If you want to know how to become a Catalog model and make money, this article will prove very helpful.

It reveals the different ways you can become a Catalog model, the different ways you can make money and most importantly, some of the best modeling agencies that can help Catalog models get paid.

In fact, some of the modeling companies included in this article pay models from $40,000,  $70,000 to as much as $200,000 annually!

Also, many of the Catalog models working with these modeling companies have been featured in international shows around the world.


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Why Should You Become a Catalog Model?

Modeling is an exciting part of the entertainment world as it exposes the audience to the possibilities abounding in adorning garb, using a cream, wearing make-up, etc.

Sometimes, we may not see what these clothing, cream, make-up, etc., would manifest in our body until we see a model or someone somewhere using that same product and coming out looking dashing or glowing.

The impact of modeling in the advertisement industry cannot be overemphasized.

The players in the advertisement industry want the audience to visually see the good their advertised products can do for them, to achieve the right notion or thought in the potential customers’ heads.

These players need experienced models to either wear their cosmetics, their clothing, use their creams, etc.

Through the visual manifestation, they would relay to the audience the advantages of using the advertised products.


Who are Catalog Models?

Catalog models are different from usual models you would probably visualize in your head.

When you ask to describe a model, you will start with a description of a lady with the right body proportion, likely to be slim, tall, young, etc.

That may not be true for catalog models as they are models to fit into the wants and needs of their clients.

Catalog models are those models that pose or model for commercial companies in their advertisement section.

This means that, where the commercial company sells clothing, the catalog model could be a slim person, plus-size, child, older person, etc. There is no stereotype as to who can be a catalog model.


6 Best Tips to Help You Become a Catalog Model and Make Money

1. Have the Right Body
2. Your Height Is Important
3. Your Personality and Demeanor Matters
4. Add Another Skill to Make You Unique
5. Find the Right Catalog Modelling Agency for You
6. Get Signed to a Catalog Modeling Agency


1. Have the Right Body

You may ask what this means. Whatever job you intend modeling for has its body shape requirements; you have to ensure you fit into this requirement.

There are other universal things that you have to ensure you have: while you, sometimes, can model with a skin rash or acne, it is preferable primarily where you have clear skin, especially where you intend to model for a cosmetic product.

If a clothing line makes clothes for plus-size people, a relatively slim person cannot successfully act as a catalog model at the very instance.


2. Your Height Is Important

While you may be of different body shapes and still have the opportunity to model as a catalog model, you must be of a certain height or more before successfully getting modeling gigs.

This is because there are the height measurements that the modeling agencies and the advertising companies think are right for any modeling job.

For the ladies, the average height is 5’7″ While for the men, the average height is 5’9″.

This only applies to grown males and females.

If the job involves children or the disabled, the condition for the expected height might not be very important.

It is also important to measure other body parts like the shoe size, waist, etc.


3. Your Personality and Demeanor Matters

Whatever aspect of the modeling industry you find yourself in, you discover that your personality and demeanor matter.

A model usually has a pleasant personality even when pressured and involved in tough issues.

Models also smile a lot. These smiles do not have to be genuine in their hearts but should be wide enough to convince even the most skeptical.

The model must generally depict any demeanor that the modeling agency or the advertising company wants, just like an actor who can give the camera any emotions required of them.

The model must also be ready to be in front of the camera for hours and hours.

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4. Add Another Skill to Make You Unique

Many people can easily acquire most of the requirements that we have listed and explained above.

This means that for a job of catalog modeling, you could have thousands who are easily qualified for the job.

So, what separates you from everyone else and makes you a shining light? We believe that you have a unique skill that not so many people in the same industry have.

This skill could be an accounting skill, ability to detect situations or shootouts that are not going perfectly, organizational skill, ability to change demeanor as quickly as possible, etc.

This new skill might get you to the stage you need to be.


Catalog Model


5. Find the Right Catalog Modelling Agency for You

In most cases, advertising companies or brands would not scout for models; they work with modeling agencies with many models in their payroll with whom they have a contractual agreement.

So, whenever you decide to model, you have to find the right modeling agency for you, as this would either make your modeling career soar or fail.

There are many modeling agencies available. You just have to search for them on the internet to find out their numbers but to find the right one is to go through their websites.

When you visit their websites, download their application form and go through the requirements in terms of body size, heights, age, etc., that they need at that very time.

After some dedicated time scouring the internet, you should find some modeling agencies just right for you.


6. Get Signed to a Catalog Modeling Agency

This is the hard part.

Many applicants have almost the same quality as you, making a modeling agency find it challenging to select as many people as they wish because they need a person or two with that description.

To get signed to a modeling agency, you should be ready to put yourself out there.

There are modeling agencies’ scouts all over scouring for the next big thing, particularly on the internet. Instagram seems to be the perfect place to sell yourself and get discovered.

You can post your professional modeling pictures on Instagram while tagging your targeted modeling agencies.


Salary Range of a Catalog Model

There is no particular salary range for a catalog model as the job may not be a full-time job for many people. It depends on when the request comes and how intensive it will be.

While catalog models may not earn as high as usual models, they can earn high as well. This depends on the hours and number of jobs that they get.

The catalog model should also remember that the modeling agency would only want to associate with a model who can get in the numbers and perform well in the photoshoots.

The money acquired from the advertising company does not go directly to the model because the modeling agency gets its cut. No two jobs are the same.

A catalog model can get extra jobs from social media as there are platforms that are ready to pay users for posting their pictures and having high engagement on their website.


10 Best Paying Modeling Agencies that Pay Catalog Models

Some of the best companies or modeling agencies pay their models or ensure they get paid by getting them gigs with brands that pay for their time and talents.

1. Two Management
2. The Blackwell Files
3. BMG Models
4. IMG Models
5. First Models
6. Neal Hamil Agency
7. Bella Agency
8. Vision
9. Flair Talent
10. IMM


1. Two Management

Two Management is a modeling agency with offices in Los Angeles, Toronto, Copenhagen, and Barcelona with the right international reach.

The agency opened in Los Angeles in 2013 and has since established itself as a prominent leader with its high-end and classy models.

To apply for a commercial modeling position in this agency, you have to fill the form on its website.

Your minimum height as a lady is 5’6 and 5’11 for men. The form also involves other body measurements such as waist, bust, dress size, shoe size, etc.

Click here to check out Two Management’s website


2. The Blackwell Files

The Blackwell Files is located in San Francisco, where it provides modeling services for its teeming customers and recruit potential agencies, including pro models in the game.

To apply for a modeling position at The Blackwell Files, you should be at least a 5-year-old kid. Teenagers, Adults, and Seniors can all apply.

The agency claims you need no experience to apply for a modeling position.

The agency has many requirements for parents bringing in their kids for modeling jobs.

To apply, you should fill the form on the website with the requisite face and full body picture.

Click here to check out The Blackwell Files’ website


3. BMG Models

BMG Models have several offices all over the country, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, and New York.

The modeling agency is one of the few agencies with the widest range in the country, with seven offices.

The agency is opened to offer gigs to diverse and exceptional people with the promise of international exposure.

There is an online form to fill for those interested in working with this modeling agency as a catalog model.

This form includes information about your names, body measures, photos, and Instagram handles.

Click here to check out BMG Model’s online form


How to Become a Catalog Model


4. IMG Models

The modeling agency has offices worldwide, including New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan, and Sydney.

The modeling agency focuses on making its models happy by providing them opportunities to increase their visibility.

The agency has over 20 years churned out several established models.

There are many ways to join IMG Models. You can join its mentorship sessions and get picked for a modeling gig.

There is the ‘We love Your Genes’ platform on Instagram where you post your pictures using the hashtag: #WLYG; you can get scouted and recruited easily through this means.

There is the Brawn platform for plus-size males and the Fashion Camp organized by IMG Academy.

Click here to check out join IMG Models


5. First Models

First Models and Talent Agency is located in Houston, and it has over 29 years in the game of modeling.

The agency has established itself as one of the leading commercial modeling agencies in the United States. It has male, female and children as models.

To become one of its models, you should fill its online form with your photos and other required information.

Click here to check out First Models


6. Neal Hamil Agency

Neal Hamil Agency was established in 1984 to have an eye for getting talents in the modeling business.

For over 30 years, the business has continued to groom models who have their bite on the international stage.

There is an online form on their website to fill for those interested in working with this modeling agency as a commercial model.

This form includes information about your names, body measures, and photos.

Click here to check out Neal Hamil Agency

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7. Bella Agency

Bella Agency is one of the top agencies in New York. It was established in 2004 and has done classic things, including launching its 40+ WOMEN division.

In 2015, it was named one of the top 10 agencies in the state.

There is an online form to fill for those interested in working with this modeling agency as a catalog model.

This form includes information about your names, body measures, photos, your Facebook and Instagram links to your account.

Click here to check out the online form on Bella’s website


8. Vision

Vision is located in London, from where it does business with brands all over the world.

The agency believes so much in its models that it gives them special care and mentorship sessions to ensure that they are financially dependent and fully explore their talents.

The agency recruits its models through its online application.

You fill the online form found on its website involving information such as your names, body measurements, social media platforms, pictures, etc., and you might get an invite from the agency.

Click here to check out Vision’s website


9. Flair Talent

After working with so many brands, Flair Talent can be one of London’s leading commercial modeling agencies.

It provides models for TV ads, websites, hoardings, photographic campaigns, TV commercials, etc.

There is an online form to fill for those interested in working with this modeling agency as a commercial model.

This form includes information about your names, body measures, photos, short biography, social media handles, etc.

Click here to check out Flair Talent


10. IMM

IMM is located in London, providing models for the commercial, advertising, and fashion modeling world. It has done so for the last 30 years.

The modeling agency grooms its models to ensure they fit into the narratives the brands they work with want.

The agency is one of the leading agencies in the city.

You can fill the online form to apply for a modeling position in the agency.



As this article has revealed, it’s not that hard to become a catalog model to make money.

We have expatiated some of the requirements and steps you need to ensure a successful catalog model.

We also gave a list of modeling agencies that you could work with for pay as they are widely known to pay their models and groom them to be better.