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  • ThumbnailGrowth Marketers have 19 different customer acquisition channels at their disposal to drive distribution strategy and revenue growth.

    But very few channels will prove effective unless we can cut through the […]

    • Hi Chris,
      Its pretty interesting knowing that we can identify who the target customer is and ensure we provide all the values needed to satisfy them.

      It is only when a clear idea of who the customer is and what they want are identified that we surely and definitely would hack the brand for growth.

      Hacking brand awareness requires understanding of the customer first. This should be a fundamental that all marketers come to terms with.

    • Hi Chris,
      Great post indeed 🙂
      Customers are the key points when it comes to brand value and growth hack of your business. You need to understand the customers, customer’s behaviour and their demands.
      If you are able to do this, you can grow your business easily.


    • Brand awareness works like magic when it comes to retaining customers. In the very least, the “image” or what the company represents is replicated on the mind of the customer.

      Hacking brand awareness for the skyrocket of customer acquisition is possible. To begin with, the for studying and defining who the customer becomes very crucial.

    • I completely agree with the number 5 idea : “USE CUSTOMER INSIGHTS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR MARKETING CHANNELS”.

      A good understanding who the customer is and what he is thinking will give you better leverage to hack brand awareness.

      Customer acquisition is synonymous with loyalty, and nothing gives loyalty than content, socials, design, images, and colors used in promoting a brand!

    • Hello Chris,

      Thanks for this excellent post. You definitely gave me something to think about.

      I especially liked your advice on creating a minimum viable buyer persona. Just by asking simple questions like those, you can gather a lot of valuable data. Easy to send a survey email like that 🙂

      Doing things that don’t scale is also great advice for brand awareness.

      Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope you are having a great weekend.

      – Jasper

    • Hi Chris,

      What an interesting piece you have shared here. Creating the right brand awareness for potential customers could trigger constant traffic and conversions.

      Therefore, it becomes really critical to invest in the best option of increasing traffic for the customer! This begins with mastering the buyer persona!

    • Hi Chris,

      Lots of insightful tips you’ve discussed in this piece. I very much agree with you that one of the coolest ways to multiply customer acquisition is through brand ambassadorship.

      Using the early adopters as brand ambassadors projects your business immensely. Apart from the benefits of brand awareness for your company customers are more engaged and there are prospects for bringing in new clients.

      However, do not forget that you’re your own greatest brand ambassador. If customers discover that you have an overdose of passion for your business, they’ll certainly get more motivation to play their roles diligently.


    • Hey Chris,

      Growth hack and brand awareness revolves around the customer. So, the customer must be studied for better growth and acquisition.

      Although the details of this post are elaborate, I have taken away the fact that there are some strategic steps that would be helpful in developing customers’ trust and awareness.

    • Hi Chris,

      I want to state that without taking customer demographic and insight into consideration, it would be difficult to build brand awareness that would lead to conversion.

      The needs of the target audience still remains the focal point of customer acquisition. Testing what works every now and then is allowed but implementing what works would rely on how the customer perceives a brand!

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for a well thought out and laid out post. I have especially taken the points regarding the creation of the customer avatar (though you may not have used that phrase) I get it that messages can be so finely crafted when it’s clear to whom I am ‘speaking’. I’ve book mafrked it feor future reference.

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