Looking for the best childcare jobs around you? This article tells you some of the ways to find such jobs and other important tips to help you get the best ones.

First things first, I hope you understand how important you are, as a childcare worker?

As a childcare worker, your job is very important indeed, even if it’s not one of the hobbies that make you money.

Whether it is taking care of children when their parents and other family members are not available, attending to the basic needs of the children like feeding then, dressing them, bathing them, and even playing with them… you are providing very important services to parents and their children.

Childminders can provide support in the child’s home, the child day care centers, educational institutions, or in their own homes.

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As a childcare worker you can work full-time or part-time. You can even work in the evenings or provide overnight care to meet the needs of the family which have employed them.

Providing overnight care is similar to night jobs though, but not all the time.

The education and training requirements for a childcare job depend on what the employer or state wants.

Formal education is not needed to care for other people’s children. However, some employers will require that, at least, a certification in early childhood education is presented.

The average pay for most child care workers is around $11 per hour.

This article provides useful details about the best childcare jobs. It also shows how to find the best ones that you can apply for.


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Back to childcare jobs, let’s look a bit more into what these jobs are though…

What are the childcare jobs?

Childcare jobs are those jobs that allow the worker to provide care and supervision to other people’s children.

They can be done in a residential or non-residential environment like schools and child care centers.

childcare jobs centers

These jobs usually employ childminders who see to the needs of the children when their parents are working or away.

With childcare jobs though you can’t work online at home and get paid unless they involve a bit of online tutoring.

Most childcare jobs would require your physical presence in the homes or centers where the children are located.

Specifically, childcare jobs demand that the workers do the followings:

  • Supervise and monitor the safety of children.
  • Prepare and provide meals for the children.
  • Help children keep good hygiene.
  • Develop schedules and implement routines that will ensure that children play, rest and sleep.
  • Watch out for the physical, mental and social health of the children and to the attention of their parents if there is any change or problem.
  • Change the diapers of infants and toddlers.
  • Tutor children in simple math and vocabulary. They can help children to sing, dance and engage in other creative activities.
  • Tell stories, play games and engage in outdoor activities with children.

Child care workers have other duties and roles in the place of employment. These depend on what the parents want and what the childminder is qualified for.


Types of childcare jobs

Childcare jobs come in different types. The environment in which the job is done and the qualification of the worker can determine what role would be given to him or her.

That said, depending, on what you do, where you work, and the location you are working from, here are types of common childcare jobs you can apply for:

1. Babysitters

child care jobs

These are childcare workers who watch over kids on behalf of their parents or guardians.

The job is short-term and babysitters stay with children while their parents go on a date, or meet the children after-school if the parent has an appointment.

There are some of us who love kids so much that we would even do this for free. Getting paid to do this is like getting free money.

2. Nannies

These are childcare workers that work in the homes of the children they care for and the parents that hire them.

These workers are expected to work full time for the family that employs them.

Their duties include caring for the children at home, driving them to school, and taking them out for outdoor and after-school

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3. Childcare center workers

These are childcare workers that care for children within institutional child care centers.

They work with other teams like teacher assistants and preschool teachers.

These workers follow a structured program to teach and care for children in the centers.

4. Family childcare providers

These are childcare workers that provide caring services to children from their own homes.

This is really one of the creative ways to make money as a mom and can even be one of the awesome business plans or ideas for women who love spending time with children.

They set up their homes and comply with childcare regulations in the location they operate.

Family childcare providers operate like a business with staff, work hours, and established policies.

Parents can bring their children to this provider’s home and pick them up after the official work hour.

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child care jobs


How to apply for the best childcare jobs and 10 websites that help

If you want to apply for the best childcare jobs, you should browse and use some of the best websites or apps.

We have done the hard work of finding these websites and apps for you.

On each of these websites, you should be able to find the best childcare jobs that you can apply for.


1. Babysitters4Hire.com 

Babysitters4Hire.com has a database of babysitters, nannies, and other childcare workers. This online jobs database is useful to both families and caregivers.

Other positions available on this website include housekeepers, tutors, pet sitters, companion and eldercare, personal assistance, gardeners and other miscellaneous but related positions.

If you are looking for the best childcare jobs, then you should check out this website.

Note though that you must reside within the United States or Canada and you must be 16 years of age to register and use Babysitters4Hire.com.

You don’t pay any money to register your profile. Registration is free!

A background check is required. If you are CPR/First Aid Certified, then you have a better chance to be employed than someone who doesn’t.

The wage you will receive is negotiable between you and the family.

On average, caregivers working through this website earn from $5 to $35 per hour.

If you have no money this can prove very helpful indeed.

The exact pay will depend on factors like your experience, the geographical location, and the duties involved.

Click here to check out Babysitters4Hire.com

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2. eNannysource

eNannysource is a nanny service which matches families with childcare workers or nannies.

You can sign up with this service as your professional partner to find nanny jobs in your area.

You should be able to apply for the best childcare job on this website.

There is a large database of nannies on this website, making it easier to find the right job for you.

Nannies matched with families on this website include those that work full-time or part-time.

You will also find profiles of nannies that can work as live-in or live-out at their places of work.

At enannysource.com, nannies are paid in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Wages are determined based on where you work, your education and experience, the references you have, your duties and responsibilities, etc.

You can click on the “Find a Job” link on the website and fill in your details.

The website is organized in a way that will make it easy for you to find the perfect childcare or nanny job.

Click here to check out eNannySource.com

By the way, do you know that working with children can be one of the jobs for introverts, especially those who love children.


3. Urbansitter

Urbansitter is another reputable website where you can find different types of childcare jobs.

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It is a trusted platform where you can access and find suitable babysitter and nanny jobs.

The website matches parents and childcare workers who care about trust and safety.

To apply for a childcare job through Urbansitter, you have to click on the signup page and create your profile for free.

You are to provide details about your childcare experience, the schedule you can work and the hourly rate you want to earn.

These are side jobs that teachers can do.

You can then browse the job board on Urbansitter to apply for any nanny or babysitter position you want.

The app can help you browse and accept jobs from this site. Yes, the fact that you can earn thanks to this app makes it one of the money making mobile apps out there.

Of course the app doesn’t make you money on its own like some of these apps that pay you, but it helps with finding and applying for jobs even when on the move.

Urbansitter is one of the best places to find childcare jobs because sitters and nannies set their own hourly pay rate.

Yes, using this website means you also keep 100% of what you earn.

Click here to check out Urbansitter


jobs for childcare worker


4. Sitter.com

Sitter.com is another one-stop website for babysitting, nanny and childcare needs.

This platform is an online community that connects families to a network of babysitters, nannies, and childcare providers.

If you are a childcare provider, you can apply to this website for a job.

Even students with some free time on their hands can apply. This is certainly a good way to make money as a student.

To apply for a childcare job on this website, you need to post a profile using either a computer or a mobile.

Families can contact you after they have accessed your profile.

You can negotiate your pay with them based on your experience, the location of the job, and duties you are to do.

 Click here to check out Sitter.com

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5. Sittercity

Sittercity is another reputable and popular website where families can connect with childcare providers in the United States and Canada.

If you are a babysitter, a nanny, or a child care provider, you can apply for suitable jobs through Sittercity.

By the way, you can get free books for kids to make baby sitting a lot more enjoyable for the kids, especially for grown up kids who love books.

To get started with this website you must first create your profile and showcase your childcare skills.

You can also use the app to apply for any preferred childcare job in your area.

Sittercity allows you to apply for jobs and message parents from your computer or phone. You can search and apply for jobs that fit your schedule.

Click here to check out Sittercity


6. Nannyjob.co.uk

Nannyjob.co.uk is a UK based website that helps you find childcare jobs for free.

The website allows you to find different positions for childcare services. These include babysitters, nannies, helpers and other types of childcare jobs.

If you are looking to work in England, Scotland, Wales, and Europe, then Nannyjob.uk will help you find the best childcare jobs.

To find a job, you simply use the search button on the site. You can filter your search based on position, region, and language, full or part-time, live in or live out, temporal or permanent, etc.

You will then see details about the available job after you have clicked on the search.

If you are interested in any of the jobs, simply register and create your profile for free.

Click here to check out nannyjob.co.uk

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7. Seeking Sitters

Seeking Sitters is another reputable website that provides childcare professionals with the opportunity of finding the right jobs that fit their schedule.

This platform is a national on-demand babysitter referral service.

As a childcarer, you can be matched with parents or families to solve their childcare dilemma.

SeekingSitters provide S.T.Y.L.E. This acronym refers to the qualifications expected from any sitter brought into the babysitting team.

These are explained on the Become a Sitter page:

Safety: Safety is a priority and every sitter has extensive experience with all ages as well as their CPR and First Aid

Time: Professional sitters who use their time wisely with activities and games.

Yack: Sitters do not yack on their cell phone or have visitors at the events.

Look: The sitters look the part with SeekingSitters t-shirt to help identify them upon arrival.

Exit: Our sitters know that having fun is important, but leaving behind a tidy house is just as important!

You can apply with this website and create a profile which families can access to contact you.

Click here to check out SeekingSitters

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childcare jobs


8. Child Care Advantage

Child Care Advantage is another website that facilitates childcare related employment.

They provide a recruitment service links childcare providers to day care centers, day camps, and residential camps.

You can apply for early childhood care jobs in your area by using ChildCareAdvantage.

Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time ECE jobs or other types of child care jobs, Child Care Advantage can help you find a good job.

Click here to check out ChildCareAdvantage


9. NannyLane

NannyLane is one more website that makes it easy for users to find childcare or nanny service.

With this website, child carers or nannies can find child care jobs requested by families.

If you have childcare experience, you can apply with NannyLane by creating a profile on the site.

You would be connected with families that will interview, hire and pay you.

Click here to check out NannyLane

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10. Zum

Zum is an app that can connect you with busy families who trust you to take care of their kids.

You would be responsible for giving those kids reliable rides and care services 7 days a week.

Yes, that includes weekends and makes this one of the ways to make money on weekends.

As a Zum driver, you can earn up to $32/hour driving kids.

You can also pick your rides in advance and work when you want.

In addition, you will be in control of how your day would be and how much you will earn!

If you become a “Zumer” as a member of Zum is called, you would be working with children, and care about making a positive impact on their lives like other Zumer of community members.

The Zumer community members include teachers, nannies, nurses, college students, and mothers.

Talking about nurses, you can even get work from home nursing jobs if you are a nurse.

Click here to check out Zum



You above are some of the best websites and apps that help you find childcare jobs you can apply for.

Of course, before getting started with applying, you must check out the requirements of each of the websites or apps described above.


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Best Childcare Jobs

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