This article shows you the best places to change oil for cheap near you. It also shows you many top tips you probably don’t know about changing oil for the best cost.

For those who don’t know, it is important to carry out regular and scheduled oil change for your vehicle, whether for personal use or for Uber.

There are many benefits to this and they include:

  • Cleaner engine
  • Longer engine life
  • Lower vehicle emissions
  • Better gas mileage
  • Better engine performance

So, a steady oil change extends the life of your engine. Apart from this, you can prevent the warranty of your vehicle becoming inactive.

However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to change oil whenever you do. You can still change oil in the simplest, most effective and economical way.

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Just like you can save money finding right gas stations for cheap gas, you can also save money when it comes to oil change!

This is why you should locate the best places to change oil near you.

Here is a quick review of some of the best places to visit and change oil for cheap. But you have to consider a DIY option first.


1. DIY Oil Change

First off, the starting point you should consider when you want to have an oil change for your vehicle is to consider a do-it-yourself approach.

Of course, your time and knowledge come into play here.

If you have the time the knowledge of how to change engine oil for your car, then you should go for a DIY oil change.

The cost and quality of the oil change will depend on your preference.

change oil for cheap


2. Yelp and other Search Engines

You can use to search for the nearest places to change oil for cheap. Yelp is a platform that also works like Craigslist with a purpose to connect people with great local businesses.

You can browse through Yelp to find the best places to change oil for cheap near you.

To make the most of this online review Just enter “oil change stations” near your locations and see the results of the locations that get displayed.

The advantage of using Yelp to find places where you can change oil is that you will get to read about what the businesses offer.

The ratings and reviews about brands and businesses will help you make better decisions as to whether to choose a specific brand.

Visit today and use its features to find the nearest place to change oil for lower than you are probably already paying.

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3. Independent Local Service Centers or Workshops

You can check on the nearest independent local service centers to change oil for your vehicle.

change oil

A local service center could be a small or a not-so-small privately-owned business that specializes in the service of vehicles.

A typical service center is like a shop where you can fix the tire of your car, do a thorough service, do bodywork, fix the windshield, and so on.

The center is usually manned by technicians who specialize in one aspect of car repair or the other.

If you have one of such workshops or service center near you, take advantage of the technical skills of the lube technicians to change your oil.

It is very possible that you can get an oil change for free or for cheap since you may be their customer.

So, find a reliable independent local service center near you to take advantage of this.


4. Your Nearest Vehicle Dealership

A vehicle or car dealership is a business that specializes and is authorized to sell and distribute a specific brand of vehicle.

There are car dealerships for most car brands. So, whether your make of vehicle is Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, Honda, Ford, Jeep, Mercedes, BMW, Renault, etc., there is probably a dealership near you.

Most vehicle dealerships have factory-trained technicians who understand the needs of the vehicle they work on every day. They can also service vehicles for you.

You can take advantage of a vehicle dealership that distributes the make of your car to change the oil.

In some of these dealerships, oil change may be offered as part of a complementary service to the customers who come to service their vehicles.

Check on the vehicle dealership nearest you to change oil for free or for cheap.

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5. Retail Chains Auto Care Centers Near You

In most national retail chains, you will find auto shops where repairs and maintenance are carried out. In these shops, you may drive in to have your oil changed.

If any of these auto shops are near you, it would be a perfect place to have an oil change at free or cheap.

Examples of retail auto care centers you can check out include:


6. Sears Auto Service Centers

Sears is a popular brand of department stores. It has been around as a retailer of clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, appliances, housewares, tools, and so on.

best places to change oil

Sears has more than 199 locations across the United States and Puerto Rico.

When your vehicle reaches a maintenance milestone, rely on the automotive services from Sears for quality vehicle care and greater peace of mind.

In most of the locations, you will find Sears Auto centers where you can change the oil for your vehicle at affordable price.

Sear auto service centers partners with Valvoline brand of motor oil to change oil for car owners.

Sears claims to provide you with high-quality oil technology that is formulated to perform, and at a competitive price.

Sears Offers the following oil change options for you:

  • Conventional Oil Change for $21.99
  • High Mileage or MaxLife Oil Change for $37.99
  • SyncPower or Full Synthetic Oil Change for $52.99

You can schedule an appointment with an ASE Certified Technician and have your oil changed.

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Click here to check out Sears Auto Center near you


7. Walmart’s Auto Care Center

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores.

It retails a variety of products and renders very useful services to customers. You can shop for furniture, electronics, groceries, clothing, pet supplies, footwear, movies, books, music, tools, appliances, and lots of other items at any Walmart store near you.

The good news is that Walmart serves the global market and has more than 11,000 locations worldwide.

In most of Walmart’s stores located in the United States you will find the Auto Care Center.

The auto care center is manned by experts who can provide your varieties of care repair and maintenance services like tire, battery, and oil & lube services, etc.

You should check out any Walmart’s auto care center to change oil for cheap.

The typical auto care center offers the following:

  • Pit Crew oil change for just $19.88
  • Standard oil change, for just $29.88
  • High Mileage oil change, for just $39.88
  • Power & Performance oil change, for just $49.88

Click here to visit any Walmart’s auto care center near you


8. Independent Auto Service Centers Near You

change oil for cheap near me

Some of these include:

9. Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers an automotive maintenance company operating in the United States.

This brand operates in 252 locations across 15 states of the United States. These include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Its headquarters is in Birmingham, Alabama.

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers offers automotive service, automotive repair and tire repair.

If you need to change oil for your vehicle at a cheap price, then you should check out any Experience Oil location near you.

Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers offer 10-minute oil change for motorists. You can also get a complimentary examination of the mechanical and safety condition of your vehicle.

If your vehicle has run 3000 miles, then its to change the oil at Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers. This will help preserve the safety and life span of the vehicle.

Click here to book an appointment or to stop by any Express Oil Change & Tires Engineers’ location near you.


10. Goodyear Auto Service Centers

Goodyear is a tire manufacturing company. It has its operating headquarters in Akron, Ohio, in the U.S.

The company has a long history since it has been around since August 29, 1898.

This company is mainly known for manufacturing tires for various kinds of vehicles including sedan, SUV, RV, ATV, commercial Trucks, Aviation, and Off the Road tires, etc.

It also manufactures non-tire products like Airsprings, industrial hose, synthetic rubber for medical applications, synthetic rubber for chewing gum, Rubber track, conveyor belts products, hydraulic products, and power transmission products, etc.

Goodyear has auto service centers where certified experts work day and night to help car owners fix their cars and tires.

In these centers, you can trust the experts to provide you with an oil change service.

Goodyear offers you an oil change service where you can make a choice of the premium Valvoline motor oil that is compatible with your vehicle.

The oil change is a comprehensive maintenance service that includes air filter check, lubrication of all things, oil filter replacements, tire pressure check, engine inspection for leaks, filling and topping off of all fluids, a thorough inspection of your undercarriage, and complete belt and hose inspection.

The pricing for Valvoline premium oil changes at the Goodyear auto service centers includes:

  • Valvoline Conventional Motor Oil starting at $29.95
  • Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage Oil starting at $44.95
  • Valvoline SyncPower Full Synthetic Oil starting at $66.95

You can click here to find Goodyear Auto service center near you


11. Jiffy Lube Service Centers

Jiffy Lube is a company that offers automotive services. It specifically provides oil and lube services and has been rated high by the National Oil and Lube News (2011), the Franchise Times (2011), and the Entrepreneur Magazine (2012).

cheap automotive services

Jiffy Lube has its headquarters in Houston, Texas, the U.S. It has about 2,200 locations in different parts of North America.

If you want to change oil for cheap, you may want to consider any Jiffy Lube franchise or operator near you.

At these locations, you can take advantage of the Oil Change Schedule (OCS) program introduced by Jiffy Lube in 2011.

This program allows Jiffy Lube customers to choose how often they have their oil changed based on their vehicle recommendation, driving habits, and road conditions.

The program has replaced the old model program where customers are recommended to change the oil every 3000 miles.

Jiffy Lube provides its signature service oil change service which includes conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend or full synthetic oil change.

The oil change includes comprehensive preventive maintenance to change, inspect and fill essential systems and components of your vehicle.

Click here to find a Jiffy Lube service center near you


12. Midas

Midas is an automotive service company. It operates in more than 2300 locations in the United States and other parts of the world. Its operating headquarters is in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, U.S.

Midas has ASE certified mechanics who provide the best auto care in repair and maintenance, brake repair, muffler repair, tires, wheel alignment, and oil changes.

If you need to change oil for your vehicle for cheap, then you should locate a Midas automotive service company near you.

Your local Midas technician will advise you on the right conventional, high-mileage, synthetic oil change for your vehicle.

Midas also offers complimentary service that will check inside and outside of your vehicle to give it full protection service in the simplest, most effective and inexpensive ways.

Click here to check out Midas store near you



The above are the best places to change oil for cheap. These places are manned by ASE certified technicians or mechanics.

They offer your vehicle the best and most suitable brand of oil in the most economical or inexpensive way.

You also enjoy complimentary full vehicle check to ensure your vehicle is safe for driving. Other places you should check out for oil change include Pep Boys  and NTB.


change oil for cheap

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