Looking for the cheapest days to fly? You are certainly reading the right article.

It not only shows you the cheapest days to travel by air but also shows you how choosing the cheapest days can save you a lot of money and help you find cheap flights.

Most importantly, it contains many other secret hacks you can use for finding crazy cheap flights.

There’s certainly no arguing with the fact that flying is not as affordable as we would all want it to be.

The problem though, is that we may all be paying more than we should be. And it doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to many secret hacks you can use to get cheap flights.

One of them is finding the cheapest days to travel, especially when you have no money and may even need money now. In such situations it’s important to save as much as you can.

Keep reading the rest of this article to find out exactly how you can save a lot using this hack and other hacks for getting cheap flights, domestically and internationally.

You will also read about the other secret hacks that work as well, if not better, than finding cheapest days to travel!


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Knowing The Cheapest Days To Fly

Traveling with airlines from place to place can be expensive. Whether it’s holiday period or even normal periods, whether you get paid time off holiday pay or not, the cost of flying for individuals and their families can be cheaper than it always is.

Of course, the airline operators and their managers want to make as much profits as they can for their shareholders.

If you want to save money on flights to basically anywhere, just using budgeting and money saving apps to help you won’t be enough. You need to access cheap flights any way possible.

Thankfully there are hacks you can use to save money on flights. One of them is knowing what the cheapest days to fly are.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

These middle days of the week have been proven, time and time again, to be the cheapest days to fly, not just within the United States but all over the world.

Apart from been the middle days of the week, they are the farthest days from the weekends.

And as you obviously know, most people can’t travel during the weekends because of their work (except those that make money online on weekends).

If you, on the other hand, have the flexibility of choosing when you can travel, you certainly shouldn’t choose weekends, especially Sunday.


cheap days to fly to get cheap flights


Cheapest Seasons To Fly

Apart from just particular days, you should be looking at SEASONS that are the cheapest to travel.

This is because there are particular seasons that even the Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be more expensive to fly than even weekends, on other seasons.

Unless you are engaged in one of those jobs that require traveling, you don’t want to spend more than you should on flights during peak seasons.

Winters and Low Seasons

You guessed it – no one wants to go on vacation in bad weather. Winters are usually unbearable for many people, hence the reduction in those traveling for vacation or fun.

It’s such seasons that are the cheapest to fly, as compared to summer!


The Most Expensive Days To Fly

Now that you know the cheapest days to fly, it’s also good to know the most expensive and worst days to fly.

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

These are the most expensive and certainly worst days to fly.

And this is true not just in the United States and other Western countries, but in almost all countries of the world.

It’s obviously because of the Christmas and New Year holiday season as people get to travel all over the place to visit family and friends or just for holidays, thanks to getting time off work.

Even in countries that don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas and New Year’s holidays, flights are still expensive as people travel more frequently around these times than normal.

So, make sure to avoid these days if you can, unless you are ready to pay a lot higher than you would on normal days.


15 Other Secret Hacks For Finding Crazy Cheap Flights To Anywhere

Apart from choosing the cheapest days to travel, there are many other ways of getting cheaper flights. Below are 25 of them:


1. Use The Best Flight Search Engines

There are lots of search engines that provide visitors with search results on flights. You should take advantage of theses to find cheap flights and the best prices to/from anywhere.

The good examples of flight search engines you should familiarize yourself with, to access the best rates for flights to anywhere include:


2. Consider Using Budget Airlines

Budget airlines are airlines that offer low cost fares. Since you want to save big on plane tickets to anywhere, it would be a great idea to consider budget airlines.

Find a cheapest days to fly

These airlines will fly you to your destination just as the more expensive ones will, but at a cheaper price compared to full-service airlines.

However, there are compromises you should expect to make if you befriend budget airlines.

For instance, some of these airlines may not offer you “free in-flight food & drinks.” It’s also very likely they won’t offer you free food and for sure they won’t offer you free Internet.

In most cases, you may not even have enough leg room space during the flight.

In some cases, you may even have to pay for your luggage since the ticket fare does not cover the luggage/baggage allowance.

So, as you consider budget airlines for cheap fares, never forget to research about all the extras that may cost you more.

A list of the some of the best budget airlines as compiled by Wikipedia include:

  • JetBlue
  • EasyJet
  • Ryanair
  • Lucky Air
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • WestJet


3. Track and Analyze The Cheapest Day To Fly Out

As you read earlier, the cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

You can get the cheapest flight to anywhere by booking on these “cheapest days.” Although what constitute the “cheapest day” to fly is subjective, it is important to know the days that flights are cheapest.

To identify the cheapest day to fly out, you can make use of tracking tools like:

These tools not only track the best time to fly cheaply, they also track price fluctuations so you can make better decisions.

Just as you can use the right tools to find best money changerone day sale or even gas stations that sell cheap gas, you can use some of these tools to find cheap flights.

When you have determined the cheapest day to fly out, you then go ahead and buy you ticket!


4. Search For Flight Prices Using The Browser’s Incognito Or Private Mode

You can get crazy cheap flights by enabling private browsing mode.

This mode will not remember your previous browsing history especially if you have used the browser to search for cheap flights.

cheapest days to fly on holidays

Cookies, temporary files, visited pages, and previous searches are not tracked or remembered if you use the private browsing mode.

It is a fact that if you use a browser repeatedly to browse for flight prices or specific routes, there is a high tendency that you will only be getting higher prices in the results displayed by the website.

This can trick you into thinking that the price is going up and you need to take action immediately.

To avoid this, it becomes important to set your browser to private or incognito mode before browsing flight prices.

  • If you use Firefox or Edge, then hit Control (or Command, if you use Mac) + Shift + P keys to open Private mode.
  • If you use Safari or Chrome, then hit Control (or Command, if you use Mac) + Shift + N keys to open private mode.

Also See: How To Sell Feet Pictures Online.


5. Use “Hidden City” Ticket Instead Of Direct Route To Your Destination

Another trick to getting cheap flights is to reconsider the direct route to your destination if the price is high.

It is worth noting that sometimes, taking 2 stops instead of 1 stop, will save some airfare.

For instance, if a direct flight to New York will cost $400 then consider stopping at the nearest location or route if the airfare is $300. You can then use a train or bus to transit into New York.

The nearest city where you disembark is called a “hidden city”. This approach can save more money. This trick also applies when you travel from one country to another.

Flying direct to your destination may be faster. However, since you want to save money, using a hidden city ticket would be a better idea.

Websites like Skiplagged.com can be utilized to find hidden city tickets.


6. Compare Between Seat Classes Of Different Airlines

You can get crazy cheaper flights to anywhere by comparing airlines and their seat classes.

You should compare between two or more airlines to see what they offer in their first class, business or economy classes.

Doing such comparisons definitely gets you a better deal every time. This also works in looking for electronics to buy or anything.

Example of such comparisons  when looking for electronics to buy is this detailed Roku vs Amazon Firestick vs Apple TV one.

As you can see, that’s even comparing three different products and brands, to find the right one.

Comparing between two or more airlines is definitely a good way to get a cheaper flight.

If an airline that is not well-known is offering a business class that is cheaper than the economy class of a well-known airline, grab the opportunity and save.

This is a simple logic that needs to be applied. If an economy class seat on American Airline costs $2,000 from Tokyo to Los Angeles, but the same route in business class of a casual airline charges $1200, then you must go for the latter.

Saving $800 on an air ticket is a huge win for you!


7. Subscribe To Emails of Airlines For Fare Alerts

It is important that you sign up to email alerts from airlines or travel sites and services, to know when they are either having a sale or having good deals.

Apart from doing this to know about sales or deals, this can even help you keep track of prices of the route(s) you want to travel.

If you have automatic fare alerts, whenever the price drops, you will be notified automatically.  This way you will get to find crazy cheap flights when you least expect.

That’s unless you are going on urgent travel that others have to pay for, of course. For example, those going for egg donation usually get their entire travel expenses paid for, as well as extra thousands of dollars as payment!

You can sign up for fare alerts from services like:





8. Search and Use Local Airlines That Serve Your Destination

You must not ignore local airlines when it comes to finding crazy cheap flight to anywhere.

In different continents and regions there are local airlines that offer great deals and will cost less while flying from one destination to another.

Destination of cheapest days to fly

Search engines often only access popular carriers.

Unknown and low cost carriers are not often listed because of the commission involved. However, you can do an extra search to find the local airlines that serve your destination and often save.

So, if you are looking for cheap airfare, ask about local airlines. You can use Google search to find the airports where they operate.


9. Buy Flights In Bulk To Save Money

You can get cheap flights to anywhere when you buy flights in bulk. There are different ways you can buy in bulk and these include:

  • Buying return tickets with the same airline or the same airline alliance. If you buy return ticket this way, it would be cheaper than when you buy a 2 one-way tickets. For example, you will save more on a return ticket from London to Johannesburg with some airlines instead of buying a one-way ticket twice.
  • Buying multi-city flights. You can take advantage of airline tickets for multiple cities at the same time. For instance, you can book a ticket from London to New York, New York to Caracas at the same time. With airline search engine like Skyscanner.com, you can find cheap multi-city flights.
  • Buying around the world tickets. You can also take advantage of round the world tickets and regional passes. These are special tickets offered by airlines that allow you to go around the world. The tickets are often provided at a discounted rate. You will get to save a lot of money buying these tickets.
  • You can even use some online shopping apps or cash back apps to get some money back when you book flights or buy other things. Some give points while others give you cash back.


10. Use Connecting Or Stopover Flights and Pay Less

You can book connecting flights from one place to another and pay cheaper rates. This means you would be adding a stopover or two.

In reality, it may be cheaper for you to stopover at one airport and then board another flight directly to your destination. You will find out that the total amount you pay for the flight will be greatly reduced.

Some airlines will connect you with other airlines from your first destination airport.

For instance, if you are traveling from Australia to Canada, you may consider a stopover in Hawaii. From here you can board another airline straight to Montreal.

Similarly, you can also apply this trick if you are traveling to places like Cambodia. You may stopover at Singapore before proceeding.

Most flight comparison websites will help you find stopover or connecting flights deals. If you are willing to add a new destination to your trip and get a cheap flight to anywhere, use websites like AirWander.com to compare your options.


cheapest days to fly and hacks to get cheap flights


11. You Can Buy Tickets From The Airline’s Own Website

You may be missing out on cheap flights when you use third party search engines to find airfares.

Using these sites is not bad, as they make searching for the best flights easier, but they are not necessarily the cheapest.

They are often incentivized to feature higher prices!

Yes, just like programs where you might get rewarded with cash for watching ads or similar where you might get rewarded with cash for listening to music… there’s the “incentives” aspect that encourage you to participate.

Same with many of these types of third party search engines. They have incentives to feature higher prices.

Nevertheless, if you use search an airline’s website directly, then you can find the cheapest  tickets to anywhere!

Yes, use the airline’s website to find crazy cheap flights to anywhere!

Airlines feature exclusive low cost fares from time to time and the airfare search engines usually don’t feature these!

You should also know that budget airlines that offer low cost fares are often not featured in many popular search engines.

So, it is best you to use the airlines website directly and save hundreds of dollars off your air ticket price!


12. Enrolling In Loyalty Or Air Miles Programs

You can enroll in an air miles program and pay less when you fly anywhere.

With a miles program, the points you earned would be used to discount an air ticket you bought from some airline.

Miles programs come in different ways. The most popular are those are associated with the use of travel rewards credit cards.

These types of gift card giveaways will reward you with points for signing up and for using them to shop.

You can also get free cheap flights to anywhere by flying with specific airlines to earn miles.

This is a great way for frequent flyers to earn miles as rewards for their loyalty. They also save on their tickets!

Some popular miles programs you should check out include

American Airlines AAdvantage

Delta SkyMiles

JetBlue TrueBlue


13. Avoid Silly Spelling Errors That Could Be Costly

You can get cheap flights to anywhere if you avoid silly mistakes during your booking.

Typing errors can lead you to pay extra for flight tickets if you don’t double check your booking before clicking the ‘submit’ button.

book a cheapest days to fly

Ensure that you avoid spelling errors on your name, password number, inverted dates and other errors that can disrupt your travel plans.

If you are not careful, these mistakes can prove to be more costly than the actual airline ticket you bought.

So, you should take advantage of cheap flights to anywhere by avoiding silly spelling mistakes when you are booking your flight.


14. Find The Cheapest Place To Fly With A Comprehensive Search Engine Tool

All flight search engines are not the same. Some will only suggest the cheapest route from specific airlines they partner with.

While this can give you an idea of what to budget for on your ticket, it doesn’t take into consideration other factors that could result in additional costs.

For instance, flight delays, schedule changes, and cancellations are some of the factors that could cause a passenger to pay more.

With a comprehensive search tool, you will get a guarantee to be provided with an alternative connecting flight in case of delay.

If not, you will be directed on how to get a refund.

So, finding the craziest cheapest flight to just about any location locally or internationally is not all about the face value of the ticket, it should encompass other factors.

Kiwi.com is a good example of a search tool that makes money online by providing you with comprehensive results to get the cheapest prices.

It mixes and matches airlines and destinations to provide the best cheap flight price to anywhere!


15. Avoid Making Changes On Tickets After You Have Booked

If you want to get the cheapest flight, you must avoid last minute changes.

Your plans could change after you have booked a ticket. Making changes to the time or date may cause extra charges from the airline.

Sometimes, these fees may be nearly as expensive as the full price of the tickets.

So, if possible, avoid making changes when you have already booked your flight. You can also choose your airline based on the charges they make when changes are made.



As you can see, there are several other top secret ways of getting cheap flights, beyond just looking for cheapest days to travel.

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