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What to Consider With Coliving in Brooklyn

The biggest expenditures for any household are reflected in three areas.

Those three areas are food, transportation, and rounding off the top of the list is housing.

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For the year 2019, the average household spent $20,679 on housing. That equates to $1,730 per month or 25% of a household’s income.

For a variety of reasons, some individuals travel to distant countries and cities.

Some of those reasons could be an opportunity to continue their education, to learn more about themselves, to take advantage of particular schools or instructors to enhance their artistic talents, or just simply to see the world.

This can be a very enriching experience. However, there can be increased expenses in living elsewhere.

For example, in New York City, the average rent of a two-bedroom apartment is $2,800.

Therefore, to share some of these expenses a new emerging trend is the housing option of coliving.


Personal Story

I had a coliving experience…of sorts.

My coliving opportunity came just outside of the city of Chicago. It is when I joined the United States Navy and entered boot camp.

The living arrangements were modest, there were no amenities, there certainly was no private bathroom but the rent was affordable.

However, the most enriching takeaway from this experience was to interact with other recruited men from all parts of the United States.

It was my first time away from home for an extended time. I learned about others, I learned about the geographical area that they came from, and I learned about myself.

I became a better person for this life-changing opportunity.

I never returned home.


Sample Coliving Residences in Brooklyn

There are a variety of residences within the Brooklyn area.

The range of costs is from $900 a month on up to close to $2,000. Rental is dependent upon whether the room is shared, the size of the bed, etc.


Outpost Club

This particular coliving residence is located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant Neighborhood.

Its appeal is that it is adjacent to the trendy Williamsburg area.

This particular neighborhood has a good reputation and there are a variety of bars and restaurants.

From this locale, the resident has a five-minute walk to catch the M, J, Q trains.

Additionally, this location is near coffee shops, pizza joints, and a few bars.

Amenities include payment of all utilities, Wi-Fi, weekly cleaning, essential products within the bathroom, air conditioning, lounge, dryer/washer, and are fully furnished.

The minimum lease for this residential facility is one month.


Goal House

The Goal House is located in Brooklyn, New York. It is a townhouse that has five separate floors.

An individual can be involved in this coliving experience anywhere from three months to one full year.

To be considered as a coliving resident, the individual needs to go to their website located at Goalhousenyc.com and submit an application form.

Following the submission of this application is a five-minute interview that is conducted by the management team.

If everything proceeds accordingly, a background check is completed.

Generally, all of this can be completed in one day.

Some of the questions to determine compatibility with other roommates include the individual’s goals, any artistic passions such as learning to play an instrument or photography, etc.

The current price for a private room is a starting price of $1,150. A standard room accommodating two residents starts at $700 a month.

Its location is conveniently located at the edge of Prospect Park. Within walking distance are several dining facilities, coffee shops, nightlife activity and more.

A 20-minute commute will get the commuter to Manhattan and a 30-minute commute is required to arrive at Midtown.

Subway lines are available such as the B and Q train that depart from Winthrop Station.

On-site includes a laundry amenity, basement, kitchens, nine bathrooms, and a large lounge area.


Coliving in Brooklyn FAQs


What Is Coliving?

Coliving is an agreed-upon living arrangement amongst many individuals who want to share the costs of taking up residence in a new and distant city.

A coliving residence is usually a large home that has several bedrooms.

People who live under this one roof are given a separate and private bedroom. Their privacy and safety are completely secure.

Additionally, there are shared spaces that each of the different residents will have access to.

Those shared spaces usually include the kitchen, living room, dining area, etc.

Additionally, some coliving homes offer different amenities.

Some of these amenities could include a study or playroom, laundry room, area for outside activities, etc.

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Why Should I Consider Coliving in Brooklyn?

One of the main factors why an individual should consider coliving is that the high cost of renting in larger cities is shared by those who live together in this living arrangement.

Another consideration is that it is a unique opportunity to get to know other people who come from a variety of backgrounds and may represent varied cultures.


What About My Privacy?

Coliving is a perfect blend of privacy and semi-privacy.

The residents are assured of privacy as it relates to having their bedrooms which are secured by a keyless entry system.

The individual resident can spend as little or as much of their time in the privacy of their bedroom.

Some residential facilities offer, at an extra cost, private bathrooms.

While other homes offer the use of sharing a bathroom with another individual.

The use of the kitchen and other common areas is classified as semi-private.

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What Is My Rent of Co-living in Brooklyn?

Coliving in Brooklyn in an upscale unit will likely cost the individual $1,656 per month on average.

If sharing a bedroom, the cost per month is reduced to $945 a month.


Are There Other Fees for Co living in Brooklyn?

The agreed-upon monthly rental fee is all-inclusive.

In other words, there are no added charges for electricity, gas, water, etc.

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How Are My Roommates Chosen? 

The designs of coliving spaces are influenced by a particular group of residents who will share this living experience.

For example, those with a shared passion such as music, artistic talent, technology, etc. will generally be brought together as a community.

Often, the company that individual approaches for a coliving opportunity will go through the selection process.

This entails some screening questions based on an individual’s likes and dislikes, answers to appropriate questions, etc.

Additionally, each applicant, before being accepted as a resident, goes through a background check to ensure the safety of all involved.


What Does Coliving in Brooklyn Have to Offer?

As it relates to coliving, Brooklyn is an extremely popular location for taking advantage of this living arrangement.

Comprising Brooklyn are some unique neighborhoods. Some of those neighborhoods include Flatbush, Prospect Park, Williamsburg, Park Slope, Bushwick, etc.

Brooklyn, in addition to being renowned for its unique neighborhoods, is rich in diversity and unique cultures.

Added to the mix are amazing opportunities to enjoy different cuisines and enjoy the nightlife in a variety of bars and nightclubs.

Consequently, Coliving in Brooklyn is a popular geographical spot for interested individuals.


Are There Contracts Involved?

The average length of a lease in a coliving residential home varies.

Sometimes, the individual can take advantage of renting month-to-month.

The minimum lease could be a one-week to a month’s stay.

If the individual wishes to rent a private bedroom the length of the contract varies with the cost expanding proportionately.

Some coliving companies allow for their residents to stay one day while others offer a nine-month lease.

On average, the length of a coliving resident ranges from 3 to 4 months. This is for a private bedroom.

For a shared bedroom, the median range of a lease extends to three months


Are Pets Allowed When Coliving in Brooklyn?

As a general rule, pets are not normally allowed in a coliving home.

The rationale behind this decision is that some individuals may have an aversion to pets or may be allergic to pet dander.

Therefore, a broad rule of a policy of no pets is usually implemented.


Is There a Security Deposit?

A security deposit to live in a coliving residential facility is usually required.

Generally, the average security deposit is equal to one month’s rent.

Therefore, the individual would need to pay for the other first month’s rent along with the equivalent of that as a security deposit.


What Security Measures Are Usually in Place in a Coliving Residence?

The security processes vary from coliving residence to coliving residence.

Some of those coliving safety measures could include:

  • A keyless entry system
  • Use of a camera in common areas
  • A security camera system surveillance of the entranceways
  • Other security innovations

In addition, many coliving residences have a standard safety procedural document that outlines what to do in the event of an emergency or other abnormal event.

It is best to check the safety protocols that are in place before entering into any contractual agreement.



What About Furniture?

The appeal of coliving is that the units provided are completely furnished.

Therefore, the individual does not need to worry about bringing their bed, desks, or other pieces of furniture.

This simplifies the move and enhances the temporary living arrangement.


What Are the Amenities for Co Living in Brooklyn?

Depending upon where the individual stays and what they are willing to pay every month is dependent upon which amenities are offered.

Some of the amenities that could be offered when coliving in Brooklyn could include weekly house cleaning, a laundry facility to clean one’s clothes, Internet, etc.

Additionally, some residences offer specialty rooms.

These specialty rooms could include a study area, lounge, living room, pool, patio, etc.

When conducting one’s research it is best to know what amenities are offered and whether they can be afforded or whether they can be a take it or leave it option.


Do Coliving Facilities Allow for Couples to Stay in the Room?

The answer is dependent upon the facility that one is looking to move into.

For the most part, residences would allow for a couple to move into a private room.

The cost for that private room would be more expensive.

Additionally, a small additional charge may be assessed to cover the various expenses associated with an added individual living in the facility.

This extra fee would be to cover those expenses.


What About Foreigners Coliving in Brooklyn?

If you are wondering…

What if an individual wants to live in a coliving residence and they are not from America.

Is there an issue that they would not be able to produce a Social Security number or have a credit history?

Most coliving residences do not conduct a credit history on an applicant.

Therefore, a Social Security number and access to one’s credit history are not needed.

However, criminal background check is conducted on all applicants.


What if I Do Not Have the Money to Provide Ace for a Security Deposit?

Some coliving facilities provide an alternative for those individuals who are unable to come up with the needed security deposit.

If a security deposit is a challenge always ask about potential alternatives.


You Can Do It

Leaving the comfort of one’s home to boldly enjoy new experiences can be a daunting task.

It’s a matter of leaving the safe confines of one’s comfort zone to explore, experience, and enjoy new adventures.

It can be a growing experience not only for others but for the individual themselves as they learn about a world beyond themselves and the world inside themselves.

It is important not to allow the adventure to be sidetracked for any reason.

This especially includes the lack of financial resources to provide for the lodging that is needed.



Moving, whether it is temporary or permanent, is an experience unto itself.

Moving implies the uprooting of one’s established routine both physically and in all aspects of the individual’s life.

In addition to the new experiences that await the individual through relocation, utilizing the coliving experience is a culturally enriching opportunity in itself.

This is an opportunity to interact with other individuals who bring their uniqueness, culture, and values to a living environment.

Coliving can be an enriching experience for the pocketbook as well as for the individual’s character

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