If you want to know the best car wash franchises to make money with, you should definitely read this article.

It explains a lot about car wash franchises, how they work, how you can make money with them and some of the best ones out there to consider.


Many laws govern the influences of nature, to help us behave in society, driving our vehicles, etc.

Examples include the law of gravity in that what goes up must come down or if one takes something that doesn’t belong to them that is called stealing and there are laws to deal with thievery or when driving a vehicle on the road one must obey the driving laws enforced by the police.

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Another law is known as Murphy’s Law. The law is basically, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

An example includes if a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is dropped, the law says that it will land on the kitchen floor face down.

Or, if you and another vehicle are in a turn-only lane and you don’t make the turn, there will be two traffic cops on motorcycles to pull you both over and issue tickets.

Another demonstration of the law states that if you wash your car, it will most certainly rain within a day or two after getting your vehicle washed.


Importance of Car Wash Franchises

Speaking of car washes brings us to the question, what are the best carwash franchises to make money with?

It may not be an all-consuming question, but if an individual is looking for a franchise opportunity this may be the ideal option for “one hand to wash the other.”

The reason being, car washes, whether they are completely automated or provide some sort of cleaning valet options are a multi-billion dollar industry.

One may think that operating a carwash is a very simple process.

However, it is important to note that there may be employees involved, specific car washing supplies, and other options that a carwash establishment requires and can offer to their customers who bring in their vehicles.


6 Best Car Wash Franchises to Make Money With


First of all, it is important to note that if considering a carwash franchise it’s not “cut and dry” or “wash and dry.”

There are several choices as to which the potential carwash franchisee may wish to operate.

For example, there are car washes that are both waterless and use water, completely automated, or a combination of automation and manual labor, along with other variables.

Added to the mix are those carwashes that boast of being eco-conscious, or then there are those carwashes that are traditional.

Consequently, based on your geographical area and the customer base of your focus, the following franchises are listed as the top franchises and how you as the potential investor can add a potential stream of revenue to your business.

Although the following list may be subject to interpretation, it is offered as the best carwash franchises that take into consideration their quality service, franchisee education, associated fees, and corporate support.

On the average, depending upon location and the aggressiveness of the franchise owner, the average franchise owner, classified as more extensive carwashes, can net the owner over $500,000 per year.


1. Mr. Clean Carwash

Headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, Mr. Clean Carwash was founded in 1994. There are currently 500 plus franchises located in various cities across America.

Their range of providing full-service interiorly and exteriorly in caring for the customer’s car provides a one-stop-shop for car service needs.

Also included in this service is the option for their customers to have their vehicle’s oil changed and any testing for emissions compliance.

Additionally, setting them apart in the carwash franchise business world is that they boast of providing a clean environment for their customers to wait while their cars are being cleaned.

Added to the mix is that they define their service as eco-friendly as they utilize cutting-edge technology that recycles the wash water and take great pride in preventing any chemicals from their cleaning products from entering into the ecosystem.

The Cost

To enter into a Mr. Clean Carwash franchise requires $1 million in liquidity and the franchisee investor needs to have a net worth of $3,500,000.

The initial investment is estimated to be $2,320,500 and the actual franchise fee is $35,000.


2. Tommy’s Express

In 2021, Entrepreneur Franchise 500 ranked Tommy’s Express Carwash as number one in this particular category.

Their website, Tommycarwash.com/franchise, depicts a graph reflecting their sales as represented in millions of dollars.

Also, their service is pretty streamlined and points out the advantages of not stocking any perishable items, utilizing low labor costs, and providing a sterling response to their franchise owners.

This business has been washing its customer’s cars over the last 50 years. Current information lists a total number of 79 franchises.

This may not seem significant; however, this represents a jump over the last three years of 1216.7% in growth.

The Cost

The cost or fee of a franchise with Tommy’s Express Carwash is $50,000.

Additionally, the potential investor needs to reflect a net worth of $2 million, and of that $2 million $1 million needs to be in liquid tangible assets.


Best Car Wash Franchises


3. Green Shine Waterless

As the name implies, this carwash takes into consideration the environment and offers ecological friendly services for its customer’s dirty vehicles.

Of course, with the name of this carwash, it utilizes a waterless system.

Additionally, this carwash franchise offers two options to an investment partner that is looking for this franchise opportunity.

Those two models include one being a specific location and the other utilizing mobility and traveling to the customer to wash their vehicles.

Imagine the ease of a carwash by simply parking your car and going shopping. While shopping the mobile unit comes to your vehicle and gives it a thorough cleaning.

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Of course, the beauty of a Green Shine Waterless Carwash is that no water is used and the secret of getting the car clean is in the product that is used and sprayed onto the vehicle that captures the dirt.

The Cost

To be a franchise owner with Green Shine Waterless, a total amount of $19,900 is the fee to purchase a franchise.

The total costs or investment can range anywhere from $22,000-$50,000.


4. Oasis Carwash Systems

As part of the carwash franchises, it’s important to have a dependable supplier for the needed equipment to provide the car washing service.

Oasis Carwash Systems does not provide carwashes to vehicles but provides the needed equipment for the car washing systems.

This can be classified as a car washing franchise opportunity because it serves carwash owners.

The Cost

To operate as a franchise owner of Oasis Carwash Systems there is no required franchise fee to get started.

However, the franchise is concerned that the franchisee is successful.

Therefore they provide various resources to potential investors by analyzing their market and coming up with various analyses of profits, rate of investment, and return.

This particular carwash franchise offers both automated and self-service systems to meet the needs of the broad spectrum of potential carwash owners.


5. Fleet Clean USA

What differentiates Fleet Clean USA as a car washing franchise is that their customer target is not the individual vehicle owner.

The customers that this particular carwash focuses on are those businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles for their business success.

The other added dimension that makes this one of the better carwash franchises is that it is a mobile carwash business model.

Consequently, there are no overhead costs associated with actually having a physical building.

The Cost

The franchise fee to operate a Fleet Clean USA carwash ranges anywhere from $30,000-$75,000.

However, all in, the total investment can cost the franchise owner anywhere from $158,000-$321,000.


6. Prime Shine

Another successful carwash company and potential franchise investment are Prime Carwash.

The business model for this carwash provides to its customer a more complete and extensive process in washing the vehicles.

The carwash experience at Prime Shine involves the cleaning of the vehicle both interiorly and exteriorly.

Added to the car wash experience is the customer service that the individual enjoys by enjoying a clean lounge area complete with amenities.

Also, when the vehicle is washed there is staff employed to hand dry the vehicle, vacuum, and clean the interior of the car.

This is great Cadillac service for your Cadillac and other makes of vehicles

The Cost

The initial franchise fee to operate a Prime Shine carwash is $50,000 additionally, the Prime Shine car wash company speculates that the total investment ranges anywhere from $3.5 million to $6 million.

Added to the requirements to own a Prime Shine franchise is that the potential investor needs to have a net worth of $1 million and in liquidity anywhere from $300,000-$500,000.


Personal Story

While living in the southwest part of the United States, I was involved with a not-for-profit organization.

One of the local businesses was represented on our board by a local carwash owner.

As I got to know the gentleman and understand the business model that he was involved with, I found out that the local carwash was a bit more complicated than I assumed and far more engaging for his customers than just simply offering carwashes.

It turns out that the business was almost like a barbershop where people gathered together in his café and would discuss the issues of the day.

The food was decent but the conversation was fun some serious and quite an experience.

This local carwash proved to be a local watering hole for not only the cleaning of vehicles but a place for people to get together, enjoy a hearty breakfast and find refreshment through their interaction with one another.


You Can Do It

As long as there are gas combustible engines or electric cars on American highways and roads there will always be the reality of dirty vehicles.

Consequently, American drivers will want to take full advantage of carwashes due to their hectic lifestyles and maintain the second most expensive investment in American life.

The business world of carwashes is a dirty business, but it is big business. Recent revenue reports reflect that over $33 billion is realized in carwash revenues.

Additionally, through various reports, this growth will continue. Some estimates report that the growth in the carwash market will range, on average, to over 3.2%.

These expectations are due to the continuing focus of car and truck owners and anticipated discretionary income to spend on vehicle maintenance.

If an individual or business partnership has money to invest and wishes a fairly decent return on their investment, then perhaps a carwash franchise is a possibility.


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Two major realities of life for an American owning a truck or automobile will always be a part of life.

First of all, we live in a world of mud puddles, dust in the air, and grime on the highways and roads that we travel.

Consequently, those vehicles that we drive get dirty and the owner of the vehicle takes great pride in maintaining that vehicle mechanically.

Therefore, they adhere to maintenance schedules as it relates to changing the fluids and keeping the internal parts of their prized possession clean.

Secondly, they maintain the outward appearance of their four-wheel beauty. The Saturday tradition of washing one’s vehicle in their driveway or driving to a local carwash is a familiar scene.

Consequently, a carwash franchise could be a quality investment for that particular individual who has the needed financial resources, willingness to roll up their sleeves and get dirty, and the drive and energy to oversee their franchise.

A cleaning opportunity awaits the new investor and by not only providing quality carwashes to their customer but cleaning up on anticipated revenue through owning a carwash franchise.

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