusive as it does not have age restrictions to its acceptance of models.

It also does not have height restrictions when accepting commercial models. This company is one of the best you have in the industry.

Bella is associated with successful models like Olivia Norella, Liz Crowley, Sofia Belhouari, etc.

Click here to check out Bella Agency


2. State Management

State Management is new to the modeling industry. However, it has established its foot and has results to show for it.

This company has worked with big names in the industry, including Marc Jacobs and JW Anderson. The company is based in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

If you are new to commercial modeling, this company is one of the best you can sign up with. It has a personalized approach to working with models.

If you are new to commercial modeling and do not have much experience, you can count on this company to help you reach your goals and become an established commercial model.

Click here to check out State Management


3. DNA Models

DNA Models was founded in 1996 and has remained a champion since then.

The company is based in New York and has an impressive list of models they have worked with, including Naomi Campbell and Kaia Gerber.

This company is reputable for working with big names in the industry.

You can be one of the best commercial models if you work for a reputable company. DNA Models is a wise move.

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4. We Speak Model Management

We Speak is one of the best modeling companies around. The company was founded in 2013 and has a strong presence in the industry.

It is reputable for its inclusivity and unique modeling approach.

The company is known to represent anyone who wishes to become a model. It represents anyone of any gender, age, shape, size, including the disabled.

The models associated with this agency have worked for Nike, XBOX, Target, and other reputable brands.

Models under this agency have also graced the Teen Vogue editorials. You can become a part of this agency if you apply and are accepted.

Click here to check out We Speak


5. Storm Los Angeles

This company has an impressive reputation in the American modeling scene. It has worked with successful models like Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, and so on.

The company is focused on artists and models. If you want to take your commercial modeling to greater heights, this is one agency to consider.

Click here to check out Storm Los Angeles


6. Fenton

Fenton is structured to attend to new commercial models as they make it to the heights they have envisioned for their careers.

Founded in 2009, the agency has a record of steady growth.

Fenton is known for successful names, including Savannah Ivarsson, Rafael Xavier, Aly Rae, etc.

You can apply on their website and provide the required details: your photographs and a brief bio.

Click here to check out Fenton


Commercial Model


7. Elite Model Management

Elite is a reputable modeling agency that will help commercial models make their careers work.

This company has enjoyed positive reviews and has a healthy reputation in the modeling industry.

Elite has made it to Forbes as one of the Most Influential Modeling Agencies on their list. It has been a favorite of modeling communities and remained a great option among commercial models.

Elite is a company that has been around for over thirty years, having its feet in London, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and Miami.

This company has great names like Cindy Crawford and Tyra Banks to its credit.

Click here to check out Elite Model Management


8. Two Management

Two Management, 2M, is a modeling agency that focuses on advertising and catalog.

It is based in Los Angeles and has offices in Toronto and Copenhagen.

The company has a reputation for success and is internationally recognized. To advance your modeling career, you may want to start with this company.

Click here to check out Two Management


9. The Blackwell Files

The Blackwell Files is reputable for representing commercial models and photographers. They have an international reach and have a reputation for success.

Such prestigious names as Uber, CNN, and BMW, among others, are associated with this company.

The company works with new and old models. Their “Pro Talent” division is dedicated to seasoned models.

Click here to check out The Blackwell Files


10. IMG Models

IMG Models came on board in 2013 and has grown so fast. The company has offices in Los Angeles, Milan, London, Sydney, New York, and Paris.

The company developed from IMG Worldwide and has made progress.

It has a reputation for success as it has such names as Bella and Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls to its credit.

Click here to check out IMG Models


How to Be a Commercial Model FAQs


How Do You Become an Established Commercial Model?

You have to sign up with an agency to represent you to become a commercial model.

You will work on projects for commercials and be ready to give in your best.

You will be concerned with commercials and take every opportunity to showcase your talent.


How Tall Do You Have to Be to Become a Commercial Model?

Different establishments may have different requirements for their models and are not biased towards certain heights and shapes.

However, the industry’s standard size is 5’6″ to 5’11” for females and 5’9″ to 6’2″ for males.

Despite these figures, the standard can change depending on the client and other considerations.

The target audience of the modeling establishment also matters. An establishment modeling for a big-sized audience will use models that represent the group.


How Much Money Do Commercial Models Make?

There is no specific amount that commercial models make. The payment depends on the agency and the models.

Models with experience and years of work tend to get more than less experienced models.

The agency will take a part of the payment as commission for securing the model role. The brand also determines the amount the model will be paid.

A model ought to be paid well per-hourly for their performance. However, they may work for free if the project and the collaboration will benefit their career.


How Do You Become a Successful Commercial Model?

You can become a successful commercial model if you put in the work. To be a success in the modeling industry, you have to:

  • Be determined that you want to excel. The decision you take in your mind will motivate and propel you towards meeting your goals.
  • Find photographers who are willing to work with you knowing that you are just starting.
  • Take powerful headshots that will make impressive statements about you.
  • Get agents that will work with you and propel your chances of meeting excelling.
  • Advertise yourself. Put yourself out there and let prospective employers know that you are a model.
  • When contacted for a project, put in your best and make them call you for future projects.


Can I Stay a Commercial Model for a Long Time?

Typically, the required age range for modeling is 18 to 35.

Therefore, if you start modeling at a young age of 18 or slightly above it, you still have long years to stay a model.

However, the age range for modeling is not static. There are models of younger ages as well as older ages.


Is Commercial Modeling a Profitable Business?

Yes, commercial modeling is a profitable business. If you are doing it right, you will continually make money from it.

These suggestions in this article will guide you to having a successful career out of commercial modeling.

If you are well represented and put in the practice to perform well, you will excel.



As this article has shown, it’s indeed easy and possible to become a successful commercial model, if you know what to do.

Commercial modeling is an exciting career. You will excel in the industry if you are appropriately guided. I

f you know how to get paid and the companies that will pay, you are left with taking the step to being a reputable commercial model.

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