We all have extra change lying about, but what if you wanted to change that into some sweet cash?

Well, you can do so easily.

There are ways to change your coins into some sweet cash, and here, we’ll go over the best sources to change coins to cash without waiting.


Why Change Coins to Cash

In a world where most of us carry cards or bills, coins are usually just heavy and take up space.

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That change you get from transactions, and such does add up over time, and that can cause you to get some serious cash out of it.

Plus, in some instances it can be put right into your bank account, so you’ve got it right there, without the wait.


How to Change Your Coins to Cash

There are a few major ways to do so, and good places to go if you’re looking to change your coins to cash


The Bank

A bank is probably the best place for you to exchange coins for cash.

It’s local, and it is right there, so you can add it directly to your account.

The downside: not every bank has this, since coin collection has fazed out, and they do have different policies for such.

But some of them even reward you for submitting coins in the form of small vouchers and rewards.

Bank of America is one that offers you coins for cash.

There are others as well, but some do require them to be rolled up.


Roll them Up

Roll them up and then bring them to the bank.

When you roll this up, it saves you time, and money.

By rolling them, you’ll have a clear-cut idea of how many coins you have.

Don’t have the patience to do this?

Then get a coin counter and sorter machine off Amazon to help you do this, and save you time!


Let a Machine Handle It

If you’re someone who goes to stores that have a machine that counts it, you can use that option.

The process is relatively simple: you put the coins into there, you get a voucher, and then you go to the cashier to help you get cash for coins.

The one downside is service fees.

Coinstar charges a whopping 11.9% service fee that does vary based on the location.

So you’re going to get a chunk of coins taken away from this.

If you don’t want to spend time counting though it’s your best option.

Coinstar is your best bet for getting your coins counted.


15 Best Sources to Change Your Coins to Cash

While there isn’t many options on ways to cash your coins, there are plenty of places to do so besides the bank or Coinstar.

Here, we’ll go over the best sources to change your coins into some sweet cash!


1. US Bank

US bank is a bank that does coin collection for customers, but it does cost a fee.

They have over 3000 different branches though, including those in the Midwest and western areas.

They don’t include coin counting at all locations, but there are a lot of coin counters listed. You just need to filter the searches.

Click here to check out US Bank


2. QuikTrip

If you’re not familiar with QuikTrip, it’s gas stations that are around in 11 different states.

They’re both gas stations and convenience stores.

They offer free cash for coins, so you won’t get fees when exchanging here.

Usually, they pay you in cash, or a gift card if they somehow don’t have enough money to give you cash.

The catch is that you must find a QuikTrip, and the closest might be states away.

Click here to check out QuikTrip


3. TCF Bank

Another banking option, but with over 400 branches in different states, they’re a viable means to get cash for coins if you’re pressed and are a customer for their bank.

They do have a small service fee for customers, about 1.5%, but for non-customers, it’s 10%.

So, if you’re a customer of this bank, it’s a good option, otherwise you might want to skip out on this one since it does have high fees.

Click here to check out TCF Bank


4. Walmart

Walmart does have Coinstar kiosks, but if you’d like to turn your coins into cash as well to transfer to different places, use for taxes, or insurance, they’re also readily available.

There are over 11,000 different Walmart locations around the world, so it’s not something you’re going to search high and low for of course.

Click here to check out Walmart


5. American Eagle Federal Credit Union

This is another Coinstar alternative, and it’s perfect if you want to change your coins to cash.

The problem with credit unions is usually, they do charge a larger fee if they offer it, or they don’t offer it whatsoever.

But this institution offers free coin collecting for customers and non-customers around the country.

Click here to check out American Eagle


6. Safeway

Safeway is a grocery store chain, similar to Kroger and some of those other grocery outlets.

They offer self-checkout and coin collection services.

They also accept apple pay.

There are over 1300 different Safeway stores, so you might be able to find one that offers coin collection near you.

Click here to check out Safeway


7. Kroger

With over 2700 different grocery stores around the country, Kroger is pretty easy to find.

They also work with a lot of different affiliates such as City Market, Fry’s, King Soopers, and others.

They do offer cash for coins services via a Coinstar Kiosk, and they do offer money transfer, cashing checks, and wireless options for your monetary needs.

Click here to check out Kroger


8. Wawa

This is a chain involving over 800 different convenience stores in multiple stakes.

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They offer a sweepstakes incentive for those that swap coins for cash at their place.

You need to minimally exchange about $5 of rolled coins to get the cash back from this and a ticket that confirms the exchange as well.

They do take this and then have you complete an entry form to be a part of this.

You do get different options too, including free beverages and hoagies from this.

Click here to check out Wawa


changing coins to cash


9. ShopRite

Shoprite is a smaller grocery store chain with about 300 of them along with several parts of the east coast, usually near the northeastern part.

While not all of them have a coin counting kiosk, it’s a good place to look at, especially if you already do your grocery shopping there.



10. Hy-Vee

Another smaller grocery store chain, this one has about 200 different stores around the midwestern area, through to Nebraska and as far north as Minnesota.

While not all of them come with the coin counting and cash for coins desks, it’s worth checking out, especially if you’re already there in the first place to get some groceries.

Click here to check out Hy-Vee


11. WinCo Foods

WinCo is another grocery store chain that has stores in a variety of states.

As far north as Oregon and Washington and as far south as Texas.

They are more of a western part of the country store, and while they are pretty basic with their stores, they do offer a lot of services.

They do transfers and money orders, along with Coinstar cash for coins, and also fax services and payroll cashing.

Overall, it’s a small business, but it does have what you’re looking for.

Click here to check out WinCo foods

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12. Hannaford

This is another good source to turn coins into cash.

They have 200 different stores in only five states, and they’re all mostly up in the northeast.

But, even so, they do offer some great services, including cashing for checks and other money services.

So if you go to this already and have some coins to cash, they usually are a good option for you to choose.

Click here to check out Hannaford


13. Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is another grocery store chain with over 200 different stores around the US.

This one is primarily focused on the Carolinas, and as far south as Florida.

You may find a couple here and there in some states such as Tennessee, but overall are around the east coast, Georgia, and Florida areas.

They also are in the Washington, DC area too.

You do need to check to see if the Coinstar kiosk is available there though, since not every location will have it.

Click here to check out Harris Teeter


14. Meijer

This is a primarily midwestern grocery store, and only goes as far south as Kentucky.

But there are over 200 different Meijer throughout this area.

Not every one of them has a Coinstar kiosk for you to use, nor do they all offer money services, but you can go in and check to see if they have the option for you.

Click here to check out Meijer


15. Albertsons

Albertsons is a larger grocery store chain that has a couple thousand locations throughout the Us, including all the way in Texas, Illinois, and even New Mexico.

These span across 34 states and also go by different names too, including Jewel-Osco, Randall’s, United Supermarkets, and other names.

Most of them do offer a Coinstar kiosk, but they also do offer money services, including money transfer via Western Union.

Click here to check out Albertsons


Get Cash for Coins FAQs


How Do I Avoid Coinstar’s Fees When Changing Coins to Cash?

Coinstar is incredibly fee-hungry, taking over 10% of your earnings.

The secret to getting around it, is to ask for a gift card instead.

They offer fee-free gift cards, and they include a number of popular places, and all of it will be cash value.

Some of the options do include:

  • Applebee’s
  • Chilis
  • GameStop
  • Gap
  • Nike
  • Home depot
  • Burlington

And so much more!

The best option for gift cards though is to use an Amazon gift card, since you can use that pretty much anywhere.

Alternatively, if you don’t want the money and would rather donate it to somewhere else, you should do that, since the full amount of money is then given to the charity as a donation.


Should I Keep My Coins in My Pocket?

You should if you feel like carrying it around.

It never hurts to carry some change with you.

While you shouldn’t be bringing 100s of pennies that only equate to a few bucks, having some quarters on hand is neve ra bad thing.

That also is advised if you live in a city or place with metered parking, since not all of them take cards these days or have an app, so you’ll need to rely on your pocket change.

It’s best to cash it if you have a lot but keeping a little bit aside will never hurt.


Why Would I Offer Cash for Coins?

With the coin shortage still happening., people want your coins.

They’ll be circulated back into the economy, and plus, it’s just easier to carry cash for coins.

If you want to do something with that cash that’s just sitting around, this is a viable, great option that gets you cash back which you’ll use.


What’s the Best Place to Turn Coins Into Cash?

Credit union or bank.

Normally, if they have coin collection, you’re getting the full amount of money back, so you’re not paying a fee back into Coinstar or a coin collection service.

The only downside is that not every credit union or bank offers this for patrons.

The best way to figure out if they offer it is to check your bank and see if there’s a branch that offers it.


Can I Carry Cash to Use at Self-checkouts?

You can, but with more places opting to be card or bills only, coins might not be used at every terminal in the self-checkout area, so keep that in mind before you go to scan your items.



You can turn your coins into cash, and we went over how to do that here.

Now, if you have some cash just laying around, do something with it!

Turn your coins into cash today and see how much extra wealth you have from this!

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