If you want to know the best Captioning Jobs for Beginners, this article will prove very helpful.

It reveals the very best such closed captioning jobs that beginners can do online, to make good money.


Why Captioning Jobs for Beginners?

If you are looking for a job that would give you flexibility and great compensation, then you should consider a captioning job.

Many people work as captioners and earn good money from the project they complete.

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There are many professional captioners out there and these easily get projects clients.

For those who are just starting, getting jobs may be a little difficult.

If you are a beginner captioner, there is still a great ray of hope for you.

You can still find jobs from the many companies that hire people like you.

That said, keep reading to learn much more and the best captioning jobs that are perfect for beginners.


What is a Captioning Job?

Captioning is a job in which you are hired to create captions or subtitles on videos, movies, or television programs.

The job requires you to listen and transcribe what you have heard into texts.

A captioner can transcribe or translate digital files created in one language to another based on the audience or viewers’ demand.

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Types of Captioning Jobs

There are two types of captioning jobs. These are:

1. Close Captioning

In this type of captioning job, you will be sent movies, videos, or digital files to transcribe.

You will watch the video and listen to the audio. Then, you can create a caption for the work and add subtitles.

Another term for a close captioning job is offline captioning.

2. Open Captioning

In this type of captioning job, you would be creating captions and subtitles for the job that is broadcast live.

This is also known as Real-Time Captioning.

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Examples of Captioning Jobs to Be Hired For

Companies that hire people to provide different types of captioning jobs for clients.

Some of the jobs you could be hired for include the following:

  • You could be hired to caption Videos From Scratch.
  • You could be hired to caption Videos from a Transcript.
  • You could be hired to edit or provide quality control for already written captions.
  • You could be hired to open caption videos.
  • You could be hired to translate subtitles and captions from one language into another.
  • You could be hired to convert subtitles and captions to different formats.
  • You could be hired to embed subtitles and captions into a piece of work.
  • You could be hired to extract or rip subtitles and captions from Videos, etc.

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Importance of Captioning Jobs

The captioning of videos, movies, television, and other broadcast works is important in that:

  • It helps the videos, movies, or programs to increase their viewership.
  • It helps to accommodate people with hearing impairment who may be watching a movie or program.


How to Become a Captioner

To become a captioner you need to:


1. Get the Right Equipment

The most basic equipment you need to work as a captioner include:

  • A reliable computer with access to the Microsoft Office program.
  • A headset to help you hear accurately what’s being captioned.
  • A foot pedal to slow down, stop, or playback files easily.
  • A separate monitor or television to view the programming. This will help you read lips as you caption what is said.
  • A good closed captioning software, especially the one recommended by some companies.


2. Get the Right Training and Skills

As a beginner captioner, you need to be trained to type fast.

You also need to be fluent and have a good command of the English Language.

You should also learn to be comfortable with using computers.

Another skill you need to get trained for before you can successfully become a captioner is the good use of time codes.


11 Companies That Offer Best Captioning Jobs


1. Aberdeen

Aberdeen  Broadcast Services,  also known as “Aberdeen”,  is a company that often hires closed captioners.

If you are interested in starting a captioning career as a beginner, then you should check out what this company has to offer.

This company is based in Rancho Sant Margaritta, California.

And, it has been looking out for those who can make an impact in the closed-captioning and real-time captioning industries.

If you are hired by this company, you can work from a remote location

You don’t need to have many years of job experience, nor do you need to highlight a major-related education in your resume.

Although these are important they are not always required.

Aberdeen will give you a captioning test when you apply.

Upon passing the test with 98% accuracy, you will be contacted to discuss contract terms.

The requirements you must have in place before you can work with the company are:

  • Must have a speed of 180-220 WPM.
  • Must have real-time closed captioning software.
  • Must have two computers; one for backup.
  • Must have three phone lines; one may be a cellphone if it works at home.
  • Must have backup internet.
  • Must be on time, follow directions, responsible, and open to feedback.

At Aberdeen, real-time captioners can make approximately $75 per hour while Offline closed captioners can make anything between $12 and $15 per hour.

Of course, this will depend on their experience.

Click here to check out Aberdeen

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Best Captioning Jobs For Beginners


2. CaptioningStar

CaptioningStar is a company that has been in the business of captioning for a while.

The company was formed in 2006 and has been offering clients closed captions, broadcast captions, live captions, and open captions with flexible TAT.

CaptioningStar is based in New York, USA, and serves clients from different parts of the world.

If you are interested in working as a beginner captioner then you can think of CaptioningStar.

On this platform, you can make money from home as a captioner.

Click here to check out CaptioningStar


3. CaptionLabs

CaptionLabs is a company that offers clients different types of captioning solutions.

Its services to clients include broadcast captions, webcast captions, and DVD subtitles, etc.

From time to time this company has openings that would suit beginner and expert captioners.

You can check out this site if you are interested in any kind of real-time and closed captioning job.

Click here to check out Captionlabs

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4. Caption Media Group

Caption Media Group or CMG is a company with many years of experience in the captioning business.

It has served many individuals and businesses providing them with varieties of subtitling and captioning solutions.

You can work with this company and get paid if you are interested in making it as a beginner closed captioner.

At Caption Media Group, you can apply for subtitling, closed captioning, translation, encoding, and file conversion jobs.

From time to time, CMG lists available job positions on its website.

To work with this company, you must have at least 2 years of experience as a captioner.


5. Caption Max

Caption Max provides individuals with opportunities to make money as captioners.

You can become part of the team of dedicated workers who can help provide clients with captioning solutions.

Caption Max provides its remote workers with lots of benefits.

This company is always looking for independent contractors who would be providing real-time captioning, offline captioning, and transcriber solutions.

Caption Max is a good place for beginner captioners.  You do not need a degree to work with this company.

Click here to check out Caption Max


6. Vitac

Vitac is another legit and popular company that provides real-time and offline captioning for millions of individuals in the hard-of-hearing and deaf communities.

The vision and mission of this company include creating equal access to programming, events, meetings, and education, and ensuring accessibility to a better life.

If you are looking for a place to get a captioning job, even as a beginner,  then consider working with Vitac.

Vitac offers captioning services to clients. It also helps clients with solutions on audio descriptions, subtitles, and transcription.

You can check out regular captioning jobs posted on the careers page of this company’s website.

You will find available real-time captioning jobs, offline captioning jobs, and real-time technical service jobs, etc.

Working with Vitac offers great benefits. In addition to wages and salaries, you can also enjoy other paid benefits paid sick time, dental insurance, vision insurance, medical plans, FMLA Leave, and 401(k) plan.

You will also benefit from educational workshops, LifeMart- employee discounts, employee assistance programs, and monthly birthday celebrations, etc.

However, benefits are based upon geographic location and employee eligibility.

Click here to check out Vitac


7. Rev

Rev is another popular website that offers various types of freelance jobs to clients.

It is an online marketplace for remote work.

This company was founded in 2010 and has a large network of 60,000+ freelancers (known as Revvers) that provide services to more than 100,000 customers or clients around the world.

The main focus of this site includes closed captioning and audio transcription and related services.

You can apply for any captioning job you are interested in on this site.

There are great rewards and perks for working with Rev as a professional captioner.

At Rev, you can get paid $0.54-$1.10 Per audio/video minute. Also, you will enjoy full benefits, equity, and a 401(k).

Click here to check out Rev


Other companies you should check out include:

8. Speechpad

9. Crowdsurf

10. Vanan

11. ASC Services


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The above is what you should know about beginner captioners.

Also, the companies that offer the best captioning jobs for beginners are explained above.

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