Yes, you can profit from your love for cats by making money with cat boarding.

This article tells you all about how it works and how you can get started with it… and start getting paid easily.

It also shows you the really genuine companies and programs that really pay.

It’s important to know which programs are genuine because many are not.

You certainly don’t want to waste your time signing up for programs that will not be worth your while.

Apart from some programs wasting your time, some only pay peanuts.

Thankfully none of the programs we recommend in this article pay peanuts.

Instead they all pay well and are all genuine programs worth checking out.


True cat owners will do everything to care for the well-being of their pet even if they do jobs that require travel. They can still travel while having others care for their cats.

Some people also provide for the physical and emotional well-being of cats as a hobby.

If this is your hobby, you can definitely start making money with it.  Yes, taking care of pets like cats is one those hobbies that can really make good money for people.

There are so many ways you can make money with your love for cats.

One of these ways is cat boarding. This is the temporary provision of shelter and care for a cat outside of its home.

This is similar but a bit different from cat sitting which is simply the act of temporarily caring for a cat in its home while the owner is away.

If you are boarding a cat, then you are going to look after the cat for the length of period that the cat owner is going to be away, and of course, get paid.

Keep reading to learn more details about cat boarding and how you can make money getting involved.


What is Cat Boarding?

Cat boarding is the temporary housing of cats away from the owners’ house.

The place where the animal is kept is known as a cattery, a boarding cattery or a cat boarding kennel.

Make Money with Cat Boarding

A boarding cattery is designed and operated specifically to care for cats.

This is different from a veterinary hospital where sick or injured cats are treated.

It is also different from a breeding cattery where kittens are produced.

A cat boarding house provides varieties of services. These include boarding, grooming, cat shipping and cat supply sales.

Meanwhile, some cat supplies can be found on websites like Amazon for buying and selling online.


Why Cat Boarding?

cat boarding house

Cat owners choose cat boarding for many reasons. The common reasons include:

  • They are going away on holidays, vacation, family reunion, or business trip etc, and cannot leave their cats alone at home.
  • They don’t have friends or neighbors who can give their cats the required attention when they are away.
  • They don’t want their cats to be lonely, stressed or traumatized after being left alone in a house where they are used to having people around.
  • They want their cats to be in boarding facilities where they are fed, groomed, and exercised.
  • They want their cats to associate with the other animals in the catteries.

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Making Money With Cat Boarding in Your Home

If you love cats and want to make money taking care these pets, then you should consider cat boarding.

It is one of the best ways to make money from home.

make money from taking care of a cat

If you already have a cattery where you keep your own cats, then consider using part of it or extending the structure to accommodate your neighbor’s cat… for starters.

You can start by helping your friends or neighbors to look after their cats when they are away for a vacation or a long business trip.

This responsibility is similar to those of babysitters or nannies doing a childcare job.

However, there are things to consider if you decide to make money with cat boarding in your home. Some of these include:

  • Check out the legal requirements for setting up a cat boarding facility in your home. In some places, it may be absolutely legal to run a cattery or kennel in the home, but it would be unlawful in some other places.
  • If it is legal to operate a cattery in your home then you should see it as a self employment idea and become your own boss working from home.
  • You can set up daycare and boarding prices for your neighbors and others around you, fore widening your horizon.
  • You can research other cat boarding facilities around you to get idea of what prices you should be charging.
  • You can charge cat owners based on the number of days and nights you will be looking after their cats.
  • Cat owners will patronize you if your cattery meets the basic health, safety and care requirements for their animals.


Making Money With a Cat Boarding Business

A cat boarding or cattery business should be considered as an option to make money fast.

You can be paid from $20 to $50 per hour, and you can make $1,000 fast caring for several cats at once.

cat boarding business

But of course, there are questions to consider before getting involved in a this boarding or cattery business. These include:

Why Start a Cat Boarding Business?

A cat boarding business is most suitable for those who love cats and for those who can make the needed sacrifices for them 365 days a year.

Your love for cats can motivate you to set up a cattery or cat boarding business.

You can earn money constantly and consistently for operating a cattery.

So, make sure you genuine love cats before you start this business. If you don’t love cats, it might end up frustrating you to quit even before you make good money.

If that happens, you would have wasted your time and effort put into it.


Do You Have the Required Skills?

You may have the desire to operate a cattery but you still need the necessary skills to make that business a success.

Therefore, you need to develop the skill of operating a cat boarding business with good success.

Take advantage of animal care courses that are made available online and at colleges. These courses or content can help you improve customer loyalty, sales and profit.

The right skill will help you get paid to run a boarding business.

You can also visit a nearby cattery to gain some experience on how things are done over there.


Cat boarding programs that really pay

If you decide to start your own cattery then the right skill and experience is required.


What is the Start-up Costs for a Cat Boarding Business?

It is important that you know the money involved in setting up and operating a cat boarding business, even before you begin.

How much you will invest into it all may be determined by the cost of materials in the state or city you are operating from.

Nevertheless, you really should put the start-up cost into perspective, before anything else.

Highlight the cost of building or acquiring the buildings that would accommodate the animals.

The cost of your staff, animal supplies, toys, and other materials should also be determined beforehand.

By the way, you can check out some investment apps that would assist you with the budgeting, investing, and financing decisions of your cat business.


What Are the Insurance, Compliance and License Requirements?

You must check out what it will cost you to obtain a license for the cat boarding business.

The place you want to operate from must be consulted for insurance, compliance, and so on.

In the United States, the American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA) will provide you with information, publications, education, and facility accreditation.


How To Make Cat Owners Sign Up With You

cat boarding facility

If you want to make your cat boarding facility appealing to cat owners near you then the following must be in place:

  • The cat should have an individual indoor house and outdoor run.
  • The pens must be clean and safely beyond the reach of dogs and other animals.
  • The runs and houses must be adequately heated and ventilated.
  • The food and water bowls for the cats must be sterilized.
  • The bedding must be properly sanitized especially if it is reused.
  • The facility should be quiet and away from lots of barking dogs.
  • The boarded cats should have contact with people. This is a useful socialization tip.
  • The facility must be built in a way that would reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases.
  • The facility should demand vaccination update and medical records of your cat.
  • The facility should have a 24/7 veterinary service.
  • The boarding facility must have appropriate fire outbreak and other emergency control measures.

Most cat owners will consider another cattery if your facility doesn’t suit their needs.


Best Cat Boarding Programs That Really Pay

If you want to create your own cat boarding business then you must consider programs that will help you make money.

Take advantage of the programs that promote your services and make you earn well whether you run a cattery in your home or whether you operate a standout cattery business.

The following programs or websites can help you get paid well for operating a cat boarding business.

1. Rover

This is a popular website for pet lovers. It is a one-stop-shop for those who love animals.

Cat owners that intend to provide a boarding facility for their cats can use this site to find the best care providers.


popular website for pet lovers

This program is a paid service that will help you connect easily with cat owners. offers you the opportunity to advertise your cat boarding service to interested owners. You can advertise your location, rates, hours and services you want to provide.

Of course, you will make money posting ads of your cat boarding business on this and other programs.

In addition, also has premium insurance for all services booked through their website. They also provide members with 24/7 vet consultations for hosts

If you connect with cat owners through, the site takes a 15% cut of your earnings.

Click here to check out


2. Tailster

Tailster is a community of trusted animal carers. It brings together the community of people who are trusted walkers, boarders and sitters.

trusted animal carers

You can apply to this program and build your cat boarding business and career.

The benefits of joining this program include:

  • You have FREE access to the Tailster platform and carer app.
  • You have the opportunity to meet new clients and get the word spreading about your cat boarding business.
  • You will take home 80% of your earnings while Tailster keeps 20% to help generate a supply of potential customers for you.
  • You are provided with ongoing support that includes industry-leading insurance and secured payments system

Click here to check out Tailster

Other places you should check out to make real money with cat boarding include and sites like Craigslist.


make real money with cat boarding

You can sign up with any of these platforms to advertise your business.

They will connect you with cat owners who would like you to house and care for their cats or kittens.

You can care for these pets for the night, weekend, a week, or for any time they are away.

Each of these programs has its terms and conditions.

So check them out before you register.



As you can see from this article, anyone can make money with cat boarding. You can set up the cattery in your home or outside of your home as a formal business.

If you have a passion for cats then this business would be highly rewarding to you. This could also be one of the best jobs for introverts who love staying around cats.

Remember to comply with all the legal requirements in your area before building or acquiring a cattery.

Check out the industry rates and standards before fixing your price. Also, ensure you get the necessary license and insurance before you start operating the business.


make money with cat boarding