Commenting your Way to Blogging Success


Being a newbie is one of the worst fears every blogger can face. I began blogging almost a year back and I remember with shudders the idea of writing blog posts. But, the worst fear was whether the target audience actually got to read my blog. I am sure this is what every blogger fears. It is not the financial impact that worries most of us bloggers during those initial days. During this period, I realized that placing well-targeted comments on relevant blogs was one of the best ways to draw traffic to one’s blog. Blog commenting is an art, if not science, and knowing how to comment is just as important as knowing how to blog.
Remember these 5 golden rules about blog commenting, and I am sure you will find success with your blog..

5 Golden Rules about Blog Commenting

1. Niche Commenting: The old saying “Birds of a feather, flock together” holds true when it comes to blog commenting. So, find blogs in your area of expertise or niche and start reading them, contributing some guest posts if applicable, and of course start adding some zest to the article or post with some useful comments. This will help you target visitors in the blog to check out for more information in your blog. This is one easy way to get targeted traffic to your blog. In my early days, I commented in blogs that had no relevance to medical profession, and I ended up with numerous visitors from other niches. This added only numbers, not relevant customers/audience.


  1. The second number about “Binge Commenting” is an eye opener, well, we can’t be productive as what we are imagining if we’re lazy enough to publish post everyday and get ignored. That’s terrible, your effort will be useless.

    To wrap it up, all rules should be followed accordingly. Thanks for sharing these reminders!
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  2. Blog commenting if consistently maintained and well written to add values tot he content will not only help you build authority and audience but can also help you expose your blog to a wider outreach and this is one thing i do consistently.

    To stand out from the crowd, one has to distinguish himself by leaving only quality comments that can only add value to the topic of discussion, it doesn’t have to be long or short (provided its not a one liner comment) and comments can also be optimized. Ensure to use the keyword of the topic and this way Google could pick it up.

    This is quite a resourceful article, thanks for sharing.
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