“Send me $10 and I can help you turn that into $100.”

Sounds great, right? Well, it’s not.

In fact, it’s one of the most common scams on cash app.

Cash app is the very popular P2P payment processor that allows you to send money to other people, but this scam is one that basically takes money, and flips the money.

These are very common types of scams, and it’s very common for people to fall for them.

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This very helpful article reveals all you need to know about Cash App flips, the real truths and must-know tips.


How Do These Flip Scams Work

How do they work?

Well, they involve a scammer promising that you’ll get more money if you send them a certain amount.

This is “flipping” the money which supposedly will make this bigger.

They also usually say that they have to verify who you are, or that there are fees and taxes that come with this transaction.

Guess what though? There isn’t!

It’s actually a very common type of scam, and you usually fall for this because of the large amount of potential money.

It is very popular because it’s like a chain letter.

They send it to others, the people getting scammed get the money, and you start to also accrue more and more money.


1. Social Media Posts

One of the most common ways is social media posts.

Now social media is a great way to hear about giveaways, but there are people who advertise cash app flips.

These apps usually tell you that if you send them money, you can earn tons of money just from flipping this.

Usually, most of these scammers start with using social media campaigns.

Instagram and Twitter are hubs for this, and they’ll claim they’ve made so much money through flipping on cash app, and they say it’s very easy to do.

Yes, very easy to get scammed, that is.


2. Giveaways

Cash app does their own personalized giveaways, and the comments are hubs for scammers.

Basically, what they do is they go to the Instagram account, claim that they can flip that money to make more, and that’s how they get their victims.

This is one that’s used a lot for the sole reason of the people who seek this out are already looking to make cash fast.

The flipping is just an easier way for them to get their victims.


3. Personalized Messages

Now, when it’s time, they then tell you how to do it via messages.

They usually say you can “earn thousands” through flipping.

That alone should be a red flag, and usually, they say in this that it’s legitimate, that they’re not a scam (which surprise, they are) and you get convinced, hook, line and sinker to send them that money.


4. Investing Scams

Another popular thing that they absolutely love to do, is that they ask for you to “invest” the money.

Investing and flipping are one in the same here they’re scams.

Once they think you’re convinced, they usually ask for the money, and they want to show you that their strategy is legit, and it totally works.


What Happens After

If you decide to send them the money, chances are that’s not going to be enough for these guys.

So, they’ll ask for more money.

They’ll tell you to send more, because the “flipping” is totally legitimate, and it’s a real way to get money.

You decide to trust them, and then, you send them more money after they ask for more. because naturally, they’re good people, right?

But then, the final part of their plan happens.

The ghosting.

Ghosting is when someone responds to messages.

They stop talking to you, and after you’ve sent it, you’re just another victim for them.

They run away, and you’re left without the money.

They never planned to flip the money in the first place.

In a way, they did want to flip. That money from your account to theirs of course!


The Pyramid Schemes

Another super popular way that they like to lure in their victims, is through a flipping scam that looks very similar to a pyramid scheme.

They usually start this by saying that you get X number of friends to send them money, and then, you get that back.

This is referred to as a Blessing Loom scheme in some cases.

Because of the pandemic, a lot of companies use this.

They usually try to use software to show that they’re legitimate too.

What’s crazy about this too, is that they say that they can change things, and usually, they try to make it seem legit.

The thing that these different scams use is real-life situations and issues that play into the fears of others.

That’s why many times this work.

How the pyramid schemes work is simple:

  • First, they get you to send them a small amount of money
  • They flip it, and you get it back.
  • You then get more friends to do this, and they join
  • They all send the money
  • They block you and never hear from you

See how these are all too similar.

This is something that a lot of scammers love to do, and you’re going to end up the same way that the other scams have.


The Mythical Cash App Money Glitch

Cash app money glitches are not legit.

It’d be cool to get a decent sum of money real fast, but that’s not how life works in most cases.

If you get the cash app money glitch, know that it’s also not true.

For those that don’t know about this scam, it involves you supposedly getting money doing something very small, such as getting the latest version of cash app, and usually, doing something.

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They then try to lure you into sending them money in most cases.

These scammers are smart too, because you see them screen sharing, but the truth is, it’s a basic dummy app.

So, you decide to download the “new” version of cash app (which is obviously a red flag period) or whatever sketchy app that’s there.

Once you do that, you can say goodbye to your phone, since they use malware to steal everything from you.

They ask for that, you put it in there, and then, they take all of that from you.

They also get ad revenue of course since they’re telling you to watch a video that others have too.

They also may even have an affiliate link too, which is more money.

Not to mention, these guys are also going to sell your information.

They may even ask for you to flip, using that app to “send” them money, which means they’re not just stealing money, but your information too!

This is so obviously a scam, but many times, people are duped by money and greed, that they immediately fall into this trap.

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Why Do People Fall for These?

This all seems super sketchy, right?

So why do people fall for this?

Part of it is due to a lack of money that the person might have.

Getting easy money would solve your problems, and between the pandemic and recession, there is a lot of possible problems that might be solved by easy money.

But as they say, no money is easy, and if something seems way too good for it to be true, then always avoid it.

Chances are, if your gut is saying that you shouldn’t fall for it, it’s a big ol’ scam, and you need to avoid it now.


How to Spot These Scams! 

Not sure how to spot these?

Here are some tips to spot them, and also, what you can do to protect yourself now!


1. If They Ask for Software, Avoid It

Anything that involves you having to “download software” is an automatic red flag.

This is because, chances are that software is malware, and you’re about to lose everything.

If they ask for you to download software, do not fall for this.

Even if it sounds legit, avoid that.


2. Bitcoin Flipping

Another very popular type of flipping is bitcoin cash app flipping.

This is the type of flipping that claims that they will flip your bitcoin investments for you, and you’ll make money.

But rule number one of investments is you should never let another party handle the investments that you have.

This includes bitcoin, so if you’re getting claims for this, never trust them.


3. Checks

Checks are another very popular type of scam.

They might ask for you to send a large check via cashapp or sent to a cashtag that sounds like it’s from a college.

They may ask for you to send a check for a “favor.”

It then “bounces” because of course, it’s fake.

They took the cash app payment, and you’re left with nothing.

If you’re caught in this too, know that it’s very hard to catch these scammers, so be mindful of that as well.

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4. Always Treat Cash App Like a Bank Account

You’d never tell random people the routing or account number, right?

The same goes for the cash app.

If the scammer asks for the details for your cash app account, know that this person is trying to get in there and is probably going to steal some money from you.

Always be mindful when using Cash App, and trat it like a bank account, or another payment platform.


5. The Red Flags

The red flags are massive with these scams, and you need to be mindful of them.

Some of the most common red flags include:

  • They claim a quick return on investment.
  • You don’t have to do anything; they’ll do it for you
  • You’ll get money in exchange for a small payment

While there are some legitimate investments out there, you need to put some serious cash in there to make it.

If you’re investing a little for a lot, that’s probably a sign that it’s a scam, and should be treated as such.


6. Consider Open Source Tools

If you’re not sure whether or not something is a scam, you can actually use intelligence tools that are open source to figure out this.

They can do a search for numbers, and even usernames.

Chances are, if you use this, you’re going to find a lot of complaints complaining that they’re scammers.

Cash app usually doesn’t just randomly ask for money either, they just have giveaways that are legitimate, and don’t require some strange upfront payment.


7. Be Wary of Phone Numbers

If you’re given a random phone number to contact for the “prize” chances are it’s a scam.

Cash app doesn’t have a phone line, so it’s likely that the number that’s presented is a scam number.

Remember as well, that the only support out there is their support line, and if the number isn’t that number (1-855-351-2275) it’s a scam!


8. Get Help Directly From Cash App

Another thing that’s recommended that you do, is if you’re contacted about a scam, you talk to cash app.

Go to their support page where you can talk about the issue.

The best thing for you to do, is to go there, and if you know that there is a scam or a profile, block them, and report them to cash app.

Cash app knows that they have scammers, and if there are any further problems, they do have a support page, and a help page to assist you.

You can also have them start a support ticket, especially if you’re getting suspicious scams, and you’re still getting them after you’ve blocked them.

That way, they can help you immediately.



Remember that cash app is a very safe platform, provided that you also protect yourself.

If you’re worried about a possible offer being a scam, chances are it’s going to be a scam.

If you feel like there is something wrong, or you’re getting strange messages from someone that you trust about strange “cash app flips” then you should report that to cash app right away, so you can protect everyone involved.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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