Looking for the best ways and sites to find cheap iPhones for sale? Then you have to read this article.

It reveals some really awesome ways and sites anyone can use to find really good deals on iPhones, including buying them for really cheap.

There are certain consumer electronic items that are about more than just the basic functions they’re designed for. IPhones would certainly fall into this category.

People who purchase an iPhone don’t do it because they want something efficient or simply nice looking. No, these phones are all about branding and status, for many people.

These phones are aimed at people who want to feel like they have the best in terms of innovative technology and trendiness.

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IPhones support thousands of innovative apps.  There are apps for saving money, apps for investment, apps for writers, apps for online shopping, apps for getting cash back, apps for getting paid to share links, apps for getting paid to download apps, apps for getting paid to give advice, and apps for just about anything you can imagine.

All of this is no issue, but when you look at the price of iPhones it becomes quite easy to understand why they’re considered high status.

So, what do you do if you really want one, but just can’t afford the typical prices charged for them?

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Cheap iPhones

If you are not looking to get a second job or make extra weekend money, then focus on being a smarter shopper.

That also involves being savvy and strategic in your shopping.

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If you’re willing to put in some time and energy, you can save a lot of money on an iPhone purchase and not have to sacrifice anything in the process.

We’ve put in some of the work for you in this article, to make the process a little faster.

Before we get to the methods and sites we’ve put together in order to help you, we want to focus on the most basic approach first.

And this would be tips you can use in order to generally save money:

Tips to Help You With Cheap iPhones For Sale


1. Don’t Buy More Than You Need

Yes, when you purchase an iPhone make sure that you don’t buy more storage than what’s needed, because this plays a lot into the cost!

These days you have access to any number of different cloud storage services that make storing data easier and cheaper than ever.

Some example of this would include Google Drive, iCloud or Google Drive alternatives.

If you opt to store the bulk of the data you have on your phone, then you’ll just end up paying more money than you need to.

iphones for sale

It just isn’t something you need to be doing a lot of these days. So when you’re looking to get a better price for an iPhone, carefully consider the storage space.

The smaller the storage space, the better the price.

However, you should have a basic understanding of what you need in order to make sure you don’t go too low.


2. Don’t Have to Buy The Latest iPhone

Yes, try to avoid purchasing the latest iPhone because when you do you’re usually paying to be on the front end of the trend.

When an iPhone comes out it’s not just a new phone, it’s an event.

Have you ever seen a news program showing the releasing of a new iPhone and there’s people lined up around the block in order to get it? Well, why do you think this is?

These are people who want to be on the front end of the latest tech craze.

Just like if you wanted to use one of the personal loan apps to purchase a car, you could save a lot of money if you bought used instead of the latest model.

We’re talking about people who want to enjoy the experience of purchasing and the status that comes with feeling like they’re the first to have something so highly desired.

Don’t fall into this trap.

Purchasing the latest iPhone usually means you’re paying way more money for a lot of extras you just don’t need and or care about.

If you opt instead to purchase an older generation model, then you’ll find that you can save hundreds of dollars.

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3. Consider Keeping the iPhone You Have

Yes, you can also consider just keeping the iPhone that you already have. This is obviously because in most cases the newer model isn’t always much better than you think.

You might have a model of iPhone that you’re completely happy with at the moment, but when a new model comes out you get shamed into purchasing a newer model so you don’t feel like you’re falling behind.

Don’t fall into this type of pressure trap.

In some cases, you might find that you’re able to unlock your phone and find a carrier that can provide you with a lower cost plan.

Although this isn’t guaranteed, it can be a good way to get the cost down overall.

Besides saving money on your phone, you may also be interested in saving money on your internet. You can even work towards getting free internet when you are out and about, as a way to save money rather than using your mobile data.

When using free Internet though, it’s a good idea to use private proxy servers, to stay safe.


4. Sell the Phone You Have Before Buying Another

Yes, consider selling the iPhone or whatever smartphone you have and putting the money towards the purchase of a new or used option.

This is obvious but many people don’t even think of doing it.

You might have an iPhone at the moment that you don’t need anymore or another high quality smartphone.

Sell Your iPhone and use the money in order to pay for a new iPhone or even a used option or older model?

If the goal is to save money after all, then you want to make sure you’re keeping your options open.

Selling is something you likely already thought about, but you need to be strategic with what you do with the proceeds.

You can sell many things to get money for your phone.  You can sell your feet photos online, you can sell your hair, you can sell your shoes and even sell your used clothes online.


How To Find Best Deals When Buying an iPhone

We want to get into other important aspects of getting a cheap iPhone.


1. Watch Out for Sales and Special Offers

There are certain times of the year or certain sales, even best one day sales,  that take place where you can get one of these for a steal of a price.

You have to be very vigilant about finding these deals though.

We’re taking about deals that usually take place in the offline world.

What we want to focus on are those low cost iPhones you can get access to virtually anytime, without having to put forth much effort in order to find a deal or a steal.

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2. Consider Refurbished iPhones

If you don’t want to rely on sales or special deals, then just consider going with the used or refurbished route.

You might not think that getting a used or refurbished iPhone is as good as purchasing something new, but this isn’t the case at all.

New and refurbished options cost much less than their newer counterparts.

The crucial thing for you is going to be getting one from a source where you can trust the quality of what’s being sold.

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You don’t want to purchase from just any source, but those that leave you some form of recourse in case something goes wrong with your purchase or you aren’t satisfied for some reason.

If you’re still unsure about going the used/refurbished route, then allow us to sell you a little on the benefits of each one.

Each of these isn’t the same all around, so you’ll have to decide which cons you can’t accept and which ones you can.

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Refurbished iPhone Benefits:

These are phones that are previously owned, which means that someone else has used them for service.

The question becomes just how previously it was owned.

A skilled professional has usually checked out a refurbished option and run different diagnostic testing on it in order to ensure there are no issues.

If there was any issue with defective parts for example, then these would be replaced.

Any data that was on these phones from the past owner has been completely deleted.

So there would be no need to worry about someone else’s information being on the refurbished iPhone you purchased.

These aren’t sold standalone, but in most cases they are completely repackaged.

And in order to add more assurance to a buyer, you’ll often get an extended warranty with it.

This warranty is provided by the retailer who has the phone for sale, not the original maker.

By buying a refurbished phone, you will get it much cheaper.  However it won’t be free.

You can get free Xbox gift cards and free Google Play gift cards though.

Used iPhone Benefits:

These are simply phones that have previously been used by someone else. They haven’t been refurbished at all.

cheap iphones

This means that if there are any issues with internal parts, then this is something that you’d have to deal with.

Due to them being used, sometimes heavily, you could be dealing with an iPhone that’s going to have a lot of cosmetic defects on it.

For people who value the aesthetic appeal of their phone this is going to be a problem.

Yes, you can get a cover for it, but depending on how bad the damage is, even a cover won’t do much to hide it.

Used options, unless stated otherwise are usually in good operational and functional condition. Although, there can be minor issues that can affect just to what degree this is the case.

Again by buying used you will save money but not get your phone for free.  If you want something for free check out these websites to get free makeup samples, free baby samples, free books for kids, and even free food.

You don’t have to buy used or refurbished if the goal is to save money on an iPhone, but we urge you to consider them.

The price differences are incredible and these days, saving money is important.

You can even use the money you save to purchase extras for your phone that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

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15 Best Sites To Find Cheap iPhones For Sale

Now we’re going to provide you with a list of websites you can go to in order to look for used iPhones, refurbished iPhones, as well as new options that are on sale at discounted prices.

Check out the list below:

1. Best Buy

2. OzMobiles

3. Back Market

4. Swappa

5. Smarter Phone

6. Best Deals Today

7. Back Market

8. Jem Jem

9. Buy Gazelle

10. Deal News

11. CheapPhones.com

12. Glyde

13. Join Honey

14. DH Gate

15. Amazon


Don’t be afraid to use some of the resources mentioned above. You may also want to check out other sites like Craigslist and any of the best backpage alternatives.

Yes, while some of them focus on refurbished options, you’re protected in several ways.

You’ll have the option of either returning the iPhone you get if you decide you don’t like it. Plus, the majority of these sites provide warranties.

These are the same as you’d get if you purchased a brand new model.

Unlike most of these resources that provide refurbished models, if you were going to buy a phone at Costco, you would have to purchase new phones.

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You might be hard pressed to find the latest model options on a lot of the sites mentioned above, but don’t look at this as a bad thing.

The majority of options you’re going to find will typically be about a generation old or two.

These are going to be models that function very similarly to the latest version.

Users who have an iPhone that has been damaged to the point of not working anymore can decide to simply replace their phone with a similar model.

A lot of the websites mentioned above are perfect places to do this.

This way you don’t have to feel like you have to upgrade to an iPhone you’d rather not have.

If you really need a phone and do not have the money, you may be able to get a phone from the government.

The US government can supply many things to people who fit into certain criteria.

used iphones

These include free food, phones, insurance and even free money.

One more benefit people get with a lot of the resources we mentioned on the list is that you can better research phones.

We know some of you might be unsure about what direction to go in and need a little nudging.

On some of these sites you can find user reviews and get an idea of what other people have gone through using that particular resource.

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Using Auction Sites for Buying Inexpensive iPhones

There’s one resource we forgot to mention and that’s auction websites such as eBay.

If you like the idea of bidding in order to get the phone you want, then eBay and sites similar to it are a great resource.

What’s even better is you get the chance to explore a vast number of options; you aren’t limited in any way.

If you’re able to find something you really like, then why not bypass the auction process altogether?

Seeing as how iPhones still tend to be fairly pricey, a lot of the auctions you’ll see will provide you a chance to make an offer.

As long as the offer wasn’t something too unreasonable, then you’d have a great chance of getting it accepted.

A word of caution with eBay and auction sites like it.

Talking about auctions, see ways to use police auctions to get great deals and make money!

When looking at the pictures for the device you’re planning on getting, be sure what you’re looking at is the actual iPhone you’d receive and not a promo picture.

The reason for this is because if you’re getting a promo picture then you have no idea of knowing what you’re getting.

This means not having any idea of what type of condition the phone is in if you’re getting it used or refurbished.

Ebay is great for finding awesome deals.  Some people sell things on eBay as a hobby.

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The fact of the matter is that in the world of smartphones, iPhones are considered to be the crème de la crème.

There is no other smartphone like it in terms of branding and overall features. The ability to get access to a good one at a respectable price is important.

You just need to understand what you’re willing to sacrifice and what you’re not.

We’ve provided lots of options for you here and we’re confident you can find something that will be perfect for you.

And in the case you decide you absolutely must go for a new model, then still focus on saving money.

This means getting the right data plan, using the right carrier, looking for discounts wherever you can find them and being willing to trade in a model you already have.

cheap iphones for sale

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