If you want to know how to start a carpet cleaning business and make it successful, then this article will prove very helpful.

It reveals some important tips to guide anyone interested in starting and succeeding with a carpet cleaning venture.


What is a Carpet Cleaning Business?

Just so we are on the same page…

A carpet cleaning business involves cleaning carpets in the homes and offices of clients.

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You can do this business full-time or part-time.

If you are interested in running this business full-time then you should put the right things in place.

There are legal requirements, financial commitments, and success tips you must apply.

This article reveals the important tips and steps you can follow to start a carpet cleaning business from scratch.


How to Start and Succeed with a Carpet Cleaning Business


1. Get The Business Idea

If you want to start a carpet cleaning business then you need an idea of how the structure of the business is going to be.

You can decide to build the business from scratch or you can choose to invest in a franchise.

If you are looking to choose the franchise option, then you must remember that the business you are starting should still be authorized by the parent company.

You will still use the parent company’s name, logo, color scheme, uniforms, and pay structure, etc.

If you are starting from scratch then you will not be under the authority of the parent company.

You set up a sole proprietorship or you can set up a partnership with other people.

Once you have settled on a business idea whether you are female or male, then you should proceed with setting up a plan for the business.

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2. Write A Business Plan

You need to write a plan for your carpet cleaning business.

This is a document that will guide you on what to do, how to do it, what finances you need, how to source money, and so on.

A business plan must be clear and provide details about your business. It is a summary of how a business owner, manager, or entrepreneur intends to organize an entrepreneurial endeavor and implement activities for the venture to succeed.

So, for your carpet cleaning business, your business plan should provide answers to these questions:

  • Who are your target customers and what services will you provide for them?
  • What tools and equipment do you need to get started?
  • Who are your potential hires/employees and what is the hiring plan?
  • How much do you need for the business to take off?
  • What are the short-term and long-term financial goals?
  • What are the marketing plans going to be?
  • How much will you charge for your services?

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3. Get Yourself Trained And Certified

Once your business plan is in place, you now need to polish your skill or get trained.

You may have an idea of how to clean carpets in your home, especially because it’s one of the easy side hustles that men can start and succeed with.

You still need to improve your skill because you are about to serve people in a more professional capacity.

You can take a course in carpet training organized by professionals in your area.

You can get trained for various carpet cleaning positions.

If you are in the United States, and you want to be trained for commercial carpet cleaning skills, then you can look into a course from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

This institute trains people in various carpet cleaning positions.

The best part is that you can get certified for positions such as Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician, Carpet Cleaning Technician, Rug Cleaning Technician, and so on.

You can also check out many online courses on which you can enroll to get carpet cleaning training and a certificate.

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4. License And Register Your Carpet Cleaning Business

You can now proceed to register your business and make it a legal entity.

Depending on the place you choose to operate your carpet cleaning business, you should obtain all the necessary licenses and permits.

This is very important because you may not be allowed to start operation some local governments without the licenses or permits.

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In some places, verification of your business address, carpet cleaning equipment, and human cleaners is required before you are approved for operating licenses.

Contact your city, town, or county clerk office to find out the requirements for starting a carpet cleaning business.

Also, make sure you legalize your business name and register it accordingly.

Your business should be registered as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC). Choose the option that best suits your liability status.

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5. Open A Business Bank Account

Since you are running a business where you intend to receive and pay money, it is wise you open a business bank account.

This account will carry the name of your carpet cleaning business.

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It would be a checking account through which customers or clients would use to pay you.

Visit a preferred branch of a bank near you to open this account.

The requirements may vary by the bank but you will need your business registration documents, tax documents, business address details, and phone number to apply for the bank account.

The importance of opening a separate account for your carpet cleaning business cannot be overemphasized.

You can easily access loans as a business entity if you use your bank details to apply for the loan.

Also, having a separate account for your business will make your bookkeeping easier.

The business’s income and expenditure are easier to track this way.

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6. Consult With The Pros

Before you start a carpet cleaning business, you need to consult with professionals who are already in the business.

Or, talk to those who know about setting up and running such businesses in your area.

They can share tips, skills, and experiences that would be useful for your quick success.

These professionals can give you tips on possible threats and opportunities you may face or grab respectively in the course of running a carpet cleaning business.

If you have the means at this time, hire professionals to take care of business tax returns, accounting, managers, etc.


How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business


7. Gather Your Carpet Cleaning Business Tools

Your carpet cleaning business needs equipment and tools. You should map out a reasonable amount of money to invest in the items.

Make a list of what you need and allocate costs to each. What you invest in will depend on the size of your carpet cleaning business.

However, your basic equipment needs should include cleaning supplies, a carpet cleaning unit, and a vehicle.

You can start with a  portable extractor in the early stages of building up a steady client base.

That said, you can easily start your business by investing in steam carpet cleaners, solvents, detergents, and an industrial vacuum.

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8. Fund Your Business

You need money to start and run your carpet cleaning business.

If you have enough money saved for this purpose then you can use it.

You should also ask for a family loan or personal business loan if you have a good credit rating.

Of course, your business plan should cover topics on how you are funding the business.

You should follow through with what is planned about funding to get the funds you need.

Funding your business doesn’t have to be cash, you can also get loans and equipment financing since you are starting a new business.

Just make sure you are clear about the funding option you have chosen.

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9. Market Your Business

You can start to market your carpet cleaning business to get customers.

You can start by using word of mouth.

Tell your close friends, family members, neighbors, and those around you about your new business and the services you have to offer.

You can also print flyers and distribute them at strategic public places where you may likely get customers.

Network with realtors, interior designers, home cleaning services, and home goods, and hardware stores in your area.

They can help connect you with customers or provide feedback that would help your business grow.

Another way of marketing your business is by setting up a website for it.

Use your logo and build a website around your color scheme. Potential clients or customers can contact you through the website.

You can also open a social media account for your business and join groups related to carpet cleaning services.

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10. Continue Marketing Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Duh, right?

But it’s obviously the key to ensuring continual success in this or any other business venture.

Don’t be like those who start a business, market once and think they are done… yet wonder why they are not experiencing continual success.

If you want continual success with this business, you need to continually market it.

The more you market the business, especially the right way… the more you will be successful.

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As this article has shown, it’s not that hard to start and succeed with a carpet cleaning business, if you know what to do and how to get started right.

Thankfully it revealed some of the very important aspects to doing things right with carpet cleaning as a business.

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