This comprehensive article reveals a lot about coliving in Malaysia and some examples to help you make the right decisions when thinking of Malaysia.


Why Consider Coliving in Malaysia?

Living abroad can be an enriching experience.

It is an opportunity to travel, explore, and interact with different cultures and people.

In addition to living abroad and being an enriching experience, it can also be a drain on one’s riches.

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Consequently, a fairly new option of sharing the expenses of one of the more expensive aspects of traveling is lodging arrangements.

If one stays in a hotel, they could be looking at exorbitant costs.

A stay could range anywhere from $100 or more per night.

This can set back the traveler, student, or person conducting business quite a bit of money.

Consequently, there are some forward-thinking people and businesses that understood this problem and have either built or modified existing buildings to accommodate a number of individuals living under one roof.

These spaces usually have a common area such as the living room, kitchen, and other spaces that are shared by the residence.

Adding to the practicality of these living arrangements is that individuals can either have a private or semi-private room and also the same arrangements for bathrooms.

The bottom line is, one gets all the comforts of home at almost half the price for the lodging expenses for the month.


Personal Story

When our ship was deployed to the Western Pacific, sometimes we would have to stay in a port for a number of weeks so that repairs could be conducted on the ship.

One such opportunity to learn about the people and their country was during a two-week entry into port to conduct repairs.

During this time and on the weekend, as a sailor, I had the opportunity to move beyond the typical tourist attractions and traveled out into the countryside of the Philippines.

It was an eye-opening experience as I was able to witness “real life,” in the Philippines.

Coliving can afford the individual the same opportunity.

It’s not just a matter of taking in the tourist attractions and the spectacular sights and sounds that the country or city has to offer.

It’s an opportunity to colive with individuals from that city or nation but also to interact with other cultures as well.


What Is Coliving? 

Coliving is an opportunity for a number of individuals to live together under one roof.

Each of those individuals either has a private or semi-private bedroom and access to shared areas.

Those shared areas include a kitchen, a common area, and possibly the need to share a bathroom.

Other amenities could include the possibility of these residential homes having a pool, lounge a barbecue terrace, workout room, etc.

This is the latest in sharing expenses when either living away from home or taking up permanent residence in a larger city.

These coliving residential homes are located around the world and are cultural and expense reducing opportunities for individuals.

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Coliving in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country located in Southeast Asia and is situated on the multiplex of the island of Borneo.

This country is world-famous for its beaches, rain forests and rich cultural-blending of different people from different countries.

Those cultures include Chinese, Indian, and European influences.

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is a former colony of the United Kingdom and received its autonomy in September 1963.

Subsequently, in August 1965 they became their own independent republic when they seceded from a federation that consisted of the territories of the island of Singapore in the colonies of Sarawak and Sabah.

Malaysia has a population of roughly 33,000,000 people and the official languages of the country are English, Tamil, and Chinese.

Malaysia is primarily an Islamic nation.

Of particular notoriety are the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.


3 Great Examples of Coliving Facilities in Malaysia


1. Utopia

A coliving residential home that is available for individuals wishing to take advantage of residential living in Malaysia is known as Utopia.

One of their significant draws in attracting people to live in this coliving environment is a broad range of amenities.

Some of those amenities include free cleaning, repair services, and laundry without having to pay extra for these services

Also included is a robust Wi-Fi network.

Individual residents are required to pay for their own electricity.

It is assessed through a metered system in such a way that only the individual gets charged for the electricity that they consume.

Also, this coliving residential area does not require the individual to make a deposit.

Safety measures include anti-burglar locked, close circuit TV cameras inside the facility, and a number of precautionary fire safety measures.

Utopia’s Facebook page can be accessed here.


2. The Hatchery Place

Another coliving residential facility is known as The Hatchery Place.

Billed as an ideal co-worker space and community, The Hatchery Place is specifically designed for an individual to work remotely.

This is because the layout of the home provides a significant number of workspaces so that the individual can attend to their work without interruption.

Amenities include Wi-Fi, coffee, pantry supplies, and tea all available at no charge.

The Hatchery Place promotes a variety of interpersonal community events held within the residence.

Some of those activities include poetry nights, game nights, etc.

To view more about The Hatchery Place access their Facebook page here.


3. Damai

This coliving residence is specifically designed to provide a comfortable environment for its residents.

Specifically, they advertise this experience as one that can be relaxing as well as an opportunity to accomplish one’s work.

An added feature of Damai is that there is an outdoor and indoor workout room, a garden, a zone specifically set aside for entertainment, a barbecue patio, a seclusion deck for spiritual meditation, and more.

Security is provided through smart locks and a camera system that is installed in the building and in various specific rooms that are in the common area.

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Added to the security measures is a presence of security personnel 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Their website can be viewed by clicking here.



Coliving Malaysia FAQs


What is the Shortest Length of Stay?

It would appear that for the majority of the coliving facilities in Malaysia that a minimum of 3 months is contractually required by the facilities.


If There Are More Than One Residences Available in the Network Can I Change? 

Yes, some of the coliving residences in Malaysia are part of a conglomerate of other residences located throughout the city and country.

If an individual wishes to change their location from one resident to another residence this is entirely permissible.

Of course, it is dependent upon whether there are rooms available.


Is It Possible to Meet the Roommates Prior to Signing the Contract?

Because individuals will be living together for at least a minimum of 3 months, it is important that each of the individuals get to know each other and allow the power of first impressions to take place.

It is possible for individuals before they sign a contract that they can meet those individuals that they will be living with.

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What Is The Longest Length Of Stay? 

Each of the coliving residencies within the country has its own policies regarding the length of stay.

However, it appears that the minimum contract requirement would call for a 3-month commitment.

In addition, there are 6, 9, and 12-month commitments that are available.


Are There Private Bedrooms Available for Co Living in Malaysia? 

It would appear that each of the three coliving homes listed in this article each has different types of bedrooms available.

There are private bedrooms or bedrooms that have double occupancy.

Of course, one needs to pay for what would be considered upgrades.

Therefore, to have a private room would be more expensive per month to rent.


Is The Bedroom Furnished? 

The beauty of coliving spaces is that they are accessible immediately.

This means that each of the rooms is furnished with a bed, linens, storage spaces, etc.

Consequently, the individual can move right into their living area and not have to worry about furniture.


What Sort of Amenities Can I Anticipate? 

Amenities vary from locale to locale.

It does seem however that the majority of the locations provide the basics of Wi-Fi connection, with the possibility of other amenities.

Those other amenities, particular to each site, could include an exercise room, study area, living room, cleaning service, etc.


How Do I Pay My Rent? 

The majority of different payment options seem to be available in each of the coliving facilities in Malaysia.

Those options include the use of a debit card, credit card, or an Internet provider that facilitates payments from one entity to another.

Alipay was specifically mentioned.


What Is the Moving in Process?

Of course, each living residential facility has its own specific way of processing its residents.

Initially, the individual looking at this living arrangement will reach out to the facility either through the Whatsapp application, through the Internet, or call.

Once the preferred location has been indicated the management team of the facility will endeavor to match the potential resident with the appropriate coliving residence.

This matching process takes into consideration what the needs are of the inquirer and as to whether they will be working in the country or not.

Following this initial interaction, an opportunity to view the facility either physically or through a virtual tour will be scheduled.

Following all of these processes, if everyone is in agreement and background checks come back with no issues, it’s just a matter of filling out a few forms, entering into the contract, and providing the down payment if required.


Can I Decorate My Own Room? 

The emphasis to this question is that these coliving facilities emphatically declare that this is their home.

Therefore, as such, the individual can rearrange their room in whatever manner they choose.

However, it is important not to deface the permanent structures of the room which include the walls and floor.

They do not indicate that the individual may not do this, however, any damage that is done on the bedroom walls or floor, or furniture will be an added expense and most likely be deducted from their deposit.


Are Pets Allowed When Coliving In Malaysia?

It would seem that none of the coliving facilities allow for pets to be brought into the coliving facility.

The reasons for this policy seem to be that some individuals may have an aversion to sharing a home with an animal.

Additionally, some individuals have indicated that they are allergic to various types of dander that are part of the animal’s skin.


Is There a Curfew?

It doesn’t appear that any of the facilities enact a curfew at their residence.

However, they quickly suggest that individuals are respectful of the other residents that live in the building.

Therefore, tenants are advised to reduce the noise level during certain periods of time.

Those timeframes are in the latter part of the evening until the early morning.

This is due to the fact that some people work and of course require their sleep.


You Can Do It

If needing to go overseas, for a variety of reasons, and one needs to find a reasonable residence to stay in during their time, coliving could possibly be the perfect answer for one’s lodging needs.

In addition, to providing a roof over an individual’s head and the needed amenities to enhance that living experience, coliving will take money from an individual for that service, but will also give back.

That giving back is in providing a golden opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow roommates, learn each other’s culture, and a perfect forum to exchange ideas.

Coliving is also a perfect opportunity to be immersed in the culture and electrifying atmosphere of a particular distant city or nation.



Through the coliving experience, a resident is able to go beyond just merely scratching the surface of cultural exchange.

Coliving allows the individual not to just be a guest but a resident.

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