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Why Consider Coliving in Berlin?

During the 60s and early 70s, there was a movement amongst young people to live in communes.

A commune is where families lived together, shared all of the common spaces, worked together, and pooled all of their resources to live a simple lifestyle.

Generally, their belief system and interests also had a commonality.

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Commune living is not for everybody, but it did have advantages and of course, with everything pure, there’s always that possibility that purity being tainted.

There is always strength in numbers.

Additionally, there is also financial strength in sharing in the ongoing expenses and distributing equally to all of those involved.

Some methods of sharing household expenses in days gone by included the home being a boardinghouse, finding a roommate, or renting out a room.

Now on the scene is a process known as coliving.


Personal Story

In my late teenage years, I remember our family taking on a boarder.

This English gentleman was a member of our church and his wife preceded him in death which left him alone.

My parents offered to take him in and provide room and board.

I’m not sure of all of the financial arrangements but I know that he became an extended member of the family.

Additionally, during the latter days of his life, I remember him being very ill and recall my mother taking care of him not as a boarder but as a dear friend and relative.

The lesson for me in that situation is that although sometimes we are paid to do a service it is when we go beyond the requirements of that payment for service a difference and impact on the lives of others occurs.

In this case a friend of the family becoming a boarder and becoming an extended relative.


What Is Coliving?

Coliving is a living arrangement that brings individuals of like-mindedness together under one residential roof.

As a shared residence of this rented-out home, it is an opportunity for people to work, live and play together.

These living arrangements are found in a variety of big cities all around the world.

They are designed specifically for these multi-individual living spaces.

The residences are fully furnished and offer a variety of amenities or incidentals.

In addition, the landlord or owner of these homes includes the utilities in the monthly rent.

Adding to the excitement and intrigue of living in a big city with several other individuals is the opportunity to enjoy that city whether as a tourist, business traveler or perhaps attending school.

The homes generally take on the ambiance of the city and country in which they are located.


Coliving in Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany.

The city is renowned for attracting German nationals as well as individuals from all around the world.

One incredible statistic is that 25% of the city’s population were native-born.

That means that 75% of individuals have migrated to this fascinating and historical city.

Added to its popularity, Berlin is one of the more economical places in Europe to live.

The population in its 345 square mile area is estimated to be close to 4 million people.

In Berlin alone, there are a total of 180 museums and private life is electrifying with over 1,000 late-night activities occurring in a variety of nightclubs.

Berlin is also a hub for artists, musicians, and other individuals seeking to enhance their artistic skills.

The club scene is dynamic and it is estimated that over 40,000 people flock to a variety of nightclubs on any given weekend.

Indicating the popularity of the nightlife in Berlin are a variety of machines that vend casual shoes for €9.

These comfortable shoes are purchased by those who start the evening in high heels and wish to bring relief to their feet as the night wears on.

Rounding out the excitement of Berlin are a variety of ongoing festivals that occur throughout the year.

One such festival is the Berlin Beer Festival.

Additionally, there are donor kebabs shops for those with hunger pains following the enjoyment of their nightlife.

Berlin also boasts of a large vegan population.

Adding to the ease of attending these festivities throughout the year and every week is the extensive S-Bahn train system.


Berlin Coliving FAQs


May I Lock My Room?

Privacy is always the concern for residents who are coliving together.

Generally, the unlocking and locking of rooms are through a keyless entry system.

Residents are always encouraged to lock their room whenever they leave for some time out of the residential home.


Are Pets Allowed When Co-living in Berlin? 

The majority of coliving residential facilities have a no pets policy.

Is not that they are averse to having pets or companion animals living within the residence.

It is more in keeping with being sensitive to other individuals as it relates to having pets within the home.

Some individuals may simply have a fear of animals or may be allergic to the animal’s dander.

Therefore, the no pet policy is usually enacted.


By When Is the Rent Payable? 

The general overall requirement of when the rent is due is no later than the third working day following the end of the month.

There are ways that this rental payment can be automatically debited from an individual’s financial banking institution.


Is There a Deposit? 

Most residences require a deposit.

The requirements of the deposit ensure that any damages incurred on the home are recouped from the deposit.

Also, a deposit ensures that an individual remains faithful to their rental contract.

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Some of those deposits required may include the equivalent of two months’ rent.


How Do I Cancel My Rental Agreement?

Requirements may vary from residential home to residential home.

However, for the most part, to cancel a rental agreement there needs to be a signed letter stating the intent of canceling such an agreement and the letter needs to be submitted two months before the date of departure.

The hard and fast rule regarding any cancellations of the contract is a firm timeframe.

That timeframe requires the tenant to provide a two-month notice of the contract being canceled.

However, it is important to note that most facilities do not allow for cancellation before the actual six months term has been completed.



Is It Possible to Rent the Room Unfurnished? 

The appeal of the coliving experience is the fact that all the individual needs to do to move in is bring their clothing and other personal items.

Consequently, to facilitate the ease of moving in, all rooms are completely furnished with the appropriate furniture and mattresses.

These furnished rooms are part of the total cost of the renting of the room and use of the common areas.

Therefore, there are no unfurnished rooms.


Can I Share a Room With a Friend?

Under no circumstances can a room be shared with a friend.

This is part of the contractual agreement with the individual and the owners/management team of the coliving residences.

This included a clause in the contract is not only for the safety of the individual but the safety of others as well as lessening any potential overcrowding or other potential indiscretions.


How Do I Get My Deposit Back?

The rental deposit will be returned to the individual after inspection is made of their private room.

If the room is left in good working order and clean, then the deposit will be returned within 14 days.

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How Do I Find Out Who My Roommates Are?

The beauty of the coliving experience in a distant city and land is the opportunity for interpersonal enrichment.

This simply means that one’s roommates may be from equally distant locations as the others living in this shared experience.

Therefore, roommates will have their own unique culture, background, and experiences to add to the educational and enriching experience of coliving.

It is important to note, however, that all management companies and owners do an extensive background check on all of its potential residents.

Therefore, the concerned individual can rest assured that the safety of all concerned is the top priority.


What the Damage, if Any, Will I Be Responsible for?

Before a room is rented out following the departure of the previous tenant, there is a thorough cleaning done of the bedroom.

During the inspection tour, with the new tenant, there will be a walk-through, and items that are found to be defective or damaged will be recorded in writing.

The manager will keep a copy of this inspection and provide a copy to the new resident.


Which Costs Does My Rent Cover? 

All living expenses, except food and entertainment needs, are completely met with the monthly rent that is paid.

Specifically, the rent payment covers the costs of heating, water, overall operating costs, Internet, electricity, etc.


Is There a Minimum Contract Duration? 

In regards to a minimum contract involved with renting a facility in Berlin, there is a general requirement.

Most homes require that the individual sign a six-month contract


Is My Lease Contract Transferable or Can I Underlet My Room? 

Under no circumstances will an individual be able to sublet the room that they are renting.

This is because, to maintain the safety of all concerned, the management company or owners have gone through an extensive vetting process of individuals who take up residence in these coliving environments.

Therefore, subletting to another individual would be severely circumventing that system and may jeopardize the potential safety of everybody involved.

This is generally clearly stated in the contractual agreement.


Which Documents Are Required to Rent a Room? 

To rent a room, there are several forms and documents that need to be provided.

Often, a self-disclosure form is completed and needs to be signed by the individual entering into the contract.

The potential resident needs to provide proof of income or documentation that indicates the wages that they have earned during a previous set timeframe.

If the individual is a student or under the guardianship of their family, then the parents need to provide guarantees for rental payments.

If possible, a tenant needs to provide a written document from a previous landlord capturing the experience with the landlord.

If such a document or experience is nonexistent then the parents will need to sign a written statement indicating that the individual under their guardianship is free of any outstanding rental payments.

Proof of a person’s identity needs to be provided.

This can be through an identity card or a passport.


What Happens if the Kitchen Appliances Are Not Working?

The management endeavors to always ensure that everything is in proper working order.

However, there is always the potential that there will be a breakdown in mechanical items.

Prior to alerting anyone as to the non-working appliance, it is best to go through a checklist of items.

The checklists include asking roommates if they are having difficulty.

Suggested measures to follow would include switching the device on and off, disconnecting the device from its power source, and then reconnecting after a period of time.

If none of these simple measures taken restore the correct operation of the appliance or device, then it is appropriate to contact management through the means provided when residency was taken.



What an exciting adventure awaits the individual who wishes to travel to a distant city and land.

The desire to experience different cultures is nothing new and has always been thrilling.

However, the opportunity to be part of a coliving experience is an added culturally enriching dimension for that traveler as well as helping to reduce costs associated with travel overseas.

In addition, it is an added layer of safety for a loved one who is spreading their wings and broadening their horizons.

Bon voyage!

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