Do you want to sell your car fast, safe and easy? If so, then you should consider taking advantage of CarBuyerUSA.

This is a company where car owners go to sell their cars.

Apart from buying cars, CarBuyerUSA offers other services.

This is a helpful CarBuyerUSA review that shows whether this is a scam or a legit car buying platform.

It also answers very important questions most people have about it, especially how it works and how/what you can benefit from using it.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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What Is CarBuyerUSA?

CarBuyerUSA is a popular consumer-direct car buying company.

This company buys different types of cars from sellers.

It can buy used cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, luxury fleet, and other vehicle types.

CarBuyerUSA has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

They are based in the United States and serve clients in all the States of the USA.


Is CarBuyerUSA a Scam or Legit Car Buying Platform?

CarBuyerUSA is definitely not a scam. It’s a legit car buying company.

The company is a licensed, bonded, and insured motor vehicle agency.

It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

It is also a member of the reputable National Independent Auto Dealers Association (NIADA).


How CarBuyerUSA Works

If you are interested in knowing how Car Buyer USA works, then you should read this section.

Car Buyer USA buys cars from individuals or businesses.

You can sell your car to this platform, using the following steps:

Visit the website for an instant quote or cash offer for the car

You will find a window of the site where you can put in details about the vehicles you are selling.

The information you will put includes the year, the make, the model, the body, and the current mileage of the car.

You are also expected to state the location of the vehicle, the lease and financing status, and whether you have the title or not.

After filling in these details, you click on the “Get My Offer Now” button.

CarBuyerUSA will go through the details make you an Instant offer.


Accept the Offer

If you accept the offer made by CarBuyerUSA then you can proceed to the next step.

If you don’t accept the offer, you are not under any obligation to sell.


Contact a CarBuyerUSA Agent for Inspection

If you accept the offer made by CarBuyerUSA, you can then talk to an agent.

At this point, you can drop off your car at the nearest CarBuyerUSA facility locations in the United States for inspection.


Get Paid

Once the car has been inspected and validated by experts at the facilitation location, your check would be sent to you.

Or, you get funds transferred to your account.


Send the Titles

Upon receiving your money, you can mail the vehicle titles to CarBuyerUSA using a prepaid envelope sent by the company.


Key Features of CarBuyerUSA

CarBuyerUSA offers services and features that make it stand out.

Some of the most interesting stand out features of this site are:


Sell Cars With Accident History

CarBuyerUSA allows people to sell a vehicle with an accident history.

This is a feature that is lacking with other websites that buy

It specializes in the buying and remarketing of cars with accident history.

It ensures that the seller gets good value even if the car has been badly damaged via the accident.

When buying cars with accident history, CarBuyerUSA may take into consideration the vehicle history reports.

They may trust platforms like Carfax and Autocheck.


Operates in Various Locations

CarBuyerUSA operates in every U.S. State.

Irrespective of where you live in this country, CarBuyerUSA will buy your car.

Whether you live in California, Ohio, New York, Washington, Nevada, etc, it can buy your car from there.

Also, this company partners with some vehicle remarketing agencies worldwide.


Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Offers the Fleet Sales

CarBuyerUSA buys vehicles from small businesses and mid-sized fleets.

This is a feature that most car buying companies don’t offer.


What Type of Vehicles Can Be Sold at CarBuyerUSA?

At CarBuyerUSA you can sell any type of vehicle.

For clarity sake, this company can buy the following types of vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Trucks & SUVs
  • Luxury / Performance vehicles
  • Construction trucks
  • Landscaping vehicles
  • Damaged Vehicles,

Also, CarBuyerUSA buys cars categorized as bad Transmission / Engine, Junk / End of life, etc.


How to Sell a Car at CarBuyerUSA?

If you are interested in selling your car at CarBuyerUSA, then here are steps to take:

Visit the CarBuyerUSA website and fill in details about your vehicle for an instant cash offer.

Enter the Year, Make, Model, Trim Level & Miles.

Once you complete the necessary information, you then click on the “Get My Offer Now” button.

Your cash offer will appear onscreen.

You can accept the offer you like. It must be noted that CarBuyerUSA offers are Cash Market Value.

Talk to an agent and arrange for a no-obligation car inspection. CarBuyerUSA representative will work with you to schedule the inspection.

Or, you can arrange for an on-site mobile inspection.

According to the site, the digital purchase agreement may take less than one minute to complete.

It will then pick up your vehicle and pay you on the spot.

Funds are guaranteed and paid at the time of pickup or drop-off.

Also, you don’t pay any amount during pick up as the entire process is free.

What Information is needed to sell a car at CarBuyerUSA?

When selling your car with CarBuyerUSA, you don’t have to worry about sharing your personal information.

To sell your car fast, CarBuyerUSA wants you to share information about your car.

The details include:

  • The year of make of the car
  • The brand name of the car
  • The Model of the car
  • The body type of the car,
  • The current mileage run by the car
  • The state or location of the car presently
  • Insight about whether the car has a lease
  • Insight about whether the car has a pending financed/loan history
  • State whether you have the title of the car in your possession or not, etc.


What Is the CarBuyerUSA Fleet Program?

CarBuyerUSA offers the Fleet Program to clients.

In this program, CarBuyerUSA buys vehicles in a fleet from small businesses.

A fleet is a group of motor vehicles operating together under the same ownership

They can buy a fleet of trucks, vans, and cars.

They also buy a light to medium duty construction trucks.

Other vehicles they buy in the fleet include oilfield services as well as landscaping vehicles.

Under the Fleet Program, CarBuyerUSA focuses on vehicles that do not require a commercial driver’s license to drive.

CarBuyerUSA’s Fleet Program takes the same process as with the selling buying of a car from clients.

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Typical Fleet Brands That CarBuyerUSA Purchases

The following are examples of brands with a fleet that CarBuyerUSA purchases:

  • Chevrolet G2500
  • Chevrolet Silverado (1500, 2500, and 3500)
  • Ford (E-350, F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550)
  • Ford Transit Connect
  • GMC Sierra (1500, 2500, and 3500)
  • Ram (1500, 2500, and 3500)
  • Sprinter Vans


Why You Should Sell Your Car at CarBuyerUSA?

There are so many reasons to sell your car at CarBuyerUSA. These include that:

CarBuyerUSA will do all the work so you don’t have to do them

You simply provide the necessary information and this company offers you an instant quote.

Also, you don’t have to worry about all the hassles associated with selling your car online.

It takes over the process and you can sit at your home while they do all the work.

It pays more than many companies out there

This means you will get more for your car compared to what you will receive from others

It helps you to save time as they can easily complete the buying process in no time

The agents or team will answer and respond to you speedily.

It can buy your car hassle-free irrespective of where you live in the United States

The company can come to your home, work, or preferred location to complete the transaction.

Also, if you want, you can drive your car to the nearest facilities near you.

CarBuyerUSA can buy any type of vehicle you have whether it is a car, truck, or van

Also, you can easily sell damaged or junk vehicles to this company.

So, even if your car has a derogatory history, you can easily sell them via CarBuyerUSA.

It allows you to keep the vehicle title until your account is credited with the agreed amount

Yes, there is no financial risk or liability when working with this company.

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As this review article has shown, CarBuyerUSA is a website that buys cars from individuals.

The type of vehicles bought by this company includes those considered used or damaged.

You can sell your damaged cars, trucks, SUVs, and others.

Among other benefits, you should consider selling your car to CarBuyerUSA so you get fast funding, enjoy hassle-free or easy selling procedures, and take control of the selling process.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE