Closed captioning jobs exist that can make you good money on the side.

This article tells you all about how these types of jobs work.

It also tells you how you can make extra money online doing part time or full time captioning jobs from home.

Captioning jobs allow you to add subtitles to video or Television broadcast so that those with hearing impairment can understand what is said in the audio.

If you like the idea of really making fast money online, then consider doing closed captioning jobs.

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This article also tells you all you should know working from home as a closed captioner.

You will also get to know about some of the places to find good job as a closed captioner, whether you want to work part time or full time.


First things first…

What Does Closed Caption Mean?

Captioning is the process of displaying text on a visual display program like video, television, presentation, etc.

closed captioning jobs that pay very well

The purpose of this is to transcribe the audio portion in a text format for better understanding and interpretation.

In other words, captioning is a form of special transcription done to give subtitles to videos or television programs.

These types of jobs are similar to online medical transcription jobs of course.

With captioning though, the transcription can be verbatim or edited.

Non-speech elements like background noise, music, etc., are can also be included in the captioning for better interpretation especially to the hard of hearing.

Captioning can be done offline where you need to caption pre-recorded videos using time codes.

There is also real-time captioning where you caption live broadcasts.

If you are very good at typing, have a good listening skill, and have a good command of the English Language then you can work successfully as a real-time captioner.

The term “closed” captioning is used when the captioned texts are not visible when the video plays.

Thus, you can enable or activate the subtitles from the settings or menu of your device if you choose to.

This is opposed to “open” captioning, which implies the display of captions automatically when the video plays.

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Working At Home As An Offline or Real-Time Closed Captioner

closed captioning jobs at home

If you already have the skill to work as a closed captioner then you should be able to work from the comfort of your home and make money.

You can be at home and get enrolled with offline captioning or with real-time closed captioning jobs.

In offline captioning, you can caption broadcasts or videos that are not aired live. You are to make use of time codes to break the audios so that the subtitles match with what is said correctly.

You don’t need a special training to work from home as an offline close captioner. A basic understanding of captioning and how to use the right equipment will do!

As a real-time closed captioner, you simply caption or provide subtitles for live programs, Television shows, or videos. You are to provide captions for each spoken word within 2 or 3 seconds.

Real-time captioning demands that you have more skill and experience. For instance, your speed and accuracy in typing must be pretty topnotch!

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Equipment Needed At Home For Online Closed Captioning Jobs

Your skill and experience matter and so the equipment and the environment you are working from.

As a close captioner working from home, you need the right equipment to make your work easier and productive.

Specifically, the following should be in place, if you want to do a good captioning job, especially as one of the awesome online jobs from home to do:

  • A noise-less and comfortable working environment.
  • An ergonomic chair that will create balance for your body and enhance productivity.
  • A reliable computer installed with a good word processing and text documents.
  • An extra monitor or television that will allow you to watch live programs and read lips when you are captioning.
  • A high-quality headset or a good quality pair of headphones for effective listening.
  • A Foot pedal or similar equipment to slow down, stop, or playback pre-recorded videos, movies, etc.
  • A closed-captioning software required by the company that hires you.
  • A dedicated phone line and email account.

You won’t be doing much of writing so you won’t necessarily need things like writers apps or bloggers apps to do a good captioning.


Making Money Online With Closed Captioning Jobs

Yes, you really can make money online with closed captioning jobs.

On the average, captioners can earn between $27,000 and $90,000 in a year.

Making Money Online With Closed Captioning Jobs

This means that one can make up to $23.80 per hour, to 2015 report by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you are one of those looking for how to get 200 dollars in one day or even how to get 1,000 dollars fast, this can work for you.

Of course most companies pay differently for closed captioning work, but it’s not too hard to find one that will pay you very well.

Also, what you would earn as a closed captioner will depend on your experience, skill, and professionalism!

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10 Companies That Pay For Closed Captioning Jobs

Obviously, not all the companies out there that claim to pay really do.

Thankfully we have done the hard work for you and present you with the following that really pay for closed captioning jobs:



Rev is a popular company that provides online transcription and captioning jobs.

This company employs freelancers to complete close captioning tasks for clients.

You are expected to provide the best captioning service. Quality, speed, and value are the watchwords expected from you!

With Rev’s proprietary technology platform, you can deliver ever-increasing speed and quality captioning and transcriptions to clients.

Variety of captioning files would be delivered to you and you are expected to deliver in time with great accuracy and turnaround.

In addition, you must comply with the FCC and ADA requirements. is one of the best places to caption top-tier videos for producers. You can apply and be accepted within 48 hours.

If you work for then you should expect to earn between $240 and $1500 per month.

This company pays captioners per minute video in the range $0.40 to $0.75.

This can be like getting free money, for those doing this completely part time, from the comfort of their homes!


2. ASC Services

ASC services require experienced captioners and pay them very well.

It provides captioning services to top clients and requires professional at-home captioners and transcribers to do the job.

ASC Services is a company that creates, publishes and distributes digital information in a digital form to clients.

This company also hires hundreds of employees and contractors dedicated to developing and publishing news for the electronic information marketplace.

The captioning and transcripts are related to Political, Broadcast, Financial, and General Business Content.

From time to time, you will find job openings that will allow you to complete closed captioning jobs.

These jobs come just like other work at home jobs like transcription, proofreading, copy editing, translation, and interpretation, etc.

You can become a closed captioner with this company and get paid.

The pay can be negotiated with the hiring team once you are accepted.

work at home as a closed captioner

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Stay at home moms looking for jobs can earn from this for sure.


4. Vanan Captioning 

Vanan Captioning provides clients with various types of captioning services. Both individuals and groups have been served with the best captioning services over the years.

Customers are provided with top-notch services that including captioning, translation and transcription services.

Many clients have found Vanan offering the best of voiceover, closed captioning and subtitling services.

You can be hired by this company as a closed captioner. You are given the opportunity to be part of the world’s leading online service provider.

You can fill in the employment form and someone will contact you for more details.

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5. Aberdeen

Aberdeen Broadcast Services is a company that provides close-captioning services.

It also provides language services such as multi-language subtitling, translation, voice-overs, as well as digital file delivery services.

From time to time, Aberdeen Captioning seeks the services of professionally trained and experienced work-from-home captioners to do closed captioning or real-time captioning tasks.

You would be responsible for translating and displaying the text of the audio portion of a program on a video screen or visual display.

You must meet the basic requirements that include:

  • You must have a speed 180-220 WPM
  • You must have real-time closed captioning software
  • You must be willing to follow instructions and provides feedback timely, etc.

If you get hired by Aberdeen then you should expect to earn up to $75 per hour as a real-time captioner and $12 to $15 as an offline captioner.

If you have no money at all and need money right now, this can be a good opportunity for you!


6. RNK Productions

RNK Productions is one of the companies you can sign up with to provide transcription and closed captioning jobs.

You can work from home and get paid as a closed captioner. You must have the required equipment and skill to succeed with this company.

You should have excellent listening, spelling, and grammar skills are required to easily get a job as a captioner or as a transcriptionist.

Working for RNK Productions can earn you $14 to $30 per hour for captioning jobs.

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7. Talking Type Captions

This company has been offering closed captioning services to clients since 2003.

They provide offline captioning, live broadcast captioning, live web captioning, reformatting captioning files, etc, to television networks and production companies across the country.

companies that offers closed captioning jobs

Different clients engage the services of Talking Type Captions to do just about any type of captioning – closed or open – on their videos.

It is little wonder that clients enjoy using their service to caption variety of videos streamed on various platforms or video sites.

If you have what it takes to be a captioner, then working with Talking Type Captions as a closed captioner would be rewarding.

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This company hires captioners, translators & subtitles, Script Service & Language Annotation editors, and transcriptionists to complete various projects for clients.

Thus, you can actually be employed to work among other experienced and knowledgeable transcribers, captioners, and editors.

So, be part of the team that actually help: “…to create accurate caption files for television, film, streaming video, commercials, music videos, training videos, conferences…”.

You can earn between $8 and $140 per hour working with this company as a captioner.

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8. Caption Media Group

Caption Media Group offers clients various types of captioning services in English, Portuguese and Spanish languages.

Talking about English Language, see some of the best online English teaching jobs that pay well.

Caption Media Group is a company that delivers master tapes and videos files of clients with captions for various clients and markets.

A list that summarizes the core duties of Caption Media Group includes:

  • Subtitling
  • Closed Captioning
  • Translations
  • Encoding and Burning
  • Filed Conversion
  • DVD and Blu-ray Authoring
  • Hard Drive Digital Media Transfers
  • ETC

The FAQs page section of Caption Media Group readily provides vital information on different styles of closed captions and offline captions.

Caption Media Group pays independent contractors well for all the captioning assignments they fulfill.

So be prepared to start making money by captioning television broadcast, movies, videos, and other pre-programmed recordings.

You call or send an email to find out more about the available captioning jobs you can do from home and how much you are going to earn.

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VITAC is another well-known company that provides various types of captioning services to clients. They specifically provide closed captioning, subtitling, and encoding services.

In other words, this company thrives in the closed captioning, accessibility, audio description and subtitling industry.

Top media and entertainment companies in the United States use the services of VITAC to fulfill their captioning needs.

This company is the United States’ largest closed captioning company! This company is now part of The Gores Group.

Big clients for this company include BBC America, Discovery Channel, Life Time, etc.

You can work with this company and get paid to caption videos and TV broadcast.  Highly skilled captioners are paid very well.

VITAC is one place you may choose to work as full time or part-time closed captioner.

The pay range as a captioner with VITAC ranges from $11.25 to $30.00 per hour. Full-time captioners can also benefit from insurance coverage and 401(k) plans.

Obviously this is not as easy cash as getting paid to watch videos, or even getting paid to listen to songs online, but it can be easy if you enjoy doing it.


10. Access Innovation Media (AI) 

This is another reputable company that provides invaluable captioning services to clients.

They provide various services that include captioning, transcription, audio description, and visible classroom services.

A-i Media offers you with the opportunity to work from home and get paid as a closed captioner. You will help to provide interpret spoken words and sounds in a video to be displayed as text on the screen.

Just about anyone can caption as stated on the website:

‘…All you need is a good grasp of English. Using our easy online captioning tool, just type what you hear, the time it to the video, and get paid.”

With A-i Media, you earn US$27-$42 per video hour from anywhere in the world.

Apart from your good language and interpretation skill, you will also need a computer and an internet connection to make good money as a freelance captioner with this company.


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As you can see from this article, making money as close captioner is not only possible, it’s not that hard to do.

With the above details, you can start working from home as a real-time or offline captioner.

Just remember that you need to improve on your typing speed and accuracy to easily land the right job.

Also remember – most companies have their specific application approval requirements that you need to adhere to, if you want to succeed in working from home doing closed captioning jobs.


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Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE