Are you someone who is funny?

Maybe you want to get paid to write funny things.

Well, it can be hard to do, as it’s a very competitive field, but here are some places to find different comedy writing jobs, and also where to find these jobs too.

This article shows you as many as 25 sources for finding comedy writing jobs and really getting paid for your humor.


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25 Best Money Making Comedy Writing Jobs Legit Sources That Pay

If you’re ready to make people laugh with your comedy writing, then here are 25 amazing comedy writing jobs for you to look into, and places that’ll help you find them.


1. MediaBistro

This is a site that’s always offering different jobs for you to apply for.

They have a ton of scriptwriting and TV jobs, and they’re always looking for new people to work with.

They’re constantly updating new leads daily, so if you don’t see something you like today, check back tomorrow and see what you can find.

Click here to check out MediaBistro


2. Glassdoor

Okay, Glassdoor is usually not the best place to find Comedy specific jobs for writing, but if you’re tenacious, and you look closely, you’ll find ones specifically for comedy writers.

This may fall into the category of scriptwriting, as usually this is where it ends up, especially when you start to put together new jobs and categories.

Click here to check out Glassdoor


3. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a Christian organization, so you do need to keep it a bit clean, but they do love humor writing.

You can also create articles that have some humor injected into them.

They do also offer fiction and nonfiction jobs, and it’s something that’s worth considering.

The pay for a submission is worth it alone.

Click here to check out Clubhouse


4. Cracked

Okay this one may be a blast from the past too, since it’s not as popular as it used to be, but they are looking for comedy writers.

If you get chosen, expect up to $250 for every assignment, and you can get paid not only to offer humorous articles, but also listicles and other types of posts too.


5. Country

Whats with all of these strange fields that offer comedy writing jobs?

Well, someone needs to make living in the middle of nowhere with three goats interesting, and that’s the goal of Country’s editorial submissions.

If you’re someone who has lived the country life, or maybe watched City Slickers once or twice, you can check out their editorial calendar to find out what they’re allowing and see if you’re a fit for their team.

You can get paid up to $250 for every assignment.

Click here to check out Country


6. Freelance Writing Jobs

This is a site that’s basically a giant job board for all kinds of jobs.

It is freelance, so it won’t be consistent, but if you want to find some comedy writing jobs, this is a good place to begin.

You’ll find plenty on there, including comedy writing, if you squint close enough, so it’s worth looking into.

Click here to check out Freelance Writing Jobs


7. Journalism Jobs

This is a site specifically for journalism jobs.

You may wonder why comedy may be on here, but let’s face it, there are always different journalism jobs that may need a bit of humor injected into it.

It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re trying to find some jobs that will get your name out, and fun gigs that involve comedy writing.

Click here to check out Journalism Jobs


8. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s digest is an American staple, just like apple pie.

However, they do need a bit of fresh air.

They’re looking for people that have new material, and this includes freelance writers.

If you think you can breathe life into this otherwise-dying publication, then consider applying, and see what happens.

Click here to check out Reader’s Digest


9. The Saturday Evening Post

Yet another magazine that seems to stand the test of time, this one has been around for over a century.

They do report on major events and other content, but they also need some humor too.

They have a feature called The Lighter Side which is where the humor writing comes in.

if you’re chosen, get ready to get witty.

You can pitch these ideas to their team, and if they like it, then guess what? You’ve got yourself a job, and you’ll get paid to write this!

Click here to check out The Saturday Evening Post


10. EnRoute

This is actually a magazine that Air Canada has in their seat pockets.

If you want to offer a more “formal” sort of writing, then this is one to consider.

They do need people who are both formal, and who are also humorous too.

So if you can accomplish both, then there you go.

You can pitch ideas, and if they like it, then you can get approved to write it.

It’s a good one, especially if you want to offer a more sophisticated, but also humorous touch to this.



11.  Funds for Writers

This is another freelance writing site, but it also offers grants too for writing.

They are looking for people who are funny, and if you can showcase your humor, you can get paid to make people laugh.

They do offer guest post incentives, and you can even offer information on how to make a career out of writing, with a splash of humor to it.

So long as it’s positive and fun, they’ll take it.

Click here to check out Funds For Writers


12. The Funny Times

This is a publication that’s been around for over 30 years, and for a reason.

They don’t have any ads in this, just jokes and fun.

So, if you’re willing to get funny, and also get people interested in reading some of these realistic, and poignant stories, then consider offering a submission to them.

They do offer submissions on religion, and even the human condition.

As long as it’s funny, nothing’s off the table.

Click here to check out The Funny Times


13. Guide

This is a Christian magazine for tweens, so the humor does need to be appropriate for kids, but it can be a good one if you’re good at being funny and making that age demographic laugh.

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The stories need to be light-hearted, teach a lesson, and offer principles that help to build character.

If you have ideas, and what it takes, then you’ll want to definitely consider this one.

Although, one downside is that it does pay far less than the others.

Click here to check out Guide


14. Contently

This is a content marketing site that lets you work together on various content writing projects.

You do need to set up a portfolio, and it is a freelance site, so you do have to have a going rate for this.

There are tons of comedy writing gigs on this platform too, so if you’re interested in getting paid for this type of work, then it’s worth considering.

Click here to check out Contently



The joys of motherhood may be the type of comedy writing that you want to offer.

If you have an idea, and would love to pitch this to the team, showing them reflective and fun stories, then you’ll want to consider this one.

They want stories with a bit of humor so that they’re not dry, but they also want those that also are filled with wisdom and nuggets of information regarding motherhood.

Click here to check out


16. The New Yorker

This is like the goal of practically every writer.

If you can get in here, then you’ve made it as a writer.

It’s one of the longest running publications.

The downside of this one is that it’s hard to get in, but also, it’s a long process.

You’re not going to see results with this one right away, and it can take several months before you see your submission.

But if your submission gets approved, then congrats, and you can put that down on your writer profile.

Click here to check out The New Yorker


17. The imperfect Parent

This is another parenting blog that also takes a different take on parenting, and it comes with jokes that are so a parent thing.

it tackles topics specifically for parents, and the goal is to keep it lighthearted, and also fun for people to read.

they usually pay smaller than other publications, but it’s one platform to consider if you’re interested in trying this one out.

Click here to check out The Imperfect Parent


18. Buzzfeed

This is like one of the top publications for people to get into, because yes, there’s a ton of writers, and they have a billion views MONTLY.

So, chances are, you will get seen.

That is, if you’re chosen.

The downside to BuzzFeed, is that they get a lot of submissions, but they do tell people within two weeks whether a submission was accepted or not.

They do want something unique and different, that really does stand out, so if you’ve got that, then by all means, pitch it to their team.

Click here to check out Buzzfeed


19. Ed2010

This is less of a magazine, and more of a job publication job board.

They offer a ton of different jobs.

Most of these are different writing gifs, but they do have a lot of paid comedy writing and some pop culture types of work too.

They have some great remote opportunities, so if you’d like to try that, then definitely look into this platform.

Click here to check out ED2010


20. Blogger Pro Job Board

This is another job board to check out, as they offer a lot of different writing jobs.

Many of them are remote jobs, and some of them can be comedy-based.

If you’re looking to be a blogger, or want to shift your focus to that, then this is one to consider.

They update this daily, and there are tons of fresh jobs waiting to be done.

So, don’t be afraid to check back often to find out about new jobs.

Click here to check out Blogger Pro Job Board


21. Freedom with Writing

This is another writing platform that’s a bit different from the last couple of platforms.

Basically, you sign up, and you get sent companies that are hiring writers immediately, and they also send you other companies to check out.

You basically pitch yourself to them, and you build your career this way.

You get a list of these immediately.

You can focus on comedic writing too, so if that’s where you’d like to focus, then definitely consider applying to this one.

Click here to check out Freedom With Writing


22. The Laugh Button

This is another publication that’s comedy focused, and they hire freelancers to offer comedy incentives and other unique jobs.

They want funny content that really highlights some comedy that people want to read.

You do need to pitch them ideas, and they have specific job postings too.

So, if you’re not sure if you fit their demographic, consider checking out the job postings.

If you see something you like, apply to it.

Click here to check out The Laugh Button


23. Chicken Soup for the Soul

You’ve probably heard of these stories, and see them more as feel-good pieces than comedy, but they want humorous stories as well.

The stories should be under 1200 words, and you can get almost $1200 for each piece, with the quality being the major focus.

If you love those stories and think you’re a good fit for them, then consider possibly adding a submission to this publication too.

Click here to check out Chicken Soup For the Soul


24. Sasee

This is a lifestyle magazine for women that’s got a fashion, art, food, and family focus.

The goal of this should be humorous pieces, based on a personal experience, and features based on topics that are relatable to women.

If you have a topic that women would enjoy and want to offer your input or story, then submit something, and you may get chosen.

Click here to check out Sasee


25. McSweeny

Finally, we have McSweeny’s which is a publishing company that’s a non-profit that also offers a humor website that’s fun to read.

The humor needs to be fun, wacky, and also comedy and satire as seen fit.

You should also put it in a way that’s unique and fun.

The submissions are short, so if you’ve got something sassy and funny, consider adding it to there, and you may get chosen.

Click here to check out McSweeny



Finding comedy writing jobs can be a challenge, but these platforms and websites are great options.

Many of them pay a nice sum if you’re interested in starting in this world.

If you want to see if you have what it takes to be chosen as a comedy writer, then apply to one of these sites and publications today!

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