If you want to know some of the very best cat business ideas you can use to make money, this article is perfect for you.

It reveals as many as 25 such ideas to consider.



Beyond a shadow of a doubt owning a pet brings value into the lives of individual family members and to the entire family.

Pets make us smile, bring us companionship and feelings of love, teach our children about discipline and responsibility, etc.

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In essence, a pet becomes a member of the family and is treated with love and care.

Another value-added dimension of having a pet can be in the area of helping us to have added money coming into the household.

For example, owning a dog can be an opportunity to showcase that dog in various competitions, be part of earning money through breeding, teach the dog tricks that can be put on display and possibly help the individual realize money, etc.

The same is also true of owning a cat.

Although a cat is a different type of animal and is independent and difficult to train, they are, nevertheless, adorable.

Pets can earn us money just by their sheer nature and response to life.

Therefore, let us look at ways in which owning a cat can generate business ideas that will help us to make money.


Personal Story

During the holiday season, the not-for-profit that I was affiliated with would put out a familiar container so individuals could drop their loose change or dollar bills into the collection area, and the money would be used to help the needy during the holiday season.

We relied on volunteers, and typically the volunteers would do a variety of things in order to get the attention of individuals to encourage them to put money in the container.

One particular volunteer was very effective as she brought her pet dog with her.

The dog would lay beside the collection area, and the children would run up to pet the dog and then I think the parents felt obligated to put a donation into the container.

It was a classic example of a children’s love for animals and leveraging that love to put a “guilt trip” on the parents to support our organization.


25 Best Cat Business Ideas to Make “Meow” Money


1. Write About Cats

If you enjoy writing and cats, why not combine the two together and write about cats?

You could work as a freelancer and may find an opportunity to utilize your writing skills and appreciation for cats by writing for a business or individual about cats.

Some individuals hire ghostwriters, and if you wrote articles for a pet Internet site or for an individual’s blog, you would get paid pay to do so.

You could register on a freelance website such as Upwork.com or search on the job posting site Indeed.com and look for pet writing jobs.


2. Massage Therapist

An opportunity that presents itself to earn money and be involved with cats is to be a massage therapist.

Being a cat lover, you most likely know that they love to have their head and neck massaged.

As a qualified individual, you would provide this service and could even travel to an individual’s home to provide this therapy.

Many states do not require any licensing to be a massage therapist, but it is always important to check the various different laws to see what is needed as it relates to providing this service to cats and their owners.


3. Cat Sitting

When individuals need to have someone available to provide for the cat’s physical needs while they are away, you can provide that service as a cat sitter.

You can advertise your services through your social media platform and provide the service hourly or be available overnight.

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4. Animal Shelter

A rewarding way to earn money and be involved with animals and specifically cats, is to work in an animal shelter.

The sad reality is that animals are often abandoned, and it is the role of the animal shelter and its employees to provide loving care for these abandoned pets.

You could look at various job posting websites to see what the availability is of jobs within an animal shelter.

One such job posting site would be www.simplyhired.com.


5. Cat Cafe

The popularity of cat cafes in America is currently minimal, but the popularity of these cafes overseas will most likely catch on in America.

The concept of a cat cafe is those cat owners are able to bring their beloved pets into an environment where they as the owners can relax and enjoy a coffee or tea, and the cat is also provided for through the provision of snacks and drinks as well as a safe area to play.


6. Pet Funeral Home

The reality is that pets become members of our families.

When they reach the end of their wonderful lives, many families wish to honor their memory by providing services that any other member of the family would receive.

Therefore, the possibility of starting a pet funeral home may be a good way to help the pet owner with their grief as well as an opportunity to earn money in the process.

Information you can review this online registered pet funeral director course.


7. Pet Photography

A great way to combine a hobby or profession of yours in the area of Photography is to take pictures of pets.

You could advertise yourself as a pet photographer and indicate your services available through your social media platforms or website.

The photos could be actual posed photographs with family members or could be spontaneous pictures that you capture of a pet owner’s pet in action.


8. Animal Cruelty

There are laws that protect our animals against animal cruelty.

As a dedicated pet lover and specifically as a cat lover, you could take on the role of being an animal cruelty investigator.

When there are reports of animals being mistreated or possibly on a ranch or farm being neglected, you can investigate these as a professional these reports and make your reports available to the authorities.

You can work closely with the local animal control professionals as well as law enforcement and indicate to them your services.

Also, you can search online job sites to see what positions might be available.

One of those job sites can be found at www.flexjobs.com.


9. Pet Detective  

If a pet has wandered away from its home or there is the possibility of foul play, you, as a pet detective, can help in the investigation and work towards reuniting the pet with its owner.

Also, if you are technology savvy or have ideas on how to prevent pets from leaving a certain area within the home, you can help the homeowner or pet owner set up various monitoring systems and utilize devices to help prevent the loss of the pet.


10. Pet Blogging

Another opportunity to earn money through your love of cats is to create a blog about everything to do with felines.

Ideas for your blog could include the various different species of cats, reporting on cat exhibits or shows, cat healthcare, etc.

Financial support may come from your followers, affiliated links within your blog site, sponsorships, etc.


11. Cat Groomer

You could take on the employment position of being a cat groomer as part of a business idea to make money and be involved with cats.

As a cat groomer, you will be called upon to brush out the fur, trim as necessary, and possibly bathe the cat as well.

Trimming excess hair off the cat is important to minimize the ingestion of fur, which could cause digestive problems for the feline.

Also, you start your own business as a groomer in particular or a pet groomer in general.

If you go to Pet Groomer, you may be able to find a pet groomer job within your state.


12. Cat Products

If you are innovative, you can come up with all sorts of creative ideas for various products.

Examples of innovative cat products could include:

  • Cat door
  • Dispensing of food
  • Food dishes
  • Etc.

To stimulate further thinking, you could go to a website such as catdancer.com.

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13. Cat Toys

Cat toys are not only entertaining for the cats but for cat owners as well.

If you come up with a creative idea for a cat toy, you can list those toys for sale.

To get an idea of what others have done, you can do a search on eBay using the search words of cat toys for sale.

To test the idea, you could present your idea to a pet store to gain their honest opinion.


14. Veterinarian

By obtaining the needed education and licensing, you could become a veterinarian and earn a quality income through this business idea of becoming a veterinarian.

You could be part of the animal hospital staff, open up your own vet business or be part of the cat hospital staff.

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15. Veterinarian Technician

A veterinarian technologist or technician is a trained professional who works under a licensed veterinarian.

Their role is to be involved with medical tests and help in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

As a technician, you would need a two-year associate degree, with a technologist needs a four-year bachelor’s degree.

This would be a great opportunity to extend your love for animals and specifically cats, in the professional arena of veterinarian care for cats and other animals.


16. Veterinarian Assistant

A veterinarian assistant is a job opportunity that works with cats and other animals in various different venues.

Those venues could include:

  • Veterinarian offices
  • Animal hospitals
  • Research laboratories.

As an assistant, you would aid the veterinarian in whatever professional jobs need to be done as it relates to the care of animals.

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17. Cat Behaviorist

A cat behaviorist is an individual who has an extreme understanding and knowledge as it relates to how cats react and the various behaviors that they exhibit.

As a cat behaviorist, you would be called upon by the customers to interact with their pets and try to determine what has created a few issues in the cat’s life.

With this job, you don’t necessarily need a certification.

If you choose to obtain a cat behaviorist certificate, you can obtain one for a fairly modest fee.


18. Catnip

An opportunity that might present itself with your love for cats and your ability to be involved with the growing of plants is the growing and selling of cat nip.

By searching online, you can find a number of sites on how to grow catnip.

One such site can be found at http //www.heirloom-organics.com/guide/va/guidetogrowingcatnip.html.


19. Build Cat Enclosures

Not all individuals have an appreciation for cats.

This non-love for cats can sometimes lead to these beloved animals getting abused.

That is why it is important to secure our cats in a safe environment as much as possible.

Therefore, a possibility of earning money through the appreciation of cats is to build cat enclosures.

If you are skillful in creating things, then you can couple that talent with a search on the internet on building cat closures and begin to offer this service to people who want to keep their cats as safe and secure as possible.

To explore this possibility, one such site that you can access can be found at Catiospaces.


20. Cat Furniture

If you are good at creating things through the use of tools and various materials, you can create cat furniture.

As a cat lover, you understand what resonates with cats as it relates to places where they can hide and elevated areas.

You can create these pieces of furniture, take pictures, and register on a site such as www.etsy.com and list them for sale.


21. YouTube

If you have your own cat, a great way to potentially make money is to have your cat, along with yourself, create your own YouTube platform.

The platform can be everything about your cat and its ability to entertain and do cute and wonderful things that will resonate with other cat lovers as they view your channel.

Potential money can be raised by your followers, selling merchandise and affiliate links, as well as gaining a sponsorship.

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22. Model

You can take a variety of pictures of your cat doing playful things as well as wearing certain items that bring out their intenseness and cuteness even more.

You could list or post these pictures of your cat on your Facebook page or Instagram social media site that may resonate with other cat lovers.

The goal of all of these actions is to have your cat be identified as a particular breed or unique qualities that could make them a model for pet products or other advertisers that could utilize these photos.

In other words, you can rocket your cat into fame and have them become a model for a variety of companies in its marketing campaigns.


23. T-Shirts

Cat lovers always like to display pictures of cats in a variety of ways.

One of those ways can be to create a t-shirt with a picture of an adorable-looking cat on the front or back of the shirt with some catchy saying.

These graphic designs can be made available to customers through websites such as Redbubble or Etsy.

The customer will look at the graphic design of the cat, choose what they wish and then select a t-shirt to have that design printed on the shirt for them to purchase and wear.

The design would be provided by you and sold so that the customer chooses what they like and wish to have the graphic placed on.


24. Cat Testing

Another way that you can make money by being a cat lover is to test a variety of new products that allow your cat to be a taster or a user of those products.

You can sign up for a testing program, and although you don’t get paid per se, you get these products at no charge when you provide an honest review about the effect of the product.

All of this would translate into savings in not having to buy food or other items for your cat.

One such company that often offers this opportunity is Kitty Sensations.


25. Studies

Many research facilities need to utilize cats to help with the effectiveness of new medications or even simple interactions to study the habits of cats.

Obviously, you don’t want to put your cat in harm’s way, but if the study is fairly non-evasive, then you may want to consider this opportunity to be part of these studies with your cat.

As part of the research, you may receive a stipend or monetary gift.


Cat Lovers Business Ideas FAQs


Are Cats More Expensive to Care for Than Dogs?

According to an article posted at wkyc.com, it was indicated cats are cheaper than dogs to care for, with the cost of being, over a lifetime, within the range of $13,625-$17,510.

To care for a dog over its lifetime would cost the owner $16,607-$22,443.


Are Cats More Popular Household Pets Than Dogs?

The answer would be dependent upon where you live.

For example, cats are more popular than dogs in 91 countries, and dogs are more popular in 76 countries.

The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom are all dog people countries.

If you answer the question from a worldwide perspective, cats would be shown to be three times more popular than dogs globally.


You Can Do It

It has been said to do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

If you love cats, there are a variety of employment opportunities in which you can earn money because of your love of cats.



Pets in the home can provide some great moments for members of the family.

In addition to the wonderful things that they provide is also the opportunity of bringing additional finances into the home because of what they bring or what we can do for others and their beloved pets.

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