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Why Consider Coliving in Singapore?

Living in a new and bigger city with all of the adventures that await is an exciting possibility in itself.

However, to move to a larger city located outside the continental United States and relishing the excitement in the air, interacting with a different culture, and getting to know people at a global level has tremendous potential with the word adventure written all over it.

There are many reasons why an individual may wish to relocate either temporarily or permanently to an international city.

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Some of those reasons could be to further one’s education, to take on a new job, or simply to explore the world before they are ready to settle down permanently.

One such city is the writing cosmopolitan metropolis of Singapore.


Personal Story

Some of the old ads about joining the military were created to entice young men and women to join their ranks and become all that they could be.

One such enticement from the United States Navy is that they said to join the Navy and see the world.

Well, join the Navy I did and true to their word I was able to see the world.

Especially the countries located off the Pacific Ocean.

I remember going to Hong Kong and being struck by the vast number of people located on this island.

It was an adventure of a lifetime to walk the streets and be part of the large wave of humanity.

My travels, and experiences, allowed me to see a larger community that I am part of a global community and not just in my little world.


What is Coliving?

Coliving is a living arrangement in which an individual has the opportunity to move into a beautifully designed home at a reduced price.

The reason why the price is reduced is that the common living spaces are shared with other individuals.

These shared common spaces could be a variety of rooms depending upon the selection of the home that one chooses to reside in.

Some of those venues could include the living room, kitchen, barbecue area, exercise room, playroom, study room, etc.

The individuals that one shares these accommodations with may be from all walks of life and various parts of the global community.

However, that is where the community living ends.

This is because each of the individuals has their own private or semi-private bedroom along with a private or semi-private bathroom.

The amenities and living conditions are determined by how much the individual wishes to pay monthly.

It seems that this living arrangement is the best of both worlds.

Not only does an individual have an opportunity to get a reduced rate on their rental, but can live in faraway and exotic places and have the opportunity to learn from other residents.

This learning from one’s fellow coliving dwellers allows for an opportunity to learn cultures, languages, differences of opinion, commonalities, etc.


Co-living in Singapore

The island city-state of Singapore has a population of roughly 5.7 million people and is located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.

It is one of the most heavily populated cities within such a small geographical area.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Britain established the East India Company and sometime later Singapore became a British colony.

Singapore is a significant financial hub for this part of the world.

Additionally, noteworthy attractions include a botanical garden, a state-of-the-art airport boasting of its waterfall, and being a Mecca for tourists.

The weather in Singapore is traditionally hot and very humid.

The cleanliness of the city of Singapore is renowned.

Also known as a shopper’s paradise, Singapore has world-famous malls that are defined as being luxurious.

It could be argued that Singapore is the gateway to Asia and as such offers visitors a “taste” of a variety of Asian cultures.

A broad sampling of cultures has been attracted by the allurement of Singapore and as such have had their influence on this metropolitan city.


3 Examples of Coliving Homes in Singapore



The monthly rental for this co-living facility begins at $1,300.

This co-living property is one of the larger facilities in Singapore.

These condominium properties cover a broad range of heights, views, gardens, etc.

Located in Newton, this is one of the more prized areas to reside in within the city of Singapore.

Your new home allows for unrestricted access to the kitchen, living, and dining areas, and includes all of the utilities other comforts of the home.

The only potentially negative aspect of living in this particular home is that an individual does not have the opportunity to enjoy a private bathroom.

Also included are a pool and a well-equipped gym.

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2. Hmlet 

Rental pricing begins at $1,260.

This property is not just one location in Singapore but offers a variety of different locales around the city.

The interior design of these residences is clean-looking and has a Scandinavian influence to it.

The management company refers to the bedroom and bathroom as pocket rooms.

In these pocket rooms, the resident can rest comfortably on a single bed frame and mattress which also includes a personal wardrobe for their clothing.

If the individual is willing to pay up to $2,700 a month, they can be afforded their personal hygiene space or bathroom.

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3. Commontown 

The monthly rental for a standard room in this facility begins at $1,300.

Located in one of Singapore’s more adventurous suburbs, this particular residence is more eclectic in its interior design.

This means that there are a variety of colors that are accented by classic-designed fixtures.

It could be rightly said that the appearance of this coliving facility is something out of a modern cutting-edge interior design periodical.

The residents of this facility, even in the smallest of rooms, will be able to lay their heads and body down on a queen-size mattress.

Amenities for this facility include basic supplies to maintain the household, weekly housekeeping service, Wi-Fi, and bedding is provided.

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Coliving Singapore FAQs


What Documents Are Required? 

Individuals wishing to check into a co-living facility in Singapore need to go through an application process.

Several questions are asked on these documents so that fellow residents have, as close as possible, similar likes and dislike to ensure compatibility.

Once the documentation application has been submitted, generally the coliving facility will conduct a background check including a criminal including determining whether the individual has any criminal record.

Additionally, because Singapore is in another country, an individual’s passport will need to become copied with a facsimile of that passport provided.


How Does One Pay Rent? 

Rent can be provided in many ways to pay for one’s rent.

Some of those financial transactions can be through bank transfers, by check or cash that is deposited to the company or management’s bank account.


Is Cooking Allowed 

Residents are allowed to cook for themselves and others on the premises.

Each of the residential apartments is equipped with basic cookware including kitchen utensils and other needed items to prepare a light meal.


What Is the Cost of Living in Singapore?

For a family of four to live in Singapore it costs $3532 without rent.

The monthly estimated cost of a single individual is $970.

In comparison to one of America’s larger cosmopolitan cities, New York City, Singapore is less expensive to live in by 18.13%.

This amount excludes rental payments.

Additionally, rent in Singapore, on an average basis, is lower than rent in New York City by 34.93%.


Who Can Take It Vantage Of Co-Living Spaces? 

There are no restrictions as to who may avail themselves of coliving spaces.

However, it is important to remember that not everybody and their personalities are suited to live together under one roof in this manner.

Specifically, the ideal age or generation of individuals that would adapt to this type of living are the younger adults who are working professionals, entrepreneurs, the technology nomad and other categories.

Co-living is an exceptional way for an individual to travel and see the world and yet not be restricted by extensive contracts or leases.

Additionally, with the added amenities and everything that is needed to live together in this fashion, it makes the process even easier.

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What If Any Emergencies Arise?

As part of the rental process, an individual resident has on file a list of emergency numbers and people to contact if something may happen.

Additionally, in each of the facilities, a local listing of emergency numbers has been compiled.

Generally, this listing is attached to the inside portion of the front door of the apartment.

Residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these numbers, emergency scenarios, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Also, some companies may offer apps in which the resident can correspond directly with the management team in the event something of an emergency nature arises.


Can A Credit Card Be Used For Financial Transactions? 

Most of these residential facilities allow for transactions to be conducted through the use of a credit card.

However, the individual needs to be reminded that there will be an administrative percentage charged for the use of a credit card.

Most likely, this fee will be roughly 3.5% of the total transaction.


Is Coliving Legal in Singapore? 

Yes, coliving is a legal option for individuals to take advantage of and use as a residence.

However, it is important to note that the majority of coliving homes require a minimum stay by the resident of three months.


What Is the Currency in Singapore?

The currency in Singapore is known as the Singapore dollar.

Its abbreviated variation is SGD and the Singapore dollar is currently equal to $.74 as compared to the American dollar.

The rental fees for living in Singapore are reflected in United States dollars unless otherwise indicated or stated.


If A Coliving Facility Has Multiple Homes Within Singapore Can I Move If There Is A Vacancy?

This is entirely possible if an individual wants to relocate to a different part of the city and live in another property that has a room available.

The individual simply needs to make their wishes known and if available, their requests can be followed through on.


What About Receiving Mail?

However, the coliving units understand and appreciate the need to have efficient mail service whether it is from personal friends, family, or from businesses.

Mail delivery varies from coliving unit to unit.

Therefore, mail service is provided, and each tenant has their specific mailing address for the receiving of mail.


Are There Any Other Official Documents That I Need in Addition to a Copy of My Passport?


In addition to providing a copy of one’s passport, a valid work visa needs to be provided to the management company of the coliving facility that one will be residing in.

This work visa should cover the extent of time that the individual will be entering into a contract.


Is It Safe to Reside in the Living Home?

Yes, a coliving experience is provided with the utmost care and focus of safety for its residents.

Often, many of the facilities, a safe are provided where the individual can store their valuables.

In addition, a close circuit TV or camera system exists in the common areas to provide an extra layer of protection for the residents.


You Can Do It

One of the big drawbacks of traveling has always been financial resources.

Now, if an individual has the time or has a specific purpose in their traveling adventure, the use of coliving can dramatically impact positively the costs associated with traveling overseas.



Today, even though in reality the world in which we live has not decreased in size, it has become more explorable due to innovation driven by the needs of others to afford the travel experience.

One of those innovative ways of making it more affordable is through the use of coliving.

Perhaps it’s time to pack your bag and see the world.

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